Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mets bullpen today gets nine outs and secure win for Pedro

Jerry Manuel used his bullpen like Sparky Anderson today with playing the percentages and was able to get 9 outs from them and Mets leave Florida with a 6-2 win today and win the series 2-1.

Pedro Martinez gave up 2 runs and 7 hits in 6 innings and got out of jams when needed.

Nick Evans and David Wright put up back to back home runs. For Nick it was 1st career home run.

For more on the game including video of Nicks home run click here

This Date In Mets History - August 31

On this date in Mets history:
Born on this date:

Tracy Stallard (1937)
Claudell Washington (1954)

Hideo Nomo (1968)

Pat Howell (1968)

Also on this date:

1967 - Bill Graham was purchased from the Detroit Tigers

1977 - The greatest defensive catcher in the history of the game, Jerry Grote, was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Randy Rogers and Dan Smith

1997 - Pete Harnisch was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for Donny Moore

1998 - Tim Spehr was sold to the Kansas City Royals

Information obtained from The Ultimate Mets Database

Aaron Heilman frustrated with loss.

AAron Heilman was frustrated with the way last night's game turned out. Really? wow thanks Aaron for digging down deep and tell you how you really feel .

Frustrated? come on there Aaron how about embarrassed? You walk the first batter you face. and then you let him get to 3rd on a pitch in the dirt?. Why can't you stop nibbling and pitch to contact? Please I'd rather you give up a home run then walk in the winning runs.

Duaner Sanchez doesn't even think he pitched bad last night.

Read what both them had to say over in this article over at the NY Times here

Mets Zephyrs season over due to Gustav: Mets ponder call September call ups

With hurricane Gustav churning in the Gulf the Mets Triple AAA affiliate the New Orleans Zephyrs have called off there last 3 games of the season. They finished 66-75.

Now the Mets brass needs to make some calls regarding who they will call up to Milwaukee to meet the team tomorrow.

With the bullpen hurting with the likes of Scott Schoneweis having some muscle tightness and the rest of the bullpen not getting the job done except for maybe Brian Stokes and Ayala who has had 1 good game then a bad game, The Mets I'm sure will be adding to the bullpen

The most likely candidates are Ricardo Ricon who was with the Mexican league, Jon Niese, and maybe Bobby Parnell a long with Carlos Muniz. You also will see Al Reyes who has been with the Binghamton Mets since they signed him earlier this month

The question is are they guys in position to be more then just a body in the bullpen? Will they be able to deliver in the clutch? Ricon and Reyes have done it before.

Can you believe now we will have 3 Reyes's on the team once Argenis Reyes makes it back tomorrow?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mets bullpen cant get 6 outs AAron Heilman walks in winning run in 9th

A month from now we will be bearing down on the last week of the season. We play the Cubs and these Marlins. We most likely are going to be in the hunt with no clear cut leader. If we have to endure this type of loss then we can get forget any post season trips. Anybody remember Kenny Rodgers?

The Mets lost tonight 4-3 with the bullpen failing when Duaner Sanchez gave up the tying run via a home run to Mike Jacobs. That was followed by AAron Heilman giving up 4 walks with 2 being intentional in the 9th inning and Mets lost a game that Mike Pelfrey had finally pitched well against the Marlins. He battled and only gave up 2 runs in 6 2/3 innings.

He hit Cody Ross in the bottom of the 2nd that lead to some words exchanged but the benches cleared and no punches were thrown.
The Mets need to get on that field a little faster next time cause the Marlins bench was out there and no Mets were anywhere to be seen to protect Pelf and Schneider

Brian Stokes was the only highlight in the Bullpen tonight coming in and getting 2 strikeouts after Duaner Sanchez gave up the tying run. I can see Brian getting more of a role in this bullpen with the way he has pitched.

David Wright had a 2 run shot in the first inning as th emets failed to put runs on the board after the 3rd inning tonight.

The Phillies won earlier today so the Mets lead is down to 1 game.

August Carlos Beltrans month? Mets by the Numbers

In July it was Carlos Delgado who tore up the league for the Mets. Is August the other Carlos's month?

Carlos Delgado has cooled off but still remains clutch with his timely home runs like in the Phillie Series.

Well Carlos Beltran couldn't more clutch last night with his Grand Slam with 2 outs in the top of the ninth with the Mets trailing 2-1.

Carlos Beltran is having his best month so far this year with 2 days to go in August. He is hitting .314 with 5 homers and 19 rbi's

With Beltran heating up will he carry the Mets on his back like Delgado did?

Mets bullpen was short last night

If it looks like it was Luis Ayala game to win or lose last night. No one was warming up for the Mets with the Marlins edging closer to taking back the lead.

Well the Mets were short 2 guys in the bullpen last night. AAron Heilman, who has good numbers against the Marlins this year, wasn't recovered yet from his 60 pitch barrage in the 13 inning affair against the Phillies Tuesday night. Also Scott Schoeneweis might have pulled a muscle in his back during warm ups and wasn't available. All Jerry Manuel had left at that point was Pedro Feliciano but he didn't think he would be necessary since Luis Ayala wasn't giving up hard hits?

Did he see Cantu's foul home run? Or the ball he hit in left field after his what 9,10 pitch at bat?

I was surprised that Pedro wasn't brought in to counter Mike Jacobs. Luis Ayala did reveal after the game that his right hamstring tightened up on him during the contest. Excuses!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Tonight the Mets beat the Marlins 5-4. With two outs and trailing 2-1, with no one on in the Mets ninth, Luis Castillo singled. Next DWright singled (remind you a little of game 6 in '86?), and DelGado was plunked, loading the bases. Up to the plate steps Beltran:

Grand Salami, an official Booo-Yaaaah!
Of course, Ayala couldn't make it easy in the bottom of the ninth. Got the first two outs, before giving up four straight hits, making the score 5-4, before recording the final out. Maybe Cancel should have told him there was one out. Ayala seems to have a problem with two out and none on. Remeber Philly???
**** Tonight's Stars ****
  1. Carlos Beltran: 2-4 with 5 RBI
  2. Daniel Murphy made a nice play in LF saving a run; he cut the ball off going into the LF corner, and threw a strike, on the run, to Jose Reyes, keeping the tying run from scoring.

Mets vs Marlins. Time to squish the fish

*****Update the Phillies just lost to the Cubs 3-2. Mets are up now by game and 1/2******

As September 1 approaches and every games gets more important then the last, The Mets start a 3 game series against the Marlins who right now are 6 games out.

The Mets are 7-5 against the Marlins so far and have 6 games left with them. The last series of the year like last year will be against the Marlins as they close out Shea.

Ollie Perez starts against the Marlins and is 3-0 so far against them this year with a 2.16 era.

The Mets have never faced Chris Volstad the 21 yr old rookie who is 4-3 with a 3.42 era this year. He has struck out 32 and walked 23 in 50 innings.

Mets rookies, Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans, leaning on the Veterans

Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans are 2 rookies with a plan. They both came up here with an idea of what they need to accomplish and Jerry Manuel has been impressed.

When Jerry asked Daniel a question regarding hitting Jerry found it amusing that Daniel answered in the plural including Nick Evans.

The good thing is that the 2 of them have some young veterans and some older veterans to tap into

Read how David Wright and Carlos Delgado have both been able to help them in this article over at the New York Times

Daniel came through the other night, now its Nick Evans turn to help in the clutch.

Mets in September are favored with easy schedule

At least that's what we hope. We had that last year but it didn't help us. After the next 3 Series the Mets are lined up against the Nationals and the Braves.

The one 1 good thing the Mets have to look forward to is not seeing C C Sabathia in the upcoming series against the Brewers

Check out Adam Rubin's feelings about the Mets schedule and why C C will be missed

Mets gain on day off

Its a good feeling when you wake up and see the teams following the Mets both lost.

The Phils lost to the Cubs on a 8th inning grand slam by Aramis Ramirez 6-4

The Marlins lost to the Braves 4-2

Starting play today. The Mets are 1 game up on the Phils and the Mets can put the Marlins to bed if they sweep them . Right now the Marlins are 6 games out.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Technolgy advances make Instant Reply a reality. More advances we like to see

With the Mets having an off day its a good day to scour the Papers for interesting baseball related stuff.

Well over at USA TODAY this story by Mike Lopresti will make you laugh.

With all the technical advances he mentions that he'd like to see the big scoreboards that the teams have be better utilized during a rain delay by showing the local radar!

Check other ideas he has by reading his article

Good idea about using the airlines system of booking a seat online for getting a ticket to the game!

Carl Pavano placed on Waivers, Will the Mets be interested?

Of course the Mets will be interested in a started that has 1 start under his belt! I think the Mets wouldn’t get a chance since I’m sure the Mets would be blocked by another team.

It is interesting to think that this guy who keeps things to himself when he is hurt to wake up one day and see him pitching in flushing. Omar said he didn’t see much out there on the waiver wire the other day . Would he consider it? You know some team might be.

Gary, Keith and Ron.

The 3 of them together are priceless. If you heard them last night you heard Keith mention that he will chilling by the pool in Miami today. Lucky man!!!

Anyway if you go to there site, you will see that they have a little party planned for the Sept 27th game against the Marlins. It gives you the opportunity to be on the field during the National Anthem.

Check out there site and read about the details of the party at Shea

Carlos Delgado MVP candidate?

Wow 2 months and now its is he a MVP candidate? I have heard this now a couple of times over the last few days. This is the same guy who most Met fans wanted to dump including your truly just 2 short months ago.

Below are Carlos Delgado’s stats as of June 25th.

Avg 234 home runs 11 rbi’s 35 walks 28 and a on base percentage of .307

That was after 75 games.

Now in the last 58 games he has 18 home runs and 58 rbi’s. He has been walked 32 times in the last 58 games and now has an on base percentage of .348 with a batting average of .263
He is now tied for 5th in the lead in rbi’s. That is just amazing.

No one is for sure what switch that Carlos has turned on. Personally I just think he is healthy after having wrist surgery last year.

Jerry Manuel said when he was hot he could carry the team. Well he has lately. His home runs have been clutch. He had a really slow April-June so it’s tough to say he his MVP caliber. There is really no one in the National League that is a clear cut leader for the MVP at this point.

September is on the horizon and with only 29 games left for the Mets Delgado is certainly right now the Mets MVP

Jerry Manuel trying his best to stay away from the Demons of '07

That's what Jerry mentioned in his post game session with the media. After Tuesdays loss just having a nice bounce back win keeps the demons from 07 from flashing back.

Well If the Mets loose a couple in a row that's how the media will see it. A flashback from 07

This team right now isn't like the 07 team . They usually have fight in them after a bad loss.

Read more about what Jerry had to say and Carlos Delgado who is becoming quite quotable with his recent surge

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Put It In The Books!

The Mets were unhappy with their residence in second place, so they decided to move back into first tonight with a 6-3 win over the dreaded Phillies.

Johan Santana started the game, pitching six innings, giving up three runs, two HR's surrendered, three walks, and six strike outs.

Brian Stokes earned the win, pitching one scoreless inning.

**** Tonight's Stars ****

  1. Carlos DelGado - 3-4, 2 HR, 3 RBI

  2. Jose Reyes - 3-5, 1 run scored

  3. Carlos Beltran - 3-5, 1 run scored

  4. Luis Ayala - earned the save with a scoreless ninth.

The Mets fell behind 3-1, but showed more resiliency than last night, by scoring 1 in the sixth, and four in the eighth to take a 6-3 lead. Tonight, that lead was enough to secure the win. Another nice bounce-back win after last nights' devastating loss. That is one of the big differences between the 2007 and the 2008 Mets.

Thursday will be a much needed day off for the Mets, before traveling to Florida to face the Marlins this weekend.

New Polls

Here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan - we have posted two new polls to the right, just below Mets Rants. Please take the time to participate.

The two new polls are:

On The Shea Stadium OF Wall, Who Should Reveal #14?


Where In The Standings Will The 2008 NY Mets Finish?

Billy Wagner update.

He did some throwing at Shea stadium but not from the mound. Omar mentioned that he is week to week whatever that means.

No guys on Waivers? Feeling lucky ? I heard Kenny Rodgers was waived by the Tigers!

Mets pregame notes Cancel and Figueroa are back

With Ramon Castro heading to NY for a MRI on his right Quad the Mets placed him on the DL

The Mets will have Robinson Cancel to take his place. Also Nelson Figueroa is back with the team since AAron Heilman will be unavailable tonight due to his 60 pitches last night. Argenis Reyes gets sent down but will be back on tuesday when rosters expand I'm sure.

Ron Darling tonight On SNY Interviews the Aces

Tonight after the post game and after Geico Sports night Ron Darling will host a show and Interview past and present Aces Tom Seaver and Johan Santana.

From what I have heard when Ron was on earlier this morning on WFAN Tom Seaver challenges Johan to pitch farther into games among other things.

Sounds like Seaver at his usual arrogant self. Check it out tonight at 10:30 if the game doesn’t run long. Yeah that’s a good one.!!!! They play these games likes it the playoffs.

Mets vs Redsox at Citi Field: Exhibition games Next April

The Mets will have the RedSox as there opponents to open Citi Field in exhibition games next April.

Read about how many games and the dates

I bet if they sold tickets for those games today they would sell out in a matter of moments.

Is The Glass Half Empty, Or Half Full?

I might be taking a much different point of view than your average fan, but certain points led to the Mets humiliating defeat last night.

  1. David Wright, Carlos Beltran, and Carlos DelGado were a combined 4-16 (.250), but more importantly, both Wright and DelGado grounded into double plays at inopportune times.

  2. Dwright trying to stretch a single into a double, and was thrown out by a country mile

  3. Pedro unable to hold onto a huge lead provided to him by the offense. Pedro gave up five runs in five innings, threw 110 pitches…two more pitches than Pelfrey threw in his complete game victory the night before. I was real tired of Gary, Keith, and Ron waxing poetic about Pedro; he didn’t pitch well. I don’t care if he continued to hit 90-92 MPH on the gun, his pitches were flat, and he was getting hit.

  4. Brian Schneider – he has to make that play at the plate in the ninth inning, to tag out Jason Werth. Bruntlett hit a ball to the right center gap, Church did an outstanding job cutting the ball off, made a solid throw to Easley at second, who turned and relayed the ball to home. The relay was done to perfection, and although the ball bounced to the plate, it was there in plenty of time to catch and tag Werth out. Schneider didn't catch the ball, and the tying run, instead of the final out, scored. This has happened many times this year with both Schneider and Castro, and it comes down to poor execution. Can someone explain to me why professional catchers are so out of position on plays at the plate? I continually see catchers trying to make tags at the plate standing on the 1B side of home, or so far behind the plate, that they have to reach to tag the runner. In Schneider’s case, he was behind the third baseline, where blocking the plate would be difficult.
  5. The Phillies stole six bases without being caught once. There were at least two occasions where the catcher never made a throw. Runners were getting a good six step head start before the pitcher delivered the ball home. The worst offender was Pedro, who ignored runners on base, inviting them to steal.

    Not to be totally negative, Jose Reyes and Carlos DelGado made terrific defensive plays late in the game to preserve the tie…until of course Blowenweis blew it in the 13th.

Mets blow 7-0 lead only to lose 8-7 in 13 innnigs

All I can say is that its only August and I'd rather lose a game like that now with 30 to play then when we are 2 back with 3 to play.

One of the best games of the year if your a Philly Fan. The Mets did nothing after the 4th innning! NOTHING!!

It never should have gone into extra innings. The real hero is Eric Bruntlett who was hitting .214 before his 2 out hit in the 9th off of Luis Ayala tied the score

To read more about this game click here

Ramon Castro came out of the game with a hamstring injury

Scott Schoeneweis wasn't talking after last night's game . Read about Ramon and Scott here

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mets by the Numbers Going into the Philly Series

With the Mets in Philly tonight here are how the Mets have been hitting of late.

David Wright is hitting .333 in his last 7 games with 7 hits and 8 runs with 2 homers and 4 rbis
Jose Reyes is hitting .286 going 8 for 28 with 4 walks and 5 runs scored

The Big man Carlos Delgado is hitting .346 with 2 homers and 11 rbis.

Fernando Tatis who just crushed a 3 run bomb tonight going into this game was hitting .357 and now has 1 homer and 7 rbis since he has 4 rbis tonight.

Ryan Church in 3 games is 5 for 12 hitting .417. Picking up where he left off

The Mets are leading 7-0 in the fourth . Jamie Moyer is already out of the game .

Pedro looked shaky to start but now has 5 k's

Instant Reply is here . Starts with Thursday's games

Instant Replay will start Thursday. Annoucement to be made at 5pm by Bud Selig

Read about it here

Mark your calendars Sept 2 Jon Niese

September 2 will be the day you will see Jon Niese . He will start his career on the road against the Brewers.

With Mike Pelfrey slated to start against the Marlins this weekend and Ollie Perez moved up to pitch Friday due to the off day Thursday, next Tuesday is the first time the Mets will need another pitcher.

Of course plans do change. Right now he is 5-1 at triple aaa.

Seaver and Strawberry hang with the FDNY

2 Former Met greats Tom Seaver and Darryl Strawberry spent part of the day with squad 288 of FDNY .
Check out the story here

Why must be Seaver so full of himself? He berates a kid since he didn’t know how many strikeouts he had in his career!

My question is did these 2 ever face each other in a game? Leave a comment if you have any information on that.

Who is your favorite # 15 on the Mets?

Is it Jerry Grote ? The Catcher with a great arm that was a mainstay at Shea for 11 years?

Was it Al Jackson? An original Met who is still these days in the organization giving pitching tips.

Maybe it was Ron Darling? He wore the number from 1989 to 1991.

Or is it the present day Carlos Beltran?

On Sept 5th we might see one of these players help Mr. Met reveal 15 games left at Shea in the outfield. Check out our poll and vote for your favorite? Or leave a comment and tell us who you think it should be.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nick Evans Comes Of Age

During yesterday's game against the Astros at Shea Stadium, Nick Evans went through an awkward moment, similar to the awkwardness usually encountered during puberty. Nick was in Left field yesterday, a bad sun field, when a ball hit by Miguel Tejada, came his way. He didn't have time to flip his sunglasses down, so he shielded his eyes from the sun as best he could. He took a scenic route to the ball, before finally making the catch.

When he got back to the dugout, Brian Schneider lent Evans a pair of Oakley sunglasses, which the Mets don't allow in their minor league system.

When Schneider entered the game late, Evans gave the Oakley's back to Schneider, so Ryan Church lent Evans his Oakley's.

At games end, Damion Easley, always the mentor and professional, gave Evans a pair of Oakley's to keep.

Apparently skills aren't the only thing a young player needs to be ready to play pro ball.

For more, please read Evans Has Adventure In Left Field

Big Pelf, Big Win, Big Day

The Mets just defeated the Houston Astros by a score of 9-1. In a game like this, it is difficult to pick just one star, but if pressed to do so, my vote goes to Carlos DelStatue. DelGado, coined DelStatue in this space back in June, had two three-run HR's for six RBI. DelStatue also made a nice defensive play in the ninth inning, stopping a potential two base hit, and turning it into an out. To see some of DelStatue's hightlights, check out DelGado's Big Night

Second Star of the game goes to Mike Big Pelf Pelfrey. Big Pelf became the first Mets pitcher to pitch two consecutive complete games in 13 years. Bret Saberhagen had been the last one to do so in 1995. Big Pelf even scored a run on Jose Reyes league leading 15th triple.

Third Star of the game goes to Jose, who was a HR away from the cycle. Reyes led the game off with a single, and scored on DelStatue's first three run HR. Reyes later doubled, tripled and walked, going 3-4. Jose also stole second in the first inning, his first stolen base in almost two weeks.

Tonight also marked the first game Luis Castillo played for the Mets since June 30. Castillo was 0-4.

With the Phillies currently beating the Dodgers 5-0 in the eighth, this win was so important.

Is there anyone who, back in April, would believe that Big Pelf would be the Mets stopper? If you said yes, please look up the phone number for your local Narcotics Anonymous! How quickly this young man has matured as a professional athlete is surely something to behold, and in all honesty, has been a pleasure to watch and witness.

Citi Field Seating Chart

*** March 2009-June 2009 ****

Check out the Mets 2009 tiered pricing

See our december post for updated plan/chart info

Click here

Here is a link to Stub hub to check out tickets for 2009

Get MLB Tickets!

June 2009 update!
Mets have subway packs available so check out

Check out our latest posts regarding the Mets here and also the mood in the mets clubhouse prior to the subway series here

Highlights include ; $45.00 per ticket to seat next to the Big Apple which seem to be part of large groups. $70.00 for first 2 rows in the outfield by the wall. $25.00 per ticket in the upper reserved outfield. $175.00 behind home plate.

Click the picture to see actual prices

After reviewing the prices dont forget to leave a comment regarding what your take is on the prices. You don't have to register!

See pics of Citi Field here

As of September the Mets now are excepting deposits on full season tickets only. Click here for more information

John Maine going on DL

Daily News just reported that John Maine is going on the DL Luis Castillo has been activated.

Season tickets at Citi field, even for the Promenade /Upper level seats will cost you.

If your like most, season tickets in field level are a pipe dream.

Well we reported to you earlier this year that ticket prices for the upcoming season at Citi field wasnt going to be cheap. Well we finally now have some information regarding the Promenade level which is the upper tier of the stadium.

The cheapest ticket as of right now regarding purchasing 1 seat is going to be over $1500 for the year. What that will be roughly is $19.00 per seat per game. Now I’m sure this will be back rows of the Promenade deck and some obstructed views seats. Imagine paying that and you can’t even make out the new scoreboard!!!!

So $38.00 buys you 2 seats to a game next year this of course will depend on the opponent I’m sure. Earlier this year $38.00 bought me 2 tickets 4 rows from the field in the right field box section when the Mets were floundering under Gump. Won’t be seeing those seats anytime soon.

Now in speaking with some season ticket holders who have upper level seats this year in the mid rows of the reserved level, there seats will be roughly $25.00 a seat or $2000 per seat for the year. That is a 50% increase from last year.

Gone will be the opportunity to have a ticket for $5.00 or $10.00 a game like some of the games you can get tickets for this year. Of course I’m sure the Mets will have special values on certain days but looks like if you bring a family of 4 even the upper deck is going to cost you a $100.00 just for the tickets .

Here is the link to the seating at
Citi field

Lets Go Big Pelf!

The Mets will need yet another big outing from Big Pelf today. With the Phillies beating the Dodgers in 11 innings last night, the Mets lead is at a paltry .5 game.

Pelfry has been the Mets most reliable pitcher since June, and the Mets will need that reliability tonight, as they try and salvage the final game of this four game series. To increase the NL East Division lead back to a full game, the Mets will need the Dodgers to beat the Phillies in Philadelphia tonight.

The injury bug is catching up to the Mets at the wrong time. They had stayed in control with big injuries throughout the year; Moises Alou, Orlando Hernandez, Luis Castillo, Pedro Martinez, Duaner Sanchez, Ryan Church, and now they must buckle down to handle this late season pressure. Their two young rookies, Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans have passed with flying colors. Now they might need to rely on rookie arms, possibly John Niese. The Mets should shut Maine down. He hasn't pitched well this year, and I believe it is due to his shoulder issues. Maybe the Mets can catch lightning in a bottle if they decide to shut Maine down, and bring Niese up.

It's time for the Mets to reach back for a little something extra. I still have confidence in this team, and now it's time for Carlos Beltran, DelStatue, Wright, Reyes, and company to step it up a notch. Hopefully Beltran's solid day yesterday is the start of good things to come.

If John Maine goes down look for Jon Niese to fill his spot

If John Maine needs to be shut down due to the pain that the bone spur he has in shoulder,look for Jon Niese to come up in a pressure situation heading into the September pennant race.

It's not a good time for this to be happening but not much you can do it about it.

You can read about in Bill Madden's piece over at the Daily news. Read it

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mets let one slip away

They had leads of 3-0 and 4-3 but no matter since the bullpen did the Mets in again and the Mets lost today to the Astros 6-4 in 10 innings.

Ollie Perez left with one out in the 7th inning and gave way to AAron Heilman who didn't record an out.

With the score tied at 4 the Mets again struggled to men on base in the latter innings while the Astros scored in the 10th inning off of Pedro Feliciano with 2 solo home runs by Brad Asmus and Daren Estad.

The lone bright spot today was Carlos Beltran's 2 home runs from the left side of the plate. He had 3 rbis on the day.

The Mets wait on tonight's Philly-Dodger game to see if the Mets have more then 1/2 game lead

David Wright playing steady at the hot corner

David Wright, The Mets 3rd baseman for years to come, has had a steady year in the field and at the plate this year.

He is sitting on 99 rbis going into Sundays contest with the Astros. He his hitting .293 with 25 home runs. His defense has improved in the 2nd half. His throwing to first has been much improved. No yips lately! In fact he only has 1 error over the last 30 days. He is hitting over 300 over the last month .MVP talk nah. Too early? never too early!

David doesn't like to talk about himself much but if you like to read what he has to say about Carlos Delgado and his other teammates, check out the Mike Lupica piece on him over at the Daily News which you can read

Mets finally using there past With Daily countdown

We were wondering when the Mets front office would be using there past to help them with the daily countdown that have listed on the outfield wall.

The other night it was Bobbie O , last night it was Darryl Strawberry and today before the afternoon matinee it's none other the Jose Lima!

Yeah ok its Mex. Keith Hernandez. The Mets have used 17 alot since Mex has left . Still think that his number should be retired.

Does that mean Sept 5th, the next Mets home game after today, we might see Doc Gooden?

Mets and John Maine take one on the chin

The velocity was better then his last start but the results weren't there. Maine gave up 8 runs in the 8-3 drubbing the Mets took tonight.

John Maine looks like he is going to gut it out until the season is over. Its been rumored that he has a bone irratation in his shoulder that will some type of surgical procedure once the season is over. His location was way off. He gave up a 3 run home run to Lance Berkman to make the score 5-0 early .

Ryan Church had the first hit for the Mets in the 5th inning after a walk to Daniel Murphy that made the score 5-1 at the time

Brian Schneider had another 2 run home run which is his 4th home run in the last 6 games he has played in

Luis Castillo wasn't activated before the game stating that he thought he needed a couple of more days before he is ready to play. Wonder if Omar and Jerry had a hand in this?

The crowd there tonight tryed to help the Mets they came was in the bottom of the 8th with 2 on and 2 out but Carlos Delgado rolled over on a ball and hit it meekly to second base to kill the rally.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where Are They Now?

In the inaugural season in 1962, they were a stellar 0-9 before winning their first game. The benefactor of the first win in Mets history was Jay Hook, who defeated the Pirates on April 23, 1962 by a score of 9-1.

That might have been the highlight of Hook's brief career. Hook pitched for the Mets from 1962 – 1964. Before joining the Mets, Hook had pitched for the Cincinnati Reds from 1957-1961. Hook pitched his last game on May 3, 1964.

Hook left the Mets for a job with the Chrysler Corporation . Hook, who always had a passion for cars, had a degree from Northwestern in mechanical engineering. Once Hook reached a career length of five years and 10 days, enough to be eligible for a pension, Hook decided to hang up the spikes. He had a lifetime record of 29-62 in eight plus seasons.

Hook stayed with Chrysler for four years, until he left for work with Rockwell International, overseeing business operations that included production of heavy-duty truck parts and undercarriages for the New York and Atlanta subway systems.

Hook later was recruited by Masco Corporation to manage six of its companies. “Before leaving in 1992, Hook supervised 20 companies and estimates Masco -- now one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of products for the home and family (windows, faucets, cabinets, etc.) -- jumped from an annual $600 million in sales when he arrived to its current $10-12 billion a year. "

Hook, who had earned a lot of money, was able to teach manufacturing management classes at Northwestern.

Hook now lives on a “user friendly” farm in northern Michigan. He has 13 grandchildren, and his 12 year old grandson is as talented as Hook was at 12.

Hook is now 71, and is enjoying life. For more on this story, click Here

Bobbie Ojeda interviewed during Met broadcast-He will be part of Shea Good-bye

If you watched part of the Broadcast last night or was there you saw Bobbie Ojeda take down the daily number of games left at Shea with Mr Met. Was great to see Bobbie O. He won some important games for the Mets during that '86 championship season after he was traded from the RED SOX.

Kevin Burkhardt interviewed him during the game and Bobbie was asked since this might be his last time at Shea what was his favorite memory. Well Bobbie mentioned that he wil back at the end of the Year with a bunch of others to celebrate the closing of Shea. NICE!!!!!!

My 1 question though . Do you think the Mets would give him better seats then Loge box? I mean I'm pretty sure those were blue seats and they didn't look plastic like they have in the front boxes along the field. I mean come on Loge box for Bobbie O?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Luis Castillo will be activated saturday.

Jerry Manuel said that Luis Castillo is ready to play and he will be activated in time for Saturday nights game against the Astros.

No word on who might get the demotion. Jerry did say that it could be a pitcher.

Hope not since the only one I can see going down is Brian Stokes and the Mets should keep him around with John Maine's shoulder acting up. Maine pitches Saturday night and if he only goes 5 innings the Mets will over work there bullpen.

Argenis Reyes who has played well is the likely candidate. If he goes down he is more then likely will be back up with the team on September 1st when the rosters expand.

The Mojo Is Risin

The Mets just won their 10th of 11 games by beating the Houston Astros 3-0.

Johan Santana pitched seven innings of shut-out ball, while throwing 121 pitches, the most ever for an outing for Santana. Santana showed why the Mets traded away some youth to land him; he pitched like a true ace tonight, without having his best stuff, for the shut-out.

Roy Oswalt pitched a complete game four hitter for the loss.

Jose Reyes led off the game with a single, went to second on a "wild pitch", to third on a ground out by Argenis Reyes, and scored on a single by DWright. That proved to be enough.

In the second, Ryan Church, his first game back from a debilitating concussion, stepped to the plate to a rousing standing ovation, singled. He came around to score on Brian Schneider's HR over the RF wall. Schneider, new to HGH and PEDS, is showing the benefits, hitting his third HR in a week. ONLY KIDDING ABOUT THE PED'S.

Oswalt pitched a great game, out pitching Santana, but was collared with the loss.

Aaron Heilman pitched well in the eighth inning, and Luis Ayala closed out the Astros 1-2-3 for the save.

This was a real terrific win for the Mets, which was much needed as the Phillies pounded Greg Maddux and the Dodgers 8-1. The Mets remain 2.5 ahead of the Cheese Steaks.

The Mets wore their Los Mets uniforms tonight. They were adorned in their classic white and blue uniforms.

Tomorrow the Mets will send John Maine (10-7), who Jerry Manuel said in his post game press conference, better pitch nine. The Astros will send Brandon Backe (7-12) to try and cool off the Jalapeno Mets


The Mets have a tough road ahead for the next 2 weeks.

The Mets will be tested over the next 2 weeks with 5 series against 4 opponents who are all above .500 for the year.

The Mets have 4 games at Shea vs. the Astros, who swept them earlier this month, then head out to play the next 8 on the road. They will be playing the 2nd place Phillies for 2, then head to Florida for 3 games against the Marlins who have been having a tough road trip on the west coast.

Then after Florida it’s off to Milwaukee to play the Wild Card leading Brewers for 3 games. Then back home to play the Phillies again for a big weekend series at Shea.

The Mets have beaten on the teams that are below .500 of late. Now they need to continue there great pitching and timely hitting against teams that might be playoff bound.

The Mets right now have 29 wins and 20 losses against Eastern Division Teams and a lackluster 13 wins and 16 losses against the Central Division Teams.

Today in Mets History Flashback 1985 Doc Gooden wins his 20th

Doc Gooden beat the Padres on this date back in 1985 to become the youngest player ever to reach 20 Wins

Gooden was only 20 years, nine months, and nine days .

Almost seems like yesterday that Doc was filling Shea Stadium. What could have been a Hall of Fame career wasn't meant to be .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Former Met Suspended

Former Met, Jorge Sosa, now pitching for the Seattle Mariners was suspended for 50 games for testing positive for amphetamines.
Sosa was 4-1 with a 7.06 ERA in 20 relief appearances with the New York Mets this season before his release on May 20. The Houston Astros signed him to a minor league contract eight days later but he was waived in July.
The 31-year-old signed with the Mariners on July 25 and was assigned to Class AAA Tacoma of the Pacific Coast League.

For more, read the National Post.

Carlos Delgado 5-5 Wins game in bottom of 9th

Mets are in the zone right now. They just completed a sweep of the hapless Braves. They find away to come back and win. They were down 4-3 and tied the score on a hit by Delgado that was clearly an error . Nice to have the official score on your side.

Then in the bottom of the 9th after Luis Ayala pitched his way out of a jam, Carlos Delgado came through with a hit to left field that the Braves left fielder Infante lost in the lights . Well David Wright came chugging around 3rd and scored ahead of Mark Kotsay's throw and the Mets won tonight 5-4.

Pedro had a tough nite but he did make it to the 8th inning giving up 4 runs. Luis Ayala got the win tonight.

Oh yeah the Phils lost so the Mets are up by 2 1/2 games.

Get Out The Dustpan, The Braves Were Just Swept

What's the difference between the 2007 NY Mets and the 2008 NY Mets?

Heart, Camaraderie, and being relaxed.

Does anyone out there in this vast blogosphere have any doubt that if the Mets went down 4-3 to the Braves, they wouldn't have the heart or the passion to mount a comeback? Granted, this is not the 1995 Atlanta Braves, but they are still the Mets nemesis until the Mets can show they can consistently beat them.

The Mets were down 1-0 after the top half of the first inning, but came right back to tie the game in the home first, when Carlos DelGado hit a single to score Jose Reyes.

The Mets took a 2-1 lead in the third when DelStatue once again singled to score DWright.

The Mets added to their lead in the fifth when DWright homered, his 25, to put the Mets up 3-1.

In the visitor sixth, the Braves tied the score 3-3 when McGann double to score Escobar and Larry Jones, before Infante put the Braves ahead when he singled to score McGann - Braves 4-3. In 2007, or earlier this year (Pre-Manuel) you could have turned your sets and radios off right there.

This team has shown they have the onions to fight back, and tonight, that's what they did. In the seventh, the Mets tied the score at 4-4 when Carlos DelGado reached first base on an infield single, and Nick Evans scored on the ensuing error by Prado at first.

Pedro pitched into the eighth, before giving way to Pedro II (Feliciano). Martinez had given up a single to Escobar when Feliciano relieved him. Feliciano recorded two outs before being replaced by new fan favorite, Luis Ayala, who recorded the last out. Ayala pitched a scoreless ninth.

The Mets decided it was time to break out the brooms, and did so in exciting fashion when DWright doubled to center after Evans had lined out. Beltran was intentionally walked to pitch to DelStatue. Carlos showed how erroneous this line of thinking was when he hit a bullet to LF that was misplayed by Infante in LF; Infante missed the ball, most likely in the lights, and Wright hustled from second to score the winning run. The fans at Shea went nuts, especially since the Phillies lost to the Nationals, and the Marlins lost to the Giants.

**** Tonight's Stars ****

  1. Carlos DelGado - went 5-5 with 3 RBI

  2. David Wright - 3-4 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 BB

  3. Pedro Martinez pitching seven complete, and into the eighth

  4. Luis Ayala, recording his first win as a Met

Ryan Church and Luis Castillo will be at Shea on Friday

Jerry Manuel mentioned that after tonight's game in binghamton, Ryan Church and Luis Castillo will make there way to Shea in time for Friday's game.

Ryan most likely will be activated and Luis Castillo will be evaluated .

No word on who might they send down. Most likely it could be Robinson Cancel who has seen very limited action over the last week to 10 days.

It pays to be a beat writer. You get to spend a day playing baseball at Shea.

Ok I’m officially jealous. The local writers of the sports columns in New York and New Jersey spent there morning playing a game against the Met front office today.

Talk about a fantasy come true. Check out some pics and read who won over at Adam Rubin’s blog

This Date In Mets History

August 21, 2008 - the following former Mets are celebrating birthdays:

Felix Millan was a solid 2B, who is best know for wielding a heavy bat, and choked up to about two inches below the label. He was a solid contact hitter, who was always in the top 10 most difficult players to strike out.

John Stearns was a solid catcher, who had the job of replacing Jerry Grote as the Mets catcher. Stearns had a lot of ability, but never reached his potential due to a multitude of injuries.

Bruce Berenyi pitched for the Mets from 1984 – 1986. He was 12-8 with the Mets, but did not pitch for the World Championship 1986 Mets team. He was demoted to AAA Tidewater before the All Star break in 1986. His career was shortened due to shoulder problems, and didn’t play after the 1986 season with the NY Mets. He declared free agency after the 1986 season, and was signed to a minor league contract by the Montreal Expos. He pitched only three innings before having career ending shoulder surgery.

Mets Youth are making a difference.

Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans are patrolling left field for the Mets these days. They are pretty set in there platoon. Nick plays against lefties and Daniel plays against righties.

They are a nice compliment to each other and another reason why Jerry likes them is there producing for the Mets. Daniel has hit safely in 18 of the 19 games he has played in. Nick , when placed in the 2 hole, has been very good at when he asked to hit and run when Reyes gets on board.

Check out the article from Joel Sherman who compares the Mets Youth to the Yankees youth. Guess who wins? The article can be read

Ryan Church update he will be at Shea on Friday

Things are moving quick for Ryan Church all of a sudden. It was announced barring any setbacks ,Ryan will be with the Mets this coming weekend when the Mets play the Astros.

Don't expect him to be the starting right fielder. Jerry Manuel has said at least at this point that he most likely will be a role player in the outfield. Which probably considering what he has been through is not a bad thing.

Read what Jerry had to say about Ryan here

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mike Pelfrey 1st Complete Game as Mets Roll

5 runs in the First inning can make a Pitcher breath easier when he goes out to the mound.

Well Mike Pelfrey went out in the 2nd inning knowing his team had just scored 5 runs in the bottom of the first and went with and pitching a very impressive game against the Atlanta Braves earlier tonight.

The Mets scored 5 runs in the first all with 2 outs and some sloppy play in the field by the Braves.

Daniel Murphy had a 2 run single to get the ball rolling. Even Mike Pelfrey had a hit in the inning.

David Wright hit his 24 homerun in the 6th inning for the Mets final run. The Mets really didnt do much after the first inning besides the home run by David. They only had 6 hits for the entire game

Mike Pelfrey gave up 3 runs and only 3 hits with his first complete game of his career. He came out to the mound for the 9th with the fans giving him a standing ovation. He started 3-0 against Chipper Jones but wound up striking Larry out on a fastball down the middle. The Braves went quietly after that.

The Mets are 70-57. They won there 70th game last year on August 19th. So they are basically at the same place they were last year.

The Mets maintained there 1 1/2 game lead since the Phils beat the hapless Nationals tonight .

Ryan Church might be at Shea this weekend

Jerry Manuel on his weekly report on WFAN today said that with the way Ryan Church is progressing that there is a good chance we could see him at Shea this weekend!

That would be a great boost to have Ryan back with the team. Keep your fingers crossed.

He also says there will be no starting pitcher moving to the bullpen. Good! Time for the pen to step up!!

Tonight's line up against the Braves, Jose and Argenis Reyes at the top followed by Wright,Delgado,Beltran,Murphy,Tatis,Schneider, and the Big Pelf

Mets Merized OnlineMets Merized

Mets picking up whatever they can. Sign reliever Al Reyes.

Mets picking up whatever they can. Sign reliever Al Reyes.

Guess they feel they need to get any live arm so they sign 38 yr old Al Reyes to a minor league contract .He was released by the Rays last month.

This is same guy who was charged in an altercation in April and was Tasered. He should fit in real well. Read the latest over at the NY POST

Billy Wagner can’t play but has a lot to say.

Billy Wagner might be shelved for a little while longer. No one is saying how long but it could turn into the rest of the year.

He had some great comments before yesterdays game about how he thinks the media is too critical and that the players do a great job dealing with the adversity of dealing with the media.

Hey Billy have you checked your paystub lately? See all those 0000’s at the end of it? It’s called you and your teammates are being payed to perform. So stop whining!!

Jerry Manuel was his humorous self about how he expects to use his relievers. Read what he told the NY POST here

Gulf Day At Shea

Gulf Oil Limited Partnership announces they will have Gulf Day At Shea on August 24, 2008. Gulf will sponsor a baseball clinic of more than 100 children from four local groups, to help better the lives of the autistic, neglected children, and the homeless. The groups are: "Little Flower Children" and Family Services of New York, "New Haven Police Athletic League", "Navigating the Spectrum," and the "Beat the Streets" Organization. Those children attending the clinic will receive two tickets to the Mets game that afternoon. The clinic will be run by Mets players and coaches.For more, click Here.

Umpires Not Happy With Instant Replay

Major League Umpires boycotted a conference call with management intending to discuss the instant replay proposal because the umpires feel their concerns aren’t being addressed.
The umpires are unhappy that the equipment for instant replay are already being installed in major league parks, and that MLB are looking to limit the number of umpires entitled to review replays.
For more, read Umpires not happy with instant replay

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jerry Manuel is 35-22 with win tonight Mets by the Numbers.

With tonight's win Jerry Manuel is 35-22 since taking over for Willie Gump Randolph.

The Mets are 27-22 against the NL East and 3-7 against the Braves

Before the 2 hits with the bases loaded, the Mets were hitting .071 since July 4th with the bases loaded. Which to me is hard to believe.

Jose Reyes had 2 walks and an intentional walk. It was his first muti walk game since the Beginning of July.

Before Carlos Delgados hit in the 8th he was 0 for his last 12.

Luis Ayala shows us what he is made of.

Have to love the fact that Luis Ayala on his first pitch for the Mets through inside enough that the Braves hitter hit the deck. IT was sweet!!! A pitcher that pitches inside..WOOHOO

He came in with 1 out and 2 on with the Braves ready to break the game open and he got 2 outs to stop the Braves threat.

After he got the outs the Fans at Shea gave him a standing ovation! they were happy that there was no drama.!! It was really funny to watch.

Jerry Manuel says relievers need to take a stand and tonight they do

With the Mets losing Billy Wagner for an indefinite period of time Jerry Manuel says everyone needs to step up . Well the bullpen did tonight.

Luis Ayala, AAron Heilman and Scott Schoienweiss pitched 2 2/3 innings tonight and didn't allow a run . While the bullpen held the Braves the Mets broke out in the 8th with 5 runs . They won the game going away with a 7-3 victory.

It was nice to see our bullpen hold it together while the Braves bullpen blow up. They had 4 pitches in the 8th inning. Every time you turned around Bobby Cox was walking to the mound to bring another pitcher. It was quite entertaining.

Carlos Delgado comes through on his day off

He was suppose to get the day off today but he was in the line up against the Braves tonight.

Well like the day David Wright almost was out of the lineup and hit that game winning home run, Carlos Delgado came through with the bases loaded in the 9th with a 1 out double that plated 2 runs and gave the Mets the lead at the time 4-3.

Omar Minaya says No more additions Must make due with relievers in pen

That is what Omar told Jerry Manuel today with the news that Billy Wagner will not be coming off the DL due to inflammation of the elbow that hasn't improved.

Jerry Manuel will have to make due with the relievers in the bull pen because Omar will not many trades to bolster the bullpen. I guess that Omar feels that if he did run out and get a good reliever that he will have to pay with a good prospect.

Just hope that this stand won't hurt the Mets in mid late September if Billy Wagner isn't back yet.

Chris Russo signs with Sirus will go head to head against Mike at WFAN

Here is a shocker. Chris Russo will go head to head against WFAN and Mike Francessa

Read about it here

His new show starts Sept 15th

The war is on!

Ryan Church update.

It's the daily saga. I'm sure this is a year he would love to forget.

He played 5 innings in the outfield last night for the Zephyrs and went 0-2 . No timetable has been set yet.

Dan Warthen: Don’t let John Maine be the downfall of the Starters

John Maine is a gamer. He plays down every injury he might have. Most pitchers do.
He went 5 innings yesterday and gave up no runs. His shoulder was stiff and he did not have much life to his fastball. He obviously is not himself and probably will be bothered by the shoulder stiffness the rest of the year.

Well Dan Warthen this where you make the money they pay you. Don’t let John Maine dictate what goes on from here. If he is going to be a 5 inning pitcher then you need to make a move by getting him out of the rotation. Why? Because the bullpen has proven that keeping a game tied or close is not something they have been excelling at. Yes Brian Stokes pitched 4 good innings the other day to get a save. Then gave up a 2 run home run last night.

Once September hits and John Maine is still only to give 5 innings he needs to be replaced in the rotation or just go with 4 pitchers since there are 3 days off for the Mets next month.

We want to make it to October this year. Don’t let Maine be the reason we don’t

Monday, August 18, 2008

Current and former Mets honored as NL Players Of The Week

Mets starter, Johan Santana , was named Co-Player Of The Week along with former Met, Ty Wigginton.
Wigginton led the league with a .571 (16-for-28) batting average, a 1.143 slugging percentage and 11 runs driven. Wigginton also tied for the league lead with four homers and nine runs scored.
Santana led NL pitchers with one complete game, a shutout,16 innings pitched, and garnering two wins. He held opposing teams to a 1.69 earned run average and dominated opposing batters by recording 13 strikeouts.
This was Santana’s fourth time achieving the award, while it was the first time for Wigginton.