Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite Met: Doug Sisk!

Yes its his birthday today 55 . I wonder if his mother will call him or she still hates him for the games he blew! Nothing like watching a Met game back in the early to mid 80’s and seeing the amazing Doug Sisk come in and ruin the day! Leads or close games stood no chance with Sisk at the helm! Ah good times right?

If there was every a Met fans hated it was Mr Sisk. He could take a perfect day and blew it a second. Almost like Jon Rauch did the other night. The Mets were coming off a time there werent very good and they finally had turn the corner. Of course Sisk would see that didn’t happen if it was up to him. So many games we watched and had hope and then Sisk would come in…..

We gave this guy no mercy and here is an article going back to 2011. Talk about some crazy passionate fans.

 Sisk would walk two, strike out one, walk another, allow two or three runs then exit with his head down and his reputation increasingly tattered.

Mets loyalists took to scratching the paint off his car with their keys and snapping his antennae and windshield wipers.

Shortly thereafter, Sisk was returning to his home in Port Washington when he noticed a suspicious car trailing him all the way from the stadium. Sisk turned, the car turned. Sisk sped up, the car sped up. "There was no way I was going to drive home to my wife and child with these guys behind me," he says. "So I pulled into [the parking lot of] a bar I used to frequent and walked in. I told the bouncers to look out for these guys, and when they walked to the door the bouncers wouldn't let them in. Clearly, they were there to rough me up."

Hey Doug sorry it wasn’t me. I would just take my baseball bat and do a little “Office Space” routine on anything that was outside at the time. Garbage cans,aluminum cans,etc. It was tough watching you come in to a game. It was like watching the Harlem Globetrotters and rooting for the Washington team they played. No chance.

Source- WSJ

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