Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wright has multiple rbi game : Mets plate 6 and lose.

Great seeing the Mets finally have some life in them. Of course its meaningless but hey its a lot better then it was just a week ago. The Mets were down 4 going into the bottom of the first and scored 3 runs. Back to back home runs from Turner and Wright. This back to back was the first time all year. Wright, who has looked down right exhausted, even contributed another hit and 2 rbi’s later in the game. Of course since the Mets are using there buffalo stock pile of pitches they lost 10-6. Tired of seeing these kids thrown out there to cover a spot. Collins mentions last night that Collin McHugh might be out of gas .. Really? Wow the fact that he couldn’t past the 2nd inning convince you ? Or the fact that he has been blow up every time out there except for the lowly Rockies start.

Wright tied good ole Met “Eddie” Kranepool hits record last night with his 2 run rbi single . Wright accomplished that feet in 9 years, half the time of pinch hit Eddie who spent the 2nd half of his career as pinch hitter and occasional first basemen. They made a big deal of tying the record when the crowd of 500 gave him a standing o. What was the paid attendance 26,000?

Sandy Alderson was in the SNY booth last night and I am sure he was cringing when Elvis Ramirez had the bases loaded and no out. It just meant that he would be subjected to questions longer from Gary and Ron. He did seem to take some of the blame for his team failures. He mentioned the loss of Beltran and K Rod in 2011 and not having the punch to back it up. Well that’s because they really thought Bay would come back and actually hit for power. He did mention that it seemed the team that was great at working the count forgot how to do that in the 2nd half.

Mets have there final night game tonight of the year at Citi Field. Tickets are cheap if you want to catch it starting at $3 bucks at Stub . So for the price of 3 items on the dollar menu at any fast food chain you can see the Mets sans Parking. Or wait for R A tomorrow go for win #20. Tickets for tomorrow start at $10.00

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