Friday, November 5, 2010

Mets could add a cheap thumper- Free agent infielders/outfielders

One last chart for everyone this week.  As you can tell I was a little excel happy which is really nothing new with me.  Below are the infieiders/outfielders that are possible free agents and will be free agents once the Saturday deadline comes around.  I left on guys who had there options picked up .I see Miguel Olivo got traded to the Blue Jays who declined his option.
Mets should consider adding some thump to there bench since that is something that has been lacking. I think we can safely say the Fernando Tatis era is over.  Is this the year they bring Wiggy back to have a real backup at 3rd?  Or go after guys like Scott Podsednik or the scrappy Eckstein?   Let us know who you would like the Mets sign.  

If anyone is interested in spreadsheet like this instead of just a picture of one, please dont hesitate to email us at

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