Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mets asleep at the Wheel at Citi Field

Love Gary Cohen.  Of course he gets his stats from Elias but some of these are ridiculous.  The Mets are first team in like a hundred years that have not scored at least 2 runs in an inning in over 10+ games or something like that. 

As the media yaps about Wright and his impending free agency in 2014 lets take a moment and mention the obvious.  Wright deserves to be paid but does he want to be part of this 100M team that has no one that can hit at Citi? 

It is so hard to believe that you can spend 100M and have zip to show for it.  Casing point. Ryan Zimmernan who was out with shoulder issues earlier this year has now 20+ homers and over 80 rbi's .  Why?  Because he has team mates that can hit.  Yes even the Nats can hit at Citi.   The Problem is the Mets have a line up of no powerand a bunch  singles hitters.  To me Wright should say, you want me?  Get me some freaking protection in this lineup!    

Has the team quit?  They tired?  At this point whats the difference ...Another September to forget.  

On another note...9-11.  Never forget. 

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