Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mets leaders after 7 games.

The Mets now have a 5 game stretch ahead of them before the next off day. 2 more against the Padres and 3 with the Brewers.

Ryan Church leads the team with a avg of .423 and has not struck out once yet. He has 6 doubles and a on base percentage of .500 but the Mets plan to sit him to let Gary Sheffield play tonight. Makes plenty of sense.

Delgado is hitting .333 with 1 home run and 8 rbis. No one on the team has 2 hr yet and the team has only 5 homers so far in 7 games.

Carlos Beltran is hitting .345 with a home run and 6 rbis

Jose Reyes is tied for the team lead in walks with 5!!! I have not heard anyone mention that. Of course it is only 7 games but good for him. He is hitting .241 and only 1 stolen base and has been caught twice already.

Everyones punching bag Luis Castillo is hitting .368 with 2 doubles.

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