Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wheeler on the mound: Duda in the OF vs the Cards

It is crazy that its still february and games have already started.  Of course this is due to the lame World Baseball Classic.  Wright leaves after playing this friday for Arizona. 

Today Mr Wheeler takes the hill as a started for the Mets.  He did pretty well in his 1st apperance last week especially after John Buck calmed him down.  all you hear is that Buck works great with the pitchers. We hope has a little left in his tank so he can smack some out of Citi Field. 

Lucas Duda will be in the OF and he better get a hit so he can just take a breath. The kid wears the weight on his shoulders and he needs to just relax.  With a new batting stance and his off season wrist issues Duda has alot to overcome.  Honestly he doesnt really belong out there as a starter regardless of how much confidence Iike Davis has in him.  More confidence it seems then Duda has in himself. 

 Look for Den Dekker and Byrd to start in the OF today. 

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