Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mets Do Due Dillon-Gence: Gee To Replace Injured Young In Rotation

The crushing, yet expected news came down late yesterday afternoon that the most reliable Mets pitcher this year, Chris Young, is most likely done for the season.

It was reported that Y0ung has the same injury that has sidelined Johan Santana: an anterior capsule tear in shoulder. It is very likely Chris Young's season, as well as possibly his Mets career is over. That is a shame because Young brought a very cognizant approach to the mound with each start, as was by far the best starter the Mets have had this year.

With the disabling of Young, Dillon Gee will finally get his well deserved position in the starting rotation. Gee has pitched well this year, and if it weren't for a numbers game; salary and number of pitchers, he would have surely started the season on the staff.

I have been
pushing for Gee to be in the starting rotation, and am glad he has finally been given the chance. Unfortunately it comes at the expense of Chris Young.

The Mets have to be patient with Gee. He has pitched well in a short career as a starter, but the Mets must not look to pull the plug on Gee if he falters. At the very least they should allow him the same lee-way as they have afforded under=performing RA Dickey, Jon Niese, and most notably Mike Pelfrey.

If Gee goes on to win 10 games the remainder of the year, it will be a huge success. This team isn't going to make a push for a post season berth, so there should be little pressure on Gee. It is not yet known if Santana will return this year, and a snow ball has a better chance of lasting in Hell than Young has of playing again this year.

It has taken longer than it should have, but it's nice to see Elvis and the Mets have done their Due Dillon-gence in allowing Gee to take his rightful place as a starter on this club.

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