Monday, September 10, 2012

If Not Careful, The Mets Lost Weekend Can Easily Turn Into A Lost Week

Once again the Mets were humiliated by the Atlanta Larry’s.  For over a decade the Mets have not shown the character or mettle to beat this team.  Even though it looked as if things were turning around back in April when the Mets swept the Braves, as the season progressed and games got more important, the Braves continue to show their dominance over this franchise.

Now the Mets face the division leading Washington Nationals who will send 18 game winner Gio Gonzales to the mound against rookie Collin McHugh.

What is quite disconcerting about the trend since the All Star break is that not only are the Mets playing poorly, but they are losing games in bunches, and have shown they can’t push more than two to three runs across the plate in any given game.

Since the All Star break the Mets are a pathetic 4-18 at home. That is not what happens to winning teams. The Mets do have a lot of holes to fill going forward, but very few answers in sight. Here are just a few:

  • The Josh Thole experiment has failed and he needs to sit the remainder of the season.Kelly Shoppach has earned the right to start the majority of the remaining games.

  • Jason Bay hurts this team more than he helps, and although he is a great guy and I would love to see him to do well, he isn’t helping this team

  • Lucas Duda isn’t the answer either. He is a huge liability in the field, and he doesn’t bring enough to the plate to justify him getting starts every day.

  • Bobby Parnell just can’t figure it out, and the last thing the Mets need is someone trying to find his way at the pro level. That’s what the minors are for.

The Mets don’t need to sweep the Nationals, no, but they do have to show they can compete. That doesn’t just mean keeping scores close, it also means them putting up more than two runs in a contest.

Be careful Mets; this lost weekend can easily evolve into a lost week.

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