Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where Were You April 9, 1985?

For me, that's an easy question. On April 9, 1985 I was well in the upper tank down the right field line to see my first (and only) Opening Day.

It was in this game Gary Carter was introduced and endeared to NY fans. Everyone remembers his at bat in the 10th where he sent Mets fans home as winners as his HR (off former Mets reliever Neil Allen) barely cleared the OF wall.

A few friends and I were at the game, freezing our collective butts off. We were so far in the right field upper deck, that we were practically in fair territory.

Many remember, whether watching on TV or by being at the game, Carter's fairy tale home-run that began his Mets career, but how many remember Carter's first AB against Juaquin Andujar?

In Carter's first plate appearance against Cardinal Ace Juaquin Andujar, the recently acquired Mets back-stop was beaned. I was laughing, thinking: "Welcome to NY Gary!" Not only was he drilled, but it was so cold that day, it had to hurt.

The Cardinals would later go on to represent the NL in the World Series that October, but on this date in Mets history was something special. Gary Carter not only won over Mets fans with his dramatic/story book home-run, but I think that Mets fans won over Gary Carter on that cold April day in 1985.

Has it really been 28 years? Honestly speaking, I don't remember everything about that game, but I do remember George Foster (remember him?) hitting a home-run off Andujar (3rd inning), and that Carter was not only plunked in his first Mets at bat, but he was plunked again by Bill Campbell in either the 7th or 8th inning. Carter was 2-4 reaching base 4 times on this day, but it is that HR off Allen that left an indelible mark in the minds of all Mets fans, even some who weren't born then.

Where were you on April 9, 1985? I know where I was.

Reference: Baseball Almanac

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Long Island Met Fan said...

i was at college probably listening to the game on WHN in my car... LOL