Friday, March 1, 2013

Mets debt and Amway

Good news!  Mets tickets to single games go on sale today..who hoo..!  (crickets)  anyone?  Hellooooo??? 

Yeah isnt it good to know that you can now can get tickets to opening day without wasting your $$ on games you dont want to go.  Talk about excitement for your NY Mets.  Dont get me wrong , Mets games to me means that finally that we are turning the corner on Winter.  We have alot to look forward too in yeah I know in 2014.  Or do we? 

If you havent read Klaps article about what the Mets on the horizon with debt you can check it out  here  According to the article the Mets have lost over 90M over the last 2 years and have over 300M due in a little over a year.  Isnt it great that you can refinance a loan even after losing over 90M.  Be nice to be able to go to your bank and say hey loan me some cash..dont worry about me paying it back, i will just keep refinancing and you will get more!   Crazy!!!  

Amway will take up residence in Citi on the chop shop side of the park,  Of course since they paid over 50M in fines due to a court ruling  a couple of years back they seem to fit right in with the Wilpons.  

Good times acoming at Amway field!    

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metsfan73 said...

How about Enron Field...Oh wait, that's been done.