Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New (Even Uglier) Mets Uniform

Today in Adam Rubin - Surfing The Mets, Rubin shows us a picture (below) of the new Mets uniform, sent to him by Yosef Sebrow, which was taken at a Sports Authority.

I have never been a fan of the black uniforms. I have always thought they were ugly. The Mets uniform not only had history, but had an acknowledgement of NY NL baseball of decades past. As you most likely know, the blue of the Mets is inherited from the Brooklyn Dodgers, the orange inherited from the NY Giants, and the white and gray uniforms, which both teams wore.

The black uniforms were nothing but a marketing ploy; nothing more, nothing less. This team needs to stop selling out, and go back to their history - blue and orange.

Aside from historical, they are a much sharper uniform.


Long Island Met Fan said...

i like the black when there away.. i never liked the black at home.

metsfan73 said...

I like the gray's on the road, and the whites at home...looks real sharp. The blue and orange had relevance, meaning. The black is a marketing excuse.
Baseball has to stop refusing to acknowlede history.

Since 62 said...

I want to see the real, traditional Mets' home uniform. That means white with pin stripes at home and gray with New York written out on the road. The colors should of course be blue and orange, and the original blue cap with the orange NY should be used full time. If I really get my way, the orange button on top of the blue cap would be eliminated too, but I'll live with its being there.

metsfan73 said...

Couldn't agree more Since 62! Road grays with New York across the front was classic.

I think I hate the black uniforms more than the piping (orange and blue) on the uniforms of the 80's.

Thanks for commenting.

~ metsfan73 ~