Thursday, October 4, 2012

1st day of the Off Season: Sandy Alderson has alot to do

This stinks.  Off season already while 10 teams get ready for the play offs.  No listining to Mex wax poetic about himself or Ron Darling be self effacing.  No watching Thole strike out with runners on or Torres have a pop fly go off his mitt.  Yes all the annoying things are gone and so is another season.  I hate the off season already. 

Sandy Alderson said to expect major not subtle changes to the Outfield compistion as well as behind the dish. That might signal the end to Josh Thole.  Oh well.  The only reason I would keep him is for R A Dickey .  Otherwise good bye.  Who needs a guy who has 21 rbi's all season. Ridiculous. So we also will say goodbye to Mr Torres in CF. You wont be missed. 

Big changes in the OF says Sandy. Will they do this via trade? Does Ike Davis wind up in Boston?  Hope not because the faith they put in Lucas Duda is over the top. They all think he can hit for better average then Davis. He is no Davis in the field at first and he wont hit more then 15-20 dingers. 

123 days to spring training?  Sigh.......     

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