Sunday, July 28, 2013

As Trade Deadline Quickly Approaches, Mets Can Make Moves, But Will They?

With the trade Deadline a little over three days away (July 31st - 4 PM), it is not expected nor anticipated that the Mets will make any moves, which seems to be the norm.

I do believe that they do have some trade options that do not include moving any of their young pitching prospects/studs.

Daniel Murphy is on a hot streak right now, and my logic all along is to sell high, and Murphy's value is high right now, after hitting two HR's and knocking in 5 on Friday.

Murph, although greatly improved defensively, is a liability at 2B. He plays so deep, that he is more accurately characterized as a short Right Fielder than a second baseman. He plays so deep, that softly hit balls to the right side of the infield are usually a hit, when in fact they should have been a routine out; he plays so deep because he has difficulty with sharply hit balls, so playing back gives him more room to make the play. Unfortunately, by playing back so deep, he gives more opportunity for the ball to play him, than for he to play the ball. Many times this results in a hit that should have been a recorded out.

For a player who is a lifetime .290 hitter, he is very streaky, much like a power hitter, which Murphy is not. He should hit about .310 every year, but for someone who is touted as an "average" hitter (batting average), he has only hit over .300 twice in his 5 year career.

Murphy has limited, if any, baseball instincts. Too many times his lack of baseball acumen comes back to haunt this team. His lack of hustle is frequent, and with his lack of speed, he should be hustling every time he steps on the field. 

Murphy will not bring back as much as RA Dickey and Carlos Beltran in a trade, but if he is paired with someone else, maybe a Jordany Valdespin, the Mets might be able to garner something out of a trade.

Valdespin, the cranky youngster who is not well liked nor received by teammates, is another that should be sent on his way.

Although many writers believe that Valdi needs to start, he is more closely related to former Met Timoniel Perez. Timo would have a big hit every so often, but when put in the starting lineup every day, his deficiencies were greatly exposed. Valdespin isn't a good fielder, and his attitude makes him difficult to coach. With all this baggage, the Mets should look to trade him quickly while he is hitting so well at AAA Las Vegas (.513; 2 HR's).

The question becomes which team might be interested in either/both players, and right now the Mets need to look to see what team is looking for Major League ready talent, that might be in a selling/rebuilding mode. The Mets could get more bang for their buck to trade both players in one deal, but I doubt that will easily accomplished. The Mets have a history with Toronto, and maybe they would be interested in trading outfielder Anthony Gose, who plays all three OF positions, and is only 22 years old for the Mets duo.

One might wonder what the Mets would do to cover the hole left at 2B if Murphy is indeed dealt. The Mets can cover that position in house. Josh Satin is primarily a 2B, and by moving Murphy, would get Satin's solid bat in the order every day. Yes, this would mean that Ike would start everyday at 1B, but if he does falter, like he has been, Turner is a capable replacement from the right side of the plate who can start two days per week.

The Mets aren't close enough to be buyers at the deadline, but they do need to make some moves to better fortify this team. They have little position talent in the minors, but by moving some position players they might yield a greater reward.

I don't think moving Parnell nor Byrd is the way to go. Parnell is a homegrown talent who is finally coming into his own, and I would rather have him closing out games than Francisco. Parnell has earned the right to remain with the team.

Byrd? He has bee a diamond in the rough for the Mets, and unless they are blown away by an offer, I would gladly hold onto him. What Byrd has brought to this team reminds me a lot of what Cliff Floyd had brought years back; a veteran who leads by example and will take young players under his wing. Every team needs a veteran like this.

I don't believe the Mets will make a major move, but speaking from a fan's standpoint, I would love to see the team rid themselves of Murphy and Valdespin. Though neither player will bring back a Zack Wheeler type of talent, they might net you something that is usable right now.

If you were Mets GM, would you make a trade, and if so, who would you be willing to move?

Source: Baseball Reference

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Long Island Met Fan said...

Murphy has only doubles power and he is over aggressive to a fault at times on the base paths (sans last night) Team want legitmate bat and Murphy isnt any teams answer. Byrd could go to the Rangers who will lose Cruz and will be less Costly then Rios.