Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday,Cyber Monday, Dickey Thursday?

 Hope everyone survived the holiday weekend. With the amount of food that usually is consumed and the heavy football content this weekend unless of course you’re a Jet fan like myself, baseball took a huge back seat. Its easy to understand that its tough to get excited for 2013 at all this off season.

So as the turkey coma wears off we see the Mets now are not to far from the winter meetings. One of the items the Mets famed G M Alderson talked about is he would like to have R A Dickey resolved by the winter meetings. Will the Mets add 2 years to his deal at 12-14M per year? Or will the Mets trade him? I love the guy and he is great to the fans. Its all about the Mets what can they get for mr R A. If they can get wowed and bring a player(s) fans would enjoy seeing him play in NY. We need a lot . Our Of has no defense or power and catching is ..well you know..

The Mets have 2 draws Wright and R A and if they trade R A and don’t get something worth while in return its going to be rough to see the Mets do anything but Battle the Marlins for last place. Honestly even with R A that is probably the case anyway.

Bottom line is though Dickey sells tickets. He won a Cy Young and a 20 game winner. He deserves to cash in here. Look at the deal that pea brained Ollie Perez got off of 1 year a couple of years ago. I know its all about the return but unless Alderson gets blown away I hope to see R A on the mound at Citi in April

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