Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Official: Mets Name Wright Captain

David Wright has officially been named the fourth Captain of the New York Mets. Wright, whom for years has been believed to be the Mets captain, has finally and officially received the honor.

The Mets have only bestowed the captaincy on three players before naming Wright El Captain: Keith Hernandez was named the first Mets Captain in '87 (1987-1989), the late Gary Carter joined Hernandez as co-Captain in 1988 (1988-1989), and Brooklyn's own John Franco sported the Captain "C" from 2001-2004.

Wright has said he will not have a "C" emblazoned on his uniform, which I couldn't agree with more. A baseball uniform doesn't look Wright right with a C on it, unlike hockey.

This has been an honor long coming to Wright, who has been the media darling, corporate spokesman, and the overall Nuke LaLoosh of Flushing. He never utters a bad word, and is one to have his teammates back.

Congratulations to Wright on his appointment. My biggest problem with all of this is the fanfare. It should be Collins' choice as the manager to name a captain, not Jeff and Fred's. Once again, this ownership doesn't get it.

In other news, Jon Niese was named Opening Day starter. It looks more and more like Johan will start the season on the DL.

Sources: Wikipedia, Adam Rubin

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