Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wright 100M offer, Brydak and Soccer?

The Mets have finally opened up there moth ridden Wallets and opened the dance with David Wright. He was offered a 6 year 100M on Monday. This of course will be a starting point. Wright I am sure once to go 7 and get a bit more per year. People seem to think that for some reason that Wright’s time with the Mets might be coming to a close the longer this takes. I don’t buy it. The Media loves to write stuff to just annoy and sell papers. Do they still do that?

Wright to me will be a Met..he loves it here and wants to spend his entire career here. I am sure that sooner or later this will be put to bed.

Tim Brydak signed a minor league deal with a spring training invite to camp. The lefty had surgery and probably wont be available to May or June. No word on the chicken and if he was offered an invite.

The Mets probably will have new neighbors in 2016. Soccer is looking to expand and it looks like it will be adjacent to Citi Field. The Wilpons might makes some$$ leasing out parking.

update tue afternoon-Now Wright offer has been extended to add a 7th year on top of the 2013 option. thats a bit crazy if you ask me 7 year extension

 Wright 100M Offer

Soccer story

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