Sunday, May 31, 2009

Par-Nails Down The Marlins

After another sub-par outing by JJ Putz, Bobby Parnell came in and closed out the 8th inning with the tying run on third base.

Parnell, 24, is quickly emerging as a solid set-up man. With JJ Putz having difficulties, we might be seeing more and more of Parnell in the set-up role.

Parnell pitched 2/3 of an inning, bailing out Putz and the Mets. Starting the 8th with the Mets leading 3-1, Putz came in and quickly gave up a run, but was charged with two (a run scored when Parnell surrendered a single to Hanley Ramirez and was charged to Putz). He then slammed the door on the Marlins by striking out Cantu, and getting Hermida to fly out to LF.

In the ninth Francisco Rodriguez struck out the side, and walked one.

This was the first time this year the Mets have won a rubber game.

Other Notes:

Angel Pagan left the game with a groin pull, and was replaced by Jeremy Reed.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tim Redding lousy but will pitch in Pittsburgh

With Oliver Perez heading to Pt St Lucie the Mets will give Tim Redding another shot in the rotation when the Mets play Pittsburgh 4 games this week.

Perez had a Mri and has tendinitis in in his knee. He will not start for Buffalo.

Redding pitched lousy today and has a ERa over 9. The Mets do not have many options since Niese has pitched lousy for the Bisons and Dillon Gee who the Mets are high on has shoulder issues.

Will we see a certain 40 yr old rookie maybe if Redding chokes in his next start? we will see!

Some Thoughts From The Peanut Gallery

Jerry Manuel, who I like, and think has had, for the most part, a positive influence on the Mets, has been drinking too much from the Willie Randolph Kool Aid.

Daniel Murphy, who according to talk radio pundits, is fighting for his 2009 life, was sat on the pine after driving in five runs and hitting a (controversial) home run.

Let's go back to 2005 where Willie Gump sat Cliff Floyd during a 20 game hitting streak. In his next game, Floyd's streak came to an end.

Granted, the Mets had an exciting 11 inning victory over the Marlins tonight, but there was so much wrong in the decisions made

Why was Mike Pelfrey removed with two outs in the eighth? He was still pitching well.

Why was JJ Putz removed with two outs in the 10th? He was pitching well also, and deserved to finish out the inning. Putz looked quite miffed when Jerry called for the ball.

Some may feel Metsfan73 has no right to complain with a 1/2 game lead in the NL East, and with a nice four game winning streak going, but what I see is not only an instability in this team due to injuries, but an instability in their starting teams. David Wright will continue to play even if he goes 0-15, Carlos Beltran will continue to play even though he is only playing on one wheel, but Murphy has the game of his life, and is rewarded with a seat on the bench.

Jerry always claims to play the hot hand, but that isn't true. You need to look no further than tonight's starting line-up which was conspicuously missing Daniel Murphy.

Another point: Jose Reyes gets killed for not running out hits maybe two or three times per year, and is either benched, or rightfully reprimanded. But not only can David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Gary Sheffield, etc. get excused for a lack of hustle, but rookie Fernando Martinez is excused for the worst possible indiscretion imaginable. Here is a rookie looking to make his mark, sitting like a spectator instead of running out a pop-up, which was ultimately dropped.

I am very proud the way this team is plugging along during such a difficult time of accruing frequent flier miles to the disable list, but the Mets need to be consistent. This coaching/managing a-la-carte is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

Lastly, I am sorry to see Ramon Castro depart to the ChiSox, but am glad the Mets are showing confidence in Omir Santos, who was responsible for both Met runs tonight, in their 2-1 11 inning victory over Florida. As I stated in a previous post, I believe in Santos, and think he deserves the chance. That being said, I think Schneider should have been the catcher to change locations. Good Luck Ramon, I will miss your clutch performances and your fun loving attitude in the clubhouse.

Friday, May 29, 2009

After win Mets trade Ramon Castro to the White Sox

After Onir Santos tied the game with a home run and won the game in the 11th it kind of solidified his spot on the team.

Omar Minaya was working the phones before the game and after the game it was done. The Mets traded catcher Ramon Castro to the White Sox in exchange for right-handed pitcher Lance Broadway after their 2-1 win over the Marlins on Friday.

The Mets will pay a portion of Castro's remaining salary.

Lance Broadway will report to triple AAA buffalo.

Good luck to Ramon . He was brought to NY after some person trouble when he played for the Marlins. He did get injured alot but he also had some nice power that the Mets lacked in the catching position.

Now my question is this . If Schneider gets hurt again do the Mets trade for Castro? :)

Brian Schneider back on Saturday. Beltran in tonights lineup

With the Mets going against a lefty tonight the Mets will wait until tomorrow to activate catcher Brian Schnieder. There is no word on what the Mets will do with there catching situation. Most likely they will send down Santos? Or will they release Castro? I see the Mets just sending Santos down for now . Or will they make another move with someone on there bench? Doubt it since they are not stacked with backed up outfielders or infielders.

Carlos Beltran in back in the lineup tonight against the Marlins. F -Mart sits..He does not do well against lefties.

Pagan, Castillo, Beltran, Sheffield, Wright, Tatis, Santos, Martinez, Pelfrey

Mets need Sheffield to become leader? I do not think so.

In an interesting column from Wallace Matthews at he lets us know that Gary Sheffield has been a positive clubhouse presence. Matthews goes on to actually apologize about previous comments about the slugger.

So let me get this straight. Am I hearing this right? Matthews in the same article has shown someone in a positive light as well as saying he his sorry?
Did I miss something here? Are there locusts near? Is the Apocalypse on the horizon.

Wow I never thought I first would see Mr Matthews show any positive light especially on someone he called back in April a “clubhouse cancer”

Honestly though I think that Sheff has done a bang up job for the Mets on the field The Mets do not need him to lead in the clubhouse. Let him lead by example at the plate by keeping himself feared by opposing pitchers.

In between Beltran and Wright he can really help them with just continuing to hit. Let Wright for once show his clout in the clubhouse and Sheff just keeps wiggling that bat!

Where are they now: Tom Seaver no hitter nemesis Jimmy Qualls

It might be is only claim to fame when it comes to baseball but no can forget the trivia answer to this question. Who broke up Tom Seaver’s no hitter back in 1969?

It was Cubs utility man Jimmy Qualls . If you have a moment check out the latest on Qualls from this article over at

40 years later Mr Qualls is living in relative obscurity in a town in Illinois. He had 31 hits in his major league career and none no famous then the one against Seaver that broke up a no hitter in the top of the 9th

He mentions in the article that he would do an autograph session with Seaver any time for free. Later that season they crossed paths and Seaver always the professional said "You little (runt)," Seaver told him. "You cost me a million bucks!" Ah the franchise. Nice to see he has been consistent in his personality over the last 40 years the pompass……..

July 9th is less the 2 months away which would be 40 years from that faith full game . Love to see a reunion of the 2 and just watch Seaver seeth next to Mr Qualls ! Priceless!

Instant Replay Seems to be working

Yes I think its working and not because the Mets have been 5 for 5 in calls. Adam Rubin at the Daily News has a fantastic article that he posted late last night that he intereviewed Jimmie Lee Solomon, Major League Baseball's executive vice president for baseball operations regarding instant replay.

They discuss the Sheffield home run and how long it took. I agree with the fact that it took too long but I also agree if it takes an extra minute or 2 to get the call right so be it. Most calls have not taken that long.

They also discuss the thought process of the Santos call in Boston as well as touching on the idea of adding cameras to the wall of all stadiums.

Every one seems to say Citi Field is quirky. Rahter be quirky then a bandbox!!!! Make sure you check out the article

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Carlos Delgado shows up at Mets fundraiser.

Nice to see Carlos Delgado in his first apperance since the May 19th surgery.

The Mets had a funraiser in Ct and Delgado was in attendance. He mentioned that he was at a couple of the game this week at Citi Field.

He said he is looking forward to starting to get in shape very soon. he has another week or so on crutches.Right now he is watching the Mets on the tube. We wish him a speedy recovery. He had the same surgery as the Yankees 3rd baseman that seems to be showing no ill effects.

Mets hitting leaders in May. Gary Sheffield lighting it up

I was not a big proponent of the Mets signing Sheff but not sure where the
team would be without his bat in the lineup since Delgado went down.

Below are some of the numbers for the Mets in the month of May

Carlos Beltran is hitting .364 with 4 homers and 17 rbi’s with a .448 on base percentage and has 11 doubles.

David Wright is hitting .404 with 2 homers and 22 rbi’s and a 509 on base percentage.

Gary Sheffield has 16 walks a .500 on base percentage and is hitting .362 in the month of May with 4 homers and 15 rbi’s. He also seems to be involved in every home run review somehow.

The catching tandem of Santos and Castro has given the Mets a .266 avg with 3 home runs and 20 rbi’s in the month of May. Brian Schneider who?

John Maine leads the pitchers with a .364 avg on 4 for 11…Get him in the lineup!!!!

Mets to enjoy off day and 1st place. The Subway shot by Daniel Murphy

It is nice to wake up and see the Mets in first. Ok its by 1/2 game over the Phillies but it is still first place.

After last nights crazy game the Mets I am sure could use a day to chill. Well sort of since some of the Mets will be hiking it up to Greenwich CT tonight for a function.

David Wright gets a day off which I am sure it will be appreciated. He struck out 4 times for the first time in his career last night. David has played in the Mets games so far.

You see the Murphy Shot? check out the Subway Shot here

Also make sure you check out the Adam Dunn Shot. It was a moon launch to the back of the bridge.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Video review another win big night for Daniel Murphy

Johan Santana had a very strange outing. With him walking 6 tonight and striking out 11 in 6 innings and the 6th inning being when Daniel Murphy hit a homer? off the yellow subway sign in right field sent the umps to check out another video review.

The Mets are now 5 for 5 in video reviews when Murphy's double turned into a 2 run home run that gave the Mets a 5-3 lead. All the videos on the SNY feed were really tough to decipher if it was a double or a homer.

Check our latest post that has video of the Murphy shot.

Check out all the Video Replays so far this year.

Adam Dunn seem to give up on the ball early. Sheff was originally thrown out at home. Well after the umps saw it they gave Murphy a homer. He added a double later in the game to have 5 rbis for the night. He was almost perfect until the 9th where he was given an error for missing a grounder under his glove.

Johan was squeezed on some pitches and wound up giving up 3 runs on 3 hits on 120 pitches.

K Rod closed the door in the 9th for a 7-4 win and gives the Mets a sweep. The Nationals are pretty awful and I would hate to see the Mets lose one of these games because the Nats are worse this year.

Daniel Murphy at first base tonight.

Mets go for the sweep with Daniel Murphy batting fifth.

Pagan,Castillo,Wright,Sheffield.Murphy,Castro, F Martinez,RMartinez and the Ace himself Johan Santana.

Lets hope that if they walk Sheff ,Murphy does some damage.

Soliciting For Santos

In Adam Rubins Surfing The Mets, Rubin realistically predicts that once Schneider is activated from the DL, Santos will be sent down to AAA Buffalo. Schneider is pining to come back, but according to an official, they want him to face a higher level of pitching than what he has faced in extended Spring Training.

This will draw the ire of Mets fans, including yours truly. I've followed the game for a long, long time, so I understand that it's a numbers game; the numbers in Schneider's contract are larger than Santos.

If Rubin's prediction is accurate, that will leave the Mets with a catching tandem of Ramon Castro and Brian Schneider. Schneider has been a disappointment in his short tenure here in Queens, and has been oft injured. We knew he couldn't hit, but his defense leaves a lot to be desired. It has been much less than advertised.

With Ramon Castro, he is a superb back-up. The key word is B-A-C-K-U-P. He too is oft injured, and isn't someone you want to catch everyday. Although Castro is a solid hitter, and was a very good defensive catcher, those days of solid defense are history. He can handle a pitching staff well, but with aging and injuries, he isn't the player he was three years ago.

With Santos, the Mets have found something special, even if it is only over a short period of time. Santos has provided some very big hits, and has been very good behind the plate. That play last night, where he tagged out Washington's Josh Bard, Santos, blocking the plate better than the other two options, forced Bard to go wide, missing the plate. Santos, not giving up on the play, alertly tagged Bard out. I don't think either of the two other catcher's on this team make that play.

It is doubtful Schneider will be back with this team in 2010 with his contract expiring at season's end. The same might be said for Castro, whose contract also expires with the end of this season. Instead of waiting until the last minute, wouldn't it be smart for the Mets to see what they have before next year? Let Santos play. Let him make mistakes, and continue to let him play. When all is said and done, he might very well be the best option available.

Unfortunately, the MO for this team is to have a slow reaction as opposed to being aggressively proactive.

All we are saying, is give Santos a chance (you may draw whatever John Lennon reference you like).

Jerry Manuel vs Ryan Church. What is the problem.

If you did not get a chance check out the article from the other day from Murray Chass who discusses some points on what is going on between Ryan Church and his manager . Of course if you ask Jerry the answer is he likes Ryan Church. I guess he remembers what his name is now. It is not “that guy” Of course if you read the article Murray breaks down the sound bite and it turns out Jerry said “a guy”

One of the items in the article that I must have missed after the game in LA where Church missed 3rd base Manuel said he would have strangled him if it was his kid.

Ok I have a problem here. Does Jerry have to be so obvious in his dislike for Ryan? The guy last year got off to a great start and gets hurt. He did not ask to get hurt. It happens. Yes he is not hitting this year so that compounds the problem but look around Murphy is not lighting it up. Tatis is not hitting like he did last year does that mean Jerry hates him too? Does he hate Reyes for his boneheaded base running a couple of weeks ago?

Does Jerry really think that F Mart will excel in that corner of Citi Field? Or Reed or Sheff for that matter. I mean yeah it would be great if Church was hitting but his defense speaks volumes. Who has an arm like Church? Nobody!

Time for Jerry to bury the hatchet and stand up for Church when he comes off the DL. I bet he might actually smile once or twice if he did.

Carlos Beltran is 3rd in Outfielder All star voting

I know its early but make sure you get a chance to vote for this years all stars. The Brewer fans are pushing hard already with there voting. Ryan Braun is in front of Carlos Beltran in the early tally. The Mets Centerfielder is off to a stellar year .

The Brewers are no lower then second in any position so there is no time like the present!

David Wright leads all 3rd baseman but Bill Hall of the Brewers is right behind him.

Check out the leaders here and also vote here MLB vote

Oliver Perez does not impress in rehab start

Lets see Livan Hernandez had 127 pitches in 9 innings , Oliver Perez had 88 pitches in 4 and 1/3 innings in Buffalo. Same ole Ollie. He gave up 5 walks and 1 run and 3 hits in his start for Buffalo yesterday. The cold weather I am sure up in Buffalo did not help the Lefty and his balky knee.

Tim Redding is safe for now and will pitch against the Marlins on Saturday. Oliver Perez will make at least 1 more start for Buffalo . According to Adam Rubin Perez realizes he is not ready yet but is still looking forward to coming back to Queens. No rush Oliver. Lets see you pitch 6 or 7 innings with an 88 pitch count. Yeah I know...might never see that...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Complete Dominance

Livan Hernandez pitched a complete game, hurling 127 pitches, in leading the Mets to a 6-1 victory. Hernandez struck out sick and walked one. He gave up the lone run on a homerun by Adam Dunn.

Gary Sheffield hit a three run HR to put the Mets ahead 6-1 in the seventh inning. The shot was a line drive over the LF wall.

Mets Super Prospect, Fernandeo Martinez, made his Major League debut, going 0-3, with an RBI. He struck out twice, and was HBP. Welcome to the Show Fernando.

Tomorrow's conclusion between these two teams will show Nationals Jordan Zimmerman against Johan Santana.

With the Phillies beating the Marlins tonight, the Mets still remain a 1/2 game back.

Jose Reyes and Ryan Church were placed on the 15 day DL

The Mets have finally done something with Jose Reyes . He will join Ryan Church on the 15 day DL. Per Omar Minaya.

The Mets have called up Fernando Martinez and have also made a trade for Indians Shortstop Wilson Valdez for cash.

Carlos Beltran to sit until Friday . No surgery for Alex Cora

The Mets have announced that Carlos Beltran has a bone bruise and will sit until friday. No DL .

Alex Cora will not have surgery and will come off the DL after the 15 days are up . He expects to have surgery after the season. He has created a splint that will help him with throwing in the field according to Adam Rubin.

Latest on Alex Cora and Ryan Church

The Mets hope to find out today if Alex Cora will be available much sooner then expected. If you watched last night on SNY, Taco fiend Kevin Burkhardt mentioned that Alex Cora will visit a doctor today, and if it is determined he will not need surgery on his thumb, we could see Cora playing very soon.

That could be good news to the Mets . Not sure what they plan to do with Jose Reyes who should be put on the DL if he cant play. I know there saying 80% of Reyes is better then most. Why though? I mean he obviously was not up to play last time and lasted 1 game and 3 innings.

Ryan Church still might go on the DL even though the MRI showed no damage. Would be nice for the Mets to bring up Fernando Martinez in that case since he would get some playing time.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Instant Replay 3rd game in a row Gary Sheffield home run sticks in 5-2 win

The Mets had the instant replay used in there 3rd game in a row when Gary Sheffield hit a home run over the left field wall that a fan tried to catch. The ball hit off his glove and rebounded back into play. Manny Acta ran out to the 3rd base ump who orignally signaled that the ball was a home run.

The umps then spent 6 minutes to held up the decision . Way too long. That might have cost John Maine to come out for the 7th inning as per Jerry Manuel's post game comments.

Check out the Sheff Home run

Some say the Nats feed show a better view of the ball. To me it looked like if the guy did not touch it , the ball would have hit above the yellow line.
The Mets tied there season high with 9 walks. The last 3 innings seem to take 3 hours. With Bobby Parnell walking a bunch then Putz walking a couple in the 8th and even K Rod added to the total in the 9th inning.

The Sheff 3 run home run helped the Mets to a 5-2 win . The Phillies lost so the Mets are now 1/2 game out of first place.

Memorial Day 2009

We here at 24 Hours... wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. While many will be BBQ-ing, the Metsfan73 family will be venturing to Gil Hodges Memorial Park to take in the Mets-Nationals game.

Must admit, I am a bit concerned that the Mets will have to look into the stands to field a team. Once again, this team hesitates to disable players, so they work with a 2o man roster instead of a 25 man roster. There are rumblings that maybe 'Super Prospect', Fernando F-Mart Martinez might be promoted. Personally, I think it's a little too soon for that, but they do need help.

This is a holiday, and I will limit my rant(s).

To all those who do, and have served our country, the greatest in the world, we thank you. We thank all the men and women who have defended and are defending our freedom as American's, and to those who have given their lives to preserve our rights. Happy Memorial Day!

Mets hobble back to NY

The Mets are back in NY to play the Nationals tonight but who knows who will be in the lineup with the growing number of Mets becoming a part of the walking wounded.

Today the Mets send Ryan Church to get a MRI on his hamstring and then make a decision if he needs to go to the DL.

K Rod seems ok after having to go the hospital the other night after having severe back spasms.

Jose Reyes will not play again due to the tentinitis he has in his leg.

Will Ramon Martinez play after he was taken out late in the game yesterday?

The Mets do not want to bring anybody up from Buffalo since then they would have to add them to the 40 man roster.

Jerry Manuel must be shaking his head because every day he does not have a full team to choose from. If Reyes cant play he needs to go on the dl.

I cant wait to see the lineup tonight whern the Mets play the Nationals!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Omir Santos Saves The Day Part II

What a great win for this Jekyl and Hyde team. For stretches the Mets look like World Beaters, and for stretches they look like The Bad News Bears.

Omir Santos had a dramatic two run HR off Jonathan Papelbon. If you haven't seen it, here it is:

Omir Santos saves the day

The Mets finally had a dramtic win last night . Maybe an understatement !! 2 outs down by 1 and a man on . Omir Santos sent a ball that look to be a home run over the green monster. The umps had to review the play. For the first time the Red Sox lost this season after leading in a game through 6 innings.

When the play was ruled a home run by the umps all the Mets were out of the dugout to greet Mr. Santos...What a way to win a game!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jose Reyes to sit another day Church out as well

The Mets play game 2 against the Red Sox tonight and Jose Reyes will be relagated to the bench again. He will not play and he will have Ryan Church by his side as well. Church had a sore hamstring yesterday and will sit as well.

The Mets will have to use probably Ramon Martinez at shortstop since no moves were announced. Ramon , who is a second baseman by trade, had 2 errors in last nights 5-3 win against the Red Sox. The Mets must feel that Reyes is only a day or 2 away from playing otherwise you think they would do something. It is tough watching Reyes sit on the pine while the Mets struggle with trying different lead off hitters!!!! Last night Murphy was sloted in the #1 hole.

Look for Wright to DH tonight if Beltran can play centerfield.

Notes from Boston .Parnell hits 100 MPH . Is Johan the Man or what?

I have to tell you . I really need to go see a game at Citi Field with Johan pitching. He just is such a

Thank you to Kevin Youkilis for mouthing off to Johan about being hit. It just made him more intense. Also Youk move away from the ball not into it! Hey Omar we need 24 Johans because he is a gamer.

Even the boys at SNY , Straw and Ojeda love the man . 2 guys from camp 86 Mets who would take no .......
His comments were awesome after the game about how you just have to out there and make it work regardless if team is not fielding.

Bobby Parnell pitched lights out in the 8th hitting 100mph on the SNY gun. Ah it was fun to see even if the gun is a little wired! Putz who?

Thanks Sheff for hitting that home run so we do not have to hear about the last time the Mets hit one.

Are the camera angles by the big monster just incredible or what? I really need to save my nickels and dimes and get a seat up there someday!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey Budddy, The Plate Is Mine!

Johan! He is becoming the one word meaning excellence. Pop culture has Madonna, Dion, The Boss, etc. Not since David Cone, can I remember a Mets pitcher standing a hitter up.

Somewhere circa 1988, David Cone against the Dodgers, plunked Pedro Guerrero, and Guerrero, trying to be a tough guy, tried to stare down Cone. Cone, stared back at Guerrero, telling him to do something not so nice to himself, and showed him up.

Fast forward to 2009, and Johan is the Man. He pitched in tight, beaning Kevin Youkilis, and Youkilis must have had his Wheaties today, because he was feeling "frisky" and started jawing at Santana. Johan The Man, stared him down, informing the Red Sox 1B that he wasn't hitting him, and that he was not afraid, nor taking any of Youkalis' baloney.

This is the heart this team must have! The big problem is they need this F-You attitude from an everyday player, not their ACE. Johan from now on will be known as Johan The Man. He showed what an Ace is all about, leading his team, with a dismal line-up, to defeat the BoSox 5-3.

Jeremy Reed made a nice catch late in the game to keep the Sox at bay.

Ryan Church has a sore hamstring, and came out of the game in the fourth inning. He said he should be able to play tomorrow, but Jerry Manuel made it sound like he won't be in the line-up. Way to go Jerry. Keep up with the patch-work line-up.

Great win for the Mets, especially since the Phils spanked the Yankees (Enjoy Long Island Met Fan!).

The Mets need at least two of three to make the road trip successful.

On a side note, Metsfan73 wants to wish his beautiful, wonderful wife, Lori, a Happy 16th wedding anniversary. Without you, my life would be incomplete.

Back on this date, in 1998, the Mets obtained Mike Piazza. Jeez, I'm getting old!!!

Tonight's Lineup Vs. Red Sox

Certainly won't be confused with the 1986 Mets:

Murphy, 1b
Church, rf
Beltran, cf
Sheffield, dh
Wright, 3b
Reed, lf
Santos, c
Martinez, ss
Castillo, 2b

Johan Santana not stellar at Fenway

The Mets have ace Johan Santana and his 5-2 record going tonight against the Red Sox. He is 4-4 lifetime against the Red Sox and has a less then stellar record at Fenway where he is only 1-3.

The Mets need everything he has to break the Mets 4 game losing streak against a team that just swept the Blue Jays.

Only Jason Varitek has a good batting average against him. In 18 at bats he his hitting .444 . Pedrioa and Jason Bay are hitting .400 but in 5 at bats.

The Mets have to get some timely hitting and near perfect fielding to have any shot against the Red Sox who are 16-4 at Fenway. I doubt Reyes will be in the lineup but look for Gary Sheffield to make his return after being ill the last couple of games with food poisoning . Sheff has 6 hits in 11 at bats against Dice K

Cant root for the Yankees even if they play the Phillies

This morning on Carton and Boomers show they were talking about Met fans need to root for the Yankees this weekend since they play the Phillies. Sorry not happening. I cant see myself rooting for them. There the Yankees. If it was the last game of the season and we needed the Yankees to beat the Phillies to make it in the playoffs somehow, I might be desperate to root for them. It is May...still and there 3/4's of the season left to play. I really do not care if the Yankees win this weekend.

The Mets have to only worry about the Red Sox this weekend. Honestly don't tell anyone but I hope the Phillies pummel the Yankees tonight. I want to see like a 10-2 score in the 3rd inning.I have heard enough about the Yanks winning streak and how its all nicey nice in the Bronx. Actually I hope the 2 teams brawl but the Phillies winning 2 out of 3 or sweeping would be just fine in my book.

The Mets just need not wind up losing 3 to Boston. That is about the only thing I will not be able to stomach this holiday weekend. I need a Johan win and a blow out tonight to set the Mets on a nice little run. They play the Nationals starting Monday and then the Marlins who are lost. Lets see the Mets win 5 out of the next 6...No I am not on any medication. Maybe after the weekend I might need to be!

Mets move into Boston with Jose Reyes but will he play?

As we have noted here Jose Reyes will not be spending time on the DL . He will nurse his leg as well as he can . The Mets according to the Daily News will just sit tight and not make any moves to obtain a player. The Mets feel that Jose will not miss any major time.

So that being said we get to watch Journeyman Ramon Martinez play shortstop in Boston I am sure for at least the first game of the series. Oh boy. I know they have said Jose is day to day. He was day to day last time and he played 1 game and 3 innings of the 2nd before he had to sit. Why they so sure that this will not happen again. If it does then the Mets will be more desperate to have a player brought in.

That is why I think the Mets should make a move now. If they have someone in mind then pull the trigger. Just make it someone who is a shortstop. Not a 2nd baseman brought in to play shortstop . As it is the Mets have enough players playing out of position. Then when Castillo goes 0-8 in the first 2 games of the Red Sox series Ramon can play second. Hey Omar make a move now! Reyes needs a backup regardless if he is able to play and Ramon Martinez right now is not it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jose Reyes MRI..No DL stint

Jose Reyes had an MRI earlier today and there is no DL stint for now for the Mets shortstop. He is still listed as day to day. Tendinitis is still the culprit. So the shortstop will sit I am sure for a couple of more days while the Mets have Ramon Martinez or Fernando Tatis play shortstop.

Omar Minaya has been quiet today on the Mets day off. The Mets will have to do something if Reyes cant play for any length of time.

A frustrating time for Reyes and Met fans . I hate off days after a loss!!!!!!

Baseball's Top 50 Players

The Sporting News Top 50 Active Baseball Players list is out, and no fewer than six (6) Mets on the list.

Of course, #1 on the list is St. Louis Cardinal 1B, Albert Pujols.

As with all lists, I disagree with many of the selections, if not whether they deserved to be on list, or where they are ranked on the list. You can make up your own mind as to whether you are in agreement with the list or not.

The six Mets and their rankings are:

3. Johan Santana SP, Mets

13. David Wright 3B, Mets

22. Jose Reyes SS, Mets

23. Carlos Beltran CF, Mets

34. Francisco Rodriguez RP, Mets

47. Carlos Delgado 1B, Mets

How is Carlos Beltran rated below both Wright and Reyes? He's the best CF in Major League Baseball. Wright isn't even the best 3B in NY.

Ahh, let the debate(s) begin!

S.O.S. Mets need help finding a hit in a big spot

How many times in the last 3 games did we see Wright and Beltran on base just waiting for one of the other Mets to get a hit to drive them in? Well last night was no different. Horrible just horrible the rest of the Mets have been with RISP.

Of course we had to hear even Gary Cohen get in on it with Tatis being 0-15 with men on base.

Last night the Mets had 2nd and 3rd and one out and Murphy grounded to first and Tatis weakly grounded out. It has been a pattern. Wright who is having an on base bonanza and getting on base at over .700 clip just does not get to score. Hey Omar how long do we need to watch this?

Can anybody help the Mets find a way to scratch out a big hit? Please send all your ideas up to B Town where the Mets will start a 3 game set against the Red Sox who hit 5 home runs last night including one by Big Papi.

How many Home runs the Mets hit this 7 game road trip? Ummmmm None!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Former Met Suffers Tragedy

**** Updated 10:53 AM May 21, 2009 ****

Last Fall I found an interview of Gabrielle Schoeneweis, conducted by Jimmy Scott. It is in three parts, all of which are below. To see more of Jimmy Scott's site, click Jimmy Scott's High And Tight.

The audio for these interviews is at the bottom of the article.

It is with great sadness we report that former Met, Scott Schoeneweis' wife, Gabrielle Dawn Schoeneweis was found dead in their Arizona home.

Mrs. Shoeneweis, 39, was unable to be revived by Sheriffs, who responded to a call made by their 14 year old daughter.

Scott Schoeneweis who was in Florida was on his way back to Arizona

As of now, there isn't believed to be any foul play, but an autopsy will be performed.

We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan send our heartfelt condolences to Scott and the entire Schoeneweis family.

The Injury Bug Bites Again

Jose Reyes just left the Mets-Dodgers game in the third inning. Reyes appears to have re-injured the leg that caused him to miss five games on this road trip.

Reyes hit the ball between first and second. Orlando Hudson made a diving stop on the short OF grass, and threw Reyes out, who wasn't running at full speed, by a half step. Reyes appeared to pull up lame about 15 feet from the first base bag, and the last lunge towards the bad did him in.

Reyes limped back to the dugout, and sat dejectedly on the bench, before limping down the steps to the clubhouse. He wasn't in the field for the bottom half of the third.

At this writing, it is not know how bad the injury is, nor how much time he might miss. This could be a devastating loss...
******* UPDATE 11:27 PM ******
Just announced on SNY that right now they are saying that Reyes 'aggravated' his right calf. No diagnosis nor DL stint was given. Martinez replaced Reyes at SS.

Jerry On The Fran-cesa

Today Jerry Manuel was on with Mike Francesa on his weekly radio spot on WFAN. Some interesting topics addressed were:

  • Ryan Church: Accoring to Manuel, Church insn't in his 'Dog House.' He has no issues with Church. As Manuel said, “I like dogs, but I don't have any doghouse.”

  • Jose Reyes and his base running blunders over the last couple of games, and his perceived lack of hustle: Manuel needs for Reyes to control his 'anxiety.' He also believes that when Reyes is going all out, he tends to make mistakes. He wants to see a happy medium in between the anxiety and being too aggressive. Manuel spoke about this when it appeared that Reyes was gazing at his double, which he thought to be a home run against Atlanta last Wednesday. He said two years ago, under Willie Randolph, when Reyes didn't run out a hit, that the ire he drew from the fans left a lasting impression on him, and it really got to him. Manuel admitted he is probably harder on Reyes than any other player, because of the he has, and that he wants him to be the best player he can be.

  • On the poor fielding: Jerry said they will have infield practice, which is no longer a staple of warm ups before games in baseball, at the beginning of home stands, and will look to do it when they arrive in Boston on Friday. It will not be part of the everyday routine though. Manuel said they are putting a huge emphasis on fielding, because "we are giving away too many outs, almost innings..."

  • Daniel Murphy: Manuel was real surprised and upset with his error last night because it is not a way to start off a game. Murphy is playing 1B tonight, and will play 1B during the Boston series so Manuel can determine if he can play 1B. Manuel wants to see if he can handle the position. Francesa stated, “If he doesn't do well, he won't be a regular OF”, to which Manuel responded, 'I hope he makes it at first.' Discussing Murphy's base running mistake the other night, Manuel said it wasn't all Murph's fault; they want a throw over to first, so Murphy could judge not only the move, but get a better jump on the next pitch to steal; Draw the throw, and take off on next pitch. Manuel said that Jeff Bagwell used to do the same thing. Murphy guessed, and got caught. Murphy was pinch hit for during the Giant game Sunday because Jerry felt Murphy didn't have a chance. He knew he was in a funk from his motions and body language. Hadn't been hitting the ball hard.

  • Fernando Tatis: “is in the evening of his career”, and doesn't know if he can play everyday or not.

  • With Delgado's absence, Wright has been told this is his team, and that's the way Manuel wants it. He wants his leader to be an infielder.

  • Manuel's toughness on his players: “You have to ask the guys. I have no problem getting in players faces...” Jerry deals with his players off the field, or will send someone to get the player to come next to him in the dugout. Won't call a player out and put him on the spot publicly. Does not try to embarrass 'any man in any way.'

For the entire interview: Jerry Manuel With Mike Francesa

Down on the farm the latest on F Mart, Nick Evans and Wilmer Flores

Kudos to Adam Rubin for his weekly thorough look at the Mets prospects .
Check it out

A couple of items of note.

Figgy accepted his assignment to the Mets Buffalo club.

Javier Valentin , brother of Jose, is getting a look at first base and is hitting .316 in 6 games with the Bisons.

Nick Evans still has not played a game for the Binghamton Mets after seeing a sports doctor.

Fernando Martinez hit a couple of homers against the Red Sox affiliate the other day. He has looked pretty good and is healthy which is key for him.

Wilmer Flores is getting a breather. He is only hitting .243 with 8 rbi’s in 27 games with Savannah.

Team Imitating Fans, Or Fans Imitating Team?

Only in Flushing. Only associated with the Mets. Only a Mets fan.

During last Wednesday's game against the Braves at GHMP, a woman, while in the bathroom, lost her gold tooth, which happened to fall into the toilet. While reaching for her prized chopper, her hand got lodged, stuck if you will, in the commode.

The woman, who's name has not been published was screaming for help. It is not known how long she was stranded with her hand stuck in the throne before emergency medical personnel arrived. As only luck of a Mets fan would have it, they were unable to liberate her hand.

Back-up, from none other than Cardoza Plumbing, were summoned. This is the company that installed all 646 ultra-low-flow toilets at GHMP. While this victim, but then again, aren't all Mets fans victims?, was waiting for her rescue, the automatic toilet kept flushing.

The woman was finally freed, but was unable to recoup her gold tooth. From reports, she was more entertaining than the game, which the Mets lost 8-7.

You can't make this stuff up. Hopefully this isn't a precursory sign that the Mets season is flushing away...

Mets need to wake up or this road trip could be a disaster.

Looking ahead to the weekend series against the Red Sox the Mets get to face Dice K, Josh Beckett and Tim Wakefield . 3 Pitchers that are very different from each other. Yes the Mets will have Johan on Friday but that does not guarantee anything.

That is why the Mets need to do anything to scratch out a win tonight against the Dodgers. This road trip could turn into a 3-7 disaster if the Mets do not wake up! Last night the Mets could not come back even though they put runners on late in the game. A couple of notes.

Ramon Martinez looks over matched. 0 for 9 since being called up and had 3 strikeouts last night and hit into a double play. Having him bat 6th just screams how weak the Mets line up can be.

What happened to all the stolen bases? At the beginning of the series the Mets stole 13 bases in 3 games and have none since.

The dreaded RISP . I can not stand when the boys on SNY bring up that stat. Yes we know the Mets have been awful lately at hitting with runners in scoring position.

Omir Santos shine rubbing off? He really has done nothing the last couple of games at the plate.

Luis Castillo had off last night. See our poll on the right side of the site and you will see what I think of him.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jose Reyes looks good in warm ups

According to the Mr Rubin Jose Reyes gave Jerry Manuel the thumbs up after a brief workout so we might finally see him in the lineup tonight!

here is the lineup!

Reyes, Murphy, Beltran, Wright, Church, Martinez, Reed, Santos, Maine

I hope Ryan Church has a good game!

Omar Minaya a whole lot of nothing on conference call.

Why have one just to announce what we already know. Yes Carlos Delgado will be out at least 10 weeks. Yes the Mets will miss him. Yes the Mets will have the triple tandem of Tatis , Reed and now bench boy Murphy as the first baseman. Of course Omar just says they will be fine with out the guy who drove in over 100 runs last year for at least 2 months So what does it all mean? .

If you ask Omar not much! He expects these guys to do fine. Of course the minute the call was done Omar was on the phone with the Nationals and the Orioles to make sure the prices did not go up for either Nick Johnson or Huff.

What else did we find out? It is like listening to a politician. Hey Omar how long Alex Cora will be out. “ I don’t know”.

What about Reyes…”Oh he is fine but he won’t play “ Come on please make it stop.
If you cant just level with the fans and the Media just keep it to yourself.

I was hoping a question or 2 about Jerry Manuel and his love fest for Ryan Church but I was denied!

Carlos Delgado has surgery Out for 10 weeks Omar on conference call at 4pm

The Mets have announced that Carlos Delgado had surgery and is due to be out for 10 weeks. Omar will be taking questions on a 4pm call.

Not sure what else he will talk about but of course all Met fans are looking at the Mets making a trade. Nick Johnson seems to be the flavor of the week. He does get injured alot. He does have an upside if he is healthy and is not expensive.

Jerry Manuel’s dog house must be getting crowded.

As we all know Mets manager Jerry Manuel is a proponent of what have you done for me lately. He loves to reward players with extended playing time. Well after last night who sits atop the dog house. The candidates are below.

Ryan Church- Forgets to step on third in 11th inning and is called out negating a go ahead run . The manager is not a fan of Ryan. Church . Ryan has not hit much this year and his slumping and is bonehead play puts him near the top of the dog house list for sure.

Jeremy Reed- Makes a decent play and hurries throw to nail runner at plate and ball sails wide. Guess we will not see him at first in tonight’s game.

Luis Castillo - Just looks useless at the plate lately. Cant even get a bunt down. Back to being passive at the plate and watches fastballs go by for strikes…Idiot…..

Fernando Tatis. Yes he has been awesome but how many times did last night did he come up with a runner in scoring position and just either pop up or ground out weakly.

With the way Jerry love to give guys props for doing well ,he needs to call up reinforcements because in his world he would sit them all!

5 Errors and a mental one by Ryan Church and the Mets lose in extra innings 3-2.

How do you miss third base? That is what Manuel asked about Ryan Church and missing third base in the 11th inning on Angel Pagan’s 4th hit of the game. Church also didn’t slide back to first on a throw from the catcher in an earlier and was clearly out but the ump missed the call. Tonight the Mets had 5 errors. Not bad for the Triple A Mets. Most errors since ’07 .

Well Pagan might have had 4 hits but he was not perfect. He got in Carlos Beltran’s way in the bottom of the 11th when Beltran called for a ball and the ball dropped between them.

The Mets had to call on Ramon Martinez to play last night since Alex Cora was placed on the DL. Too bad Ramon Martinez did not get stuck in traffic on his way to the stadium. He had 2 errors.

Jeremy Reed made a wide throw to home letting speed demon Mark Loretta score. He rushed the throw. He could have walked it there to beat the speedy Loretta.

Hey Jerry you got some work to do with the team. 5 errors is embarrassing.

Also with all the injuries the Mets have to play Luis Castillo who did nothing again last night. He just sits there watching strike 3 go by. Hey Omar anybody out there on the waiver wire?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hunt And Ye Shall Find

As we reported here, 24 Hours...April 25, 2009, Ron Hunt, the former Mets 2nd baseman, who finished second in the 1963 Rookie of The Year balloting, was the first Mets All Star starter (1964), got the first hit, and hit the first HR at Shea (1964), wanted a pair of seats from Shea. The Mets offered to sell the seats to Hunt, but not give him the seats. Hunt, understandably, was very upset, telling the Mets, “I played for 7,000 dollars [a year] and had to play for four years to get a pension. If you can't get me two seats, then stick them up your --.”

Well Ron, there are Angels Among Us. As reported by Ken Davidoff - Newsday, Louise Peluso of Bayville, NY, a former Brooklyn Dodger and current NY Mets fan was able to lend a hand.

Ms. Peluso had purchased a pair of seats for the selling price of $869. A friend of her brother said he was interested in a pair, so Peluso purchased a second set of seats. Those seats were housed in her garage, while the first pair she bought would “ look perfect in her living room.”

Pelsuo never had another conversation with her brother's friend, so when hearing of Hunt's plight after reading Davidoff's original article on this subject, she said while speaking with Hunt, “It just hit me that I had to give them to you.”

Said the 88 year old Peluso, "Here he did so much. To make seven thousand dollars! The ballplayers today probably make that in 15 minutes."

This act of kindness touched Hunt, 68. Hunt upon learning of the gift, "I've never forgotten the support I got from New York fans." Hunt looks forward to meeting Ms. Peluso this summer when in NY for appearances.

Peluso summed it up best saying, "I feel like I made a new friend today." I am sure Ron Hunt feels the same way.

It is so easy to get lost in what is most important when working in large business like baseball. The most important thing to remember is what gets you to this level. It is the players who play their hearts out for their team, and the fans who root for their team during good times and bad. A lousy $869 is nothing in big business world of baseball, when that money could easily be absorbed to thank a player who left his heart and soul on the field everyday he played.

Add Alex Cora to the DL Mets call up Ramon Martinez

With Carlos Delgado going for surgery on tuesday in NY the Mets also announced that Alex Cora will be heading to the DL since he has a torn ligament in his thumb. The Mets have called up Ramon Martinez to play shortstop tonight.

Jose Reyes was scene by the Dodgers doctors and was told to rest another day before playing.

This will be the 5th game in a row he has missed.

Cora as been a great asset in the Mets lineup and his presence will be missed. Ramon just came back from the DL a week ago after having a sports hernia.

Delgado To Be Scoped


Carlos Delgado will be operated on tomorrow to repair an inpingement of his hip. He also has a torn labrum and a bone spur. The surgery is to be an arthroscopy, which means he will not be cut open, which should reduce the rehab time.

It is not yet known if DelGado will be gone for the year. This information will most likely be available after the surgery is completed.

Source: AP

Nelson Figueroa is this years Heath Bell

Nelson was designated for assignment to make room for tonights starter Tim Redding. He might some day haunt the Mets like Heath Bell did and wind up saving games against the Mets!!!

No word on if he will accept the assignment to Buffalo per Mr Rubin. At least he might be getting some frequent flyer miles!

Balking A

Last night Mike 'Big Pelf' Pelfrey balked three times. He surrendered only two runs, but the balks were killer. His first balk led to the Giants first run in the first inning. Believe it or not, Pelfrey isn't the first Met to accomplish this feat: Don Rowe did it on April 27, 1963 against Philadelphia. Another former Met accomplished that feat, although not with the Mets. Al Leiter did it while pitching with Toronto (vs. Minnesota) on April 23, 1994.

David Wright has taken some hits on this site, and deservedly so. That being said, he looks like he is Wrighting the ship. Wright has been swinging the bat very well, and had nine hits, nine RBI, and five stolen bases in the first three games against the Giants. According to Elias Sports Bureau, he is the first player since 1920 to accomplish this feat.

Although last night's game leaves a lot to be desired, if anyone said the Mets would go 3-1 to start this road trip, there isn't anyone who wouldn't sign on for that. Let's just hope last night was a small blip, and the Mets can regain their winning ways tonight against Los Angeles.

Another game and Jose Reyes sits again.

Jerry Manuel said the other day that he was keeping Jose Reyes out since the weather was cool around game time. He didn't want his calf to act up. Well yesterday it seemed pretty hot at game time and again Reyes sat out.

"Reyes was seen by the Giants team doctor on Saturday, who called it tendinitis. Reyes said he remains tight below the knee in the back, but suggested it's nothing like the early leg woes that plagued his career. "

Well then what is it? If its a strain calf are we going to hear the BS every day that he will start tomorrow? Will he start tonight against the LA Dodgers?

Alex Cora is now day to day after jamming his thumb sliding into second on a double in the first. Fernando Tatis played shortstop from the 4th inning on last night. Are we going to be 2 men down tonight? Use the DL that is what its there for! Yes we don't want to see Reyes on the DL but at same time why do the Mets needs to continue to play short handed?

Source Daily News

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gary Sheffield still needs to be rested.

With Carlos Delgado on the DL for the time being the Mets need to have some punch in the lineup to replace him. Here is where Gary Sheffield steps in. He has been slotted in as the # 4 hitter between Beltran and Wright and has done the job asked of him.

He is batting .364 in the month of May and has scored 12 runs. in the last week he is hitting .429 and has a .500 on base percentage. The guy obviously still can be useful to the Mets.

Lets not forget though he is no young chicken. He is 40 years old and is coming off a couple of sub par seasons due to his shoulder injury. I just do not want Jerry Manuel to tax the poor guy.

Even if he is needed I would like to see him rested at the beginning of the Dodger Series. Lets make sure the guy does not join Delgado on the DL!

Yet Another Bothered By The Mets Lack Of History

Mookie Wilson, he of the most famous at-bat in Mets history, although 'withholding judgment', is not pleased, at this point, with the lack of respect and commemoration the new Mets Ballpark shows towards the 1986 team, and their place in Mets history.

Said Wilson, "I've only been there once, and I was a little bit disappointed, but I'm giving them time. Let's give them time to create the atmosphere that they want to portray, then make that judgment.

Continuing, Wilson said, "I was a little surprised I didn't see anything inside. To not put that in there would be denying part of your past - part of your rich past. We'll have to wait and see. I think the '86 team would like to be known as the signature of the Mets ... you'd have to talk to upper management to see what they want to portray the team as. That's my hope. I have no hard feelings at this point."

SNY showed Mookie signing his name to the same wall his former teammate, Dwight Gooden, had signed. Not knowing the hub-bub about Gooden signing the wall, when informed, said, "Give me a break," Wilson said under his breath, then added: "I'm not going to comment on that."

Mookie was in Harlem yesterday conducting a clinic to bring baseball to inner city youths, especially African-Americans. He ran the kids through drills, showing them baseball fundamentals. Afterwards he held a Q&A.

One of the youth coaches asked Mookie about his famous hit in game 6 of the 1986 World Series: "I do get chills about it, because it still is hard to believe that it actually did happen. After more than 20 years, it's still a very amazing story to tell."

This lends more credence to our many posts (24 Hours...April 25, 2009, 24 Hours...April 20, 2009, 24 Hours...April 19, 2009, 24 Hours...February 3, 2009, 24 Hours...November 17, 2008, 24 Hours...September 7, 2008, and 24 Hours...August 2, 2008) about the Mets lack of respect to their history, as you have read. Now with Ron Hunt and Mookie, two key players from their past raising the issue, don't you think it's about time the Mets listened to not only their fans, but their former players? This isn't that difficult of a move, but yet again, this franchise we love and root for just doesn't get it.

Mookie has been one of the classiest players to ever don a Met uniform, and for him to 'reserve judgement', something must certainly be wrong.

Source: Matt Gagne - NY Daily News

Saturday, May 16, 2009

40 Years Later: The 1969 NY Mets - Tug McGraw

This season we will celebrate and chronicle the players of the 1969 NY Mets.

Tug McGraw, the eccentric, enigmatic, and electrifying southpaw was signed as an Amateur Free Agent by the Mets June 12, 1964.
Frank Edwin "Tug" McGraw Jr was born August 30, 1944 in Martinez, California. Tug was one of three boys born to Frank and Mable McGraw. Tug was the second oldest. McGraw though born in Martinez, spent time growing up in Vallejo, California. His father worked many different jobs, and the family tended to move a lot.

McGraw graduated from St. Vincents High School in Vallejo in 1962. One story had him enrolling in barber school after high school.

Tug got his nickname from his mother, who called him "Tugger" when referring to his aggressive behavior when she nursed him. Talk about a tough nickname to live down!

Another claim is that he received his nickname when he was in barber school, and due to his poor scissor work, was nicknamed Tug. This legend is not factual. Tug tells the story of his mother naming him after his aggressive eating habits as a newborn.

Tug's debut with the Mets came on April 18, 1965 when he was summoned in the seventh inning, pitched 2/3 of the inning of a game started by Al Jackson. McGraw gave up 0 Runs, 0 Hits, 0 BB, and 1 K. The Mets lost to the SF Giants, 4-1.

That same year, McGraw became the first Mets pitcher to defeat the Legendary Sandy Koufax, on August 26th. McGraw, getting the start, pitched 7.2 innings, giving up 8 hits and two runs, while striking out five Dodgers.

In 1969, this character, who became known as 'Scroogie' because of the screwball he threw, went 9-3 (W/L), 2.24 (ERA), 12 (Saves) 101.1 (IP), 47 (BB) 92 (K’s), 1.355 (WHIP).

In the early part of his career, McGraw would start and relieve, before becoming a closer.

In the 1969 NL play-offs, the first year of play-offs in MLB history (this was the first year of an East and West Division in baseball), Tug pitched in the Championship Series against the Braves, which the Mets won in three straight games (in a best of five series). McGraw earned a save for Jerry Koosman in the second game, beating Atlanta 11-6.

When the Mets went to the World Series to face the highly favored Baltimore Orioles, Tug never got the opportunity to pitch. Nolan Ryan and Ron Taylor received the relief duties. As we all know, the 1969 Miracle Mets defeated the seemingly unbeatable Baltimore Orioles 4 games to 1.

In 1973, Tug became the unofficial team leader with his rallying cry, 'Ya Gotta Believe!' The Mets were in last place and floundering when the Mets Chairman, M. Donald Grant spoke to the club and expressed the front office's belief in this team. McGraw stood up and starting screaming, 'Ya Gotta Believe!' Most of the Mets player took this to be a mockery of Grants speech, but the theme caught on, and helped propel the Mets to the 1973 World Series.

The day that many Mets fan will rue was on December 3, 1974 when the Mets sent McGraw, Dave Schneck and Don Hahn to the Phillies for Del Unser, John Stearns and Mac Scarce. McGraw went on to win the 1980 World Series as the closer for the Phillies.

McGraw finished his respectable career with the Phillies in 1984.

While in Spring Training as a Special Instructor for the Phillies in March 2003, McGraw started becoming confused, and showed up for practice on a day there was no practice. He sought medical attention, and it was discovered that he had a brain tumor. Tug faced this frightening reality with the same quirky humor he showed as a ballplayer. He made light of the situation, and did his best to keep people laughing.

On July 13, 2003, McGraw threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Shea Stadium, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Mets 1973 NL Championship team.

Cancer finally defeated this gutsy lefty on January 5, 2004 in Brentwood, Tennessee, at the home of his son and daughter-in-law, country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The crowd pleasing lefty, who threw a fastball, screwball, curveball, change-up, and slider, had a career record of 180 saves.

Famous Quotes From/Of Tug McGraw:

When asked of his preference of grass or Astroturf: “I dunno, I never smoked Astroturf.”

"I have no trouble with the twelve inches between my elbow and my palm. It's the seven inches between my ears that's bent."

After receiving a signing bonus: "Ninety percent I'll spend on good times, women and Irish Whiskey. The other ten percent I'll probably waste."

1973 NY Mets Rallying Cry: "Ya Gotta Believe!"

On the tragedy of his brain cancer: 'I front-loaded my life, just like my contract.'

"Tug McGraw was one of the great characters of the game of baseball," said Hall of Famer Tom Seaver, McGraw's teammate with the Mets' 1969 championship team. "He just had a joy for life and living. But what people sometimes overlook because he was always happy-go-lucky was what kind of competitor he was on the mound. No one competed with more intensity than he did."