Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beer, Birthdays and Groupon.

Hi there Mets fans! We are now less then a week away from Opening day and the Mets 2013 season. Are you excited? Will you be at opening day? Of course I will keep my opening day not going to the game streak alive . I think its up to 25 or something. Opening day too me is all about coming home after a full day of work and watching it on the DVR . Maybe catching a inning or 2 during the day on the radio with Howie Rose. Of course I would have no problem scoring a opening day tickets or any other game. Seems to be something that is catching around baseball. Some teams have reached to fans with some interesting ways.

Of course the Marlins top it all. Want to go see opening day in there new stadium to watch there shell of a team? Heck it might even include former Met John Maine. Check out Groupon.. Yes Groupon has a deal on Marlins tickets. Buy a ticket for opening day and get some other games for free. Fantastic to see them after 1 year give everyone the boot. Surprised someone just hasn’t knocked off Loria yet.

The Red Sox after a dismal year are realizing that there sellout streak is coming to an end is offering cheap prices for beer and free food for the kids in April .

The Mets just announced that anyone can get a free ticket on there birthday. Of course you cant use it for opening day or the Yankee series.

I wonder if you still need to pay fees?

2013 should be a banner year!

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