Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some Positive Signs In Mets Drubbing Of Tigers

Last night the Mets busted out the Whupping Sticks en route to a 14-6 victory. Aside from the obvious, here are some positive signs I took out of the Mets performance last night:

After a long rain delay followed by a long bottom half of the third inning, Jerry Manuel allowed Jon N
iese to pitch the top of the fourth. In the past, Niese would have been done after a 90 minute delay due to weather and a long offensive half inning. He gave Niese every chance to pitch the required five innings for the win, but unfortunately the kid ran out of gas.

Mets first three hitters, Reyes, Pagan, and Wright - were a combined 10-15 last night with seven RBI and nine runs scored.

Jason Bay was 1-2 with 2 RBI and 2 walks.

Fernando Nieve pitched well, going 2.1 IP in earning the win. He gave up one hit, one walk, and struck out four.

Bobby Parnell making his 2010 debut for the Mets, just called up from Buffalo, pitched one inning striking out two. He was consistently hitting 97-98MPH on the gun.

And lastly, when Detroit started clawing back and made the score 11-6, the Mets tacked on more insurance runs; they didn't stand pat.

These are just some positive signs I took from last night's game. Oh yeah, one last positive is that the Mets were 'Stellar' in their traditional white uniforms and blue caps.

Game 2 against Detroit is 7:10 tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Not getting my hopes up on Parnell. He cant anything over the zone besides his fastball. Same thing that doomed him last year.