Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those That Got Away...

Tonight Newsday's David Lennon reports on some of the talent Omar Minaya was targeting before being shut-out.

Some, but not all players were:

  1. Jason Bay - Pittsburgh - now in Boston

  2. Raul Ibanez - Seattle - still in Seattle

  3. Arthur Rhodes - Seattle - now in Florida

  4. Manny Ramirez - Boston - Now in LA with the Dodgers

  5. Brian Fuentes - Colorado - still in Colorado

Minaya states the reason he didn't land these players, thus leading to their "getaway", is he felt the asking price was too steep. I am upset the Mets didn't land a much needed corner OF, but I am also glad he didn't mortgage the future for partial season rental.

Some of the players that the potential trading partners were:

  1. John Niese
  2. Fernando Martinez
  3. Carlos Beltran
  4. Eddie Kunz
  5. Bobby Parnell

Minaya will be actively searching the waiver wire the remainder of this season to try and land relief help and a corner OF. Players must pass through waivers before a trade can be made. Otherwise, a team may try and pick a player up off the waiver wire.

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here… Games people play, You take it or you leave it.
Things that they say, Honor Brite
If I promise you the Moon and the Stars, Would you believe it.
Games people play…

Alan Parsons Project- ‘Games People Play ‘

The MLB trading deadline has come & gone and the Mets have checked & held their cards. What’s on the horizon?

I guess Omar and Co. feel they have enough to go all the way without any moves. Now we can wait for someone to clear waivers, but Jobu doesn’t believe there is anyone out there worth getting, unless the Mets are giving away a bag of balls.

Mannny Ramirez went west to play for Joe Torre and the Dodgers. How ironic is that? Jason Bay went to Boston and the Pirates got two bags of balls in the end. Ken Griffey Jr. waived his no trade and wound up in Chicago playing for the Sox (for 2 bags of balls).

According to our friend Matthew Cerrone at there were several teams inquiring about Scott Schoeneweis. Jobu is glad that Omar kept this lefty. As any baseball enthusiast knows, lefties are hard to come by, especially relievers.

What’s next? I hope the Mets are playing in October.

Quiet day for Mets but Manny is Moved to the Dodgers

Not sure of the details yet but Manny Ramirez is on his horse to LA as per Jon Heyman at SI

Mets will wait to see what passes through the waiver wire.

Citifield tickets prices only for the Elite.

While we wait on the last hour of the trading deadline, I came across another article in newsday that shows how the average fan will be out priced from going to the new citifield once it opens.

It’s a shame really to think that the cost of most tickets is going to be over fifty dollars a pop. You can still get some decent seats at shea depending on who the Mets are playing for 35-45 dollars and get relatively decent seats. Those days seem to be numbered. The Mets haven’t yet given any indication about mini-plans or partial plans for next year.

Check out this story that about another fan is watching his ticket prices rise over 70%. Here is the link .

Mets looking to Nationals for a Reliever

Latest from SI's Jon Heyman is the Mets are trying to partner with the Nationals to obtain reliever Luis Ayala.

No other details regarding who might the Nats get in the deal.
His stats are 1-6 with a 5.54 era with 34 strikeouts in 50 innings

Manny Ramirez deal looks like its losing its luster. Might be dead.

Mets Trade Deadline update.

Only item that has been mentioned so far this morning has been that the Mets are possibly looking at Ian Snell of the Pirates as reported by Jon Heyman of SI.

They can use him as a long reliever or a starter if there thinking of next year to maybe take Oliver Perez place in the rotation.

He goes on to say “competing GM’s are saying Omar is itching to do a deal”

It’s a quite morning besides the WhiteSox waiting to see if Ken Griffey Jr ok’s a trade from the Reds.

************** update**********

Marlins just traded for Arthur Rhoades. They sent Gaby Hernandez to Seattle.

7 hours to deadline will the Mets be sitting on the sidelines?

With Manny possibly going to the Marlins will we see the Mets make a trade that they will regret? Omar I’m sure is on the phones like all the other GM’s. Just don’t over pay for anyone services big guy!

Will we swap relievers? Scott Schoeneweis has drawn interest from a few teams.

Will we land Raul Ibanez or another thumper with out giving up Jon Neise?

Stay tuned.

Jon Neise has solid performance in Triple A start

With rumors swirling that many teams want him as a poss trade prospect, Jon Neise struckout 7 and allowed only 1 run in first start down in New Orleans.

Seattle has been asking for him in trade talks for the Mets regarding Raul Ibanez. Will Omar change his mind now that he sees the Marlins going after Manny Ramirez?

If you like the full story about his start you can read it here

septemeber update Make sure you check our front page to see how Jon faired in his major league debut

Mets Fall To Second

Slip slidin' away
Slip slidin' away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you're slip slidin' away

Now it is time to put together a nice win streak. The Mets have been winning most of the series against opponents over the last month, but teams like the Nationals and Marlins are series they must win. First is still within reach, but this is not the time to take a vacation from quality pitching and timely hitting.
Tomorrow they open against the Astros while the Phillies will play Washington again tonight (GO NATS!) and St. Louis this weekend.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ryan Church not ready for rehab games

Even though he felt fine after the batting cage sessions, Ryan Church won't be heading to Pt. St Lucie to start playing rehab games. He will be traveling with the team to Houston to get treatment from the teams trainers. Another set back for Ryan and I'm sure he is disapointed.

Well with this news I'm sure Omar is back again working the phones to see if a deal can be made. You can read the story about Ryan over at

A Bucket of USED Balls!!! defines the word Trade as: noun 1. The act or process of buying, selling, or exchanging commodities, at either wholesale or retail, within a country or between countries: domestic trade; foreign trade.
2. A purchase or sale; business deal or transaction.
3. An exchange of items, usually without payment of money.

With that said, how come Omar isn’t able to get an outfielder or relief help? There has to someone out there that will deal. We shouldn’t have to give up the FARM either. The Mets should NOT give up Fernando Martinez, Jon Niese and Eddie Kunz in order to make a deal.

According to Cot’s Baseball Contracts, look at what the following players are making:

Jose Guillen -KC 3 years/$36M (2008-10)

David DeJesus -KC a NY native 5 years/$13.8M (2006-2010), plus $6M 2011 club option

Frank Catalanotto-TX a NY native lefty 3 years/$13.5M (2007-09), plus 2010 club option

Jay Payton -Balt. Righty 2 years/$9.5M (2007-08)

Carlos Lee-Hou righty 6 years/$100M (2007-12)

Randy Winn-SF righty 3 years/$23.25M (2007-09)

Can Omar make a deal for any of them? I might even take Jay Payton and give him a second chance. The Yankees got Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte and now Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez, and all they did was give up a bucket of used balls. Why can’t we do that?

I don’t want a repeat of the worst trade in history that sent Tom Seaver packing. Met Fans can’t live through something like that again. Don’t cave in Omar. A bag of balls... Look what the Angels, Yankees, Dodgers, Brewers and Indians did before the deadline.

Players get injured all the time so I am not complaining. However, Trot Nixon is on 15 day disabled list and Ryan Church is still a question mark. When healthy, I know Trot is not the complete answer, but platoon him with Fernando Tatis in LF and give Ryan Church (before his concussion) right field and Endy Chavez as your Utility OF, Mets fans should be able to live with that. Jobu will throw in some rum and cigars and add it to the bucket of used balls that Omar needs to procure some corner Outfield talent. A Bucket of USED Balls!!!

Mets drop game and fall out of first place

Well they made it interesting at least. Tying run on 1st, 2 men on and 2 out and Jose Reyes up. Reyes wound up flying out to left and the Mets lost 7-5

Mike Pelfrey was off tonight. He cruised through the first 3 innings but seemed to labor in the fourth inning. He was either fighting himself or getting frustrated by the Marlins and there stepping out of the batters box. He give up 4 runs in that inning before he finally got out the 4th.
He was lifted for a pinch hitter the next inning.

The Mets made it close when Damion Easley hit a 3 run pinch hit homerun right as Gary on SNY was saying that Damion played in Florida for the Marlins and could use the left field fence to his advantage and boom there it went . The mets were now within 1

Duaner Sanchez had a scoreless 7th but its Joe Smith's turn to hit a wall as he give up a 2 run home run to Dan Uggla that put the game out of reach 7-4.

The Mets did score one in the 9th on 3 hits by Anderson, Schneider and pinch hitter Castro but that is where it ended.

Marlon Anderson cant run his hamstring is giving him problems . He was jogging down to first and jogging on his way home. He might be heading for the DL again.

The Phillies beat the Nationals to take over first again from the Mets by a half game.

Washburn To The Mets?

Buster Olney has an article on ESPN.COM today where some "executives" speculate whether Jarrod Washburn would be a good fit for the Mets.

In part, the "executive" states that with Maine's unknown status due to his problematic rotator cuff, Washburn would give the Mets a "gritty" starter, who will eat up innings. He also would benefit because Shea is a pitcher's park. Washburn is also signed through 2009, so the Mets would have another starter to replace the most likely departing Pedro and O.P.

The article goes on to say if the Mets were willing to pick up Washburn's "hefty" 2009 contract, with the Mariners picking up the remainder of his 2008 deal, it might only cost the Mets a prospect.

Personally, if the Mets are going to give up prospects, I think they are in more of a need of a right handed corner outfielder. I would still rather have them go after Jason Bay, as stated in my previous post, which can be viewed Here.

While the Mets play the Marlins, Marlins Brass work on Manny Ramirez

The Mets are playing the Marlins while the Marlins brass are working the phones to see if a deal can be worked out for Manny Ramirez. You can read about the latest update here

Jerry Manuel on WFAN

Couple of minutes ago he wrapped up his chat with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts talking about the Mets. Highlights include Jerry saying

Aaron Heilman is his 8th inning guy. That he has earned it. He might not use him tonight since he pitched 2 innings last night.

John Maine when they get to Houston will have a chat with Jerry and Dan Wharten on his status and how he feels before making a decision.

That he will play his best players not the ones making the big $$ in regards to when Luis Castillo comes back.

He thinks Carlos Delgado is healthy and just being patient at the plate looking for his pitch.

He told Omar to get the best of what is out there albeit a position player or a reliever. Jerry is a funny guy.

Ryan Chuch will take batting practice with the team tonight and then do a couple of rehab games. He will be back with the team when they return to play the Padres on Tuesday.

Forget Raul Ibanez go after Ichiro.

Jim Baumbach over at must have a screw loose today. He is proposing Ichiro Suzuki should be the player who Omar should go after, not Raul Ibanez.

He gives the way the farm for the 34 year old. It’s a fun story to read.

Here is the link.

Jason Bay might be on the Move but not to the Mets.

He would be a great addition to any team but I’m sure the Mets don’t want to give up top prospects for him. The Rays might be in the lead for his services. To me these rumors always have someone that is reported close to doing a trade and then a dark horse comes in the picture.

Who will that be? Read the latest on Jason Bay here at the Post-Gazette

New Citi Field pictures from Mid July

There are some great interior shots of the progress at Citi field. These pictures include inside the rotunda, new shots of the scoreboard before Citi Field were placed on it, great shots of the field from the upper deck, shots from the outfield and interior shots as well. The pics are from the friends of Stadium page.

The pictures can be seen here.

Only 8 months to opening day!!!!

See september pics here

October update fantastic! Photos

Manny Ramirez Rumors are flying

What's a day without some good Manny Ramirez rumors.

Let's see its the Phillies, the Marlins,Dodgers and the Mets now all in the running.

Last I heard Pat Burrel might be going to the Redsox.

Or if you believe the Met rumor, which I don't , you will see the Mets give up F-Mart send him to the Pirates who in turn will send Jason Bay over to the Pirates.

The Dodgers were going to send Jaems Looney among others over to the RedSox

The day is young and I look forward to the next story of the Manny Saga!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mets Filet Fish 4-1

Tonight the Mets defeated the Florida Marlins 4-1. Oliver Perez pitched 6 innings, giving up five hits, one earned run, 3 walks, and 5 strike outs for the win. O.P. is now 7-6, lowering his ERA to 4.02.

*********** Today's Stars ***********
  1. Carlos DelGado launching his team leading 23rd HR in the 8th

  2. Aaron Heilman pitching two scoreless innings.

  3. Carlos Beltran knocking in the winning run with two outs and runners on first and second in the 6th

  4. Jose Reyes going 3-5 with two doubles and a single

Braves Gearing For '09?

Today the Atlanta Braves traded free agent to be Mark Teixeira to the LAA Angels for first baseman Casey Kotchman and minor league pitcher Stephen Marek.

Teixeira has 20 homers and 78 runs batted in, both of which are more than anyone on the Angels, and is batting .283.

Kotchman is a promising 25-year-old who is having his finest season with a .287 average, 12 homers and 54 R.B.I. Marek is a Class AA reliever who is 2-2 with a 3.66 earned run average, is not considered an elite prospect. The Angels feel that Teixeira is the explosive bat they have lacked.

The Braves will control Kotchman, who will play 1B, until after the 2011 season.
For more on this story, read Jack Curry's article in the NY Times

John Maine

It was reported on tonight's Mets broadcast that John Maine has a mild strain of his right (pitching) rotator cuff. The AP also reports that at this time it is unclear if Maine will make his next start.
Maine will rejoin the Mets in Houston on Friday, and his next scheduled start is Sunday against Astros.

Mets Marlins preview game 2

Lets hope the Ollie that is focused shows up tonight to stop the Marlins who had another come from behind victory last night.

Scott Olsen vs Oliver Perez

Olsen is 1-2 with a 4.25 era against the Mets

Jose Reyes is hitting .500 against him over 22ab’s

Carlos Beltran is hitting .400 over 20 ab's with 2 home runs.

Ollie is 4-3 against the pesky marlins with a 4.93 era.

Ryan Church update. He will be taking batting practice with the team….

Pedro Martinez update. He will do a bullpen session get him ready for a start on Friday if all goes well

July 29th Shea Stadium history

With only 61 days left at the Rock they call shea stadium we go back in Shea history to 1991 .

The Mets played the Cubs in the first Sunday night game in Shea Stadium history and won that game 6-0

Trading Deadline; 48 hours left, Where are the deals?

Last time I checked Mark Teixeira was still on the Braves. Raul Ibanez is still sitting in Seattle. Hudson Street is enjoying the nice weather in Oakland. Ok there have been a few trades. The Yankees pilfered the Pirates for Xavier Nady and a left reliever named Marte but since that deal what has happened? The Brewers got themselves a pitcher and the Dodgers did get Casey Blake. Is that is though? The D-backs were trying to get another bat. Rumors were flying that the Marlins might need a catcher. The Mets are looking for a corner outfielder and maybe now a reliever?

Well we are still waiting. Each division except the American league west is up for grabs. You think that would mean an incredible amount of deals.

48 hours left before the deadline and we as fans wonder are the GM’s spending there waking hours working the phones or they going to wait until after the deadline and stare down the waiver wire.

Team’s demands should be coming down to earth this week and we wait for the deal that will help our team. Will the Mets acquire anybody? Only 48 hours left to find what Omar and the other GM's have up there sleeves.

Do we need a reliever as well as a corner outfielder?

After last nights loss by the bullpen we see fans getting nervous about the make up of the met’s bullpen.

Take a moment to check out who the guys over at hotfoot think we should go after. It can be read here.

Tatis' Return To Baseball

Fernando Tatis was out of Major League baseball for all of 2004 and 2005. It seemed no one wanted him, and he wasn't sure he wanted to play.

Here is where the story gets interesting. While on hiatus from baseball in his home in the Dominican Republic, Tatis spent his time with family, not thinking about baseball. Finally, he decided he would play catch with his young sons, never picking up a bat. It was then he realized he missed baseball, but after checking around, the interest in him was luke warm at best.

In his home town, Tatis explains, they needed land to build a new church. He explained to his family that to buy land, he would have to return to playing baseball. That chance came in 2006 when the Baltimore Orioles expressed interest. He signed with the Orioles, which led to his opportunity this year with the Mets.

The Mets signed Tatis to their AAA New Orleans Zephyrs affiliate last season, where Tatis batted .276 with 21 home runs and 67 runs batted in.

With the injury to Angel Pagan early in the season, Tatis was recalled on May 13, and has never looked back. This was about one month after the church in his hometown was built. Tatis says the new church is beautiful. “You put something in your mind and when you see the reality, and when you see the church is so beautiful, so big,” Tatis said. “It’s amazing.”

According to Jerry Manuel, Tatis is the Mets starting LF.

It's stories like this that sets baseball apart from other sports. He has been a God send for the Mets this year, mostly playing out of position in LF. Tatis is primarily a 3B, but with David Wright there, LF became his position.

For more on this story, read Ben Shpigel article in today's NY Times.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bullpen gives up lead and Mets lose

The Mets battled Ricky Nalasco and scored 2 runs off him early.

Another tough night though for the Mets bullpen. Joe Smith was ineffective. Scott Schoienweiss couldnt close the door on the Marlins rally which led to 5 runs in the 8th inning.

The Mets had taken the lead in the eight 3-2 on some heads up base running by David Wright when Carlos Delgado grounded to first baseman Mike Jacobs. With the infiled shifted over with Delgado up no one was covering 3rd and Wright who was on first just flews over to 3rd. After Beltran walked, Fernando Tatis grounded into a possible double play but Dan Uggla throw the throw away allowing Tatis to be safe at first and Wright scored. Dan Uggla could have been charged with 3 errors in this game. He can look awful playing second base.

After the game Jerry Manuel said that John Maine was lifted with shoulder stiffness and will be sent for an exam to just to be on the safe side.

John Maine out with injury with 1 out in 5th

John Maine was pull by Jerry Manuel with 1 out in the 5th inning after 75 pitches. He had a coaching visit from Jerry and Dan Warthen and threw a couple of warm up pitches and said he was ok. The next pitch he threw John Baker he hit for a homerun. The fast ball was only 86 mph. After he got Ricky Nolasco to fly out, Jerry took John out of game and replace him with Carlos Muniz.

GM For A Day

If you were GM of the Mets, would you make a trade? Would it be before the July 31 deadline? Would you stand pat?

Would you trade for a starting pitcher? A corner outfielder? A more accomplished first baseman (from cries of a month ago)? Relief help?

If I were the Mets GM, this is what I would try and do:

This might seem like it isn't enough, but if you notice what the Yankees gave up for both Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte, this deal seems fair.

According to Cots Baseball Contracts, Bay is under contract through 2009, making a reasonable $5.75M this year, and $7.5M in 2009.

If you were GM, would you make this trade? It seems fair compared to what the Yankees gave up to get Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady.

This would satisfy the Mets corner OF position for the next two years until Fernando Martinez is ready. The Pirates might not go for it, but it should be a starting point.

Aaron Heilman a starter?

Will Jerry Manuel be using Aaron Heilman as a starter? It’s possible.

Adam Rubin has a little side note about that in his preview of tonight’s game . You can read it here at his mets blog

Jon Neise has been promoted to New Orleans

Jon Neise, usually a part of every trade rumour, has been promoted to the Mets triple aaa club . He is coming off a 7 scoreless inning game in his last start.

The lefty, who if the Mets trade will be making a big mistake, is 6-7 with a 3.04 era in 22 starts

Take someone off the major league roster like Nick Evans or do i dare say Fernando Tatis if there gonna to make any trade.

Raul Ibanez for Argenis Reyes?

Is that why Argenis played 2 games this weekend? It’s been reported that Seattle had scouts shea stadium this weekend. Well if there looking at the major league roster can Seattle be looking at Reyes squared?

The Post does reports though that the Mets are putting up too many roadblocks for prospects. You can read the story here

Mets Magic at the Plate.

With July coming to the end the dog days of summer are in full swing. So are the Mets hitters who really seem to excel in the month of July.

Carlos Delgado is on a tear and I wouldn’t be surprised if he won NL player of the month when July comes to a close.

If we take a look at the Mets position player Carlos isn’t the only one having a good month.

Highlights include

Did we ever expect to have Fernando Tatis hitting like he has been? He is hitting .362 with 5 home runs and 14 rbis an a .436 on base percentage

Jose Reyes is hitting .322 and has just below a .400 on base percentage with 3 home runs and 15 rbi steaks , Ala Mex

David Wright 5 home runs 21 rbis .330 avg 441 obp

Endy Chavez and Damion Easley are hitting .330 and .320

Of course MR July, Carlos Delgado is hitting .356 with 11 home runs and 31rbis. Just about half his rbi total in 1 month. Incredible!!!!

Howard Johnson might be asking for a raise soon!!!

2 guys had a sub par month. Beltran and Schneider, who we didn’t expect much but at least Castro has been providing the power when he plays,

Love to see Carlos Beltran get hot, so opposing pitchers will have a fit with Delgado and Beltran in the batting order.

Manny Ramirez a Met?

Of course since Manny opened his mouth every city thinks they can land Manny. Manny was once a focus of the Mets a couple of years back.

Well the Mets won't land him cause Theo won't give him up. They are in the middle of a pennant race with the Rays and the Yankees and they are not going to just let him go for some player and a couple of prospects. Manny wants out so he can be a free agent and latch on to a team next year and maybe sign a 4 year 100 m deal.

Would the Mets sign him if the RedSox didn't pick up one of the options they have after this year?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pedro to possibly pitch in the Houston series

Word coming out of Met camp is that Pedro might be returning to the team early this week.

He might get a workout in at Pt St Lucie on either tuesday or wednesday and eyeing a start on Friday against the Houston Astros. Of course I'm sure this is news to Pedro.

Santana Pitches A Much Needed Gem

The Mets defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 9-1 this afternoon. Johan Santana today was the prescription the doctor ordered. After a disheartening 14 inning loss to the Cardinals last night, Santana became the first Mets pitcher to pitch a complete game this season, throwing 118 pitches. Eighty one of his 118 pitches went for strikes.

With the score 8-0 in favor of the Mets, Carlos Beltran made the defensive play of the game by robbing Ryan Ludwick of a HR in the seventh. Ludwick crushed the ball towards the seats in CF when Beltran, as graceful as a gazelle, got to the wall, leaped with his glove arm above the wall, caught the ball beyond the fence, bringing it back into play. Johan's reaction said it all. He let out a primal scream, smiled, and clapped his glove.

With the Cubs defeating the Marlins today by the score of 9-6, the Mets lead over Florida is back to 2 games.

Presently the Phillies are leading the Braves 6-5 in the sixth inning.

******** Today's Stars *******

  1. Johan Santana - Complete game giving up six hits and one earned run

  2. Ramon Castro -1-2, HR, 2BB, 2 RBI

  3. David Wright - 3-5, HR, 2 RBI

  4. Fernando Tatis - 3-4, HR, 2RBI

  5. Jose Reyes - 2-5, 2 2B

Willie Collazo brought up for a fresh arm in the pen

Willie Collazo was brought up to take Brandon Knights place on the roster. He was 4-6 with 4.08 era in 31 apperances for New Orleans.

Fernando Martinez day to day

Just a quick update on Mets Prize prospect Fernando Martinez

He tweaked his hamstring the other night. The same hamstring that made him miss 5 weeks earlier this season.

Right now he is day to day. Moses Alou sends his best.

Sunday's Lineup

If the Mets are able to get today's game in, their lineup will be:

Reyes, ss
Chavez, rf
Wright, 3b
Delgado, 1b
Beltran, cf
Tatis, lf
Easley, 2b
Castro, c
Santana, lhp

Jerry Manuel says he will still play the slumping Beltran, because he doesn't need a rest; he can work through this slump.

There is a chance today's game might get canceled. There have been thunder showers in NY.

Another Bad Possibility

ESPN's Jayson Stark says we can “add another name to the Mets' outfield shopping list -- the Giants' Randy Winn.” According to Stark, he has sources that say the Mets and Giants have had some conversations recently about Winn, who is 34 years old. Winn, a switch hitter, is hitting .274, .342 OBP, with 19 steals in 20 attempts.

Another official declares that the Mets are using the potential Winn deal as a “back-burner menu item”, and will most likely not actively pursue him before the trade deadline.

Winn is signed for 2009 for $8.125M, and could likely jump another $500K should he be traded. This creates an obstacle.

I feel the Mets should stay away from Winn...far away. We need to get younger.

Where Have You Gone Juan Padilla?

Former Met Juan Padilla was signed to a contract by the York Revolution of the Atlantic League.
Padilla, 30, who last pitched for the Mets in 2005 has had more than his share of bad luck. In an exhibition game as a tune up for the World Baseball Classic, Padilla felt discomfort in his right, pitching, arm. He started to lose velocity, and was unable to locate his pitches. Shortly afterwards, it was announced that he would undergo Tommy John surgery on his pitching elbow in March 2006.

After recovering from the surgery, Padilla was set to return to pitching in 2007 when he suffered a partial tear of a tendon in his forearm. Once again, a year after the Tommy John surgery, Padilla had to have surgery to repair the damage to his forearm.

Unable to make the Mets squad this spring, he was assigned to the Mets AAA New Orleans Zephyrs squad. After allowing 15 earned runs in 14 innings of relief, the Mets released him earlier this month.

Adam Gladstone, Director of Baseball Operations for the Revs, contacted him on a tip from Revs 2B, and former Mets prospect, Enrique Cruz who knew him. Revs manager Chris Hoiles held an audition for Padilla in which he impressed the manager. With that, the Revs signed Padilla.

Padilla had a real impressive 2005 for the Mets, posting a 1.49 ERA in 24 games.

Good luck Juan, we hope your journey ends with another opportunity to pitch in the Major Leagues.
For more on Juan Padilla, please read Jim Seip's article in York Daily Record.

A letter to Carlos Delgado from our friend Jobu

Dear Carlos Delgado,

Please accept my apologies re: the bashing you have received from me (I was very hard on you and not nice at all) and ALL the fans since opening day. I mean watching you in the beginning of the season, was like listening to nails on a chalk board. But since July YOU are BACK BABY!!! Keep up the great work. Are you studying your notebook more? Is it the great amount of patience at the plate and NOT chasing the inside JUNK you were convinced you could hit in the first 3 months of the season (you looked ugly chasing inside junk early)?

Carlos, whatever you are doing, keep it up. You are stirring the drink. See if you can get Beltran to take a sip. If your resurgence (along with Ollie P) according to Newsday’s Johnette Howard coincides with the firing of Willie and The Jacket, then I will give props to Omar for finally pulling that trigger in the middle of the night on June 17th. Remember, the change HAD to be made, but they shouldn’t have been on the plane. It should have happened before the Mets hit the West coast.

Met fans should really send cards and letters to your wife Betzaida. As the story goes, she found it on the kitchen table in Puerto Rico where you left it before reporting to training camp in February. Carlos PLEASE make sure the book is updated and with you at all times. I know the book means a lot to you and you play MUCH better when you have it.

Once again, thanks for showing up and keeping your head in the game,

I am sorry for being so nasty and obnoxious and I’m glad to have you back,


Don't Blame Aaron

Before we start hearing how Heilman blew it, just remember a few things:

  1. Heilman was in his third inning of relief

  2. The Mets left 16 men on base

  3. The Mets on seven occasions left runners in scoring position with two outs.

Some quick notes:

Good job by Fernando Tatis hitting a HR in the bottom of the ninth to tie the score;

Brandon Knight, after giving up four runs in the first inning settled down nicely, to pitch five innings. Even thought it wasn't a "quality start", he rebounded nicely.

Jose Reyes was a triple away from the cycle. He had two doubles, a single, and a HR.

Carlos Delgado continues his hot hitting with two HR's.

Oliver Perez was warming up in the bullpen in the 14th inning.


The big thing is the Mets need to rebound from last night's tough loss. They have shown this ability since Manuel has taken over.

Mets Lose in 14 10-8

Mets didnt get anything going in extra innings after tying the game on Fernando Tatis Home run in the 9th inning.

Can't really blame Heilman on this one. He was pitching his 3rd inning of relief. Jerry Manuel said after the game it was going to be Oliver Perez if the game went any further.

Brandon Knight had a shaky 1st inning giving up 4 runs but actually left the game on the winning side after coming after pithcing 5 innings. The mets coughed up the lead though . He won't be staying in bullpen. He will be heading to the Olympics.

Carlos Delgado had 2 home runs. Both hitting the base of the scoreboard. He is locked in!

Duaner Sanchez actually got some outs tonight in the 8th inning but still looked shaky allowing 2 men on

Cardinals pitched 5 scoreless innings in extra innings.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Robinson Cancel in Lineup today

Crazy line up today...with Cancel and Argenis Reyes in there.


Brandon Knight makes his first appearance since 2002.

Ibanez, Bay, Street, Oh My

It's that time of year. Trading deadline is only five days away, and the Mets desperately need at least one corner OF. I would love to see Ryan Church return, but as Mets fans, we can't put all our eggs in one basket. I would look forward to Church 2009. It would be unfair to expect Church to return this year to his pre-concussion form.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, NY Daily News columnist Adam Rubin reports the Mets have narrowed their focus on obtaining a corner outfielder. A team insider told Rubin the team could trade for Casey Blake (most likely going to the Dodgers), Jason Bay, or Raul IbaƱez. The approach would be to wait until after the non-waiver trade deadline, looking for the players to clear waivers, so a trade can be made, without having to pay the exorbitant asking price for said outfielders.

Reading between the lines:
With Xavier Nady now off the trading block, Rubin believes it might change their plans on Bay. Bay has stated he would like to remain with the Pirates if they would extend his contract and look to build around him.

Blake Is Almost Gone...

To the Dogers. In a report on ESPN, Casey Blake might be on his way to the Dodgers for two minor leaguers. The Cleveland Indians would also send the Dodgers some cash. Both teams are in negotiations, and he deal could be completed by the end of the day.

The two minor leaguers the Dodgers would send the Indians are believed to be Carlos Santana and right-handed pitcher Jon Meloan.

Blake can be a free agent at season's end.

Yes another Ryan Church update.

Didnt we get a guy to play rightfield?

Looks like that guy who has been a ghost the last month or 2 has been cleared for light activities. About time he start earning his paycheck!

He might be heading to Florida to play some games there. We might see him near the end of the Astros series or we might not.

You can read the latest on him here at

Mets Beat Cards 7-2 . Lead division by 2

I'm not sure why a game like this has be the least bit stressful, but there we were in the 9th inning , bases loaded no out and Duaner Sanchez on the mound. Does this sound familiar?

Whats up with him? He cant buy an out.. 2 hits and a walk. Is he just chucking the ball down the middle? Was it the kiss of death by SNY saying he would be the stopper if wags went down?

We are up 7-1 and its bases loaded and no outs. Why? Help me!!!

After Sanchez it was Feliciano for 1 out and Heilman for 2. They scored once in the 9th which was nice that the Mets this night didnt give any extra outs.

Highlights include.

Mr July , Carlos Delgado with a 2 run blast. Almost hitting the cameraman over the right center field fence.

Jose Reyes with a 2 rbi triple off the base of the wall.

Endy Chavez had a 4 hit night and a stolen base.

Argenis Reyes with his first major league home run.

Pelfrey got his 9th win , eh pitched 7 innings giving up 1 run and 7 hits.

Whats up with Beltran? He kept rolling over the ball to 2nd except when he did line out hard to left field.

The Phills got pummled so the Mets lead is now 2 games.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nady & Marte Gone

This evening the Yankees acquired Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte from Pittsburgh for three paper clips, a rubber band, and an ice cube.

The Yankees acquired both players for four minor leaguers including right-handed pitcher Ross Ohlendorf, right-handed pitcher George Kontos, left-handed pitcher Phil Coke and right fielder Jose Tabata in return. The trade is tentative pending physicals.

Of course if the Mets were to acquire both players, it would have cost them Johan, with the Mets paying all of his $137M contract, Fernando Martinez, Mike Carp, John Niese, and Tom Seavers frozen swimmers.

Is it me, or do the Yankees constantly get more for less? Does this move the Mets closer to pulling the trigger on Raul Ibanez or Casey Blake?

**** Updated By metsfan73 1:10 PM 7/27/2008 ***

According to MLB Trade Rumors, Ohlendorf and Tabata cleared physicals, and they cite The LoHud Yankees Blog that LHP Phil Coke and RHP George Kontos are not in the deal.

Instead, the Yankees will be sending Pittsburgh RHP Dan McCutchen, RHP Jeff Karstens, OF Jose Tabata and RHP Ross Ohlendorf to Pittsburgh for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte.

Met Rumor Mill

Seems to be running rampant. Everything though seems to be on the expensive side though. If prices don’t come down we might not see Omar make any trades.

Raul Ibanez, Xavier Nady and now Brian Giles has been mentioned lately.

Stay tuned.

See you next year Angel Pagan

Well no Angel Pagan to count on for the rest of the year. He had his second opinion and the same answer came out of it so he is going to have surgery next week to repair a torn labrum.

He hit .275 before he was injured catching a ball while running into the stands at dodgers stadium. Speedy recovery Angel!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saturday's Starter?

With Pedro on bereavement leave due to the death of his father Pablo, Zephyrs pitcher
Brandon Knight might get the start. Knight is 5-1 with a 1.60 ERA since joining the Zephyrs.

Knight, 32, last played in the bigs in 2002 with the Yankees. He was also recently chosen to represent the USA in this summer's Olympics.

Knight had contemplated retirement, but his wife Brooke convinced him to give it one more shot. Let's hope he pitches well, and will become an option if the need arises.

For more on this, read Anthony DiComo's article on

Strike Two...

Jimmy Rollins was benched for the second time this year for breaking the second of
Charlie Manuel's rules...he showed up late to today's game. Rollins who arrived an hour before game time, and approximately 40 minutes after the team, was subsequently benched.

The first rule Rollins broke this year was when he failed to hustle during a game against the Reds on June 5th. Rollins agreed with his benching for the lack of hustle on June 5th, but today didn't agree with Manuel's benching, saying, "I agreed with him last time, but we're not going to agree on this one. I understood it. He's the manager and has to set a precedent. With certain players, you're respected and held up to higher rules, and that's fine.

Rollins was late due to traffic coming from the Le Parker Meridien Hotel, on 118 West 57th Street in NY.

Thanks Jimmy. Wait until the next time we play you to use strike three!
For more on Rollins' benching, read Ken Mandel's at

I Own You!

Oliver Perez,AKA OP, has absolutely dominated the Phillies. He has given up only one run in over 26 innings this year. His ERA...wait... is 0.35 against the Phillies this year. He struck out 12 today in in 7.2 innings, while only walking one.

When asked about his success against Philadelphia, Perez said, “When I face them, I act like they’re the best team in the league. When I take the ball, I act like I’m the best pitcher in the league.”

Just remember OP, there are another 14 teams in the NL.

How Sweet It Is!

Mets Win ! Lead NL East Now by 1 game

The Mets beat the Phillies today 3-1 and move into sole possession of first place in NL East

Oliver Perez gave up only 1 run .

Carlos Delgado breaks tie in 8th with double plating 2 runs.

Mets vs. Phillies game 3 preview

Oliver Perez vs. Jamie Moyer

A matinee over at Shea today, weather permitting to see who will have a 1 game lead of the division going into the weekend.

Oliver is 2-3 with a 3.39 era against the Phillies and Jamie Moyer is 7-4 against the Mets with a 2.95 era.

David Wright his hitting .444 against him with 2 home runs.

Carlos Delgado is hitting .405 against him with 8 home runs.

Jose Reyes is hitting .333 against him in 33 at bats.

The Dreaded pitch count. Looks like we might see some changes

I guess this has been a topic for a while but it came to rear its head Tuesday night when Santana came out after 8 innings. After the game Jerry Manuel was asked if Johan wanted to pitch the 9th would he have left him in. His response was if Johan was adamant about it yes.

Young pitchers are held to there pitch count like it’s the bible. They should be able to go more then 100 pitches and not have to come to the realization that there coming out of the game.

Well Jerry Manuel wants to give pitchers a chance to go past 100 pitches.

Read Jerry’s thoughts about this over at

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stats Can Be Deceiving

We all know the Mets have been playing better since the dismissal of Willie Randolph. They are hitting in the clutch better, and not leaving as many runners on base (LOB)...or are they?

Through 100 games this year, not counting tonight's 6-3 victory where they had 14 men LOB, the Mets have left 773 men on base, an average of 7.73 men LOB per game.

In games the Mets have won, they have a total of 427 men left on base, for an average of 8.06 men LOB per game.

In games the Mets have lost, they have a total of 346 men left on base, for an average of 7.36 men left on base per game.

Here is where it gets interesting. Under Willie Randolph, where the Mets had a 34-35 record, and the Mets were getting hammered by the press daily, they had a total of 529 men LOB, which is an average of 7.67 men LOB per game.

Now, under Jerry Manuel, who we all feel has gotten much more from this complacent team, the Mets, in 31 games, and a 19-12 record, have left 244 men on base, for an average of 7.87 men LOB.
I was very surprised after compiling these stats, though the Mets seem like they are getting more timely hits, they are still leaving .20 more men on base than under Randolph's guidance.
Another stat: the Mets record under Randolph was 34-35. Under Manuel, the Mets record is 20-12, for a season record of 54-47.
Are statistics deceiving?

Pedro Martinez father died today . Pedro Leaves Team

Well the first order of business for the Mets will be to come up with a rabbit out of there sleeves since they now need a pitcher for Saturday.

Pedro left the team to be with his family.

Mets rebound and defeat Phillies: Wagner Gets save

John Maine stopped thinking and just pitched strikes and Jose Reyes provided the Home run power with a 3 run jack as the Mets beat the Phillies 6-3.

Maine struck out 5 and only walked 2 and pitched 7 innings. The Mets scored 2 runs in the first without a base hit with 3 walks and 2 ground outs .

Damion Easley had 3 hits and Brian Schneider chipped in 2

Billy Wagner was available and pitched the 9th inning 1-2-3 while hitting 96 on the radar gun. It was a nice bounce back win by the Mets tonight.

Fernando Martinez for Xavier Nady?

The trading deadline is near so is it time to start playing GM? A bunch of websites out in Mets land are reporting that the Pirates would trade Xavier Nady for 2 of the organizations top prospects.

Which everyone is saying that’s way too much to give up. Of course who would fault the Pirates for asking that price when the worst a team could say is no and give them a decent counter offer.

Now would you as the GM for the Mets do a straight up trade of Xavier Nady for Fernando Martinez? To me this is a no brainer as well. Way too much for a player that might give you one or 2 good years.

Everyone loved Xavier when he was here but there is no reason to give up your top prospect for him. Argenis Reyes, or Reyes squared, is starting to prove himself as major league ready playing second base. He is good in the field and has worked on his patience at the plate. Start with him and give the Pirates a low level prospect.

What would you give up for Xavier Nady?

Luis Aguayo Needs to be Replaced.

No one really wants to relive last night’s nightmare. There were a ton of mental mistakes.

Nothing was more glaring then Endy Chavez being thrown out 2 times at home. Luis Aguayo should be on a very short leash as a 3rd base coach.

Read what Endy Chavez had to say about last night at Newsday

Pedro Martinez update

Looks like he is a go for the Cardinal series.

He had a bullpen session yesterday and will pitch either Friday or Saturday Night. I’m hoping Friday

Mets tickets Friday July 25th vs the Cardinals

If anyone is interested I have 2 tickets to the Mets game this Friday Night. They are located in the Mezzanine Section.

There will be a concert after the game.

Contact me at the link located on the right hand side of the page if Interested

Them's Fightin' Words...

After last night's brutal loss, Jimmy Rollins had this to say about Jose Reyes' fielding gaff, "His mistake was not giving the ball up. He already made the highlights by making the barehanded grab."
For more quotes and heartache, read the full article in the Canadian Press

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

Last night was brutal. Most of what Jerry Manuel has done this year has turned to gold. Not last night. Senior Filthy didn't have it, and it was obvious from the start. When Manuel handed the ball over to Joe Smith, Smith was only allowed to pitch to one batter, Carlos Ruiz. Smith got Ruiz to do exactly what we needed; hit a grounder to Reyes at short, but Jose, instead of getting the sure out, tried to force Shane Victorino at second. The speedy Victorino beat Reyes to the bag, and by then Jose had no shot at getting Ruiz at first.

It was then that Manuel decided to remove Smith. I disagreed with that from the moment it happened. Smith did exactly what he was supposed to do. Secondly, he is a ground ball pitcher, and that is what was needed in that situation. Instead, Manuel handed the ball over to Pedro Feliciano, who allowed the on-slaught to continue.
Why can't these young pitchers be allowed to pitch out of trouble? Sanchez was allowed to create this mess, by loading the bases without recording an out, and looking terrible. Why wasn't Smith allowed to pitch to another batter? If he got a ground ball double play, things most like would have been different.

Can't anyone think outside the box? For the most part Jerry has done a terrific job, but unfortunately last night wasn't one of them.

Talk me in folks...I'm on the ledge!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wagner watches from sideline as Mets blow 3 run lead in ninth and lose

The game was fun to watch until the 9th inning. Once you saw Duaner Sanchez enter to pitch the 9th it was like ok Billy Wagner is down. The rest of the 9th inning was brutal. Johan Santana pitching of the first 8 innings were totally wasted. He gave up 2 runs.

Highlights of the 9th include

The Phillies scored 5 times until an out was recorded.

Duaner Sanchez didnt record 1 out

Reyes instead of throwing the ball to first tryed to get a speedy Victorino out at 2nd and lost

Kiss of death by sny remarking that Taguchi was 0-16 as a pinch hitter . Then you watch him hit a ball over Chavez head for a 2 run double.

Feliciano fields a comebacker for an easy double play ball to stop the scoring at 7 only to drop the ball and record only 1 out as Rollins scores.

Endy Chavez was thrown out at the plate 2 times . Once in 3rd and once in 7th.

The Media will have a field day with this loss.

Jerry Manuel won't be sleeping tonight. He got a taste of what Gump went through.

and whats up with Wagner?

Mets Battle for 1st place tonight

Will Johan Santana with his 8-7 3.10 ERA be the dominant starter we have expected tonight ..Stay tuned Carlos Delgado is batting 5 th tonight..

Reyes,Chavez,Wright,Beltran,Delgado,Easley,Anderson,Castro, Santana

Surprised to Marlon Anderson in the line up tonight

This date in Mets history c yah Doug Sisk.

He was the Armando Benitez of the 1980’s He took your hopes for a Met win and squashed them. He would make every game he is was in a chance for you to hold your breath and pray for death. Nothing was easy with Doug Sisk. A reliever that just made every 8th and 9th inning he was in sense of utter panic. No such thing as 1-2-3 inning for him no way. A walk, a hit, a double and boom that lead was gone. He was booed and it was so deserved. I think at that time in Mets history no other player was hated more then Doug Sisk.

Well back in 1990 he was traded on this date to our hated Atlanta Braves for Tony Valle. He should have been traded long before that for a box of rocks and a klondike bar.

Meet Joe Blanton. Newest Member of the Phillies.

Tonight it’s Santana against the Phillies newest member Joe Blanton. The Mets played against Joe Blanton last year and he pitched well against them. In one game last year he had a no decision in a Met win but pitched 8 shout out innings.

David Wright won that game with a walk off single in the 9th.

There is a good article on him over at that you can read here

Shea Goodbye 68 days left at Shea Stadium?

The Mets have announced that next month they will announce what there plans are to say goodbye to the home of the Mets for the last 44 years. There updated version of Shea goodbye.
My question is….. What took you so long? Why wasn’t it a celebration throughout the year? I mean come on!!!

Fans have been going to Flushing during the good times and the bad. We have dealt with power outages, long lines and overflowing toilets. Not to mention teams with players with names like Goose Goslin. Dave Schenck, Duffy Dyer. We dealt with Mets teams that were out of it any contention by the All-Star Break. We also had awesome teams like ’69 with a pitching staff that was unmatched. The mid 80’s even though we only won 1 World Series during that run .

We should be celebrating the last 44 years at every game. Not just taking a number off the wall with Mr Met!!

The question is what will the Mets do for this homage to Shea? I’d like to see them celebrate every year from ‘64- to the present somehow.

How about bringing a player from each years opening day lineup? Personally I would love that. Or everyone that is leading a category in hitting and pitching at shea?

Shea has been around longer then a lot of us Met fans who remember the first game they went to like it was yesterday. You might not remember the weather the day your first kid was born but you sure remember what it was like at Shea your first game!!!

What are your idea(s)?

Billy Wagner is day to day as per Eddie Coleman

Wagner's MRI results are negative.

There is no structural damage to the shoulder, and he is day-to-day.

Luis Castillo update

Even though he is able to come off the disabled list, he just resumed baseball activities as of yesterday down in Pt St Lonely.

Don’t rush yourself Luis. Take it real real easy

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mets & Phils 1 Game Up

Tonight the Mets arch nemesis, the Atlanta Braves, beat the Florida Marlins 4-0 in Florida. With the Loss, the Marlins drop to one full game behind NY and Philadelphia.

Stark Picks Phils

ESPN's Jayson Stark picks the Philadelphia Phillies to win the National League East this year. He states that the Cheese Steaks fielding and hitting will be enough to win the division, though their starting pitching doesn't quite match up with the Mets. Stark avoids stating that the Mets hold a season 7-3 edge.

Stark understandably says that one month of solid ball isn't enough to make him believe the Mets won't fall apart, given last year's collapse.

This weeks' series against the Cheese Steaks should help to quiet the critics, at least temporarily, if the Mets take at least two games.

Only one month ago we would jump at the chance to be in this position. Bring on the Phils!

This date in Mets history 4 double plays

I’m dating myself but that’s ok if I say I remember listening to Bob Murphy’s call of this game on the radio in July 1975.

It was a game against the Astros where Felix Milan had 4 singles and was erased each time by a double play by a future Mets Manager named Joe Torre. Joe was at the end of his amazing career and couldn’t run at all. He whacked the ball 4 times on the ground after Felix had a single and was erased.

They interviewed Felix after the game and you can tell he was slightly frustrated. Good job Mr Torre! The Mets lost the game 6-2

Will the Mets make a deal by the Trading Deadline?

Jerry Manuel seems to think so. Read his statement over at the Bergen Record.

Lets just not go overboard with any decent prospects ok Omar?

Ryan Church update

It was mentioned in the broadcast yesterday that there will be a meeting of the “Mets minds” regarding the status of Ryan Church today.

He was told to take it easy this past weekend and he was saying that he feels a lot better.

Mets brass just want to be very cautious with him.

Billy Wagner Might be going for an MRI today

Billy Wagner who registered is 24th save yesterday against the Reds might be going for an MRI today which was mentioned in yesterdays post game show.

He mentioned that his shoulder has been bothering him for the last 2 weeks.

If you saw him throw is breaking ball sunday something looked out of sorts.

Lets hope its nothing serious cause we don’t want to see him down for any length of time

Carlos Delgado should he bat 4th?

Gary and Keith brought up this topic during yesterday's telecast. Especially when Ryan Church comes back to the lineup to have Carlos Delgado bat 4th in the lineup.

Well he has certainly found his stroke. In the last 30 days he has been hitting .316 with 7 home runs and 22 rbis. He is second on the team over that time with a .410 on base percentage and second on team with a .612 slugging percentage.

I never liked Carlos Beltran batting 4th. I know it was done due to Delgado not hitting. I just don't see Beltran as a cleanup hitter. Over the last 30 days he has been hitting .255 with 5 home runs and 20 rbis.

Jerry Manuel hopefully is thinking to make some changes in the batting order if we get to see Ryan Church this week.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mets Win in Extra Innings

The Mets beat the Reds for a split of the 4 game series by a score of 7-5. The win for the Mets and the Phillies losing to the Marlins means the Mets are tied for first going into a 3 game series at Shea on Tuesday.

Mike Pelfrey wasnt dominant but he did manage to pitch 7 innings. The Mets had 14 hits with 3 by Delgado who drove in 2 runs and looks like he is really zeroed in at the plate finally.

The Mets scored early in with a run in the First but the game went back and forth. The Mets built a lead of 3-1 with a Castro 2 run bomb and added another with a rbi by David Wright.

Marlon Anderson getting a start in left mislplayed a ball that gave the Reds an extra out and led to the Reds scoring 3 in the inning to tie it at 4.

The Mets wound up tying the score at 5 and then in the 10th scored 2 runs with Robinsom Cancel leading off the ininng with a double. His first extra base hit since 1999. Reyes bunted him over to 3rd but was safe on the play himself. The other reyes was safe on throwing error that had Cancel scoring and then Delgado had a sac fly to score Reyes.

Wags came in and struck out the side for his 24 save.

Tuesday we will see Santana pitch to see if the Mets can get sole posession of first place. Shea will be rocking like it was this past week for the Billy Joel concerts.

Today's Lineup

According to Adam Rubin, today's lineup for the finale against the Cincinnati Reds is:
Reyes, ss
A. Reyes, 2b
Wright, 3b
Beltran, cf
Delgado, 1b
Anderson, lf
Castro, c
Chavez, rf
Pelfrey, rhp

You can listen to today's game, starting at 1:15 PM, on 660 WFAN, or watch it on CW11.

Should Have Named It Gil Hodges Memorial Park

In Saturday's NY Times, Richard Sandomir wrote an interesting article chronicling the losses Citigroup has had since inking a deal with Sterling Enterprises/NY Mets for naming rights for the new stadium scheduled to open in April 2009.

Citigroup has lost $17 billion in the last three quarters, while cutting 28,000 jobs since early 2007. The article goes on to report that Citigroup had $2.5 billion in losses on Friday, caused by $38 billion in credit losses and write-downs for bad mortgage investments.

The article does a nice job saying that Shea Stadium never had these issues, and while Citi Field will have Citigroups name on it, will it lead people to do their banking with Citigroup? That's doubtful.

I didn't want the Mets to sell out like so many professional teams have over the last decade. I wanted this new ball park to be named Gil Hodges Memorial Park. It would have had a link to the Mets past, and honor the first man to guide the Mets to the promised land.

For more on this, please read Richard Sandomir's article.

Let It Go, It's Over...

In a section for Delaware On Line, during Tuesday's Red Carpet All Star festivities, several Mets fans called out to Scott Kazmir saying they wish he was never traded. Other's handed him Mets hats for him to try on, just to see what he would look like in a Mets hat. Still other's, said he will be back with the Mets.
It's over guys. A bad moment that has defined Jim Duquette's tenure as Mets GM. I still contend that this trade was made by Jeff Wilpon because Al Leiter, John Franco, and Tom Glavine got in his ear.

Damion Easley to get the Day off.

He has been nursing sore legs so we won't see him play today.

The "other" reyes will get the start.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A game to forget.. sound familiar ?

Well the run is over and they played like the first 3 months of the season. The Mets didn't come back tonight and lost 7-2

Lots of runners left on base. Hitting into doupleplays. Striking out with the bases loaded. 4 runs giving up by the bullpen. All in all it was another game to forget. David Wright had a solo shot that was a blast. Carlos Delgado had 2 hits and Jose Reyes got on base 2 times for the first time this series.

Oliver Perez might have had a quality start by the definition of quality but it wasn't a quality start when you give up 3 runs and 6 hits and 3 walks in my book.

The Phillies lost so the Mets didn't lose any ground.

Pedro Martinez Update...He Might Pitch On Tuesday...

That's like saying I might have a pizza, today.

Lets keep it to ourselves, until a decision is made, O.K. guys? Thanks!

He is to throw a side session today, and see how he feels, regarding his groin flare up. No comments needed.

Angel Pagan Update...

He might be done for the year.

He has been advised to get shoulder surgery.

He, of course, is looking for a second opinion.

Stay tuned...

Mets Win Streak Snapped...

Well, it was bound to happen. The Mets actually lost a game.

Well, you know, its nice to know that the Mets can lose a game, and have an O.K., it happens, attitude.

They couldn't do much against Bronson Arroyo, last night, 2 runs on 4 hits.

Carlos Beltran had a double and a triple.

John Maine pitched O.K. until the fifth inning. He might have escaped the 5th, if a ball didn't deflect off David Wright's glove.

The Mets seem to downplay this loss. Fine, just start another win streak, today !

Phils won, so the Mets' place, on top of the division, was short lived.