Monday, May 9, 2011

Time for Wright and Bay to get hot.

The Mets start a 3 game series with the Colorado Rockies.  2 of there players need the thin air to get there bats going.  Wright and Bay who are hitting #3 and #5 in the lineup have 2 rbi’s between them in the last 10 games.   They need to use this series as a stepping stone and start hitting for some power. 

Bay is hitting .205 and Wright .222 in the last 10 games with 19K’s between them.  Wright came up with a chance to tie the score yesterday and struck out to end the game. What a shocker for Wright Mr clutchless.

Now with Bay  he cant seem to lift the ball with any power and has 1 homer since he has been off the DL. Tough to win games when 2 of the big guns are doing nothing.

Time for these guys to start carrying the team.

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