Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Will we see Matt Harvey this year at Citi Field?

The Mets are down on pitchers. Young is gone. Mejia is having tommy john surgery. Boof Bonser who was brought in as depth is down with tommy john surgery. The Mets have Dillion Gee, PAt Misch and DJ Carrasco and thats it when it comes to major league ready pitchers.  Does that mean we might see flame thrower Matt Harvey later this summer? 

The Mets 22 year old is pitching very well in A ball . Some scouts from other teams have taken notice.

"Matt Harvey is going to zoom through the Mets system," one scout said in an article by Kevin Kernan.

Soon the kid will be promoted to Binghamton and get a chance to be managed by Wally Backman who knows something about winning. 

The Mets might have a long summer ahead but Harvey can add some light/excitement to the empty seats at Citi in August/September.

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