Monday, November 30, 2009

Mets sign Chris Coste

The Mets have signed former Phillie Chris Coste . The 37 year old who hit .224 with the Phillies and Astros will probably serve as a backup/mentor to rookie catcher to Josh Thole in triple AAA and a injury replacement if needed. The Mets are still looking to target Bengie Molina . The Giants need to decide by tomorrow if they will offer him arbitration.

Coste was guaranteed a spot on the Mets 40 man roster but not guaranteed a opening day spot.

Source NY baseball digest.

Cora Close To Returning

Mets backup turned starting SS, Alex Cora, is close to a contract agreement with the Mets. It is believed that Cora will have a one year deal with a vesting option, and earn $2M for 2010.

I have no problem with Cora coming back, but I believe, along with MLB Trade Rumors, that they could have filled the role more cost efficiently.

My heart nostalgically would love to see Edgardo Alfonzo return for a nice swan-song , but if it is not meant to be, I have no problem with the Mets bringing Cora back.

Cora is a good leader, and should be a positive influence on an aloof Jose Reyes.

Source: MLB Trade Rumors

Mets Nemesis On The Move?

In a report from Fan Nation, there is a rumor out there saying that Mets arch nemesis, Hanley Ramirez, might be on his way (back) to Boston.

Ramirez, who was traded from the Red Sox to the Marlins as part of the Josh Beckett trade, has developed into one of the best power hitting SS in the game.

Ramirez has been one of the many thorns in the Mets side over the last two or three years, so it would be nice to see him re-located to the AL East.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Type A free agents - Tuesday is the deadline

As we come out of our Turkey coma and get ready for a football Sunday we take a minute to remind everyone that Tuesday is the deadline for offering arbitration. If a team offers arbitration to a Type A free agent and is declined and is signed by another team that team will be giving a pick in next years draft in the first round . The Mets will only lose a player in the second round due to there placement in the standings in 2009.

Here are some names that are Type A- The ones italicized are players the Mets might have interest in. The Mets had no Type A players and only 2 type B Tatis and Delgado. Both will not be offered arbitration.

Matt Holliday, OF, St. Louis
Orlando Hudson, IF, Dodgers
Jason Bay, OF, Boston
Orlando Cabrera, IF, Minnesota
Johnny Damon, OF, Yankees
Octavio Dotel, RP, White Sox
Jermaine Dye, OF, White Sox
Chone Figgins, IF, Angels
Mike Gonzalez, RP, Atlanta
John Grabow, RP, Cubs
Kevin Gregg, RP, Cubs
LaTroy Hawkins, RP, Houston
John Lackey, SP, Angels
Bengie Molina, C, San Francisco
Darren Oliver, RP, Angels
Placido Polanco, IF, Detroit
Marco Scutaro, IF, Toronto
Rafael Soriano, RP, Atlanta
Miguel Tejada, IF, Houston
Jose Valverde, RP, Houston
Billy Wagner, RP, Boston
Randy Wolf, SP, Dodgers

Source-Mlb Fanhouse

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Possible Competition For Omar

According to today's Fan Nation via Seattle Times, former Padres GM, Kevin Towers, informed ESPN's Buster Olney that he will be having discussions this winter with four different teams for employment in an advisory capacity. The four teams are believed to be the Yankees, Red Sox, Mariners, and Mets.

If hired by our team from Flushing, does this send a message to Omar? Regardless of what the Wilpon's say, there is no escaping that the Mets are seriously looking for replacements for Omar if he falters.

Omar has made some great moves (Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana, John Maine, Jeff Francoeur, etc.) as well as some poor moves (signing Castillo to a four year deal, Brian Schneider, Orlando Hernandez, etc.), but he must feel like Dead Man Walking .

I didn't include the Oliver Perez signing last off season because it is too soon to determine it's worth based only on last season. After this year, it might prove to be a good, or poor, decision.

A article that is a must read.

Nice to see someone is working this holiday season. If there is one article that you read over this long extended weekend it’s the article by Bob Klapisch which you can read here

In it he motions to the point that the Mets will need more then a couple of free agent fixes before they become a dominant force like the Phillies.

He mentions how the Mets were last in the league in spending on the 2009 rookie class. How the only really breakout player they have in the minors is Ike Davis. How the top 2 minor league teams for the Mets were awful. He also mentions how the Mets brass has signed a bevy of managers in waiting with Terry Collins now part of the arsenal if Jerry Falters.

Kevin Towers worked wonders when he was with the Padres and a low budget market. Even if there is some grief with him possibly stepping on toes with Omar he should be someone the Metsies should sign and don’t let the Yanks get him.

Then maybe when a Matt Cain type prospect comes around we wont blow him off and sign a prospect like Aaron Heilman.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mets look to resign Elmer Dessens - Wilson Valdez signed by the Phillies

Not much going on in Metsie news. The little tidbit I heard about is the Mets are looking to bring back relief pitcher Elmer Dessens. He had a ERA of 3.31 in 32 innings in 2009.

Also Mets utility infielder Wilson Valdez who got some playing time when Alex Cora went down was signed by the Phillies.

Dont worry Mets fans Ramon Martinez is still out there!

Just a quick note wishing all a happy thanksgiving from the 24 hours boys to everyone that might take 2 seconds out of there busy day to check out what we have to say about our beloved Metsies.

As our friend Jobu conveyed to us recently, at least we can give thanks to the fact that Mex will be back in booth with Darling and Cohen in 2010!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How Sad

Albert Pujols just won his third NL MVP award. Three more than the entire Mets team has won in their 48 year history!

Keith Hernandez should have won in 1984 and either Darryl Strawberry or Kevin McReynolds should have won in 1988.

Truth be told, no Met has ever been awarded the MVP award.

Mets Rookie Gets Honor

Mets rookie catcher Omir Santos was honored by being named Topps top rookie catcher in 2009. The highlight of Santos season was a game winning grand slam against Boston closer, Jonathan Papelbon.

It is expected that Santos will be a back-up next year for the Mets, most likely behind Bengie Molina.

Josh Thole would benefit from a full year in AAA Buffalo.

Source: Adam Rubin - Surfing The Mets