Friday, June 12, 2009

What to do about Gary Sheffield.

It is tough watching this guy game after game see saw back and forth from grounding out to the shortstop or the 3rd baseman. It is painstakingly clear that teams are pounding the man inside. Either due to injured hamstring or the fact that he is not a young duck anymore Sheffield is killing the Mets when they place him fourth in the lineup. He is hitting .125 over his last 5 games which is 2 for 16 and listening to Gary Cohen makes me want to scream when he reiterates that Sheff is like 4 for whatever.

How many times lately do we see David Wright leading off an inning since Sheff made the last out of the inning and Wright gets a hit I mean the guy is hitting over .600 in the past week and has only 3 rbi’s. It’s downright laughable that pitchers cant get him out. At the same time they do not seem to worried since the rest of the Mets lineup after Wright is pretty weak.

Now I am not saying they should move Wright up to fourth because I can see teams just walking him at this point. It might be fun to watch though Wright be walked and have Sheff clock one.
Sheff has been a gamer since the Mets have signed him but if he doesn’t start hitting soon the Mets really need to make a move. Daniel Murphy and Fernando Martinez are not the answer.

I know Omar always claims he is on the phone etc. Well maybe you should consider pulling the trigger on something soon. Before 4 games out turns to 10 by the All Star Break. We are only 1 losing streak away from calling it a season.

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