Friday, November 11, 2011

Reyes to the Marlins better not be “almost a done deal!”

Happy Friday.  Well we hope it can be.  We all know that Jose Reyes met with the Marlins earlier this week while having lunch at Joe’s Crab in Miami. He also toured the new stadium.  Yeah ok we kind of new that as a free agent Reyes would be courted.  I mean he is in the top 3 of available free agents and with the Marlins ready to spend bucks this was bound to happen.  That of course is where it should end. 

There is a guy down in south Florida that is quoting a source that is saying Reyes to Miami  is  almost a done deal.     Yeah not sure how credible this source is but its surely is annoying to hear.  Of course I know the Mets will have the last chance to work out a deal with the Shortstop but I am sure that Reyes might want to see what this team will do to win besides him matching or coming close to any deal  .   I love when they quote a source.  Is it the guy who delivers the GM’s lunch over hearing a convo?  Maybe it’s the Fed Ex guy?    Whatever “source” it is  I am sure its as reliable as the sources the local scribes here have .  Meaning  almost a done deal better mean not happening!  Reyes needs to be in NY in 2012 under the right circumstances.  Plus Hanley Ramirez as selfish as he is just going to move to 3rd for Jose?  Sure hope not!

Make sure you shake the hands of any veterans you come in contact today. Happy Veterans day !

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metsfan73 said...

That Citi Field brick in my stomach is quickly becoming the Great Wall Of Flushing.