Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Angel Pagan 40M ? Gary Matthews Jr incarnate!

Ok so its yesterday's winter meetings news. Been too busy to type anything but this has to be mentioned.  Pagan had a decent year for the Giants . Batted over .280 hit like 15 triples.  Did nothing in the World Series.  He has no arm and really is at best a boarderline starter .  He hated leading off for the Mets so you know how unselfish he is. 

So what does Sabean do?   He gives the putz a Gary Matthews Jr  type deal by signing him for 4 years and 40M!   Are you kidding me?  Of course what bothers me more is you will see guys use this as a benchmark for more $$   Ridiclous deal in terms of money and length of contract. 

Thankfully for once it wasnt us who was blinded by what he has done in the past. 

Of course the Mets will pick up in year 3 when he is released mid year!!

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