Friday, November 30, 2012

Mets –Wright Agree On Contract: Let The Debate Begin

WFAN’s Ed Coleman was first to report that the Mets and David Wright have agreed to a seven year - $122M contract (six years plus option they picked up which bring deal to 138M over 7 years), which makes it the richest contract the Mets have ever offered (with his $16M option this year deal comes to $138M) a player, surpassing the 6 year $137M contract signed by Johan Santana.

It was getting to the point of being obnoxious with all the speculation; 'an inside source', 'an anonymous source with knowledge of the negotiations', etc that was being bandied about this week.

Then enter the fans. Some believe that it is great that the Mets offered Wright the contract and yet others didn’t think Wright was worth the reported $120M - $150M the Mets were alleged to have offered.

Many on Twitter said fans are impossible because they want Wright, but when the Mets offer a “solid” contract, they are complaining of the money being spent.  Scribes were more or less saying we can’t have it both ways.

To put it bluntly, that’s horse manure. Fans can have it both ways. Anyone who reads this blog regularly, or sees my tweets, realizes that I have been very hard on Wright over the years. It isn’t because I dislike him, no, quite the opposite. I like Wright. I think he’s a good kid with a solid work ethic and apparently high moral standard. 

What I have slammed Wright on is his inability to hit in the clutch and that the Mets promote Wright as if he is an elite player. David Wright is a solid ball player, but don’t think of him as a homerun hitter, because he isn’t. He does have some pop, but he isn’t a big banger in the Mets lineup. Wright’s statistics look good, but if you watch him day in and day out, you realize how frequently he strikes out in huge situations and that he is prone to prolonged slumps. Is he a poor player? Absolutely not. He is a very good ball player, just not a superstar.

Wright cannot carry the team on his back when everyone is slumping, like Darryl Strawberry and Mike Piazza could. This isn’t slighting Wright; just saying he isn’t in the class of Straw and Piazza.

This is where I disagree with sports writers when they say we can’t say we want Wright and then complain when the Mets decide to pay out big bucks. I am a fan. I like Wright and wanted him to stay with the Mets. I just think you have to put a ceiling on how much is he really worth. He just agreed to a $122M contract, which will pay him an annual average of $20.33M (years  2-7) annually. That’s superstar money for a player who isn’t a superstar.

What are the Mets going to do in year 4 or 5 when Wright is making over $20M annually, and he might start to slow down? Trade him? Won’t be able to without his approval. By year 2 he will be a 10-5 player and can refuse any trade.

Another  problem that might arise is their (Mets) ability to bring in players to compliment Wright. Now it is  also being reported that it is believed the Mets might have offered Cy Young winner RA Dickey a 2 year deal. If so, great. I’m just wondering where this money was last year when they let Jose walk.

Is this Wright contract good or bad? You could have wanted Wright, but not for that much money, might not have wanted Wright at all, or wanted Wright no matter what the cost.

What we do know is that the deal should be announced last week, and regardless, there will be squabbling either way.

David Wright is a Met until he is 37…let the debate begin.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wright 100M offer, Brydak and Soccer?

The Mets have finally opened up there moth ridden Wallets and opened the dance with David Wright. He was offered a 6 year 100M on Monday. This of course will be a starting point. Wright I am sure once to go 7 and get a bit more per year. People seem to think that for some reason that Wright’s time with the Mets might be coming to a close the longer this takes. I don’t buy it. The Media loves to write stuff to just annoy and sell papers. Do they still do that?

Wright to me will be a Met..he loves it here and wants to spend his entire career here. I am sure that sooner or later this will be put to bed.

Tim Brydak signed a minor league deal with a spring training invite to camp. The lefty had surgery and probably wont be available to May or June. No word on the chicken and if he was offered an invite.

The Mets probably will have new neighbors in 2016. Soccer is looking to expand and it looks like it will be adjacent to Citi Field. The Wilpons might makes some$$ leasing out parking.

update tue afternoon-Now Wright offer has been extended to add a 7th year on top of the 2013 option. thats a bit crazy if you ask me 7 year extension

 Wright 100M Offer

Soccer story

Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday,Cyber Monday, Dickey Thursday?

 Hope everyone survived the holiday weekend. With the amount of food that usually is consumed and the heavy football content this weekend unless of course you’re a Jet fan like myself, baseball took a huge back seat. Its easy to understand that its tough to get excited for 2013 at all this off season.

So as the turkey coma wears off we see the Mets now are not to far from the winter meetings. One of the items the Mets famed G M Alderson talked about is he would like to have R A Dickey resolved by the winter meetings. Will the Mets add 2 years to his deal at 12-14M per year? Or will the Mets trade him? I love the guy and he is great to the fans. Its all about the Mets what can they get for mr R A. If they can get wowed and bring a player(s) fans would enjoy seeing him play in NY. We need a lot . Our Of has no defense or power and catching is ..well you know..

The Mets have 2 draws Wright and R A and if they trade R A and don’t get something worth while in return its going to be rough to see the Mets do anything but Battle the Marlins for last place. Honestly even with R A that is probably the case anyway.

Bottom line is though Dickey sells tickets. He won a Cy Young and a 20 game winner. He deserves to cash in here. Look at the deal that pea brained Ollie Perez got off of 1 year a couple of years ago. I know its all about the return but unless Alderson gets blown away I hope to see R A on the mound at Citi in April

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cy Young Caps Dickey's Unfathomable Season

Last night Mets ACE RA Dickey received the cherry on top of his 2012 ice cream sundae. Dickey, who had a season that legends are made of, deservedly was award the 2012 National League Cy Young award.

The year began with Dickey climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity, releasing his memoir: Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball, pitching back-to-back one hitters in June, going 32.2 innings without giving up a run and 44.2 innings before giving up an earned run, starring in a documentary about the knuckleball, being picked for the All Star game, and finally winning The Cy.

Dickey, who has always handled himself with the utmost class and professionalism, was quick to thank Mike Nickeas and Josh Thole for the job they did in handling his knuckleball. Can't say I agree with the Dickster regarding Thole, but as usual, he handled the attention by deflecting his accomplishments in thanking his teammates and fans who were all part of making this historic season possible.

The next question from reporters was about his status and the trade rumors surrounding a possible trade. Dickey said he wants to end his career as a NY Met, and said:

":I've loved nothing more in my career than being a NY Met."

Now it's up to the Mets to make sure Dickey remains a Mets player for the next few years.

As for those who believe Kershaw or Gonzales should have won the award, chew on this:

Dickey led in: strikeouts, innings, complete games and shutouts, and ranked second in wins and ERA.

All this while pitching for a sub .500 team.

Said Kershaw via twitter:  

"Congratulations to and on winning the Cy Young. Happy for u guys! Thanks to everybody for their support."

Maybe the voting sums it up better:

Nuff said!

Other Sources:


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Needs Nostradamus or Tarot Cards?

All those surprised raise your hand…As I have been saying since December 4, 2011, Jose Reyes wouldn’t finish his contract with the Marlins. I originally figured he would be shipped out after year 3. I was wrong. He was shipped yesterday, along with Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, John Buck, and Emilio Bonafacio to the Toronto Blue Jays. All that is pending is the owner’s commissioner’s approval. That is nothing more than a formality.

As I said last year:

“Now, do I think Jose made the right move? No I don't. The Marlins usually sell off parts after a few years, and Reyes' contract is being reported to not have a 'No Trade' clause.”

The Marlins have made huge splashes two off-seasons in a row. Last year for signing Ozzie Guillen as manager, Heath Bell as closer, Jose Reyes as SS, and Mark Buehrle as a starting pitcher. Not one of them will see year two as a Marlin.

The people of Miami , all 4 fans of the Marlins, should be outraged. Loria, which has become synonymous with FRAUD, should be taken to task by MLB, but that won’t happen. He was allowed to abandon his franchise in Montreal (Expos) to take over the Marlins. The club then went on to defeat the Yankees in the ’03 series, but the following year they had a fire sale.

This year’s fire sale comes after a last place finish, not a World Championship. Loria held the city of Miami hostage in getting a new stadium, and now he is selling off his best parts. Once again Loria hood-winked MLB and the people of south Florida, and like in the past, will most likely get away with it.

I am glad Reyes is out of Miami, but sending him to Toronto will not be good for his career. Playing on turf 81 games a year will not help his chronic hamstring problems.

My suggestion? Yes I have one:

Mets offer Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, and Jordany Valdespin to Toronto for Reyes. Reyes goes back to being the Mets SS and Tejada can move over to 2B which I have always  believed he is better equipped to handle.

In other news today, Mets knuckleballer RA Dickey will find out this evening if he is the 2012 NL Cy Young Award winner. Personally? He is the NL Cy Young winner hands down. Now will the BBWA agree? Time will tell.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lucas Duda fractures wrist. Wow alert the media

Hi all.  Been a while.  We had this storm called Sandy blow through long island and leave it a mess.  now our days are centered around how much time we have to waste waiting and looking for gas.  Of course no one takes the bull by the horns and tries to do anything about it .  Cuomo just loves to state the obvious.   Sorry I am off the soap box.

Lucas Duda fractured his wrist moving a couch .  that is the news we have on the mets these days. Next it will be Mr Met has a heel spur.   ZZZZ

Trade Duda and Murphy and get 1 good player who can field.  Hope if your on Long Island you are weathering the best you can.