Monday, April 8, 2013

Mets Take Winning Ways To Philly - Look To Continue The Winning Trend: Mets Lineup Vs. Phillies - April 8, 2013

The Mets were fortunate to pull out a victory over the hapless Marlins in the bottom of the 9th, concluding on a shot down the 3B line by Marlon Byrd.

Nice timely hit by Byrd, but the real big blow was the hitter before, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, blooped a ball to LF where the poor throwing Juan Pierre floated a bubble to 3rd base to try and get Ruben Tejada, which wasn't even close. Captain Kirk, displaying great base-running skills, took a huge turn around first with his back to homeplate. When the soft throwing Pierre floated the hot-air-balloon of a throw to third, Nieuwenhuis was off like a shot to second.

It was nice to see the young CF get a timely hit, and hopefully he can build upon that offensively.

The Mets play in the City of Cheese Steaks tonight where they will field:

1.  Nieuwenhuis - CF
2.  Murphy - 2B
3. Wright - 3B
4.  Davis - 1B
5. Byrd - RF
6. Duda - LF
7.  Buck - C
8.  Tejada - SS
9.  Harvey - RSP

Matt Harvey will take on Roy Halladay. Harvey has been getting some pub, and deservedly so. He has pitched very well, and has left many a batter shaking their head at a called Strike Three! Let's see how the kid stands up to Roy Halladay.

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