Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from Mr Met

Ok I dont know these people but has to be pretty cool to hang and trick or treat with Mr Met.   Happy Halloween to everyone.  

Some Scary Halloween Possiblities For Mets & Their Fans

With the signing of Sandy Alderson as the new GM of the Mets, to many the frightening memories of the last four seasons is believed to be dead and buried. I'm not yet sure.

I was real curious about Jon Daniels, not so much that he was raised in Queens and grew up a Mets fan, but because he is young (33) and has built a championship caliber team in Texas.

The Rangers success was bad timing for the Mets and Daniels, but Sandy Alderson and his long resume was the best viable possibility here.

As penned many times, I am not a believer in saber metrics. I believe that baseball instincts and the human eye can predict a players potential far better than looking at stats. Sabermetricians would claim that Jose Reyes is mediocre, but watch him play every day, we see h
ow important he is to this team. He single handedly can change the course of a game. I hope the new Mets GM realizes this, and looks to not only pick up Jose's option, but possibly extend him for a few more years.

I was quite impressed with Mr. Alderson's press conference. He handled the media well, and there was no doubt that he is a person that takes charge. It was real eerie when introduced he stated he was real proud to be a part of Oak...then smiled. I hope he was kidding.

As for some scary possibilities, I am still terrified that Jeff Wilpon will still think he's the baseball man. Memo to're not. You're are part owner and COO. You hired Sandy because HE is the baseball man. Please remember this going forward.

Another scary possibility would be if someone insignificant, an Art Howe type, is hired to be the next Mets manager. Mr. Alderson handled that question well, saying a fiery type (Wally Backman?) would be possibly co
nsidered because NY is passionate, and they and the players can relate to a passionate manager. Good answer, but actions speak louder than words.

Scary scenario #3: Oliver Perez. The Mets can't go into 2011 with a 24 man roster like they did the second half of 2010. A decision must be made, and although I was in Ollie's corner longer than most, it is time to cut bait. He is not a part of this team, and certainly isn't a part of their future.

Another frightening observation: Alderson said he believes the Mets might be competitive in 2011, but is looking at a longer game plan. I like that he realizes this team needs a face-lift, and that they aren't going to be active in the free agent market, but to think this team, with much of the same "core" that has disappointed for the last four years, will all of a sudden turn it around is a bit over zealous. The talent is there, the leadership is not. David Wright is not the leader. He is the face of the Mets, yes, but he isn't the leader. They haven't had one of those since the combo of Cliff Floyd and Jose Valentin. Jason Bay might have that make-up, but he is going to have to perform better than he did in 2010. Bay, like I did with Beltran, gets a mulligan from me for his first year in NY. Now it's time to get down to business Jason. Show the NY faithful why you were signed. He hustles as much, if not more,than any other on this roster, and over a full, healthy season, should rub off on his mates. Still though, it is frightening to be coerced into believing this team stands a chance in 2011.

For all those trick or treating today, have fun and be safe. For all those parents out there taking their little loved ones door-to-door, enjoy. The time goes by so fast, and it's days like these that can not only bring a smile to your child's face, but to yours too.

As for Mr. Alderson, you did a great at the press conference. I just hope you aren't disguised as a quality GM.

As for Jeff Wilpon, you've been playing dress-up for years as a boss. Now it's time to put the costume away and be a real boss, and let your baseball MAN do his job.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sandy Alderson's long day-Q&A with the Fans

I am sure Friday was a great day for the Mets new GM albeit I'm sure a long day. He needs to work on a possible new deal for pitcher Takahashi, getting a list together for a new manager and dealing with the NY Media including the fans.

He had a 2PM press conference that last 40 or so minutes, a couple of minutes with SNY, then the paper press . That leads to a picture op, and then a chat with WFAN Mike Francessa which lasted over 40 minutes. If you like to here him where Mike Actually asked him about the steriod use of his A's team check it out here.

Then he did answer some questions from the fans about what he terms a successful year, who is tradeable who isnt on the Mets team which you can listen to via the Mets flushing flash which is loaded here. That you will have to register for.

All and all alot of material out there for us Mets fan to chew this Halloween weekend.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sandy Alderson is raring to go

If you didnt get a chance to watch the press conference today, you really come out with the impression that Alderson is ready to go and wants to bring a winning culture to the Mets and there fan base-  A couple of points.

  • He believes the team should have a fiery manager that is much like the fans are
  • He thinks the Mets are middle of the pack organizational wise
  • Believes the Mets can be in the top 5 after a year or 2 with some good drafts and some international signings
  • Even with lmited flexibility payroll wise thinks the Mets can be a contender in 2011
  • He will make decisions and the ones he cant he will go to the Wilpons and impress on them why his decison is the correct one. 
The guy seems to be the real deal and is quick to point out that he feels this position is unique especially based on the City of New York and how is really does enjoy the game of baseball

Kudos for Newsday Lennon for asking about what he thinks of certain contracts like Castillo and Olllie where Alderson was frank thinking of them as assets and not ready to throw them away.

For more on the press conference check out

pics source daily news

A little humor before the 2pm Presser

If you have not seen this take a moment and check out the latest and greatest from Metstradamus entitled What should I do Very good parody with Sandy Alderson .   1 hour to go

Some good insights on Sandy Alderson

As the Sandy Alderson era offically starts today we wonder what he will bring to the Mets to help them be a front runner and change the culture. Here are some insights that were taken from former employee's of Alderson culled by Joel Shermann of the NY Post

Alderson doesnt overreact acccording to a 1 time employee- "He has leadership skills to get an organization all pulling in the same direction and once that occurs, he is not backing down because someone outside the organization does not like it. "
Welll thats all well and good but he better make sure that he does have a direction. That doesnt seem to flip flop depending what day of the week it is and who you ask. Plus people will talk in his organization to the media which I am sure will be something new for him to deal with.

 This will help John Ricco according to Sherman's article The pass-the-buck mentality of the Mets stops now. So does haphazard decision making. Alderson believes in empowering a strong front office and letting his subordinates have room to act. 

"This guy has incredible integrity," Towers said. "He is going to have a complete, honest relationship with you. He is a big believer in process. For him having a good process does not mean everything works out, but not having a good process to him means anything that works out does so by luck, not design. He will empower people, but hold them accountable. With Sandy there are no secrets, he will let know what he thinks of you."

Now of course there are bad sides to things.  Alderson did force Brucy Bochy away from the Padres since Bochy still believed in relying on scouts and not as heavily on sabremetrics. Who is in the World Series? 

Here are some items to take note.  This of course is not the West coast. Fans here are not as laid back and Alderson might not be ready for the lashing he could take outside of his office. Yes he is strong but is he NY strong?  

The Media here needs to sell papers and there are more papers here. They have people within the organzation that feed them info. Alderson will not be able to stop leaks.

Expectations are high and at this stage of his career can Alderson make a difference regardless of his prior triumphs in small market clubs.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mets set Sandy Alderson introduction for 2pm Friday

Mets have finally sent word that they will have a press conference to introduce there new GM .

2pm Friday the Mets will introduce Sandy Alderson as there new GM which I am sure will be telecast on SNY.  Also expect later in the day for him to have a spot on WFAN with Mike Francessa.

  Of course there will be questions for Sandy to answer which I am sure will include who he might interview for manager, The fact he hasnt been a GM for so long. well there be wholesale changes for the Mets in 2011 etc.

Exciting time for the Mets and us fans to see what will Alderson bring to this franchise. 

Who will be the Mets Manager

Now that we have a GM in place, even though it has not been formally annouced yet, we now wonder who will be the Mets Manager come 2011.  It seems that many a people feel that Alderson will hire someone who will be good with the media, realize that he is to carry out Alderson's philosphies and not be fill of drama.  Well forget about Bobby V.  Alderson has already starting talking to people about moving from the West coast to the East coast to help with other areas. According to Joel Sherman he already has reached out to Paul DePodesta, whom he hired in San Diego, to help strengthen the Mets’ statistical department and J.P. Ricciardi, whom he worked with in Oakland, to assist on player personnel. Good to see he is hitting the ground running. 

Besides Backman and Bobby V, who dont seem to fit for Alderson, here are some manager ideas for the new GM.

Clint Hurdle-  Really did a decent job with the Rockies until 2009. He has Met ties as he played for the Mets during his playing days. Would have to wait until after the World Series since he is now the hitting coach of the Rangers.

Terry Collins- Astros and Angels skipper, Collins was brought in as the Mets’ minor league field coordinator last year. This guy with the lower payroll of the Astros managed to get his teams to 2nd place in there division every year.  People have great things to say about Collins.

John Gibbons-Former Toronto manager was hired by J.P. Ricciardi, who worked for Alderson in Oakland

Chip Hale- Thrid base coach and was in the D Back system for years.

Bob Melvin- Mets scout this year-  Brought the D Backs to the NLCS in 2007- Interviewing for the Brewers job.

Curt Young- Was the pitching coach for the A's  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sandy Alderson era to start later this week

Looks like the Mets didn't waste anytime after finishing there 2nd round of interviews with Alderson and Byrnes. According to multiple souces, Sandy Alderson will be the GM of the New York Mets. This announcement could be as early as this friday which is a travel day/off day for the World Series. Check out Rubin's blurb here 

Alderson, who is 62, seemed to be a shoe in once he came in to interview with the blessing of Bud Selig.  There is also  some word that Daniels of the Rangers was interested in interviewing for the position but was told no when he asked if the Mets could wait until after the World Series for his interview.  Of course that I am sure is a bunch of...

Now on to the next manager of the NY Mets. Everyone seems to have different opinions on who Alderson might bring aboard. Some think Melvin is his guy but he is up for the Brewers job.  The Wilpons might like to have a guy with Met ties. Clint Hurdle could be a name that is thrown out there. He is the hitting coach for the AL Champ Rangers but was the manager of the Rockies but was fired mid 2009 after a bad start. Most camps do not think Backman would be in the running but look for Alderson to make a decision before the end of November .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The last days of the reign of Jeff Wilpon?

There has to be a light at the end of the never ending Met tunnel of despair After today’s second interview with Sandy Alderson the Mets brass can hunker in a corner somewhere and make a decision on who the next GM will be.  If you look at all the media’s comments it seems to be a slam dunk that Sandy Alderson just needs to kiss a little Saul Katz bootie and he is in.  Does that mean that Jeff needs to find other things to occupy his time soon?  Maybe he can run the LIRR which seems to have issues every other day.

If the Mets pick Sandy Alderson he will have to live in the Wilpon’s world  There are a lot of remarks out there that Jeff love to have his hands in the day to day running’s . He had no faith in Omar anymore so he did all the negotiating last year with bringing aboard Jason Bay.  That will not work with Alderson.  The last thing we as fans want to see is the GM and the Owners not getting along.  That is why there has to be some conversation internally on the changes they need to make with a guy like Alderson at the helm.  Here that Jeff?

I do question to a point the Mets choosing Alderson just for the fact that he has been out of this circle for some time now. Mr Alderson I am sure will surround himself with top men who will help carry out his philosophy. Delegating is something that I am sure he won’t have an issue with.  If you ask me he needs to delegate to Fred to have Jeff run another business for a while.  Fred himself is in his 70’s now and sooner or later he will need to take some steps back from running Sterling Industries. Sounds like a good time to pry Jeff’s grubby little hands away from the Mets and let Alderson or Byrnes run the show. 

If the Mets announce later this week a new GM there is 1 thing I hope Jeff stops.Is this useless tell us nothing emails we get about the GM process. Then maybe from then on we all can enjoy the upcoming holidays knowing that one reign will begin and  1 reign will end. That being the reign of terror Jeff has been dealing us

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Play That Changed Mets History Forever: Where Were You 24 Years Ago Today?

Has it really been that long? Seems like I've been saying that a lot lately. I can't believe it's been that long.

Let me take you back 24 years, to October 25, 1986.

Setting: A cool Fall night.

Place: Shea Stadium.

Time: 10th inning.

Mets are down 5-3 with two outs in the 10th. Gary Carter refusing to be the last out lofted a soft single to left. Then Kevin Mitchell singled. Then Ray Knight singled, scoring Carter to make the score 5-4, and sending Mitchell to third.

Then the AT BAT. Up stepped Mookie Wilson: Everyone remembers "The Play", but I would like to point out another forgotten moment that changed the series and history. On that wild pitch that Bob Stanley threw, Mookie was like an acrobat getting out of the way, and not being hit. If that ball hits him, the bases are loaded and there are still two outs with the Mets down by one. With Wilson jack-knifing out of the way, Mitchell was able to score the tying run easily.

Many Bostonians say if Buckner had made the play... Here is my take: the game was already tied. If Buckner fields that ball, with those two bad ankles, do you really think he would have beaten Mookie to first? Not a snowball's chance below. Stanley was late breaking to first, and people seem to forget how quickly Mookie scooted down the line every day of his baseball life.

Mets win and we live to see a seventh game. One of the greatest comebacks I have ever seen.

Where was I? I was a transfer student at SUNY Cortland. I was known in my brief two months there as Mr. Met. Since I was a transfer student, I was in a dorm, and what started out as a Mets World Series party, quickly turned to a morgue. I will never forget once I saw Backman and Hernandez get out to start the 10th, saying, "I can't believe they lost."

Then the miracle TAKE II began. First Carter. Then Mitchell. Then Knight. Then Mookie. Before the start of the inning, or maybe it was during the inning (give me a break, I was drinking and it was 24 years ago) I stepped out to use the ever disgusting facilities of 2nd West in DeGroat Hall.

Apparently while I was away, the host of this party and fellow fraternity brother, and others, were so upset, that they took the trash can full of empty beer bottles, and dropped them out the window. Needless to say, it was a loud explosion, coming to rest two floors down.

We were so happy the Mets won and we would have a game 7 which no one thought we could lose.

The fun part was a next day when I was called down to see my dorm director. Still high from the exciting game 6, and possible still a bit inebriated, I was told that along with my fellow party members, we were being brought before the Venerable JRB (Judicial Review Board). Not really venerable, just a bunch of geeks who think the had the ability to pass judgment on others. Well, needless to say, or maybe not needless, we were able to run circles around the the Venerable JRB like Mookie Wilson running the bases.

Personally I had fun with it. If "convicted", could have, at the least, been tossed from the dorm. At worst, could have been expelled, but a judgment like that against us would have had to come from President Clark, not a pimply faced honors student who was my age.

One of the RA's (Resident Assitant) never saw the bottles drop, only heard them. We ran with that. We kept asking if she didn't see it, but heard it, how could she be sure it came from my friends window. I reminded her that she came up to my room asking if I or my roommate were lifting weights. We weren't, and acted stunned. What we really did was this: a guy two doors down had a bowling ball. He would roll it to me on the tiled floor. I would scoop it up and deposit it in my closet. By the time Patty, the RA, got to my room, I invited her in to check for weights. Of course she couldn't go into my closed closet. As soon as she left, I would roll the ball back to its rightful owner. She'd be back again. I'd like to think if she ever had a nervous breakdown, I, in some way, had a part in it.

Anyway, I looked Patty in the eye and reminded her of how she heard things, and kept coming to our floor thinking we were lifting weights, but she never found any because we didn't have any. Couldn't she be mistaken about what she heard on October 25, 1986?

Anyway, we were acquitted. I will never forget that night, except for where beer might have clouded my 20 year old mind, but will never forget that magical night and the foolishness of college undergrads.

Where were you and what were doing 24 years ago tonight?

Source: Baseball Almanac

What’s with the Toast in this value meal? Latest Mets news

Sometimes there are things you see on TV that maybe you just can’t wrap your brain around.  Well here are some things to get you going this Monday in Met world.

As the week starts with the Mets interviewing Josh Byrnes, make sure you if you haven’t already check out the funny Letters From Jeff from Metstradumus.  He as usual takes a spot on look on how the Mets brass looks sometimes.   I love the death match idea. Check it out..

If you need to get your fill of what’s going with the AFL and the Mets. Check out some links from Adam Rubin  where you can find out whats up with Daniel Murphy who  is shockingly playing 2nd base!! Check out the latest on Murphy and others here  who had 3 doubles yesterday, after starting 0-8.

Of course if you still dont have your fill of Sandy Alderson....Rubin also has a interesting piece that was taken from an interview back in 2008 with Sandy Alderson which you can read here

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mets have a week to sign Takahashi

There is 1 guy who wont wait until the Mets have a new GM in place. That is  Hisanori Takahashi. If the Mets do not sign him by the 31st they will say  see yah to the Mets oitcher who became a jack off all trades in the Mets bullpen and as a starter.  They will not have a window available to sign him, after the 31st,until May 15th due to the way the contract he signed stipulates.  
Ricco is trying to work out a deal for the Mets pitcher.  He I am sure is looking for at least a 2 year deal in the 5M per rage.  What do you think he is worth?  

Congrads to the Giants !

Thankfully us Mets fans do not have to deal with the 2 teams we dislike the most playing each other in the 2010 World Series. The Giants on the strength of there bullpen giving 7 innings of strong relief and the home heroics of Juan Uribe beat the Philles 3-2 tonight and head into the  World Series for the first time since 2002 to play the Texas Rangers. 

Makes the off season a little bit easier to deal with  ...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

With Alderson Or Byrnes Likely Next Mets GM, Does Backman Stand A Chance To Manage Mets?

With the Mets announcement that the team has reduced the candidates for GM to two, Sandy Alderson & Josh Byrnes, does this close the door on Wally Backman possibly being the teams next manager?

The Mets sent a letter via e-mail that stated:


Dear Mets Fans:
We are bringing back Josh Byrnes and Sandy Alderson for a second round of interviews with Fred, Saul and me. Josh is scheduled for Monday and Sandy for Tuesday as we continue our search for the next General Manager of the Mets.
John Ricco and I spoke personally with Allard Baird, Rick Hahn, Logan White and Dana Brown earlier today to thank them for their interest and taking the time to interview with us.
We will be back to you with more information regarding our new GM soon.
Jeff Wilpon
Jeff Wilpon


According to some sources, Wally Backman is one of five possible Mets managerial candidates on both men's list.

Other than Fred Wilpon having a man-crush on Bud Selig, and Alderson is being endorsed by Selig, could this be the reason these two individuals made the first cut? There is a good chance this is the case. Personally, as I have stated, I am a Wally Backman Card Carrying Member, but I would hate for the Mets to choose a GM because of this. That will only further prove that there is no autonomy for the next Mets GM.

Jon Daniels intrigues me greatly, but with the wonderful job he has done in Texas and with his team now on it's way to the World Series, chances of the Mets interviewing, let alone hiring him are remote at best.

More rumors are saying the Mets will have a decision on their next GM this week. The only thing Byrnes has going for him is that he should be cheaper to hire than Alderson. Of the remaining two, I would rather see Alderson for one reason, and one reason only: I can't see Alderson tolerating much of the nonsense from ownership. I would rather see a young guy, but unfortunately, most candidates nowadays are saber metric geeks. That's not my style. I prefer a baseball person; one who not only understands the game, but is able to hire a scouting staff that watches young talent and make an evaluation based on that, not on stats alone.

With the hiring of either man be a big plus for the potential hiring of Wally Backman as Mets manager? Only time will tell, but Backman would come cheaper than an established manager, and that might bode well for him. That, and the fact it is believed he is on the short list of both Alderson's and Byrnes list.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Congrads to Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers

Quick shout out to the Texas Rangers who have beaten the NY Yankees tonight 6-1 . The Rangers move on to the World Series for the first time in there history.  Colby Lewis pitch 8 incredible innings of 3 hit ball as the Yankees couldnt figure him out.  Some might get a chuckle out of the fact that 252M man A-Rod made the final out by striking out looking.
Vlad Guerrero drove in 3 runs and Nelson Cruz crushed a 2 run shot.  The Rangers now will wait to see if they face the Giants or the Phillies. 

Mets cut list to just 2 candidates Byrnes and Alderson

The Mets have now cut there list to just 2 guys for there GM opening. Both will be interviewed this coming week.   Mets have been up on the emails to there fans.  Portion of the latest below. 

We are bringing back Josh Byrnes and Sandy Alderson for a second round of interviews with Fred, Saul and me. Josh is scheduled for Monday and Sandy for Tuesday as we continue our search for the next General Manager of the Mets.

The Mets GM Candidates List Dwindles

According to Dodgers beat reporter for MLB, Ken Gurnick, Logan White will remain with the Dodgers.

Gurnicks Tweet:

"Logan White will not be Mets GM and will remain with Dodgers."


Thus far this is the only confirmation we have.

Does this means the Mets weren't interested, White felt he had no shot, or White himself wasn't interested in the position?

Breakdown of the Mets 6 GM candidates

Since the Mets said they are done with the first round of interviews here is the list of 6 candidates the Mets have to choose from. It doesn’t sound likely that Daniels down in Texas will be involved at this point. We have a little poll on the side here if you like to pick your top 3. Of course all eyes are on Sandy Alderson. He is the best person for the job ? Overqualified to the max but the word out there is that he is itching for something of a challenge. Working for the Wilpons in NY? I think he might have one. He might not be on top of his game of knowing the best talent but you know for sure if he is picked he will get someone on board that does. Here is the breakdown of the 6 potential GM’s

Sandy Alderson

Previously: GM of the Oakland A’s from 1983-1997 .Former CEO of the Padres, VP of Operations for Major League Baseball. Bud Selig’s buddy and possibly successor if he doesn’t go the route of Mets GM. Most think its his job to lose. Jeffy might be more interested in a younger guy .

Allard Baird

Previously: Worked as the GM for the K C Royals from 2000-2006 . Currently Assistant to the GM in charge of scouting for the Boston Red Sox. He signed players to some really bad contracts over the course of his tenure with the Royals

Dana Brown.

Currently: Special Assistant to the GM of the Toronto Blue Jays. He previously spent eight seasons as director of scouting for the Nationals/Expos, during which that organization selected Ryan Zimmerman, John Lannan and Collin Balester.

Josh Byrnes

Previously: GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2005 until fired earlier this year. During his tenure the D Backs made it to the playoffs once.Before working with the D-Backs, he was the Assistant GM for the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies.

Rick Hahn

Currently: Current Vice President and Assistant GM for the Chicago White Sox. Former agent at Steinberg, Moorad & Dunn. Spent the last 2 years mostly on the road evaluating talent for the White Sox. Big on sabremetrics Has worked in a pretty big city & stressful environment. Dealing with the likes of Kenny Williams/Guillen etc.  

Logan White

Currently: Assistant GM of the Dodgers in charge of scouting. Scouted for the Orioles, Padres, and Mariners.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mets links on a Thursday Sandy Alderson etc

As Sandy Alderson gets a tour of the Brooklyn Dodgers  … Oh I am sorry  Mets Citi Field  today here are some links for you to catch up on in regards to some Mets stories if you haven’t read them yet. 

This is a really good story about Darren O Day who spent a brief time with the Mets .The story from Rubin talks about how he dealt with his buddy  Nick Adenhart’s death.  Check it out here

Here is an interesting take on Sandy Alderson that leans to the fact that Alderson’s time of being the cream of the crop is past as most GM’s now are of a younger breed.  Check out Matthew Artis’s story here    

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enough Already: Mets GM Search Continues - Dana Brown To Interview With Mets Today

We have been remiss to sort through the Mets quest to land a GM. People believe the job is Sandy Alderson's if he wants it. Others "in the know" believe the Mets might be holding out for Queens native and Texas GM, Jon Daniels.

Thus far the Mets have interviewed former KC Royals GM and Boston Red Sox Assistant GM Allard Baird, former Arizona Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes, Los Angeles Dodgers Assistant GM Logan White, and Chicago White Sox Assistant GM Rick Hahn.

Today is the
"token interview." The Mets had reached out to Detroit to interview Al Avila, but were denied. In keeping with baseball's Affirmative Action, they must interview a minority. This I have a problem with.

Hiring someone because of their skin color is just as prejudicial as not hiring someone due to the color of their skin. The Mets have a history of hiring minorities for big positions. In the last five years, they have had the first Latin American GM (Omar Minaya), a Latin American in charge of Player Development (Tony Bernazard), two black managers (Willie Randolph and Jerry Manuel), and a multitude of coaches in Sandy Alomar, Razor Shines, Mookie Wilson. In the 1980's Bill Robinson was hitting coach.

Now the Mets are required by MLB to interview someone who has no shot of being hired because of the pigment of his skin. How does this help? Dana Brown might be a quality individual and executive, but he has no shot of being hired by the Mets. My belief is the job will first be offered to Alderson, whom, by the way, is endorsed by MLB's owner, er Commissioner, Bud Selig. I think the remaining would go in this order:

Other organizations have a much worse hiring record of minorities than the Mets, and are required to interview, not hire, minorities. I do believe that any man should be permitted to be hired based on their experience and expertise and not be denied due to their skin color. However, forcing teams to interview people based on skin color alone is as ignorant as not hiring someone for the same reasons - especially for a team, the Mets, who have had a respectable record in hiring a multitude of baseball people of different origins.

What's more disgraceful: not hiring someone based on color or having a dog-and-pony show with a minority who has no chance of being hired? Does that really solve the race issues in professional sports?

Picture Source: NY Daily News

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mets and K Rod settle grievance.

According to multiple sources the Mets and K Rod have settled there grievance.
The Mets will not have to pay him for time missed so they save 3M.  Also now is contract is back to being guaranteed. So look for Francisco Rodriguez to be in the Mets plans for 2011 .  K Rod is set to earn 11.5M next year and there is a $17.5M option with a 3.5M buy out in 2012. 

If you need to read the statements that K Rod and Jeff Wilpon  were forced , I mean made with there own thoughts check them out here

Mets should go after Cliff Lee:We can dream.

Wouldn’t  it be great seeing Cliff Lee on the mound for the Mets opening day 2011.  I think Mets fans would show up to see him pitch in a Met uniform and make us forget of the last 2 years. 

Watching Lee pitch last night making the Yankees look real old over 8 innings was awesome.  Of course if you ask the current day Yankee fan, he expects Lee to be part of the Yankees rotation in 2011. So does the media.  The arrogance kills me. Lee seems to be someone who shouldn’t be taken lightly. It would be great to see Lee resign with the Hard charging Rangers. Just to throw in the face of the Yankees. Even better would see the Mets make a splash and get him to saddle up next to Santana. 

Yes the Mets I know have $$ issue going into 2011. Beltran is making 18M for his final season. Santana is making over 20M and the Mets have come out and said they don’t want to have 2 top of the line pitchers making over 20M.   Well Beltran’s contract is up after 2011 as is the Mensa Ollie’s contract . So for 1 year maybe there payroll will be out of line but hey we are in NY here. The Mets need to look at there division and see what the Phillies have put together with there starting rotation and they really need to rethink that strategy

Of course a lot of it falls on the New GM but hey Citi Field is a pitchers park and Lee would probably excel here. The Mets will need a pitcher to anchor the staff while they wait for Santana to rehab.  Do they really think Pelfrey can do it? Mets of course want to fill the seats in 2011. A GM with some backbone would be nice but Cliff Lee would be a heck of a lot better.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Open letter to Jeff Wilpon.

This past weekend we received another letter from the “meddler” Jeff Wilpon thanking fans for all there insight on how to improve the Mets going into 2011 and beyond. Seeing letters from him just annoy the heck out of me. I just wonder if he spent even 2 minutes looking or reading the letters fans sent or emailed the Mets. Do you think,he would realize the path to the Mets improving the team leads right through his vast office at Citi Field and over in Great Neck where Sterling Equities is located? Here is my take..

The first thing we all know that has to change Jeff is the fact that you have to find another hobby.  Running the Mets might be in the blood of your father but you don’t know how to run this franchise.  Of course you might led us to believe that you can change by bringing on board a GM like Sandy Alderson but can you really do something like that?  Sometimes its really hard to see what is more important to you the success of the franchise or you putting your imprint on everything. 

Of course we Mets fans realize that you had on the job training with your dad watch the Mets success around the turn of the century and again back a couple of years but did you learn anything?  Have you looked over in Boston where they had never won a World Series in close to a century but young gun Epstein put together a winning successful culture.It is great you had a affinity to Omar. Of course did that cloud you and waiting for things to fall into place. I really like Omar but have you heard him try to speak? Did you listen to other teams executives say that the Mets couldn’t have more then 1 deal there working on at a time? Hello?  

I agree that for this to be successful its not just the product at Citi Field that is important. Success starts at the bottom levels of the organization and I give you credit with hiring blue collar Wally Backman  It is a good start. Too bad Terry Collins of the Twins wouldn’t come knocking

Honestly though, it might be tough for you to hear but to have the Mets success you need to fall into the background and hire someone who might challenge you and your way of thinking.. There needs to be a GM who will have no problem standing up to you and Saul and your Dad and not be soft like Omar.  Do us Met fans a favor and bring a board a guy that will not be a flunky to you..

 There is a lot of change needed here with this franchise and your #1 job right now is to find a leader for this team who has a clear vision to bring this team and success it deserves. Then he can change the culture and give us Mets fans a chance to watch the Mets live in playoff baseball in October. Instead of trying to watch the NLCS on our freaking computers.  

Hey Jeff….you have 1 shot…. Don’t blow it. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The latest and greatest on Hisanori Takahashi

Mets had a couple of pitchers that really excelled this past year. R A Dickey really helped the Mets starting staff and of course we cant forget the master of the bullpen. According to  Newsday friends of Mets reliever Hisanori Takahashi say the lefthander is more open to the idea of staying as a reliever, rather than shopping his services as a starter. Taka signed a deal that allows him to test free agency after 1 year . He went 10-6 with a ERA of 3.61 and had 8 saves to go along with 10 wins.

 He seems to be setting his sites on teams with some stake in the playoffs with himmentioning the Yankees and Phillies as teams of interest for him.  Of course the Mets are interested and he enjoyed his time with the Mets. The Mets should sign him as soon as they can and if he wants 2 years give him 2 years.  I mean you signed a 2 year deal to Igarashi and got nothing out of him.

Taka really excelled in his role as the fill in closer for the Mets as well whatever slot he was used in the bullpen. Check out our poll and let us know what you do .

Friday, October 15, 2010

The day after the Sandy Alderson interview.

The Mets met for the first time with the incredibly disciplined Sandy Alderson and you know they had to walk out of that lengthy meeting quite impressed.  Of course my question is did Alderson walk out of Citi Field shaking his head or excited about the challenge? 

As we all know there is no quick fix to the Mets issues and the fact that there is a Wilpon involved has to make everyone a little bit uneasy. I mean Jeff and Ricco are talking to the prospective GM’s about the notion that Jeff meddles.  Of course a lot of it is media driven but at same time we know at the end of Omar’s reign he couldn’t go to the bathroom with out asking permission. 
Alderson spent time in the Military and fought for our country in Vietnam and former executives have said that he runs a disciplined ship but expects everyone to contribute.  Sounds like he knows what’s it like to be a leader.  Something I am sure Jeff Wilpon can learn from since sooner or later the aging Fred Wilpon will have to hand everything off to Jeff. Just writing that makes me shudder.  

Mets Fan With A Brilliant Idea To Rid Team Of Oliver Perez

Dereck Mollins at The Point has created a rather unique and ingenious way to rid the Mets of their much beleaguered, enigmatic lefty, Oliver Perez.

Mollins is running a campaign to raise the $12M via donations from fans, to provide to the Mets so that Perez's contract can be bought out.

The plan is to raise the money and present it to the Mets by February 13, 2011 - the day pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.

Donations can be made by using the above link, and you will only be charged if the $12M is raised. If the Mets decline the "generous offer", all money will be donated to charity.

We are not saying that anyone should or should not contribute, just reporting an interesting idea to rid the Mets of a $36M mistake.

Maybe if the Mets get wind of this idea, they might be compelled to just get rid of Perez on their own, and let the hard-working fans keep their money, or better yet, they donate it to a worthy metsfan73. Exhale, I'm only kidding.

***update*** for some reason he closed the campaign after raising $290.00

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jeff Francoeur Gearing Up For NY Play Off Baseball...With Texas.

Jeff Francoeur is getting ready to experience NY post-season baseball...with the Rangers.

Many have read Francoeur's comments and weren't happy with them. His comments were taken out of context.
Adam Rubin had the in depth interview, and after reading it, Francoeur didn't dis the Mets like many felt.

Francoeur is excited to play in the post season. Relegated to being a fourth/platoon rightfielder, Francoeur will get starts in game 1 in Texas and game 3 in NY against lefties CC Sabathia and Andy Pettite.

The former Met RF explained his feelings:


"I'll tell you this: Before the year started, I was hoping to play playoff baseball in New York in October, but I didn't think it would be in the ALCS. Obviously, it's going to be a blast. Playing in New York in October is special. And, for me, it's nice that I faced CC a couple of times this year and last year [in interleague play], so I'll be ready for him. And, of course, I've faced Pettitte throughout my career with [Atlanta versus] Houston, and a couple of times in interleague."

Despite complete disdain for Francoeur by much of the NY Mets fanbase, yours truly not included, Francoeur said that he is still in touch with his former mates in Flushing. Most of the contact is through their fantasy football league. The fantasy football draft started "days" after Francoeur was traded when the Mets were in Chicago. Francoeur flew his friend Todd Stewart to Chicago to make the draft for him:


"I flew him up and told him he could go to the game at Wrigley Field, and then he picked my team. He did a good job. My guys haven't done it yet. It's still early. Tom Brady hasn't had the [customary] type of year, so I'm sitting at freakin' 1-4."

Francoeur enjoyed his time with the Mets, especially at the beginning of the year, and has also enjoyed his time in Texas:


"It was awesome. We got off to a great start this year. The first half was great. Then to struggle like we did for those two months was tough. Even when I was over here [with Texas], keeping up with the guys, I know it was tough to finish the season knowing everything was going to happen and the way things went.

"But for me to be able to be a part of something here, and to be able to contribute and play well, it really made me feel like part of the team. And guys here were awesome, really making me feel like part of the team."


Francoeur will most likely be non-tendered by Texas at season's end, thus making him a free agent. His stats with the Mets were: .237 Avg. , 11 HR's , 54 RBI. With Texas in a part time/platoon role mainly against lefties, Francoeur's stats were: .340 Avg. , 2 HR's , 11 RBI.
Francoeur is philosophical about his future:


"For so many years I thought about where I was going to be or what was going to happen the next year. I know I did a lot before this year in New York. I think in this game I've learned anything can happen at any time. I'd be doing myself a disservice if I started thinking about next year, especially with what we're going through now and having so much fun."


Francoeur might not find a starting role after a somewhat frustrating season, so the chances of him having a pay day like he did this year ($5M) are slim. That being said, he can be a real useful commodity to a team. His RF defense is second to none, and he does provide occasional power and a great attitude. I know this philosophy doesn't jibe with saber metric geeks, but to watch him play every day, you see he has talent; talent far beyond the stats.

Although I'm in the minority, Francoeur can play for me anytime. He was a good teammate, which is more than proven when he let former teammate Josh Thole use his apartment in the city after he was traded. Unfortunately, when he was slumping, fans took it personally, and made it a personal vendetta against Francoeur.

No matter how one might want to explain it, Francoeur is playing in the post season, and the return the Mets got, Joaquin Arias, will be fortunate to make the club next year, and wouldn't have made it this year if Luis Castillo was useful, and Reyes wasn't hobbled.

Was it really that beneficial to jettison Francoeur out of town? I guess it was for him.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Angel Pagan Mets MVP for 2010?

Nothing much going on news wise so I thought I would bring attention to the poll we have running here at 24 hours.  Right now Angel Pagan is leading the Mets MVP charge for 2010. 
Pagan didn’t start the year as the Mets starting Centerfielder . That was given to Gary Matthewas Jr who proved his uselessness rather quickly.  Pagan was a breath of fresh air coming off his 2009 season where it seemed he really didn’t have his head into the game with bone head plays on the base paths.
Spending some time with Carlos Beltran did the trick as Pagan had a break out season for the Mets. For once in his career he didn’t spend half the year on the DL and for most of the year hovered around a .300 batting average before tailing off the last 3-4 weeks. 
Now personally unless his power numbers rise the Mets still need Beltran to be the player he was in previous years but I have no problem with him spelling Beltran or playing right field in 2011. Was Pagan your MVP for 2010?  Make sure you take a moment to vote. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What are Mets fans thinking about Alderson, Manager,Beltran. Latest chat with Mets beat Writer Adam Rubin.

Adam Rubin of ESPN   had a chat earlier today which below are some of the questions asked by the Mets faithful . Lots of questions regarding Sandy Alderson and also some questions about the team for 2011. 

Alderson a foregone conclusion?
I've heard his name most forcefully tied to the Mets since the beginning, and I believe it's the most likely scenario. Still, I wonder if it's a foregone conclusion. From everything I've heard, he demands complete control. As much lip serve as had been paid to that, is that truly what the Mets can deliver for him?
Rate Ike Davis as a defensive 1Bman...
I believe Ike is a slightly above average first baseman, although Mark Simon's defensive metrics put him just about atop the field. Scouts most closely compare Ike Davis to Adam LaRoche overall as a player.
Aldersons late 80s oakland team was clearly using PEDs, is this an issue that may be brought up by the wilpons?
Don't know if it will be brought up by the Wilpons, and you're the first fan who has brought it up to me, so I don't think it will be a big deal -- whether or not it's a valid red flag.
Have any clue as to who Sandy Alderson would interview for the dugout position?
Don't know. But in speaking with someone who worked for Alderson in San Diego, he believes Alderson is of the mindset that managers ought to be inexpensive -- that a high-priced skipper is a misallocation of resources.
Any word on Beltran and would you be comfortable with Pagan taking over the centerfield job full time so the Mets could entertain trade offers for Beltran?
I would be comfortable with the Mets entertaining trade offers for Beltran, and would be more than comfortable with Pagan in center field. I just don't think it's going to happen with a Beltran trade. He's due to make $18.5 million next season. The Mets would have to subsidize more than $10 million for him to play elsewhere, at a time when they'll likely have to subsidize contracts for Perez and Castillo (or find matching bad contracts). I believe Beltran will be a Met next year. Then we could debate what the best outfield alignment is. At least Beltran will be in a contract year, so he'll need to put out maximum effort.
If Valentine is hired by the Marlins or Seattle. It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Backman, making Mets fans happy. What do you think?
I think the Mets have to get out of the business of instant gratification for their and the immediate impact on ticket sales and hire people who will produce a long-term winner. That'll ultimately take care of ticket sales.

Is it fair to assume that Wally is the new Manager if Hahn get the job but won't be the new Manager if Alderson gets the job?
Don't know. Hahn did overlap with the White Sox with Backman for two seasons, while Wally was managing Double-A Birmingham (which I covered in the late '90s, for whatever that's worth).
Does Sandy Alderson's comments regarding a manager as being a missallocation of funds pertain to a media hub such as nyc? Remember this town can eat an inexperienced manager alive.
More generally, it'll be interesting if it is Alderson to see how Moneyball philosophies get adapted to New York where the resources are far more vast than Oakland or San Diego.
I know the Mets need inexpensive pieces to keep the roster in reasonable shape, but what about trading Pagan for prospects? Has he increased value to other teams? Seems to me it might be selling high, and if Beltran is unmovable, might even give the team some flexibility.
Pagan has two more years before he's a free agent, I believe. He's certainly tradeable. But then what do you do in the outfield next year? Or in two years once Beltran walks?
Do you think Alderson has been far to long removed from the game as a GM? How would that impact his performance?
That's one of the reasons why the clamor to anoint him is a little premature.
Why is it that the Mets are viewed as a "bad situation" for prospective GMs? I've read that they are described as a mess...I mean this seems a little harsh. After 2011, the Mets will have the bad contracts coming off and a wealth of youthful talent...something i'd assume any GM would be grateful for.
One person who would be in the running asked me if I thought it was an attractive job, and I told him I believed it was, more so than it's being portrayed. For one thing, there's $52 million in payroll coming off after 2011. The expectations are low, at least for Year 1. And the internal politics are now greatly diminished minus Tony Bernazard, etc. There's obviously the perception of ownership as meddlesome, but it's still a New York job that ought to pay well. And there are only 30 GM jobs.
Any shot the Mets go for someone with a little power at 2nd base (uggla) or they dead set to go with a Murphy /tejada mix
We need a GM, a manager, spring training, etc. And who knows what free agent they might bring in -- at least low cost to compete. And I'd like to see Murphy with my own eyes too before making that determination. Just internally I see that as the most likely scenario. Tejada probably could use further seasoning in Buffalo.

Do you see Aldersons style and his background conflicting with Jeff and that he could be offered the job but turn it down?
If that ends up being the case, I imagine you'll hear Alderson withdraw because his obligation needs to be to finish what he started in Latin America.
Can Thole be more then a singles hitter? Will they try to bring in someone besides Blanco?
I believe Josh can hit .290 with 5-8 homers and be an average defensive catcher. Doubles hitter maybe, not a home run hitter. They will need a righty-hitting backup in 2011. That could be Blanco, although the fact he turns 40 late next season might be a red flag that it's time to get younger. Pitchers on the staff would certainly advocate bringing Blanco back, though.

For the life of me Adam I just don't get it Why Beltran gets a bad rap. he had some excellent years for the Mets-Played an excellent centerifled and made some spectacular plays-The pitch in 2006 was impossible to hit. He shouldn't have come back this year so early-he didn't force the Mets to pay him that cash-
When you give a player a seven-year contract, you have to know the back end could be ugly. He has an arthritic knee, and I'm not convinced it's going to vastly improve next season and his mobility will increase. You're now paying him $18.5 million next season for past performance. Certainly if he signed a one-year deal somewhere this offseason he would only get a fraction of that, even with Scott Boras as his agent.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Met fans might have to wait until October 25th,26th

As the Mets get ready to start interviewing this week with 4 candidates lined up it will be at least 2 weeks before we see white smoke coming from Citi Field. 

The NL/AL championship series start this Friday and Saturday the 15th and 16th .  If they go the distance 7 games we wont have a winner until the 24th . That means there will be 2 days the 25th and 26th before the World Series starts on the 27th.  We might not have announcement until then who will be the next Mets GM.

Everyone seems to think that the its Sandy Alderson's job if he wants it. I still think that after the interview Alderson might just turn it down. Even with Selig wanting to see the Mets franchise be on top, if Alderson doesnt like the view he will stay with what he has. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mets will interview Sandy Alderson- Jeff should have Fred there.

The Mets right now will have 4 interviews this coming week with Sandy Alderson coming in to interview with for the Gm position late in the week. 

Alderson has been involved in baseball for close to 30 years. Serving as the Oakland A's GM during that club's World Series run in the late 80's . He was there GM from 1983 to 1997 and also worked for the Padres before joining MLB. 

Jeff might want to have Fred in there since Alderson was wheeling and dealing more then likely back when Jeff was still climbing through college.  

Alderson worked with John Ricco for MLB for a while and he could groom the Mets assistant GM.  Alderson has been out of the GM roll for at least 10 years. Will that work against him and ever if its intriguing to him will he feel that way after he interviews with the likes of Jeff Wilpon. Do not see Alderson wanting to be asking permission for everything.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mets: Beware Of Boras In Sheep's Clothing

"The New York Mets are probably in the top five in baseball as a model of what can be done. The business and infrastructure is run very well by the Wilpons. The issue is transferring the success they enjoy in business and operating revenue issues and getting it to the field. I know they're working hard."
~ Scott Boras ~

Wow, a glowing endorsement from "Super Agent" Scott Boras. What a sincere, noble, upstanding individual. It's nice in this day and age to have an agent who recognizes a team that has shown nothing but a winning attitude over the last four years.

Huh? The Wilpon's might be wonderful people, but to actually think their business plan is a "model" of what can be done? Their business plan has been to hire yes men and to micro-manage the day-to-day operations, thus creating a bad name in the industry.

Why would Boras make such statements? Pretty easy. He has Jason Werth as a free agent at season's end, which hopefully will be quick for the Phillies, and what better way to start 2011 than with a huge contract for one of his clients? Get NY involved, and Werth's price escalates.

Boras is also the agent for Carlos Beltran, and with Beltran entering his final year under contract with the Mets, might Boras be looking for an extension? Seems ridiculous, but not beyond Boras' thought process.

Then there is Oliver Perez, another Boras client, who is clearly on the outs in Flushing. Could he be buttering the Mets up for a lucrative buyout? Hell, knowing Boras, he will probably look to have an extension for Perez.

I question Boras' sincerity. Boras is out for two things: himself and his client(s).

It was believed that Boras' relationship with the Mets was strained after the Carlos Beltran affair, where Beltran had surgery to repair his cranky right knee. The Mets were upset because they weren't informed, or informed in a proper time frame. Boras now says:


"The relationship we had with the Mets was and is good. New York is a great place to play. If I had a player who wanted to play there, I'd call any team they desire and the Mets are a valid option.''


Of course they are. Get the Mets (or Yankees) involved, and his players asking price also goes up.

Is Boras doing this for Werth this off-season? Beltran? Perez? All of the above? In my humble opinion, I believe it is one of the three.

One word of caution to the Mets: Beware Of Boras In Sheep's Clothing

Source: Joel Sherman