Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mets need more Cowgill. Kings for a day

Wouldnt it be great if opening day for the Mets were every day.  They would almost have a packed house, ( no way yesterday was a sell out. Unless they define the term sell out is that we sell 25K in tickets and give 10K away.) They hit with 2 outs.  Everyone contributes or at least almost everyone ( Ike with his 4 K's) starting pitchers pitch into the 7.  Relievers come in and there is no drama .  A lead off hitter who actually gets on base and has pop! (Grand Slam for Cowgill!)

I mean wasnt yesterday fun as a Met fan?  Byrd gets a couple of hits, Tejada smacks a double down the line after hitting zip in spring.  John Buck has a double and has more Rbi's then Josh Thole did all of last year! 

Thats why its great that the Mets usually have the day after opening day off.  So at least for a day or so the Mets are King of the hill!

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