Sunday, February 28, 2010

What will be made of Jose Reyes and his spinning blood?

The Mets were going into 2010 dealing only with the collapse of 2009. Now at least the papers can spend some time on Jose Reyes using a doctor that is accused of giving HGH to athletes.

Reyes used Dr.Tony Galea "blood spinning technique" to help him recover from his torn right tendon.

Well according to the Daily News "Federal agents have interviewed Mets shortstop Jose Reyes about his association with a Canadian doctor who is under investigation for drug violations, including conspiring to smuggle human growth hormone into the United States from Canada, a source close to the investigation told the Daily News Saturday night."

"After Dr. Tony Galea's December arrest following a September border stop near Buffalo of his assistant in which syringes, vials and various drugs were seized from a vehicle she was driving, Reyes is one of several elite athletes, including Tiger Woods, who received treatment from Galea, who faces charges in Canada of conspiring to smuggle HGH and the drug Actovegin into the U.S., conspiracy to smuggle prohibited goods into Canada, unlawfully selling Actovegin and smuggling goods into Canada in violation of the Customs Act."

The Mets were at aware of the situation before th story broke this weekend. So expect this to be fodder for camp for a couple of days.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mets will have intersquad game March 1st . Figgy to get start against Braves March 2nd

As we roll in the last weekend of no baseball we see the Mets are thinking about next week.

The Mets will play an intersquad game March 1st. They will have Jon Niese pitching in that game along with Tobi Stoner and Jenrry Mejia.

Nelson Figueroa will get the start at Tradition Field tuesday March 2nd against the Braves while Fernando Nieve will get the start Wednesday March 3rd in Orlando against the same Braves.

The Mets will be on MLB network on Tuesday as well as SNY.

Mets Francoeur having fun with New Met Jason Bay

It looks like Jeff Francoeur is like a kid in a candy store. The wide eyed Mets right fielder seem to enjoy razzing Mets new Million day boy Jason Bay on SNY Last Hot stove off the season last night.

The 3 outfielders chatted with Kevin B on the stage at Duffy's last night. Pagan, Frenchie and Bay. Frenchie had no problem making it know that the Canadian Hockey team lost to the USA team. He had this little boy sheepish grin on as he razzed Bay about it. Who seem to take in stride even when they were chatting up the fact that growing up that Bay was on the Curling team. He went on to say the way the story has taken wings he is looking forward to seeing the story pumped up that he was one step away from the olympics!

The 1 item you seem to see that there is alot of playful fun with Frenchie and Bay which will add to the clubhouse. David Wright will now have other players that the media will get sound bites from. Which is fine with me since David is the corporate guy anyway and seems to be too concerned with saying the right thing instead of being himself like Francoeur does.

If you get a chance make sure you watch the replay of the SNY hot stove which you can catch throughout the weekend.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hot Stove Tonight On SNY

Kevin Burkhard is going to have a bunch of Mets join him tonight on SNY Mets Hot Stove. He will have:

Jerry Manuel
Jeff Francoeur
Jason Bay
Angel Pagan
Ike Davis

Tonight's show will be live from Duffy's and will be an hour long. Set your DVR's.

Source: Kevin Burkhardt via Twitter

In The Mood For Baseball?

Thanks to Brian Costa - Star Ledger, we’re able to bring the following videos.

Nuke LaLoosh and SEÑOR Clutch (Tatis) take grounders at third:

David Wright and Fernando Tatis

Jason Bay taking some hacks:

Jason Bay

Jeff Francoeur getting some swings in:

Jeff Francoeur

Rod Barajas arrives in Met camp. Wearing Carlos Delgado's 21

Mets wasted no time moving past Mr Delgado. His number is already taken by there new catcher Rod Barajas

Some quotes from the new Mets catcher on his first day.

On picking the Mets-

"I looked at the situations," Barajas said. "I felt like with this team I could play, with this team we were going to win. You have to try to keep the negotiations going on with the other teams to try to get yourself in a better position. But all along I felt like this would be the best position for me."

Was he surprised about how long it took to be signed?

"I went into this offseason feeling pretty good about myself," Barajas said. "I've never been a guy who hit for high average or got on base. But, defensively, I've always thought of myself as a 'plus' defender handling the pitching staff. I've got a little bit of pop. I drove in 71 runs last year, which was a high for me. So after the season I thought I would be in pretty good shape. And it was a big surprise, disappointing. "

Mets now have Barajas,Blanco,Thole,Santos,Coste and Shawn Riggins in camp as catchers. I think Mike Jacobs can put the catchers glove away. There was some chat last week he might need be an emergency catcher.

Mets offer branch to Dwight Gooden

The Mets had offered a chance for Doc Gooden to participate in spring training this year. He was offered a chance to come down and be an adviser which I am sure means he would have talked about pithcing or what its like to pitch in the media cocktail enviornment of NY.

Doc took a pass. His wife is 9 months preggo and he felt he needed to be close. A man that has his priorties at this point. It was nice to see the Mets offer the Doc a job of more then just waving his hands to the fans.

We will see him I am sure at Citi Field sometime this summer.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mets on 30 teams in 30 days on MLB Network March 18th

While watching the MLB network tonight they had a blurb of there 30 teams in 30 days which starts on March 3rd. Well I thought since spring training started that it would be a good time to find out when the Mets will be visted and broadcasted. The Mets will be part of the broadcast on Sunday March 14th . The show will be on at 8pm. Here is the list of the of the first 15 broadcasts with dates and times.

5 & 10 p.m.
Detriot Tigers

5 & 10 p.m.
New York Yankees
5 & 10 p.m.
Philadelphia Phillies
5 & 10 p.m.
Toronto Blue Jays
5 & 10 p.m.
Pittsburgh Pirates
5 & 10 p.m.
Baltimore Orioles
5 & 10 p.m.
Tampa Bay Rays
10:00 p.m.
Minnesota Twins
5 & 10 p.m.
Boston Red Sox
5 & 10 p.m.
Florida Marlins
5 & 10 p.m.
St. Louis Cardinals
8:00 p.m.
New York Mets
9:00 p.m.
Houston Astros
9:00 p.m.
Washington Nationals
9:00 p.m.
Atlanta Braves

Jason Bay sit down with reporters today

Jason Bay is in the house and he already had a sit down with reporters on arriving at PSL today.

Some snippets below.

You're going from probably the best righthanded-hitting park in baseball to Citi Field. Thoughts?

"I honestly never gave a ballpark any second thought. Nor geographically. A lot of people had me pegged as a West Coast guy. I obviously live in Seattle. You get a chance, if you're lucky, to be a free agent once or twice in your lifetime. Why are you going to limit yourself to a ballpark or a city? I don't really think that's very productive. I played in Pittsburgh. It's not PETCO (in San Diego) by any means, but it's definitely Fenway over in left field, either. I'm confident with myself. At the end of the day, I try to get on base and I try to knock in runs. If you knock in 100 runs with 10 home runs, so be it. That's by no means my plan. I just don't really think the park factor, especially after one year, it's taken a lot of criticism, but I think you need to give it more time to really feel it out. Never once did it really have any bearings on my feelings at all"

You've played at least 145 games a season since 2005. Are you surprised health issues were raised?

"There are some differing opinions once again. I think the proof is in the pudding. You just go out there and play. Those are the things that everybody says you set goals for yourself. I don't set numerical goals, but every year I set out to play in as many games as I can, because I feel if I do that the numbers will be there."

Anything bother you during free agency?

"It didn't really bother me. The only thing, and I don't read barely anything just because there is so much out there. Peter Gammons' Beirut comment didn't really sit well with me only because I never talked to Peter Gammons. If it had been portrayed as that was his opinion, fine by me. But it was portrayed as he had some inside scoop. I didn't think it was fair

Love to here a rebuttal from Gammons. Check out the entire Q&A including a pretty useless question over at
Jason Bay Q&A over at Adam Rubins' blog

Ike Davis, David Wright and Wiggy.

With the Mets hope at first base in the future Ike Davis in camp, David Wright spoke about how the young Davis seems to be level headed.

Wright went on to say this per Adam Rubin, “there are going to be times where they’re anointing him as the next coming and the first baseman of the future. He can’t buy into that, either. That’s when you start getting complacent and expect to be handed things instead of earning them”

Wright who has a little adversity to deal with himself after a sub par 2009 power wise also had some glowing things to say about former Met 3rd baseman Ty Wiggington.
“Ty was great to me, and I still remain close with Ty. I try to talk to him as much as possible.”

Check out Rubin’s blog here

Monday, February 22, 2010

Carlos Beltran in Camp.

Per Mr Adam Rubin of the Daily News Beltran is in camp.Beltran told the Daily News that he was riding a bike with no pain the day after surgery, but due to stability issues in the quadricep and hamstring, he is not yet ready to do any running.

In addition, Beltran said his surgeon “couldn’t believe” he was able to play on his ailing knee, considering how many little pieces were floating around in the joint.

Beltran says there is now no pain when he bends and moves his knee.

Beltran is out for at least the first month maybe 2 of the season.

Sandy Koufax signing baseballs : Last week with no games being played.

What I would give to be one of those lucky fans down in Florida right now that were fortunate enough to get a signed baseball from Koufax who is the Mets camp chatting it up with the Mets brass as well as assisting the pitching staff.

Now I was not around to see Koufax pitch but he is like that player that everyone still puts on a pedestal even after over 30 years have past since he pitched. John Maine and Oliver Perez today were getting words of advice from the HOF. Hopefully Perez comprehends what Koufax is saying and is able to put it too use. It is a new year we can hope right?

The Mets play there first game next Tuesday in spring training. It is about time! The winter is long enough and of course its great to know these guys are throwing the ball around but it really starts sinking in that opening day is around the corner when they start actually playing games. The Mets will then embark on playing games for the next 31 weeks!

Of course that will be plenty of enough time for Mets fans to get there fill of ups,downs, frustrations,elation's,Jerryisms, Omarisms and hopefully a couple of new Reyesisms!!!!!!!

Jerry Meets Jenrry

Mets young "super prospect" Jenrry Mejia is impressing Mets manager Jerry Manuel with his "stuff."

Mejia, who is only 20, has four pitches: a 97 MPH fastball, curve, slider, and change-up. Mejia is expected to start the year in AA Binghamton.

When speaking of the young talent, Manuel had this to say:

"Oh, Lord did I see him. He was real good. Gosh darn. Don’t get me started on him."

"He’s pretty good. It’s tough not to get excited when you see that type of talent."

The most important thing is not to rush the kid. The Mets have a penchant for doing this with such people as Alex Escobar, Gregg Jefferies, Bobby Parnell last year, Fernando Martinez last year, and the list goes on. They have plenty of pitchers, both young and old, and should give Mejia time to mature and grow. He is 6' but only 162 lbs. If they allow him to develop, he has the potential to be a #1 pitcher for years to come.

Sources: Steve Popper - The Record, Kevin Kernan - NY Post

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mets single game tickets on Sale March 7th.

I guess the Mets have pumped dry the ability to have consumers gobble up season tixs as well as mini plans. They finally have a date for single game tickets.

The Mets will have single game tickets available via the web at and also over the phone. In person walk up tickets will be available the following day on March 8th at Citi Field.

NO reason to camp out ahead but you know people will anyway.

The Mets really tryed to sell ticket plans to almost everyone. I even got a call from the Mets ticket office the other day even though I have never had a plan. I have purchased single game tickets forever . Shows you how desperate they were to sell plans.

Mets defense at catcher will be an upgrade with Barajas signing.

The Mets had to give Rod a major league deal to sign him but the Mets will now have a solid defensive core behind the plate.

The Mets will more then likely give Barajas the starting job while 38 year old Henry Blanco will be the backup. Blanco will also probably spend some time catching Johan Santana since he done that in the past. In 2004 blanco was part of the 2004 twins . The year Johan won one of his Cy Youngs.

The Mets now have 2 very good defensive catchers behind the plate.
Barajas threw out 34 percent of would-be base-stealers (27-for-80) last season. Blanco nailed 40 percent (18-for-45) with the Padres.

Omir Santos now will be relagated to back up Josh Thole in Triple AAA which also will have Chris Coste.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mets Sign Barajas

According to Jon Heyman via Twitter , the Mets have reached an agreement with veteran catcher Rod Barajas.

It is expected he will be the Mets starting catcher for 2010.

According to Heyman, the deal is for a little less than $1M, but is a Major League deal.

Finally One Intelligent Off-Season Move not re-signing Carlos Delgado. Ken Rosenthal - Fox Sports reports that the “former” Mets 1B underwent a second hip surgery this week. He will be unable to resume playing baseball for four months, but still expects to play this season. Maybe he will be 2010's version of Pedro Martinez.

Quoting Rosenthal:

“Dr. Marc Philippon, the same surgeon who repaired Alex Rodriguez’s hip, reconstructed the labrum in Delgado’s right hip and also performed a micro-fracture procedure on his hip socket.”

According to Delgado's agent David Sloane, Delgado's decision to have a second surgery:

“Yes. That’s why he did it,” Sloane said. “He had concerns: ‘I wait for somebody to get hurt. I sign with somebody. I hit a bump in the road and miss a week or so.’

“That’s not what he wanted. He wanted to play every day. He felt, despite the time it would take, it was a better option for him to be the Carlos Delgado of old instead of an old Carlos Delgado.”

I have never been a fan of DelStatue, but I can understand his desire to return to Major League Baseball. He has never played in a World Series, and he is only 27 HR's away from the 500 HR Milestone.

We see Delgado, if healthy, strictly as an AL player, mainly as a DH.

2010 Mets Promotional Dates

Thanks to Adam Rubin - Surfin The Mets , we have the list of 2010 Mets promotional dates at Gil Hodges Memorial Park.


* Pyrotechnics Night - The Mets will celebrate Independence Day with a pyrotechnics display following the Monday, July 5 game against the Cincinnati Reds at 7:10 p.m.

* Hall of Fame Induction presented by Citi - Fans can celebrate Frank Cashen, Dwight Gooden, Davey Johnson and Darryl Strawberry being enshrined in the Mets Hall of Fame during an on-field ceremony prior to the Mets facing the Arizona Diamondbacks Sunday, Aug. 1 at 1:10 p.m.

* Fiesta Latina & Johan Santana Koozie presented by Budweiser - Fiesta Latina celebrates Hispanic culture throughout the 7:10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 13 game against the Philadelphia Phillies. A Johan Santana beverage koozie will be given away to the first 25,000 fans.

* Mr. Met Dash - All kids 12 and under in attendance will have the opportunity to run the bases at Citi Field - weather permitting - during Mr. Met Dashes after the game Saturday, April 24; Sunday, June 27; Sunday, Aug. 1; Sunday, Aug. 15; Sunday, Aug. 29; and Sunday, Sept. 19.

* Senior Stroll - Fans 60 and over can take a leisurely stroll around the bases at Citi Field - weather permitting - following the Mets-San Diego Padres matchup on Thursday, June 10 at 1:10 p.m.


* Citi Field Home Run Apple presented by Citi - To celebrate Opening Day, Monday April 5 at 1:10 p.m. against the Florida Marlins, the first 25,000 fans will receive a miniature replica of the Citi Field Home Run Apple that serves as a savings bank.

* Magnetic Schedule presented by Pepsi - Fans will be able to keep track of Mets matchups through the season with a magnetic schedule, presented by Pepsi, which will be given away to the first 25,000 fans attending the Friday, April 9 game versus the Washington Nationals at 7:10 p.m.

* Lunchbox presented by Verizon - On Sunday, Aug. 15, the first 25,000 fans attending the 1:10 p.m. game against the Philadelphia Phillies will receive a lunchbox, courtesy of Verizon.

* Jason Bay Bobblehead presented by Gold’s - The first 25,000 fans can take home a bobblehead of Mets’ new leftfielder Jason Bay when they buy tickets to the Mets-Braves game on Sunday, July 11 at 1:10 p.m.


* Scarf presented by Caesars - The first 25,000 fans to arrive for the Mets-Nationals matchup on Saturday, April 10 at 1:10 p.m. will receive a scarf courtesy of Caesars.

* Beach Towel presented by Subway - Fans can get ready for summer with a Mets beach towel, courtesy of Subway, that will be given out to the first 25,000 fans at the Sunday, June 6 game against the Florida Marlins at 1:10 p.m.

* Jose Reyes Delta Drawstring Bag - On Saturday, July 10, when the Mets play the Atlanta Braves at 4:10 p.m., the first 25,000 fans will receive a Delta Drawstring bag featuring Jose Reyes.


The Mets will celebrate the diversity of New York with pre-game activities during heritage dates including: Haitian Night (Wednesday, April 7); Asian Night (Wednesday, May 26); Greek Night (Saturday, June 5); Chinese-American Night (Friday, July 9); Irish Night (Saturday, August 14); Polish-American Night (Tuesday, August 24); Italian Night (Wednesday, August 25); Taiwan Night (Friday, Sept. 17); and Oktoberfest (Friday, October 1).


The Mets will host groups and provide information on health and wellness issues on the following dates: Epilepsy Day (Saturday, April 10); DARE Day (Saturday, April 24); Earth Day (Wednesday, April 28); Arthritis Awareness (Friday, May 7); Autism Awareness (Saturday, May 8); Disability Awareness (Tuesday, May 11); Weather Education Day (Wednesday, May 12); Diabetes Awareness (Sunday, June 6); Fitness Education Day (Thursday, June 10); Alzheimer’s Awareness (Tuesday, July 27); Pancreatic Cancer Awareness (Wednesday, July 28); SMA or Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness (Sunday, Aug. 1); Organ Donation Awareness (Sunday, Aug. 15); Sight & Sound Awareness (Sunday, Sept. 12); Breast Cancer Awareness (Thursday, Sept. 16); and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness (Saturday, Sept. 18).

Non-refundable service charges are applicable on and, by phone, and at the Mets Clubhouse Shops.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jeff Francoeur just your regular guy

Adam Rubin has a nice blurb about Mets right fielder Frenchie which you can read right here

He seems to have chatted with John Smoltz about playing in NY. Thats ok we dont need him thank you.

What you take from Frenchie is that he just seems like a regular guy that is chomping at the bit.

Per Rubin Told he'd have optional hitting on Field 7, he replied: "I have no idea where Field 7 is. I'll just look at the signs."

Francoeur said he would have arrived in spring training earlier to get out of the Atlanta weather, and because he was envious reading about David Wright and crew already here, but was delayed because his "wife had crap to do" back home. Yes even baseball players have to deal with mundane life. Must be tough!

I look forward to what Francoeur can learn from Jason Bay who has not shown up yet at camp. Position players have until Tuesday.

Mets To Play Marlins In Puerto Rico

Adam Rubin - NY Daily News has confirmed (via MLB) that the Mets will play in Puerto Rico against the Marlins on June 28, 29, 30, 2010. This will be the first appearance for the Mets in Puerto Rico since 2004, which was against the Expos.

The Mets roster has quite a few players who call Puerto Rico home: Carlos Beltran, Pedro Feliciano, Angel Pagan, Alex Cora and Omir Santos.

Other interesting snippets Rubin has are:

‘WELCOME SIGN: Looking to avoid a repeat of last year's rash of injuries, the Mets posteda sign in front of the exit to the spring-training clubhouse reading: "Prevention & Recovery." ‘

The Mets have also asked Mike Jacobs to take some reps behind the plate this Spring. Jacobs originally started out as a catcher before moving to first base. He last caught in 2004. On a similar note, there is still no word on Rod Barajas. He is contemplating offers from both the Mets and Rangers.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 1 comes to end at Mets spring training.

As we near the end of the day there was alot of the every day players already there. Of course Kevin B had a bunch of them on SNY Mets hot stove.

David Wright is happy that Jose Reyes is back next to him at shortstop.

Johan Santana was in camp and was asked who was the best pitcher on the NL East knowing that the Phillies landed Roy Boy and Santana of course said that he was the best pitcher . Outstanding!!!

Mike Pelfrey said he lost some weight and looking to put 2009 past him.

Mike Jacobs wants to win the first base job.

More stories all spring long. Now at least the boys are in camp and we know have only 12 days before the first game in St Lucie. It is about time baseball is back!!!!!