Wednesday, September 5, 2012

R A Dickey goes for #18 against Cards

The Mets have an afternoon affair today as they send R A Dickey too the mound to face the Cardinals who suddenly remembered how to score runs.   Dickey will try to stop the Mets from getting swept today.   The lineup is below with Wright having a day off. 

Who in the starting lineup is a starter next year?  Besides Tejada and Davis ....hopefully no one.  I know they love Duda but man he is horrible in the OF.  Thole is a backup or back to minors.  I have had enough of him already.  Love Murphy but come on...He has has no power in the last month.  Unless he is nursing a injury he cant be the every day second baseman .  What is your take?   

Baxter RF, Tejada SS, Murphy 2B, Davis 1B, Duda LF, Turner 3B, Thole C, Torres CF, Dickey RHP

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