Friday, April 12, 2013

Mets Break Out Their Boots & Gloves: Mets Lineup Vs Twins

The Mets will play the Twins tonight in Minnesota, who experienced a spring snowstorm yesterday. Adam Rubin tweeted that  the field looks great, so baseball shouldn't be a problem.

John Niese takes the mound tonight, I just hope the Mets are careful in how long they let Niese go. I am usually the one who wants pitchers to push the envelope and go deeper into games, but this is a much different scenario. With the wet (snow) and cold, the Mets don't need more pitchers disabled for over-doing it in substandard (to baseball) weather.

Mike Baxter gets a rare start in LF and Lucas Duda will be give the designated hitting duties.

Tonight's Jack Frost lineup:

1.  Jordany Valdespin - CF
2.  Daniel Murphy - 2B
3.  David Wright - 3B
4.  Ike Davis - 1B

5.  John Buck - C
6.  Lucas Duda - DH
7.  Marlon Byrd - RF
8.  Mike Baxter - LF
9.  Ruben Tejada - SS

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