Monday, April 1, 2013

Opening day is finally here!

What is that I see outside?  Oh yeah the sun.  Its about freaking time .  As we say goodbye to March and April rears its head it must be time for 1 thing.  162 games of armchair baseball as opening day as finally arrived! 

The Mets open there 2013 season at home today against the Padres. Mr Niese gets the start as Santana will ready himself for surgery on Tuesday.  The Mets season will not be great by any stretch of the imagination but as fans we almost come to expect that.  Since I started watching the Mets back in the 70's its not always about winning.  It is about showing up. The team need to play hard and play fundamentally sound baseball.  They need there bullpen to hold leads. They need there bench to hit when asked and they need Davis and Wright to drive in some runs. 

2013 will bring some promising rookies later in the season .  Wheeler and D'Anaund. These guys as long as there healthy seem destined to be Mets of the future.  So in 2013 we watch and hope.  Like most years!  Hey at least we have the best record on opening day!

Check out Jay doing the harlem shuffle here

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