Monday, August 31, 2009

Jim Duquette On WFAN

This afternoon former Mets GM Jim Duquette called into WFAN to speak with Joe and Evan.

, now with Sirius XM Radio on MLB Home Plate, recently said he had heard in passing that the Mets were moving their instructional league from Pt. St. Lucie to the Dominican Republic due to a cost savings of near $300K.

Some topics Duquette touched upon:
Many scouts have a bias, “there are a level of scouts out there, how many, I'm not sure...” that rate players lower than they should. They don't like the Mets or Yankees. Duquette believes it's an anti NY sentiment. He noticed this anti NY bias when Bobby Valentine was manager of the Mets, and doesn't believe it's anything directed at Omar.

Thoughts on Omar: feels GM needs to evaluated by the way team has played on the field. Does not believe Omar should lose his job this year, but if the Mets do as poorly next year, he should lose his job.

About moving team to Dominican Republic for instructional league: believes there is a value in the instructional league, whether the Mets are doing it for cost cutting reasons or not. Many teams are starting to do the same thing as the Mets, so it's not just the Mets.

Believes the Mets can fix their problems quickly. Their minor league system is weak, but not as weak as reported. The Mets have five or six guys of value in their lower minor leagues, but are in the middle of the pack compared to other teams in terms of talent.

On the Wilpon's rumored to be selling team – is skeptical of stories. Perfect reason to bring attention to the book recently written by Erin Arvedlund, author of "Too Good to Be True,". Mets and SNY are stand alone companies that have ability to make money. Hard to believe they would sell either out right.

Billy Wagner trade – in general would have been better to hold onto Wagner, where they would have gotten two draft picks which might be better than the players to be named later.

On off-season potential to sign free agents: The Mets are “boxed in” in many areas due to lack of flexibility. Possibly be able to get a 1B or a corner OF, but not much.

Thoughts of Daniel Murphy: " An everyday 1B? Tough sell for me." Duquette was skeptical of him as an everyday LF. He is much better at 1B. Likes his approach at plate, but too little power. Duquette was asked if he was upset that Omar has had more money to build the team than he did: doesn't bother Duquette. Situations change and it did in this particular era. They were pushing the threshhold when he was GM, had to get beneath it when he took over for Steve Phillips. Finally Duquette was asked the question that has been asked for five years: Scott Kazmir.

Duquette answered like the company man by saying that it was an organizational decision. Kazmir turned out like he thought, but the player they got back, Victor Zambrano, wasn't what he thought he would be.

The interview was real interesting and I strongly urge all to listen: Jim Duquette On WFAN

Mets Recall Thole

The Mets have recalled AA Binghamton catcher Josh Thole. Thole, as you might have read Here and Here , is a top prospect for the Mets who has been switched to Catcher from 1B, because he didn't think he would make the Mets roster as a 1B.

The young catcher, drafted in the 13th round in 2005, is third in the Eastern League with a .328 batting average. In 103 games, the 22-year-old backstop was also tied for the team lead in doubles (29), and third in RBIs (46) and runs scored (48).

The rookie is expected to join the team tomorrow, when rosters expand to 40, in Colorado. Thole will be given #30, which was last worn by Raul Casanova.

Alden Gonzalez - and Mets By The Numbers

Mets clear Carlos Beltran. Will start rehab in Brooklyn on Wednesday

People can start flocking to Brooklyn to watch the first place Cyclones as well as the Mets centerfielder Carlos Beltran. Good news is something the Mets have not seen much of of this summer.

Per Adam Rubin the Mets have cleared Carlos Beltran and he will start a rehab assignment on Wednesday with the Brooklyn Cyclones. He will not have to wear a knee brace. Will we see Beltran during the next homestand that stars this friday. It is possible depending on how he feels when he starts playing . He has been reported as saying he has felt no pain and wants to play with the Mets before the season is over.

The Mets come home this friday to play a 3 game set with the Cubs . The Mets start a 3 game series against the Marlins next tuesday. Maybe we will see Carlos during that series.

Frenchy In The Blogosphere

Mets new RF, Jeff Francoeur, who has endeared himself with Mets fan and teammates alike, is an accomplished writer...well, sort of.

Francoeur has a blog site,
The Official Website Of Jeff Francoeur, where his last entry, August 11th, he speaks about getting used to the change from Atlanta to NY. He speaks of finding a place for he and his wife (along with their three dogs) to live, places he and his wife, Caitie, like to eat, etc.

If you look at some of the photos, you see quite a few of Delta Airlines, along with pictures of Francoeur in a hangar, near planes, etc. It makes me wonder if he is planning a quick escape from NY and the sinking Mets.

Thanks to Mets422 via Twitter for the link.

Carlos Beltran biggest test on tap

With it being reported that Beltran ran the bases this weekend without pain, the Mets centerfielder has only 1 hurdle to pass before possibly coming back to the Mets in September. That is to have an Mri and have it show the bruise has gone down so he can play. The question is why even bother?

Ok he wants to play to make sure he is sounds for next spring training. Fine take the Mri and if the bruise has come down let him play a couple of days in Brooklyn until the season ends there in a week or so and then maybe just pinch hit off the bench and dump Sheff. I mean at this point Sheff breaks down every other day. This way Beltran does not have to subject himself the grind of playing the outfield. I mean do really need to see him play 3 games and get hurt again. The season is over and yes I am sure it will be lift to the other Mets to see Beltran in the clubhouse but lets leave him on the bench and not on the field.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Met call ups for at least another week

The Mets will not have too many call ups once rosters expand. Maybe just 2 or 3. One of them will be prospect Josh Thole as per Mr GM Omar.

Of course since the minor affiliates are having such great years, the Mets call ups wont be on September 1st. The Mets will wait until after the minor league season ends so dont expect Thole to be around the Mets clubhouse until Sept 6th

The Mets 2 top affiliates have lost over 80 games each this year. The Mets are not that far behind…

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bobby Parnel can not get it done and gives up Grand Salami with his last pitch.

Why do so many teams want this fireballer? Is it because they can harness this guy and make him a pitcher? Can the Mets make this guy a pitcher? He could not hold the Cubs down in the 5th and gave up a grand slam in his last pitch of the day as the Mets went down 11-4.

Parnell only struck out 2. Watching Parnell is enough to drive you to drink. Ramirez and Bradley had such good at bats against the rookie. They were fouling off pitches waiting for him to make a mistake and then they would just hit the ball hard. Parnell, who pitches 92-95 struck out only 2 Cubs. He gave up 9 hits . He even walked the opposing pitcher to led off an inning and then watched him score. New Batting helmet and all. I dont care what Parnell says about how he pitches because he just seem to be able to locate pitches or get a strike out when needed. The 1 thing I will give him credit for is he seemed to not shake off Schneider as much as he did in his last start.

Jake Fox waiting on a mistake slider and then clocked it for a grand slam. The end of his night and at the point the Mets could have packed up the bus.

Razor "Shines"

If you ever wondered how to ask simple questions of Mets 3B coach Razor Shines. Click on the link below to ask Yes or No questions to Razor:

Ask Razor Shines

Thanks to The Bitter Bill - NY Daily News for the link.

Mets Name Interim Vice President Of Player Development

Mets GM Omar Minaya has named Adam Wogan as replacement Vice President Of Player Development.

has not been assured nor promised to be hired as permanent VP of Player Development. Right now his position in temporary.
Minaya said, "We'll evaluate it after the year." It has not been determined if the Mets will look to fill the position from outside or from within.

Having been the Mets farm director, Minaya felt Wogan, 34, would be the "smoothest transition."

, who is highly regarded for his talent, organizational skills, attitude and decision making, has served as player development director - a similar title Bernazard had had before being named VP of Player Development.

Wogan is not expected to work any more with the Major League club as he did before, but his increased involvement will be limited to the Minor Leagues.

Source: Mark Hale - NY Post

Fred Wilpon speaks up . Deny's reports

In a article over at the New York Times Fred Wilpon speaks out in regards to his losses and the possibility of selling the beloved Mets. Much to some Met fans chagrin he doesn't plan on selling the Team.

Wilpon was quoted as saying that his Madoff-related investment losses were “significantly” below $700 million, said the Mets were an “emotional asset” that he was not selling. He said he would not sell even to recoup the money stolen by Madoff.

“My long-term goal has always been to have my son and my grandchildren involved with the Mets, if they choose to be, and Jeff has chosen to be,” Wilpon said. “Would I sell a building on whatever street, in whatever city? I have no problem with that. I have no emotional attachment to them.”

The Mets “are part of our lifestyle, what we feel in our hearts,” he said. “You feel great when they play well, you feel wounded when they’re not. The team is what we want for our next generation. It’s for them.”

The article quotes the president of Major League Baseball Bob DuPuy, that the Mets’ financial reports, which are filed quarterly, like those of other teams, have shown no financial distress or need to worry about the team’s long-term future under the Wilpons.

“It’s business as usual,” DuPuy said. “I’ve only seen distress in the performance on the field and in the injuries. But I’ve seen enormous satisfaction in the reception for the new ballpark, which has generated significant new revenue. I’m confident that the only disappointment for the Wilpons is that they expect a pennant-contending team every year, and they thought they had one at the start of this season.”

Of course there was no questions asking good ole Fred if the losses affected the Mets decision on trading Wagner or not going after even a journeymen pitcher on the loss of Santana and Perez

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wilpon's Going To Sell?

In an article in Reuters & NY Times, it is being reported that the Mets are in such a financial situation that they will need to sell the Mets.

It has long been speculated that the Sterling Enterprises and the Wilpon's lost close to $700M in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, and it has put a strain on the running of the Mets.

Both Fred and Jeff Wilpon have maintained that whatever happened with Madoff has no bearing on the Mets. It was soley investments by Sterling Enterprises.

The article speculates that the Wilpon's might need to sell the Mets by next year. Quoting Erin Arvedlund, author of "Too Good to Be True," : "It's qualified by when," she said. "It's possible they would have to sell by next year."

The following is taken from the Reuters & NY Times article:

"Some bankers have speculated the Wilpons would be forced to sell all or part of the Mets, while others said a sale of part of the Mets cable TV channel SportsNet New York was more likely."

This past April the Mets were valued at $912 M. Only the Yankees rank higher in value.

With a price tag in that neighborhood, it is difficult to believe that any one individual has that sort of capital to purchase the team, which leaves coporate America to vie for the Mets.

Wonder what Bill Gates is doing...

Gary Sheffield sits at Wrigley

Another game where the Mets leave Sheff on the bench and play 1 man down on the roster . If he is not going to play DL the man and bring up a body!

I like Sully batting 7th. Did you hear Mex's reference to Sullivan during yesterday's broadcast? Priceless!

Pagan, cf
Castillo, 2b
Murphy, 1b
Francoeur, rf
Tatis, 3b
Santos, c
Sullivan, lf
Valdez, ss
Misch, lhp

Ike Davis selected to be part of Team USA

The Mets infielder from the Binghamton farm team was selected to be part of Team USA this fall. Here is excerpt of the release . The full article you can read here

USA Baseball announced the United States roster for the 2009 International Baseball Federation (IBAF) Baseball World Cup on Thursday. The 38th installment of IBAF's biennial world championships will take place in Europe from Sept. 9-27.

Among the 23 players are 15 from Triple-A and eight from Double-A teams. In addition, six of them are USA Baseball alumni, including infielder/outfielder Ike Davis (Mets organization), left-hander Kasey Kiker (Rangers), and infielders Pedro Alvarez (Pirates), Trevor Plouffe (Twins), Justin Smoak (Rangers) and Terry Tiffee (Phillies).

"We have what we think is a solid mix of young players and veterans on this team," USA Baseball general manager Bob Watson said in a news release.

Twenty countries will begin IBAF World Cup play in five groups, with the top two from each of those groups, as well as the top four third-place teams, advancing to the second round. Once there, they will be joined by Italy and the Netherlands -- the hosts of Round 2 --for the 16-team quarterfinal. The top eight teams will then advance to the third round -- held in Italy -- where they will be split into two pools and advance to the finals based on pool-play records.

The U.S. will kick off the tournament on Sept. 10 in Regensburg, Germany, as part of Pool E. There, they will be joined by China, Germany and Venezuela.

Congrads go to Mr Davis who played his last game for the Binghamton club last night.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yankees Tweak The Mets?

In a post by Mike Silva - NY Baseball Digest, he reports that the Yankees have claimed Chris Carter, who was supposed to go to the Mets as one of the two players traded to the Mets by the Red Sox in the Billy Wagner trade.

Carter had to clear waivers before he would be eligible to be traded to the Mets, so the Yankees put a claim in on him.

There are a few things in question:

Did the Yankees do this to squeeze the Mets?

Is Carter better than previously reported?

Are the Yankees doing this to "squeeze the Red Sox 40 man maneuverability?

Any way you slice it, the Mets just can't win this year.

The Mets will have to wait until the off season to claim the players in the Billy Wagner deal.

Where are they now Carlos Beltran? Check Pt St Lucie.

I almost feel like I should do a where are they now post for these DL’d Mets

One of the guys who has seemed to slipped from the radar is Carlos Beltran. There was finally some news out of Mets camp yesterday regarding our gold glove center fielder.

Mets possible New GM but right now just lowly Assistant GM John Ricco mentioned that Mr Beltran is sunning himself in the ever popular destination of Pt St Lucie waiting on a MRI result. If the doctors feel that he is ok at this point he will then take to running the bases, do some slides and if there is no ill effects he might actually be back the first week of September. Which means in Met fan terms the middle of September if at all. Will there be a game in 2009 where we might have Beltran Wright and Franceour in the same lineup? It is bringing tears to my eyes just thinking of that.

Now I know some just want him to pack it in and get healthy for next year.
For my sanity I would like him to play this year. Maybe he can do something crazy like hit a homerun. Yeah I know I am asking for too much.

Recently Released Livan pitches decent for the Nationals.

Of course this can only happen to the Mets. They release Livan Hernandez and what happens? Not 1 but 2 of the Mets go down. So do the Mets resign him? Nope he goes and signs with the Nationals and gives up 2 runs on 6 hits in 6 innings and doesn’t factor in the decision in the Nationals loss to the Cubs. Now why can he pitch 6 innings and have 71 strikes and only 2 walks and with the Mets he cant get out of the 4th inning? Some things are just impossible to explain. I wonder how he will do in his next start but the Mets are starving for starting pitching.

The Mets don’t bother biting off the scrap heap. Brad Penney was just let go by the Red Sox but he got hammered in his last outing.

The Mets seemed destined to just stay the course and we just hope they don’t lose 30 out of the last 35 they play.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mets Theme Song 2009

Every so often we come across something really entertaining. Although there has been very little to laugh about this year, we must give a shout out to Disgruntled Mets Fan for their new theme song for the 2009 Mets:

Meet the Mets, beat the Mets,

Call the doc to treat the Mets.

Bring your bandaids, bring your ice,

Guaranteed to go right under the knife

Because the Mets are really dropping like flies,

Losing those pop ups, with sun in their eyes

Special, Surgery, everybody’s coming down,

To get an M, M, MRI, in New York Town.


Baseball and Ted Kennedy

Early this morning we had the passing of Ted Kennedy. Now we are a baseball blog and we like it that way but we do cross over at time. Well if you have not had a chance to read this article its just a nice little piece of a reporter running into Mr Kennedy on a plane .

You can check it out here at John Delcos New York Mets report . By the way Delcos usually has a nice live blog going during the games.

Lance Broadway by the way replaces Ollie Perez on the active roster. He slots in right now as the long man unless Jerry uses Pat Misch tonight. If that is the case look for Broadway to start Friday against the Cubbies.

See you in 2010 Ollie Perez! out for the year!

Oliver Perez will have season-ending surgery. "Upon the exam, Perez was diagnosed with patella tendon tendinosis in his right knee, which will require season-ending surgery. He is expected to fully recover and be ready for spring training"

Thanks to Mr Rubin for the update!

What is worth saying at this point!

What a year! Can anything else go wrong. Probably.

3 of the Mets 4 core players sidelined for most of the season. Wright the only part of the core left to play gets hit in the head and is out for 2 weeks.

The Mets trade for a player that plays hard and is a focal point of something positive tears a ligament in his thumb and misses a game for the first time in 4 years due to injury.

The Mets rally in the 9th inning of a game against the Phillies only to have the rally broadsided by an unassisted triple play by Eric Bruntlett. The same guy who was hitting .120, had 2 hits in the game and also an error in that 9th inning.

Yesterday we learn that Johan needs surgery, Ollie is back in NY getting his knee looked at and J J Putz gets shut down and is done for the year. All in 1 day!!!!!!!! OF course Sheff had to leave the game last night.

When does it end? Before Wright went down there was a little hope that with maybe Beltran coming back this team could keep its head above water but its injury after injury. 20 something players have been on the DL . I mean at this point what else can go wrong with basically the entire team on the DL. Can we just collect our sanity here and maybe for the last 6 weeks have no injuries and a sliver of positive news?

Will that sliver maybe Beltran coming back? Or is he shut down? There has been no news on the Beltran front in a while .

Also with the Mets expecting Wright to come off the DL in time for the Rockies series will they send there star 3rd baseman on a plane to play 3 meaningless games? With this organization, you betcha!

More Minaya Ramblings

Yesterday's press conference regarding the Wagner trade and the Santana injury was rehearsed. Apparently Mets GM Omar Minaya was instructed to stick to the script, which allowed the press conference to last 12 minutes and 20 seconds.

Joel Sherman - NY Post does an autopsy on Minaya's press conference, pointing out some disturbing facts:

Minaya could not remember the elbow injury Johan had during Spring Training, in which his opening day start was in jeopardy.

Minaya did not remember the medical results of the exam on Santana's elbow, just prior to the All Star Break.

At the time of the press conference, Minaya had a call in to Santana, but had not yet spoken to him about the results of Johan's exam.

Lastly Sherman says it was inexplicable letting Johan continue to pitch with the discomfort in his arm.

Minaya, who has been out of the press conference business since The Bernazard Fiasco, once again stumbled and stammered for 12 minutes 20 seconds.

Now, I'm not one to kill Omar for his lack of Public Speaking expertise, but the one glaring fact is that Omar, for quite some time, has been unprepared for his media conferences, which makes him look incompetent in dealing with issues. Whether this is true or not, all one needs to do is to look through his public comments and conferences, along with the ineptitude of handling injuries and complete incompetence in communicating not only through the press, but through his own organization, and it makes one wonder.

Omar made the team better when he came on board at the end of the 2004 season, but the Mets have failed in getting better.

In 2005 they under achieved. Granted, this is my opinion, and they did better in '05 than in '04, but to me, they didn't do as well as I had expected.

In 2006 they almost got there. They had a real good season, winning 97 games, but were upset by the eventual World Champion Cardinals. After so many down years, 2006 was great progress.

Then we get to both 2007 and 2008 where our team fell apart, and blew late season leads, to not only finish up poorly, but to have the play-off door slam in their face, leaving them on the outside looking in.

This year isn't all the fault of Minaya. These sort of injuries would have killed the cross town Yankees too.

My issue the lack of progression and the lack of quality minor league development. That rests on Omar's shoulders.

In defense of Omar, regardless of what he says, he does not have autonomy. Jeff Wilpon is pulling the strings and calling the shots.

I keep thinking back to Nelson Doubleday's comments when he sold his remaining shares of the Mets to partner Fred Wilpon:

"Mr. Jeff Wilpon has decided that he's going to learn how to run a baseball team and take over at the end of the year. Run for the hills, boys. I think probably all those baseball people will bail."

These comments were made in back in 2003, and still remain true today. The Wilpon's might be real good people; I'm not saying they aren't. I just believe they are ill equipped to run a baseball team. They need to hire people who know how to run the baseball business and build the team (Gerry Hunsicker?); to build the minor league system so that they have talent for not only the present, but for the future. Omar and the Wilpon's have failed in this regard. Daniel Murphy is the only player under Minaya's watch that is an everyday player that has made it to the bigs and plays on a consistent level.

Five years is enough time to have built a team better. Yes, there was credibility in '06, and somewhat '07, but the last two years...

Whether Sherman's take is accurate or not, it does raise some frightening issues. With Minaya's stammering, stuttering, and ramblings, makes you wonder if the baseball business is conducted in this same manner.

I was in Omar's corner for some time, but the tide is shifting. For this team to be competitive, one of two things must happen:

The Wilpon's need to sell the Mets or

The Wilpon's need to let Omar (or Ricco, or whomever) run the baseball business without interference.

I don't see either happening under the present leadership.

Livan Returns To Washington

Livan Hernandez is returning to the Washington Nationals. Last night the Nationals signed Hernandez to a Major League contract.

Nationals GM Mike Rizzo explains signing Hernandez: "We are running out of innings with some of our young guys, and I refuse to push them past their limits. Livan was available, and I talked about him with our player personnel people. He is a good guy in the clubhouse. He has some friends here on the ballclub. He is nothing but a workhorse and a reliable arm to get some innings and get us through the rest of the season."

Hernandez pitched for the Nationals organization from 2003 - 2006.

Herandez, 34, was 7-8 with a 5.47 ERA for the Mets this year.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

JJ Season KaPutz

As we produced last night, Here, the injury bus is starting to look as psychedelic as the Magical Mystery Tour. A stadium full of tripping hippies couldn't imagine the plight of the 2009 Mets.

JJ Putz who was pulled after approximately 19 pitches and put on the shelf due to a forearm strain, is now out for the year.

As reported by Kevin Burkhardt - Twitter, he states, JJ Putz is officially done for the year. Slight tear of ulner collateral nerve. No surgery right now.”

Mets pick up Triple AAA 26 year old Chris Carter in the Wagner deal

One of the players the Mets received is a career minor leaguer Chris Carter. He was 1 of the players on the Red Sox 40 Man roster. He play a variety of positions including 1st base and the outfield. The Lefty has some punch with over 100 homers in his minor league career. He has 14 homers this year and has a career average around .300

He has 14 homers and 54 rbis so far this year. I can see him maybe getting a shot at some playing time when the Mets expand there rosters. He is hitting .324 over his last 10 games for the Pawtucket club.

From the Sox perespective "Excellent power with the potential for more. Hits for average and consistently gets on base at a very good clip. Hits lefties and righties well. Below average speed. In the field, Carter has spent much of his career at 1B but was moved to the outfield in 2008. He has always been known as a poor fielder, and still doesn’t look particularly comfortable at any position."

Roster Moves- Nick Evans on his way up

With Billy Wags on his way to Beantown, it is believed that Nick Evans will replace him. Newsday's David Lennon bumped into Evans and he still had his bats. Lennon believes we will see him tonight.

To replace Johan, Pat Misch was recalled.

Oliver Perez is heading to NY for his knee to be checked on, according to Omar Minaya.

Source: David Lennon - Twitter, Andrew Vazzano - The Ropolitans

Stick A Fork In Him - Johan Is Done

Johan Santana's 2009 season is over. After visiting Dr. David Altchek today, the examination revealed bone chips in his left (pitching) elbow.

Santana will have minor arthroscopic surgery to remove the chips. He will be ready for Spring Training 2010.

Sanatana, who has labored since getting off to a torrid start, finishes his second season with the Mets with a 13-9 record, 3.13 ERA and 146 strikeouts.

Wagner traded to the Red Sox Mets get 2 prospects

The Mets and Red Sox have completed a deal that sends Billy Wagner to the Red Sox and the Mets get 2 prospect from Double AA no word right now on who they are.

Also the Red Sox will pay the remaing salary for this year and the 1 million buyout for next year but retain arbitrations rights.

Mets better buckle up. Road trip looks rough.

The Mets start a 3 game set tonight against the Florida Marlins and it could be a long road trip for our friends in blue and orange.

The Mets are of course without Wright at least until Sept 1st which would be the Rockies Series a week from today. The Mets might just let him stay home until after that series. Francoeur who has been hitting over .300 since coming to the Mets most likely will miss a little time with the torn ligament in his thumb. Now with Johan getting a MRI today on his elbow he wont be in there to give them Mets some hope on the mound.

The Mets are sending Figgy, Big Pelf and Redding to the mound in this 3 game series against the Marlins. Some of the numbers against Pelf and Redding are just plain ugly.

Against Pelf who is 1-5 against the Marlins.

Jorge Cantu .375, 1 RBI, 16 AB

John Baker .364, 2 RBI, 11 AB
Cody Ross .357, 3 RBI, 14 AB
Dan Uggla .333, 8 RBI, 21 AB

Against Redding who has an ERA of over 5 against the Marlins.

Jeremy Hermida .588, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 17 AB

Hanley Ramirez .500, 3 HR, 7 RBI, 16 AB
John Baker .500, 2 AB
Jorge Cantu .400, 1 HR, 7 RBI, 15 AB

Also Josh Johnson is 6-0 lifetime against the Mets and a ERA around 2 who faces Pelftrey on Wednesday.

Are we happy with the Mets winning 1 of these 3 games? The Mets have done there best in staying in games and really fighting . Even though they lost 3 out of 4 to the Phillies they really did not lay down. Especially in the game on Sunday. With the Mets sending a minor league lineup out everyday at least some of the guys are still giving it all.

Thanks to Mr Rubin for the Stats.

Billy Wagner still a Met

Looks like the Red sox were willing to drop one of there expectations and not pick up Wags 2010 option but per reports that surfaced late last night he is most likely going to veto a trade.

If that is the case the Mets will have a reliable 8th inning guy while waiting for J J Putz to make it back in early September. Will the Mets benefit by not doing a trade with the Sox? I think there is some train of thought that the Mets would have liked to dump his salary.

Now if the Mets offer him arbitration next year and he declines they could get some draft picks via the team that signs him. The Mets would be foolish not to offer him arbitration since he will more then likely decline so he can sign on with a team to close.

Or will the Mets sign him and then try to trade him?

If the Mets still have the opportunity to trade to the Sox in the short time they have left and convince Wags to go I think they should get it done. One less issue to deal with next year.

A Video Tribute To The 2009 Mets Injuries

As we all know by now, two more Mets have joined the 'Walking Wounded.'

Below is our tribute to the 2009 NY M*A*S*H, er Mets:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Now Santana has issues with elbow and back

Oh is this fun or what. Will we be talking about this season 10 years from now saying remember when the entire Mets roster when on the DL?

Johan Santana has had apparent back issues since the All star break and now has a sore elbow.

Santana will visit team doctor David Altchek at the Hospital for Special Surgery tomorrow. It is possible he will be shut down for the season.

Look for Craig Swan or Terry Leach to come out of retirement and pitch tomorrow.

I mean who will pitch? They have Nelson Figueroa slated to start but he pitched 1 inning on saturday and 2 innings on Sunday so not sure what they can get out of him.

The Mets have Lance Broadway on the 40 man roster who is slated tonight to pitch for buffalo. Can the Mets go get a pitcher or I know maybe resign Livan? Hysterical you have to laugh. Is it 2010 yet?

Mets lose: Billy Wagner pitches an inning.

Yesterday Jerry Manuel didn’t use Billy Wagner because he was waiting for the Mets to be ahead before using him. Well with reports saying that the Red Sox are worried that Wagner is not healthy the Mets used Billy today in a 6-2 loss to the Phillies.

Wags was clocked in the 93-94 mph range and gave up 1 walk but then retired the rest of the batters he faced in the 8th inning. Will it be the last time the Mets see Wagner on the mound play for the Mets ? Probably so. I am sure Jerry was told to pitch him today so the Red Sox can see he is fine. Which honestly come on. Can a move to dump salary make the Mets pitch him today? Something had to be up since they didn’t use him yesterday.

The Mets now have to Tuesday at 1pm to make a deal with the Red Sox. Will he be with the team in Florida? Guess we might find out before the Mets take off for Florida later today.

Maybe The Wilpon's Should Rent The Mets Out As Bad Karma

This just in: Francoeur has torn ligament in his thumb. He is listed as day-to-day because it is on his fielding/glove hand (left).

"Torn ligament for Francoeur in his left thumb, but he wants to play thru it. Question is how does he hit with it?"

~ Kevin Burkhardt ~

Mets Recall One Lefty, Send Another Down

Pat Misch is becoming the Nelson Figueroa/Heath Bell of 2009. The Mets have sent him back down to AAA Buffalo. They have recalled Ken Takahashi.

Huh???? Misch pitched pretty well, and Takahashi not so well. Makes no sense to me...Both are left handed.

"The Mets recalled left-handed reliever Ken Takahashi from AAA Buffalo today while sending fellow lefty reliever Pat Misch back down."

Wagner Trade In Doubt?

Buster Olney - ESPN is reporting that the Red Sox might be wary that Wagner hasn't pitched since Friday. If he doesn't pitch in today's matinee against the Phillies, it might send the wrong message to the Sox.

Wagner was claimed off waivers by the Red Sox last Thursday, and the Mets have until 1PM tomorrow to work out a trade. If not, they can pull Wagner off of waivers, or flat out waive him, where the Red Sox would be responsible for his entire remaining salary.

Questions are starting to arise about Wagner's health, but the Mets say he is fine (what a shocker!). By Major League Rules, the team that presently has the player must pull him back off waivers if injured. Olney notes that if this is the case, and the Mets pull Wagner off waivers, that would kill any deal of him going to Boston.

Mets invent a new way to lose an unassisted triple play

The Mets were down 6-0 before they came to bat last night but that didnt stop them from batling back. Ollie Perez gave up not 1 but 2 3 run homers in the first inning. Jerry Manuel had seen enough when Ollie had Pedro in a 3-0 count and he pulled him. Figgy was able to strike Pedro out.

Martinez was shaky in his return to NY but right when the Mets had him on the ropes he was able to get an out. He gave up 2 runs in the first but the Mets had to opportunity to score more but let him get out of it and it would not be the first time.

Franceour had a pretty eventful game. He had a triple in the first, he made a play in the 8th that first was ruled a trap of a ball. It was a horrible called but amazingly the umps reversed the call which in turn got Charlie Manuel ejected. The Mets had 1st and 2nd in the 9th down 9-7 with a run in already with no outs when Manuel had Castillo and Murphy running on the pitch and Franceour it into an unassisted triple play to end the game.

To torture yourself check out the triple play here. It is only the second time in MLB history a game has ended in with an unassited triple play. Not a way you want to get into the record books unless you are on the opposite site. The Mets will try to split the series with the Phillies in a 110pm afair today before they head on the road.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thoughts From Last Night

I must admit, I should be punished, and harshly. I should be made to watch Yadier Molina's HR off of Heilman and Carlos Beltran's called third strike from Adam Wainwright repeatedly...

I didn't see last night's celebration of the 1969 Mets live...thank God I DVR'd it. I watched it this morning, and what a thrill I got.

As many of you know, Jerry Grote is, without question, my favorite Met (A Fan's Fond Memory - June 13, 2008 ).

I have the utmost and sincere admiration for Gil Hodges (The Mets Gentle Giant - August 22, 2009).

Kooz was my favorite Mets pitcher (Where Have You Gone Jerry Koosman - October 26, 2008).

But last evening's celebration of the team that captured America's hearts was OUTSTANDING! It would have been great to attend, but thankfully in today's day and age, we can digitally record it.

To see that final moment when Seaver, Koosman, and Ryan threw to Grote, Dyer and Berra was AWESOME!

My boys, Metsfan97 and Metsfan99 watched with me, and it was fun being able to tell them about some of the players I remembered. Granted, I was quite young in '69 (not giving my age up that easily!), so I don't remember that team, but I do remember Wayne Garrett, Buddy Harrelson, Eddie Kranepool, Cleon Jones, Jerry Grote, Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Tug McGraw - all from that team, in the early 1970's. The other's I feel like I know from all my research on the 1969 team.

It was a real pleasant trip down Memory Lane, and it was wonderful to see my favorite ball player, Jerry Grote, who looks like he could still don the tools of ignorance, get behind the plate, and play a few innings.

I am always all over the Wilpon family and the Mets for their lack of sense of Mets history. This though, was GREAT! So, for all the times I have hammered Jeff and Fred, last night they did it right.

*** Side Note ***

Is it me, or do the 1969 Mets (most of them) look in better shape in their mid and late 60's than the 1986 Mets do in their 40's and 50's?

Eddie Yost, Joe Pignatano, Yogi...they all looked great.

Have you seen some of the '86 Champs? They don't quite look as fit.

Today's Mets Line-Up Against Pedro & The Phils

Today's line-up against former Met Pedro Martinez:

Pagan cf.
Castillo 2b.
Murphy 1b.
Francoeur rf.
Sullivan lf.
Tatis 3b.
Schneider c.
Hernandez ss
Perez p

Kevin Burkhardt - Twitter

The Kiss Of Death?

In Ken Davidoff's Baseball Insider , he quotes an article from
Mike Puma - NY Post , where Fred Wilpon came out of his self imposed seclusion and declared that Omar Minaya will be back for the 2010 season.

Wilpon, who agreed to answer only one question, was asked by Puma if Omar Minaya would be back in 2010. Wilpon reponded, "Am I going to bring Omar back next year? Absolutely. That's a fact."

Just ask Willie Randolph what an endorsement of 'being safe' is.

When these comments were presented to Omar Minaya, Omar said, "Jerry is my guy. We work well together."

Hmmm. Let's see, the Mets collapsed last year, they are nine games under .500, Omar had a horrific case of "Hoof In Mouth Disease" in the whole Tony Bernazard fiasco by fingering NY Daily News reporter Adam Rubin (Read Here).

Jerry was way out of line in his handling of Ryan Church, especially in his "toughness" in regards to Church's concussions last year.

Well, I guess they're on the same page...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mets might bring up Josh Thole in September

The Mets are thinking about having Catcher Josh Thole join the Mets when rosters expand in September accoring to Adam Rubin

Thole is hitting .322 right now for Binghamton. There really is no exciting everyday players besides him and Ike Davis but Davis might be sent to the Arizona Fall League

The Mets will also bring up reliever Eddie Kunz and Nick Evans who has been hitting decent at Buffalo the last couple of weeks.

I really hope they being up Thole to play and not just to sit. I mean the season is over and Brian Schneider has been horrible maybe he can help the kid with his defense

Mets DFA Andy Green

The Mets have DFA'd (Designated For Assignment) IF Andy Green. Lefty Pat Misch was called up to replace Green.

Jerry is concerned he might need arms because Redding will be limited to approximately 60-70 pitches.

Source: Anthony DiComo - Twitter

Mets Line-up Vs. Phils

Tonight the Mets will honor and celebrate the 1969 World Champion Miracle Mets. Their line-up tonight is less Miraculous:

Angel Pagan CF
Luis Castillo 2B
Gary Sheffield RF
Jeff Francoeur RF
Fernando Tatis 3B
Daniel Murphy 1B
Omir Santos C
Wilson Valdez SS
Tim Redding RHP (1-4, 6.53)

Thanks to Bart Hubbuch for the line-up.

The Mets Gentle Giant

He ruled with respect. He taught fundamentals and the importance of teamwork. He loved them like his own children. He taught them how to win. He taught them how to be respectful. He taught them how to be men. He made them World Champions.

His name? Tom Seaver? No. Jerry Koosman? No. Ed Charles? No. Donn Clendenon? No.

He was Gil Raymond Hodges. He should be enshrined in Cooperstown. He was a Gold Glove 1B, He was a
World Series Champion player (1955, 1959). He was a Marine who received
The Bronze Star for service in WWII. He was cheered when he was in an 0-21 slump. He was loved by the borough of Brooklyn, and admired by fans in Flushing.

Today the Mets will trot out the surviving members of the Miracle Mets of 1969. Unfortunately Hodges, who died 37 years ago, won't be there on the field. I would like to think he is in God's Hall of Fame looking down on his "Boys" who are now men in their 60's.

Hodges was a bit concerned coming back to NY when he was hired to manage the Mets. According to his widow Joan, Gil said, "I just don't want to disappoint those fans. I just hope I can do it for them, they deserve it."
Ever the great wife, Joan responded, "You could never disappoint those fans. Those fans cheered for you when you went 0-for-21. They love you no matter what."

A funny little story Joan recently relayed was:

"I said to Gil one day when he was home with the children, 'Honey, you are not even listening to me.' And he said, 'Yes, I am, " Joan said. "Then I said as a joke, 'I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to put Astro-turf in the house and I'm going to get uniforms for the children with numbers.' He laughed and said, 'Now, c'mon.' I said, 'No honey, I mean it. You have to realize, these players, they are not your children. They're grown men.'

"He said, 'No, honey, you've got that all wrong. When they put on that uniform and they walk out onto that field, they are my children."

Hodges was a drill Sergent with a conscience and compassion. He knew how to make a point, and send a message. Who can forget that time in 1969 when Hodges slowly walked out to LF to remove Cleon Jones for lack of hustle? Cleon sure didn't, because he never loafed again. Hodges didn't make a big deal, went out to LF asked Jones if he was injured, and promptly escorted him off the field.

Today when the fans are cheering their heroes of yesteryear, some will surely be missed: Tommie Agee, Donn Clendenon, Cal Koonce, Tug McGraw and others. But their 'father', their leader, their manager - will not be there on the field. His widow Joan will. When the fans cheer, it would be nice for a loud standing "O" for the man who taught them how to win: Gil Raymond Hodges.

Source: Kevin Kernan - NY Post

Mets and Mike Pelfrey beat Phillies

Cole Hamels didnt have his location and Mike Pelfrey was able to get out of a bases loaded jam in the 6th as the Mets beat the Phillies 4-2.

Pelfrey for 5 innings basically cruised but ran into trouble in the 6th. He was able to get out of it with getting Jimmy Rollins to pop up.

The Mets seem to have Hamels number since he is 0-4 since he beat the Mets in first start against them . He had trouble locating his fastball as the Mets seem to unleash on it.

Big Pelf was slightly annoyed after getting hit by a pitch sneering and jabbering at Hamels as he walked to first.

Pelf did a good job keeping on point. He seemed focused and now has put 2 decent starts back to back He started the game by pitching inside to the Phills lefty hitters.

Jeff Franceour had 3 hits and Fernando Tatis lost a home run in the vast valley of right center field and had to settle for a triple.

The bullpen including Feliciano and Stokes held the Phillies in check. Of course K Rod had to make it interesting in the 9th but with men on first and 3rd he struck out Utley and Ryan Howard