Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Through The Years: Keith, Ron & Gary Recount Cohen's 25 Years As Mets Broadcaster

Halfheartedly watching tonight's game between the Mets and Giants, I have been most interested in listening to Keith, Ron, and Gary strolling down memory lane about some big calls Gary has made for the Mets over the last quarter century.

As a college student I remember when Gary was hired by the Mets; I had never heard of Gary Cohen, and didn't know what to expect.

As a Radio/Television production major, I happened to clip the article that ran in Newsday on December 28, 1988.

I had kept the clipping tacked on my bulletin board, and when I got married 20 years ago, I brought that bulletin board along with my sports paraphernalia along with me. Although not permitted to hang it in our bedroom, I was able to store it in our basement.

Listening to the guys tonight speaking about Matt Franco's game winning hit off Mariano Rivera, Todd Pratt's huge HR, Ventura's Grand Slam Single, etc. made me venture into the basement to look for that old rotted bulletin board with the article clipping.

Although old and weathered, I was able to find what was left of the article.

25 years ago I had no idea who Gary Cohen was. Today, I couldn't imagine having listened to the Mets all these years without him.

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