Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lagares Promoted, Kirk Demoted, Niese Takes Hill: Mets Lineup V. Dodgers - April 23, 2013

The never ending Flushing Roller Coaster continues to make tight turns and rapid drops before making its ascent. In yet another move by the Mets, OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis was sent back down to AAA Las Vegas, and Juan Lagares was promoted to the big club.

According to scouts, Lagares:

"I like him. He's a very instinctive player. He runs the bases well. He gets out of the box. He always plays hard. He runs good routes in the outfield. He throws to the correct base. He does a lot of things well. And, I think, he's going to play in the big leagues. He's not just going to go up there. He's going to go and he's going to stay for a while."

 Captain Kirk wasn't seeing much playing time, receiving only 16 AB's, so sending him down isn't necessarily a bad thing. The thing that bothers me is that he was getting so little playing time, and Cowgill and Valdespin aren't playing All Star caliber baseball.

With the 24 year old Lagares being promoted, the Mets are going to have to play him. Makes absolutely no sense to bring a young player up to play only once a week.

I hope Nieuwenhuis works on his hitting and can make it back to Flushing. I like the way the kid plays the game, but he must cut down on his strike-outs and make more contact.

The Dodgers are in town for a three game set, where Jon Niese will oppose Dodger Ace Clayton Kershaw. 

The Mets need Niese to rebound from his last game where he got his first loss of the young '13 season.

Ike will get a blow tonight in lieu of Justin "Call Me Maybe" Turner.

Tonight's Mets Lineup V. Dodgers:

1.  Tejada - SS

2.  Murphy - 2B
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Buck - C
5.  Byrd - RF
6.  Duda - LF
7.  Turner - 1B
8.  Cowgill - CF
9.  Niese - LSP

Source: Adam Rubin ESPN (Lineup)

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