Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Harvey Remains Steadfast: Decides To Forgo Tommy John Surgery

After consulting with Dr. James Andrews, Mets young ACE, Matt Harvey has decided to forgo Tommy John surgery, and has elected to rehabilitate his cranky right elbow.

Harvey has been the sole Mets story this year, with his dominant pitching performances and gritty 'tude. Unfortunately, like with most Mets youngsters, he got hurt and his season was cut about a month too short.

I am not a proponent for surgery; in fact, I think surgery is performed much too often. I have a different feeling with this case though. Harvey is young, and if his elbow was so sore that he had to be shut down for the season, then there is certainly something wrong.

My concern, along with my partner, is that Harvey won't have the surgery, will be hurt, and will be lost for '14 and '15 because he elected not to have the surgery.

As longislandmetfan e-mailed me:

"I just hope that when he tries to throw in a month that it hurts and he gets surgery…   otherwise..he will pitch in 14 for 1 start and then be stuck missing part of 2015… " 

Sarcastic and pessimistic, yes, but we are Mets fans, and the two of us have been following this team for a combined 79 years, so that gives us the Wright right to vent when we think the Mets world is coming to an end. 

Then he followed his last statement with:

" maybe by then generation K will be back from rehab…."

Can you imagine if Harvey, Wheeler, and Mejia/Syndergaard is the 2010's version of the 1990's version of Wilson, Isringhausen, and Puslispher? Scary.

All we can hope for now is that The Dark Knight Of Flushing has made the correct decision, and is back healthy sometime in 2014. 

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