Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Up's And Down's Of 42

While watching last night's Mets game vs. the Padres, albeit while switching between that and the Rangers Capitals play-off game, something struck me:

I noticed that #42 not only pitched six innings, but was relieved by #42, who was later relieved by #42, and the game was finished with #42 closing the door on SD.

#42 made the wrong decision in LF when he decided to bounce the ball to #42, causing a bad throw the the catcher, #42.

#42 showed his speed and heads-up play by stealing second, going to third on the passed ball, and scoring when #42 of the Padres over-threw to #42 covering, allowing both #42 and #42 to score.

Later, #42 hit a monstrous HR in the the Pepsi Pavilion/Porch, and was greeted by fellow #42's when he reached the bench.

For the Mets, #42 hit into two crucial double plays, squandering potential big innings. In both cases, #42 was forced at second base, by none other than #42.

I am all in favor of respecting and commemorating history. I applauded, for probably the only time for Bud Selig, when he permanently retired #42 back in 1997, but to have every player wear #42 is a bit of an over-kill. Jackie Robinson did as much for the Civil Rights movement, if not more, than Martin Luther King, Jr., and he should have our undying respect. I just think with this happening every year, it tends to water down and dilute what he really did.

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