Friday, December 14, 2012

A Christmas Poem For Sandy

Twas the week before Christmas and all decorations are in place
Much was in order, except the extension of our ACE
Sandy exercised his option in quick fashion
But is delayed in realizing all of the fans passions
‘We want RA signed, we want it now

There must be some way, there must be somehow’

Dickey has earned our praise and respect
He deserves an extension, what did you expect?
In ’12 we were marveled, women and children would cry
He rewarded us by being the best and bringing home the Cy
Alderson should listen, he must hear our plea
We want RA extended, we want him under our tree
Elvis must be diligent in his duties and tasks
In the aura of Dickey all Mets fans want to bask
In this festive season of good will and good cheer
Time to sign Dickey, and let’s keep him here
Having him on the hill at Citi would be such a site
To let him leave NY, will cause Mets fans to finally say ‘Good Night.’

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Jobu said...

Great bad the Office isn't listening