Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Two wonderful moments for the Mets today.

  1. Francisco Rodriguez blew the season finale against the Nationals today by surrendering a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth - and
  2. Jose Reyes tore his hamstring while rehabbing today. Surgery is certainly expected.
The Twilight Zone is more believable than this season for the Mets. I keep expecting Rod Serling to appear and decry we are in "The Lowlight Zone."

I have been hearing how poor the Mets medical staff is, but in all honesty, I don't blame them. I cannot believe they are that incompetent. I know the Mets upper management is. I still think that the Upper Management, starting with Freddy and Jeffy, is in full control of what happens, and they never use good judgement in regards to this team. Reyes should have been shut down, just like Delgado, and Beltran should have been.

Delgado tore an oblique muscle while rehabbing hip surgery.

Reyes tears his hamstring...twice...while rehabbing a sore calf.

Now everyone, click your spikes together three times and say, "There is no place like home, there's no place like home..."

Would the Mets benefit by signing Alex Cora for 2010?

Everyone seems to think that Cora is the right kind of guy for the Mets clubhouse. He is a gamer. He played hurt for most of the year with just undergoing surgery on his 2 thumbs. He brings many intangible with him.

The Mets signed for 1 year for 2M for 2009. Now what will the Mets do with him next year? If Reyes is back to himself in 2010 I would think having Cora would be a huge plus for the Mets.

If there is any inkling that Reyes will have issues in 10 then the Mets need to sign someone who has a bit more bunch in his bat. I do no think the Mets will be able to trade singles hitting Castillo even if he is at the top of his trade value with his outstanding year. The Mets need to build with players that have extra base power and Cora is really not that guy. With Reyes well the Mets can afford to have 2 infielders lacking power.

Is it Monday yet?

I guess Met fans have not been tortured enough since now we have to watch our team have the based loaded and no outs in 2 separate innings and score only 1 run on a walk. Not one Met hit a sacrifice fly. No one grounded into a force out. No we get subjected to pop outs strikes outs and double plays.

This season can not end fast enough. Now the Mets are on the brink of being swept by the Nationals. Which is not the worst team baseball the Mets are.

Since August 1st the Nationals are 22 and 31.

The Mets are 17 and 38. Yes the Mets are the worst team in baseball.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mets waste another good outing by Nelson Figueroa.

The Mets seem to have runners on in every inning. Wright of course came up 2 times with runners on with 2 outs and did nothing.

Figgy seem pretty frustrated in his post game comments. He mentioned that he hates losing. Tell him to look around the clubhouse. Nobody likes it including us fans.

A year ago at this time we were again done and wondering what happened as we licked as wounds and looked forward to 2009. As we look forward to 2010 can we really be sure that next year will be the year? If you ask me the off season is full of what ifs and expectations of signings and the hope of whats to come. This off season I do not see the Mets living up to what as fans we expect. What a shocker I know.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hazing Like It Oughta Be

"l...." State your name.

ALL: l...state your name.

" hereby pledge allegiance to the frat." hereby pledge allegiance to the frat.

"With liberty and fraternity for all."


~ Animal House - 1978 ~

Now that final days of the 2009 season are coming to a close, it's time to get onto some important the hazing of rookie players.

Just take a look at Tobi Stoner dressed as a French Maid and Lance Broadway as a Nurse

How about Omir Santos as Robin?

Nick Evans as Minnnie Mouse and Josh Thole as a Playboy Bunny

And lest we forget Bobby Parnell as a Brew House Fraulein

Some great pranks on the rookies of 2009.

Sources: Animal House Script, Ropolitans

Will the Mets spend wisely this off season.

If you have not had a chance check out the latest article by Joel Sherman of the NY Post who discusses the Mets chain of command as well as some ideas for 2010.

He Mentions with the Mets still thinking that have the tools to run for the playoffs next year if everyone is healthy Sherman has some good ideas how the Mets can add to the team without breaking the bank and also at the same time having good players in case there is more breakdowns.

He talks how the Mets should act fast in the off season and try to sign the likes of Nick Johnson or Adam De Rosa at first and possibly a guy like Mark Derosa in left field and obtain a catcher like Molina to have $ left over to find a pitcher.

I hope the Mets realize at least they need another reliable starter. As everyone says pitching pitching pitching. The Mets cant go into 2010 and think they can win with Pelfrey,Maine and Perez behind Santana. I agree to maybe save a little on the offense to make sure they can add a pitcher. I would skip Nick Johnson though. If there going to have 2 lefties at first just sign Delgado to 1 year and just make sure you retain Tatis to have a righty to play at first at times and if Delgado stinks release him and place Murphy back there.

Met coaches have to wait

The Mets manager has a contract for next year. Omar has a new contract that starts next year. The rest of the coaches sit and wait until the Monday after the season ends to have there faith determined.

With all the injuries the Mets have had it is really hard to fault someone in regards to the season they have had. If you look at the pitchers though some of the guys this year took a step back and that included Mike Pelfrey. He has 1 more start before the season is over.

I do not see the Mets canning Hojo so you have to think that Dan Warthen and maybe Razor Shines are on the hot seat. Shines comes from the Phillies organization where has like a million rings. I would be ok with the Mets canning Warthen if they can get Dave Duncan. Otherwise if the Mets can Warthen it will just be another system that Pelf and the pitchers have to buy into .

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wright & Beltran To Sit

Too little too late? Jerry Manuel will sit both Carlos Beltran and David Wright this afternoon against the Marlins. Wright, who has had a terrible season, although the Sabre Metric geeks will find some irrelevant, stupid stat that they claim will prove otherwise, made the bonehead play of the game last night in the Mets 9-6 loss to the Marlins.

Wright, on second base, didn't cross the plate before Jeff Francoeur, who had singled, because he slowed up coming around third. Francoeur was the third out of the inning, so Wright wasn't running hard with two outs. If this was Jose Reyes, he would have been benched immediately.

It's amazing the double standard that happens with Wright. He was supposed to be given a day off after every start since returning from the concussion weeks ago. This rule held fast day. Wright had the second day off after returning, and has played every game since, and has played terribly.
Manuel, commenting on Wright's lack of hustle said it was "unacceptable."

As a Met fan, I am concerned about Wright. He has not played well in over a year. People will look at his stats from last year and think he had a good 2008. If you watched the Mets daily, like I have and did, Wright left so many men on base; although he had 124 RBI in '08, he should have had about 160 RBI.

This year, Carlos Beltran, who missed two months, and Daniel Murphy have more HR's than Wright. It's not from a lack of effort, it might be that he's trying too hard. Wright should sit, and not just for today's matinee. He should sit for a minimum three games...straight. Let him clear his head. He should not be allowed to take BP. Just let him sit and clear his mind.
Might he be suffering from the effects from his concussion? Most likely. But I look at Wright's short comings as a year long abyss, which needs close monitoring. Be sure to take out poll to the right.

I do not have a warm fuzzy feeling that Wright will be any better next year. Maybe it's me, but something doesn't seem right with Wright.
Wright should be treated equally for his mistakes as "lesser" players for their indiscretions. Him sitting down today is probably to give him a day off, but it should be stated that it was for lack of hustle and intelligent baseball.

Adam Rubin - Surfing The Mets

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mets squish the fish

Nice to see the Mets take it the Marlins last night. I have given up hope while listening to the game in the car when they were down 5-3. Of course though I fell off my couch while watching the crawler when I got home on the MLB network that showed the Mets won 6-5.

DVR the 6am edition of the game and watched the Cory Sullivan get the game winning hit. Also saw Wright strike out on a passed ball which was hysterical . Hey Manuel he needs to sit. Sit him down a game.

Mets take on the Marlins who are on life support tonight at 7Pm.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mets line against the fish

The Mets have 3 games this weekend against the Marlins in nearly empty land shark stadium.

Angel Pagan LF
Luis Castillo 2B
David Wright 3B
Carlos Beltran CF
Daniel Murphy 1B
Jeff Francoeur RF
Josh Thole C
Anderson Hernandez SS
Tim Redding RHP

Parnell’s Problem Is Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Mets rookie relief/starting pitcher, Bobby Parnell, got off to a good start, but has faltered since the All Star break. Remember back in May when he blew away the Red Sox with a 100 MPH fastball?

Since then, Parnell has been having difficulties while both starting and relieving. Many “experts” believe he needs to not only have more faith in his other pitches, but better command of them. They believe he relies too much on the fastball, and tends to leave it out over the plate, which hitters are starting to clobber. He doesn’t use his secondary and tertiary pitches enough, and doesn’t throw them well enough against Major League hitters. These observations may all be true, but will not solve his problems on the pro level.

The problem lies much more deeply, and has been plaguing Mets pitchers since 1983. It has nothing to do with training, conditioning, nor practice. It has to do with his attire. It is as plain as the shirt on his back, in fact, it is the shirt on his back.

Number 39. Number 39, the ol treinta y nueve, 3-9. Except for Roberto Hernandez (2005-2006), most have not fared well. Even Hernandez didn’t do nearly as well in 2006 after the Mets reacquired him from Pittsburgh.

For those youngsters out there, here is a little history lesson. In 1982 The Mets brought up a young relief pitcher named Doug Sisk. He pitched in 8 games in 1982 before staying with the big club in 1983. On opening day, April 5, 1983, he got the win when he relieved Tom Seaver, in Seaver’s return to the Mets, beating the Phillies 2-0. He should have retired then. To look at his stats, you might think he was an average pitcher. To watch this man come to the mound daily was excruciating. Sisk walked 47 more batters than he struck out during his Mets career. No lead was safe with him. This started the ‘Curse Of 39’.

Other’s that followed Sisk, or Dougie as we used to call him, didn’t fare well either. There were such notable pitchers as: Josias Manzanillo (1993-1995, 1999), Juan Acevedo (1991), Steve Reed (2002), and now Bobby Parnell.

The kid is doomed. Forget Dan Warthen, he needs Mets equipment manager Charlie Samuels, or whomever assigns uniform numbers, to switch Parnell’s. How about number 40? Robinson Cancel isn’t using it…

Parnell has electric stuff. True he must work on developing all his pitches, but that is only half the battle. He could throw like Seaver, but while wearing #39 for this team, he is apt to be the next Dicky Gonzalez , who played a measly 16 games for the Mets in 2001. Yes, he did wear #39, and was less than spectacular.

Number 39 for the Mets is the living Devil. It is dangerous not only to a player’s career, but for Met fans also. Players who wear this number are doomed to a career of mediocrity at best, but with a greater potential for cataclysmic results for this franchise.

It is time for the Mets to end this season by torching #39 , the jersey (Doug Sisk to if you wish) in front of a sold out crowd, on the pitcher’s mound. Then whatever remains, is to be mailed with love to Jimmy Rollins.

The answer is there folks, but sometimes when the answer is so close, it seems furthest away.

Sources: Mets By The Numbers, Ultimate Mets Database

Mets at land Shark stadium to play spoilers?

More then likely this Mets team will not be much for the Marlins to dispose of. The Marlins blew up Brad Lidge again in the 9th on Wednesday night. The Marlins magic number to be eliminated is 6. So technically if the Mets sweep and the Rockies win there next 3 the Marlins will be done. I mean the way the Rockies have been playing except for the last 2 games the Rockies are not giving it way. They do start a series against the Cardinals tonight.

The Mets send Tim Redding to the mound tonight. Redding over the last month has a ERA just over 3 in 31 innings.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dykstra Continues To Fall Like A Rock

Former Mets and Phillie OF, Lenny Dykstra, who recently filed for bankruptcy, was caught by a Japanese film crew pawning his 1986 World Series Ring and other memorabilia to a pawn shop in California.

This goes beyond pathetic:

Source: Bart Hubbuch - NY Post

Do we start talking about the Beers we like?

Had a couple of Sam Adams Octoberfest last night. Not bad but I think I prefer Sam Adams summer ale if given the choice of the 2. My favorite this summer though has been Stella Artois

What else is there to talk about with this team. 2 for 17 with runners in scoring position last night. The beers lessened the sting. Did Jerry look just flat out done during the post game news conference?

With a day off maybe Jerry will go back to his mantra to sit David Wright. I am tired of watching him do nothing.

Check out our beer poll.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bobby Valentine heading to ESPN again?

Will the Mets former manager be part of the Baseball tonight package on ESPN this coming playoff season? Looks that way.

According to the
NY Daily News the deal is already done and will be announced soon. A multi year deal for Bobby V I am sure will have a out clause in case he gets a managers deal.

Will we see Bobby V on the same set with Stone Cold Steve Phillips? Might be actually worth watching . I have to admit I have been watching the Baseball network.

The Mets had there chances.

They had men on in the 7th and couldn’t score and guys on in the 8th and couldn’t score.

Tatis saw 2 pitches and popped out. Does anyone work the count anymore? Cory Sullivan had the right idea by try sticking it in the gap but it was caught.

David Wright need to sit a game. Let Tatis play 3rd. Wrights weak ground balls are just troubling. He doesn’t seem to hit with any authority. He will spend some time with Hojo at his home during the off season. Not sure if Hojo can quicken Wrights bat against fastballs.

Castillo another game with 3 times on base. Do we hear comeback player of the year nod? Maybe if Carpenter falters.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jerry Manuel - 2009 Mets Version Of The Green Mile

I just don't get it. Jerry Manuel has just relegated Pat Misch to the bull pen. Granted, Misch didn't pitch well his last start, lasting only a little over an inning, but Manuel is managing much the way Willie Randolph did at the end...As if he was getting ready to march down The Green Mile. As Richard Crenna stated in The Green Mile .

First he move Parnell from the pen to the starting rotation, then moved him back to the pen again. Granted, Parnell didn't pitch well, but instead of looking at this dismal season as a chance to see what he might have for 2010 or 2011, he is still managing as if this season isn't over yet. To quote Richard Crenna from First Blood , "It's over Johnny." Use this time to see what you have. You cannot get into the post season. The Mets will lose 90+ games this year. Those are facts. use this time to see what you might have. Let the kids play, fail, succeed, learn.

First Parnell, now Misch. Misch had pitched well for a few starts, but faltered of late. Now he is banished to the pen. Why? To see more of what? It's expected Stoner will get a shot, which is good, but Stoner is at least a year away. This team is going nowhere, and Manuel has to allow them to pitch without them being concerned if they throw one bad pitch their position in the starting rotation is over.

Manuel is managing like he is awaiting his walk down the Green Mile. He hasn't done a good job this year, but for crying out loud, I want to see the General Manuel from June of last year. The guy he was hard, but caring. Disciplined yet understanding. But after watching many boneheaded incomprehensible moves this year, he leaves me scratching my head.

Maybe the Mets should start escorting Manuel down that Green Mile.

The off season , cheap tickets and Sean Green.

If you need your fill of Mets stories here are 3 that might be worth your interest. Over at Newsday Ken D discusses who not to bring to the Mets in 2010. He suggests bypassing Orlando Hudson. I agree if the Mets do get other roster spots filled with hitters that hit for extra base power. Then I can deal with Castillo and his 400 singles.

Amazing Avenue seems to think that Sean Green is worth his 500K and should be signed for next year. I see that it is based on all the stats regarding ground balls/flyball percentages and his strikes to walks. I would pass just based on a game the other day when he walked a hitter and then all he had to do is throw a ball to Murphy to get the 3rd out and he choked. This is during a game that means nothing. If he has issues concentrating in a game that means nothing I am sorry I have no use for him. Just look at lefty El Pedro F who has been money!

If you want cheap tickets for the Mets remaining home games
Mets police shows stubhub with tickets for Wednesday game for .89 cents. Maybe by Wednesday they will be 2 for .89 cents. If they thrown in parking it might be worth it.

Looking Ahead David Wright and Daniel Murphy.

Tale of 2 different ball players. One already established who is struggling and one who is trying to prove to the ball club he can play every day.

The year for Wright is a lost one but who can pin point why. Yes some of the home runs he hit at Shea are not falling here but that doesn’t help when you look at his road numbers.

As the season has progressed obviously you see that hit to his noggin just exasperated his lack of power for the year. I mean now he has less homers then Daniel Murphy and Murphy now leads the freaking team.

Like a new worker you like to see some progress as the year goes on and at least with Murphy he seems to have learned somewhat and is on a tear this month. Ok so it could be a good streaky month for him. There is no way of knowing if he can turn into a 20-25 homer 100 rbi guy. He has of course benefited by having Beltran back in the lineup.

Wright who Mex says is slow catching up to the fastball just cant get anything going on except soft hits and mostly meaningless RBI’s. Of course he came through against the Phillies but that’s 1 game. He always went the other way when trying to break out of a slump. Not sure if he is afraid to go the other way now since he knows it goes to die at Citi Field.

Looking ahead to 2010 you cant just expect like Manuel thinks that Wright will get his power back. The Mets need to consider that in the off season. If he and HoJo cant figure it out over a full year it really doesn’t give me faith for next year especially now with no pressure .

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hudson’s Benching Might Benefit Mets

Tim Dierkes - MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that Orlando Hudson has only played in 10 of the last 18 Dodgers games, with Ronnie Belliard starting eight.

There are questions abound that Hudson is being benched not for his play, but for his pay. He has an incentive laden contract that pays him $10K for every at bat from 576 – 632 plate appearances. Hudson has earned $7.63M on a contract that was $3.38M at seasons start.

This benching might hurt Hudson’s status this off season, where he will once again be a free agent. My Take? This could be advantageous for the Mets. The Mets, if smart, will look to replace Luis Castillo at 2B, and if so, O Dog would be a nice way to go. He has been well known to be a player full of energy, and leadership abilities…two qualities this team is lacking. We have written many times (Here, Here, and Here) of our desire for Hudson in Flushing, and with his perceived reduced salary for 2010, it will be a great time for the Mets to swoop in and claim him.

Someone like Hudson might help tighten the infield. Castillo’s contract, coming off an offensively productive season, might not seem so exorbitant now. Maybe the Met could use Luis to fortify their minor league system, while employing Hudson at 2B.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to look forward to in 2010 after such a dismal 2009? O-Dog would be a nice addition to a team that lacks, yet needs leadership.

Other Sources: Cott's Baseball Contracts

Mets limit mental mistakes and take series from Nationals.

Thankfully we didn’t have Angel Pagan being thrown out for a mental lapse on the bases. The Mets were able to hang on and win after Brian Stokes gave up 2 runs in the 9th and K Rod came in and got a 1 out save yesterday as the Mets won 6-2 and took 2 out of 3 from the Nationals.

Of course this is the Nationals the worst team in the National league. John Maine had another bright outing pitching 5 innings and giving up no runs. He has pitched 8 innings and has allowed 1 run over that time.

Does Valez have some arm at short? He through out runners from the outfield grass and has been hitting with some authority lately. He tripled in 2 runs late in the game and has raised his average to around .250.

Daniel Murphy now has more extra base hits then David Wright.

The Mets go against the Braves tough pitching tonight.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

SUnday's Mets Lineup

Kevin Burkhardt has just posted today's Mets line-up against the Nationals:

Pagan LF

Castillo 2B
Wright 3B
Murphy 1B
Francoeur RF
Thole C
Valdez SS
Maine P

2010 left field Matt Holliday vs Jason Bay or?

In a post over at MLB traderumors the guys put together a comparison of the 2 outfielders that will be looking at free agency after this year.

Some of the highlights include

Holliday turns 30 in Jan while Bay turns 31 today.

Holliday was hitting .286 for a crappy A's team but has turned it on for the Cardinals . He is hitting .356 . He is hitting .318 for his career but .289 out side of Coors field which still is not bad. Did he turn it on since now he is in a lineup with Pujols? He is horrible in the outfield and would have a tough time with Citi Field in the outfield.

Bay is hitting .274 for the Sox and for his career has hit about .280. He can swipe a base but seems to be more of a streaky hitter.

Both of these guys will be looking for deals in the 5 -6 year range at close to what 18-20m per. The Mets have to also remember that Mr Beltrans contract will be up after the 2011 season.

These 2 guys too me are not worth the committment. Do we really want to see these guys after 3 or so years playing left field ala Moses Alou. There are other guys the Mets could sign with less of a commitment. So then at least they will not have to lose out on Beltran if they want to re sign because of a crazy contract the Mets have for either Bay or Holliday.

197 days to opening day.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

At least the 9th inning was interesting.

Yes they lost and Pelfrey gave up his 16th and 17th homeruns but in the 9th inning that was almost all erased with the Mets scoring 3 runs but it was all lost after Frenchy grounded out on a crazy play to the pitcher.

Josh Bard who has been hitting .230 drives in 3 runs. Sorry just had to put that in.

Of course it was the battle of teams that together had close to 180 losses this year. The Mets did make it interesting by loading the bases and hits by Wright to score a run and a ground out by Beltran who tripped over the foot of Dunn. With Francouer he hit a shot that take off the pitches glove with 2 outs and 2 men on but was thrown out.

Check out the last out here

Of course the Mets would have the game tied if fast baller Brian Stokes didnt groove one to Josh Willingham in the top of the 9th.

Note to Omar. Mr Willingham seems to know how to play left field so if you need a cheap fielder that doesnt seem to get injured and has no problem hitting homers at Citi Field you might want to check him out.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Delgado Done

According to Kevin Burkhardt via Twitter, Carlos "Delgado "couple" of setbacks. Done for the year."

The Mets can't be possibly considering bringing DelStatue back. He will be 38 next June, and is coming off hip surgery and a torn oblique muscle.

Time to say good night to Delgado.