Monday, May 31, 2010

Mets Lineup Vs. San Diego May 31, 2010

Thanks to Adam Rubin for tonight's Mets line-up Vs. San Diego:

1. Jose Reyes SS
2. Alex Cora 2B
3. Jason Bay LF
4. Ike Davis 1B
5. David Wright 3B
6. Angel Pagan CF
7. Rod Barajas C
8. Jeff Francoeur RF
9. Hisanori Takahashi

The Mets are one game over .500, and look to build on the proverbial spanking they gave Milwaukee. Tonight's game time is 10:05 PM

Bye bye Nelson Figueroa. DFA by Phillies

Hey Nelson how long before you bad mouth the Phillies?

Accoding to Todd Zolecki the Pitcher was Designated For Assignment to make room for Brad Lidge.

It is noted that Figgy has not told the Phillies yet if he will report to the minors if he claimed by waivers.

OP Refuses Assignment To Minors; Teammates Angered

The Mets asked Oliver Perez to accept an assignment to AAA Buffalo, which he promptly refused.

Jerry Manuel, when asked after the game how Perez would be used, was hard-pressed for an answer. Manuel did stutter and stammer when he said, “That’s really a tough question. [Maybe] extra innings or something like that, but it’s going to be tough to find spots for him.”

Although un-named, two Mets players are tired of Perez and his antics, and are hinting that he isn't wanted on the team.

As Mike Puma writes in the NY Post, one player responded to Manuel's statement on when to use Perez, “What, we need another 20-inning game and then use him after we’ve used all our pitchers and if a position player’s sinker isn’t biting?”

Still quoting an "un-named" player, “You tell him you go to Triple-A or that’s it, you are finished."

Perez is still owed approximately $20M for the remainder of this year and next. Knowing this, a player still said, “At some point you have to cut bait. You owe him a lot of money, but for what?”

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mets Lineup Vs. Brewers May 30, 2010

Once again, thanks to Adam Rubin for today's matinee against the Brewers:

1. Reyes SS
2. Castillo 2B,
3. Bay LF
4. Tatis 1B
5. Wright 3B
6. Pagan CF
7. Francoeur RF
8. Blanco C
9. Dickey

Ike Davis after a solid game gets the day off. Wright after a miserable game is still at third. Francoeur has been moved from the #8 slot to the #7 slot. This is most likely because Blanco is spelling Barajas at catcher today.

Another good week for David Wright

Ahhh nothing like your 3rd baseman striking out with runners on. Or striking out with no one on. Mr Wright is in another one of his so called slumps. The Mets 3rd baseman is rocking a .130 average in the last week with 3 hits in 23 at bats and 7 strikeouts and 1 Rbi. Very nice. With his stellar 0-4 performance yesterday he is hitting .244.

What he do last night? A walk ...woohoo. I of course have too much patience with this guy. Why ? Because he is homegrown star is the main reason and its just great to watch one of your own excel like Straw and Doc did before they got too big for themselves.

The issue I have lately is there more bad David Wright then good David Wright. There is no more consistency with him. He has 2-3 games where he is great and then of course he goes and strikes out with men on. It is painful to watch him up at the plate when 9 times out of 10 I am like oh I wish Bay or Barajas or Pagan were up in this situation. I dont care if he hits the ball out of the park just get some meaningful hits even if you have to drive it in the right field corner. It is about time you win a game for your team David.

His Partner in crime seem to have turn the corner in the last week. Reyes is hitting .500!!! Can we turn the corner with Wright and his beaning or whatever it is. We need this guy to play with himself and get some key hits and waddle around the bases. Enough is Enough

Kudos for Ike Davis for a nice 3 run homer. Nice to finally see the rookie get some Rbi's in the cleanup spot. He seem to be missing many a fastball that would be just popped up. He credits Manager Jerry with help correcting a flaw in his swing.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mets Vs Brewers May 29, 2010

Here is tonight's lineup Vs. Milwaukee courtesy Adam Rubin:

1. Jose Reyes, SS
2. Luis Castillo, 2B
3. Jason Bay, LF
4. Ike Davis, 1B
5. David Wright, 3B
6. Angel Pagan, CF
7. Rod Barajas, C
8. Jeff Francoeur, RF
9. Fernando Nieve, RHP

The Mets look to bounce back from last night's 2-0 defeat, with Corey Hart (who apparently doesn't wear his sunglasses at night) hitting a two run HR off Igarashi in the bottom of the ninth.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mets sweep but no time to enjoy

Yes the Mets swept the Phillies after a 2 hour delay last night 3-0. Reyes had 2 rbi's and Bay had a rbi double. Reyes is whacking the heck out of the ball. He wound up with 7 hits in the 3 game series. Pelfrey pitched out of jam and gave up a ton of walks but the Phillies were lacking that key hit. They also hit into 3 inning ending double plays against Pelfrey.

Last time the Mets shutout any team in a 3 game set was in 1969 against these same Phillies after the Mets had already clinched there division. The Mets did have 3 shutout games in 1988 against 2 different teams the Cardinals and the Expos with Ron Darling getting one of the wins.

The Mets move on to Milwaukee tonight to face the Brewers. It is nice to face the Phillies and beat them but the Mets were not stellar in this 3 rd game. Pelfrey was one pitch from being sent to the showers at times if any of the Phillies thumpers hit a home run and of course our favorite whipping boy David Wright had a couple of chances to drive in runs but he preferred to waste them by either striking out or grounding out. Fearless Ike had a chance early but struck out against Hamels who pitched pretty good for the Phillies.

Mets go up against the Brewers only decent pitcher tonight,Yovani Gallardo who lost to the Mets twice last year by scores of 1-0. He is 4-2 with a ERA of 3.20 and has had only 1 bad start so far against the Cardinals. Brewers have the worst record at home even after Thursday night walk off walk to win against the Astros.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mets Lindeup V. Phillies May 27, 2010

Thanks to
Adam Rubin for tonight's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes-SS
2. Castillo-2B
3. Bay-LF
4. Davis-1B
5. Wright-3B
6. Pagan-CF
7. Francoeur-RF
8. Blanco-C
9. Pelfrey-RHP

Where is the All Star love for Rod Barajas?

They posted the first tally of All Star votes earlier this week.

Cardinals Yadier Molina leads the league with over 316,000 votes . Carlos Ruiz, Pudge,Brian McCann and Russell Martin are the top 5. No sign of Mets catcher Rod Barajas.

The Mets catcher is new to the league this year having spent time with the Bleu Jays but is having a great start to the 2010 campaign. He leads all catchers in Slugging with .552, home runs with 10, rbi’s with 27 and total bases with 74. He has 27 rbi's from the 7th or 8th hole . He is now second on the team head of Bay and behind Wright.Now I understand its not just about is offense and of course hitting .269 is not anything to write home about but come on Met fans he has been Mister clutch for this team.

His defense really has not been too bad. He has 1 error and only 1 passed ball so far. He only has thrown out 1 base runner trying to steal but there have been only 14 attempts of a stolen base when he has been catching. That is the lowest among of any of the first string catchers in the league.

This guy deserves our vote just for the way he handles our pitching staff and he takes a lot of abuse back behind the dish and he doesn’t complain or want to rest. In last nights win Takahashi had no problem crediting the catcher for having a great plan to attack Ryan Howard last night in the 6th inning.

When it comes to offense would you rather up with 2 runners on and 2 outs at this point? Barajas or Wright? Come on Met fans he might not win the All Star voting but he deserves to be at least close.
Pic Source-Reuters

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mets Lineup V. Philadelphia - May 26, 2010

Tonight's Mets lineup courtesy of Adam Rubin:

1. Jose Reyes SS
2. Luis Castillo 2B
3. Jason Bay LF
4. Ike Davis 1B
5. David Wright 3B
6. Angel Pagan CF
7. Rod Barajas C
8. Jeff Francoeur RF
9. H. Takahashi

Should be fun to see if the Mets can continue the hot hitting tonight. Jose finally looked comfortable in his customary lead-off spot. Let's hope last night was the start of things to come.

Phiggy Phiring Back At Phormer Team

~ The Kinks ~
The NY Post's Fred Kerber has an interesting article on Phormer Met Nelson Phigueroa.

As I have stated (many times) I wish the Mets had held onto Figgy. I also stated that I felt he did everything the Mets asked, and they still screwed him (a la Ryan Church).

That being said, It's time that Phiggy the Philly got over it. Among some of the things he said of his former mates and organization:

Figueroa said that there is a difference in the clubhouses between Philly and New York. He said, "Being in New York, you're always going to [have] drama whether it's on the field or off the field, in the front office or the clubhouse there's always going to be drama."

He went on to say how the Mets clubhouse was obsessed with other teams (like the Phillies), where the Philadelphia club house isn't as such:

"[New York] doesn't even come up in conversation here. We don't worry about New York or the other teams. That's always been going on over there. 'What did Jimmy Rollins say?' a couple years ago when he said they were the team to beat in the East. They proved it. A year later, guys were making plans for the playoffs with two weeks left to play. Up five games, 'We're fine.' Then to see it slowly slip away and to say goodbye to Shea Stadium the way we did, that was hard."

Figgy didn't stop there - he went on to say that the Mets have no real reward system for their minor league players: "The reward system in that organization just isn't there for a minor league guy. They jump people they want from other levels."

Who was that team that beat the Phillies 8-0?

Wright had said the Mets could use a laughter of a game. 9-0 would be ok he said. I hope 8-0 was good enough for the Mets 3rd baseman.

I think the Mets for 1 day understood 2 words fundamentals and execution. They did crazy things like hit behind runners. Moved up on sacrifice flies. Were able to get runners home with less then 2 outs. Even Francoeur had a nice 2 out single to get a rbi. Reyes went 3-5 and had a triple! That is when you know your kicking on cyclinders when Reyes is able to steal 2 bags and come home singles and sac flies. Also who is this thumper Valdes? He knocked a double in the 8th inning as the Mets plated 3 in there 8-0 win.

Great job by the Mets doing all the little things against Moyer. They scored 8 runs and only once had a crooked number which was in the 8th against some guy named Nelson Figueroa. Sorry Figgy we liked you on the Mets but your on the other team now.

Everyone in the Mets lineup had a hit except Davis who did draw a walk. Bay and Frenchie had 2 rbi's and Reyes scored 3 runs and raised his average over .230.

The Mets have 4 of 5 and there last 3 in a row.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

K-Rod & Neiman:Strawberry and Maine

Because we all love drama. K Rod and Mets pitching coach got into a shoving match during the Sunday match against the Yankees. It happened during the 8th inning. Of course no one has a clue what it what about. Maybe Nieman was making fun of the Wrap K Rod puts on. Maybe Nieman challenge the closer to a a fight. Whatever it was nothing became of it. End of story. Did K Rod get the save..lets move on.

John Maine has rotator cuff tendinitis and there is no time table to his return. Ok so will be on the DL for more then 15 days? Maine at this point has worn out his welcome. He is clearly not the pitcher that won 15 games a couple of years ago and its time to weigh the anchor.

Strawman seems to still love the Mets. He was in the clubhouse telling a couple of Mets that the team is better then they were playing and they need to go out and perform. The 2 whiny Mets ran to Jay Horowitz to tell him to make him stop. Good for Straw. Nothing wrong with a little man up sesssion.

Mets send Knuckleballer R A Dickey to the mound tonight against Relic Jamie Moyer who was an ace against the Mets last time.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mets finally win a rubber game of a series 6-4

Nothing is easy. Even after a gem from Santana who seemed to lose steam in the 8th. He gave up 1 run in 7 and 2/3 innings. He kept the Yankees off balance all night. Of course it helped that Texieria is still mired in a slump. Nice to see Johan pitch that way especially when the ESPN guys seem to harp on his last start against the Phillies and last years shellacking he took from the Yankees.

Nice to see Bay not have to say" you got to be kidding me" as he trotted around the bases has he did Friday night in the 9th when his double he for sure thought was a dinger.

Bay is batting 3rd and has a 15 game hitting streak at home and as been on base every at bat since his double Friday night. 2 homers and 3 rbi's Sunday night . His first 2 homer game since April of last year. Yeah he is hot.

Mets of course had to make interesting in the 9th but even after 28 pitches last night K Rod was able to retired A Rod with the tying runs on base with a soft curveball on a 3-2 pitch to give the Mets the series and there first rubber game win in 7 tries.

Now they wait until Tuesday for the Phillies. The Mets went 7-10 over the 17 games since there last day off. Most fans thought they would do better if you look at the results of our poll. This of course was before Niese went to the DL,Ollie to the Pen and Maine to the DL.
Pic Source-Getty Images

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Crime: No More Lima Time

It is being reported by ESPN Deportes that former Mets pitcher Jose Lima has passed away at the age of 37 from a massive heart attack.

Lima was known for his zany personality, and he coined the phrase, "It's Lima Time" when he pitched.

Lima last pitched in the majors in 2006 as a member of the Mets. He was not very good, going 0-4 with a 9.87 ERA.

Lima's wife, Dorca Astacio, said, "Jose was complaining while sleeping and I just thought he was having a nightmare. I called the paramedics, but they couldn't help him."

had been pitching with Aguilas Cibaenas in the Dominican League, and had plans to play for them again this season. His Major League career spanned 13 seasons, and he had a lifetime record of 89-102 with a 5.26 ERA. His best season was with Houston in 1999 where he went 21-10.

Our condolences go out to the Lima family.

Manny Acosta heads back to Buffalo-Igarashi is ready

Manager Jerry still has his pull with the Mets. Instead of sending Mr Mejia down to Buffalo to make room for DL returnee Ryota Igarashi, the Mets optioned Manny Acosta.

Of course most would have preferred to send down Oliver Perez but he is would have to agree to it.

Mejia needs to go down soon so he can maybe ramp up to become a starter later this year but Manager Jerry loves the kid and his 97mph fastball and his poise.

Bobby Ojeda made a outstanding reference last night saying that sooner or later teams will be able to catch up to Mejia since he cant throw his other pitches for strikes and he will be hammered like Parnell was later in the year like Parnell was the second time teams saw him last year.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thanks Big Pelf Mets win 5-3

Every win sure isn't easy for the Mets but for the first 6 innings tonight Mike Pelfrey used all his pitches to keep the Yankees off balance and K Rod came out of the bullpen to notch a 5 out save as the Mets held on to a 5-3 victory tonight.

David Wright had 2 key 2 out rbi singles and Jason Bay went 4-4. He had 3 singles and a double with a stolen base and scored 3 runs.

20 year old Mejia came in for the 7th and after giving up a couple of hits got a key struck out of Texiera and got A Rod to bounce out to Wright. That was Im sure the most pressure packed game situation for the 20 year old so far this year.

Manager Jerry brought in Pedro to pitch the 8th but he was not effective loading the bases with 0 outs . Nieve got a strike out but then walked in the 2 run . K Rod was able to get out of trouble in the 8th and had 2 men on with 2 out in the 9th but struck out Cervelli.

The John Maine Mess

John Maine was put on the DL last night, when all along he was saying he wasn't injured, and even confronted Jerry Manuel in the dugout after being removed from Thursday's game.

Now according to David Lennon at Newsday, Maine is feeling discomfort in the same location on his shoulder he did last year. Hmm, and last year when he pitched so miserably, he said his shoulder was fine. He is scheduled to meet with doctor on Monday.

Who out there would be surprised if he goes under the laser again? Any takers?

I had always liked Maine, but it is more than obvious that his comments about his health can't be believed.

Honestly, I think Maine is done. He has had shoulder issues since 2008, and hasn't pitched well since 2007. It's nearing the point where the Mets are going to have to have some serious discussions about their oft injured righty.

His trade value is less than zero, plus a player can't be traded while disabled. Maine is at a major cross road in his career. He is no longer young (29) and has had shoulder issues over the last three seasons.

You can't make this stuff up. We are only in May, and three of the Mets starting five pitchers are on the DL.

Feels like Groundhog Day where 2009 is repeating over and over.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mets need pitching. Roy Oswalt has asked to be traded

Mets placed John Maine on the DL today. That makes 3 starters down from the fantastic five that started the season. Well not the Mets are blazing the NL East with wins but if there were its being reported that Roy Oswalt has asked Houston owner Drayton McLane Jr. to be dealt before the July 31 trade deadline.

Oswalt said last week that he was "open" to a potential deal and would waive his no-trade clause if he could join a contending team.

The right-hander is guaranteed to earn $15MM this season, $16MM in 2011, and will require a $2MM buyout of his contract for 2012, a club option for another $16MM. He turns 33 in August.
Atlanta, St. Louis and Texas are reportedly Oswalt's top preferences for a new team.

Of course he would be a great addition to the team but at what cost. Of course if he could hit I would be all for it since the Mets offense has been putrid. Big output tonight of 4 hits. 2 in the bottom of the 9th off of Rivera.

Mets Shopping Castillo?

According to Fox Sports, the Mets are shopping beleaguered 2B Luis Castillo. This time, there might be an interested team...the Colorado Rockies.

The Rockies have been disappointed with back-up 2B
Melvin Mora. If the Mets send Castillo to Colorado, they more than likely would have to pick up a big chunk of his remaining salary, which is $12M covering 2010 and 2011.

If the Mets do move Castillo, the report states that Daniel Murphy might be the player chosen to play second. Murphy has not played much at 2B, and what he has played, hasn't been anything to write home about.

Murphy is believed to be more of a utility player. Does that mean there would be a platoon of Cora and Murphy? Both are left handed hitters. Could it open the way for a youngster such as
Wilmer Flores? He is only 19, and not yet ready.

Castillo has actually been pretty good this year, other than his abysmal .640 OPS, which is 13th lowest in the league. Castillo has been professional. I have never 'liked' the guy, but he does come to play, and although his range has decreased over the years, he plays a pretty solid 2B.

More rumors to lead into one of the two weekends I hate most...the Subway Series. Can't wait to hear the morons on ESPN Sunday night have yet another useless tid-bit of information to toss out to viewers.

Mets welcome back 2000 Mets team-Piazza,Franco,Alfonzo.

While the Mets play the Yankees tonight in the first game of the subway series that has lost serious luster over the years, the Mets will stars of the Mets 2000 National league Championship team in the house.

Look for the Likes of John Franco, Edgardo Alfonzo and some guy named Mike Piazza. They will be part of the pregame SNY will have starting at 6pm tonight.

On daily News live later today guest stars will include Rick Reed and crazy man # 99 Turk Wendel.

Should be fun make sure you check out what Turk has to say.

Mets win but what to make of John Maine

Kudos goes out to journeymen pitcher Raul Valdes. The Mets road on his back for 5 innings as John Maine lasted 1 batter and 5 pitches. Maine was not really pushing the radar gun and Warthen had mentioned that in the bullpen before the game Maine had nothing as he warmed up.

Manager Jerry walked out there with Warthen and took out the pitcher and him and Maine were going at it in the dugout. It wasnt a heated discussion as mentioned on the SNY broadcast but it was pointed. Maine is a liar when it comes to how he feels and Warthen was quoted with saying "When he is throwing that way, then there has got to be something incorrect in that arm. Something has got to be feeling bad. John is a habitual liar in a lot of ways, as far as his own health. He is a competitor and a warrior, and he wants to go out and pitch, but we have to be smart enough to see that he isn't right, that the ball isn't coming out of his hand correctly."

Manager Jerry had to make a decision and I think its the fault of Warthen by letting Maine convince him that he was ok to go out there. Not like the Mets had a fallback option since Takahashi is slated to pitch against the Yankees tonight. There was chatter that Maine will see a doctor today but that was news to him.

Maine is a competitor but if he hurts the team with pitching when he shouldn't we have a problem with that.

Mets did win 10-7 last night with Wright having a 3 run double in the first and Barajas hit a 2 run homer his 10th. The bullpen after Valdes almost coughed up the game but the Mets held on.

Source-Daily News

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mets Vs. Nationals - May 20, 2010 - Let The Carousel Ride Continue

Here is tonight's Mets lineup courtesy of
Kevin Burkhardt via Twitter:

1. Reyes SS
2. Cora 2B
3. Bay LF
4. Davis 1B
5. Wright 3B
6. Pagan CF
7. Barajas C
8. Francoeur RF
9. Maine P

Nuke LaLoosh is back in the lineup hitting in the fifth hole, Davis in the clean-up slot, and Bay, the great contact hitter, is in the 3 hole.

The Mets have become Jerry's Spaghetti: he throws lineups against the wall and sees what sticks.

Fearless Ike

The results are in, and 40% of our readers have chosen the new nickname for the Mets rookie first baseman, Ike Davis.

Davis will, from this point forward, be known as Fealess Ike. Part of the reason for this nickname is in direct response to his acrobatic catches near the 1B dugout.

So, we here at 24 Hours From Suicide...,dub Davis honorably, Fearless Ike.

Former Mets Matsui & Schoenweis released

Former Mets infielder Kaz Matsui is being released by the Astros. If no one claims him by monday he will be a free agent. The Astros will be responsible for his $5MM salary.

Matsui signed a 3 year $16M+ deal before the 2008 season and gave the Astros 1 good year.

This year the former Met hit on hard times . Matsui was only hitting .141 in a platoon role this year. He was the reason the Mets moved Reyes to 2nd base when he was on the Mets but never really showed he could play shortstop.

Pitcher and former Met Scott Schoeneweis was designated for assignment by the Red Sox.

The 36 year old lefty really did not have good life to his fastball and his ERA was over 7 in 13+ innings so far this year.

Schoeneweis was first given a minor league deal with the Brewers but when told he would make the team he then latched on with the Red Sox.

My vivid memory of Scott was the last game of 2008.

We wish the former Mets the best.

Mets are 5-13 in May

Yeah ok thats pretty horrible. They are 3 games under .500 now and are 6 games out of first. Thanks to the Phillies losing a couple in a row the Mets could be farther out then that.

R A Dickey gave the Mets 6 decent innings last night . The Mets have off Monday so he could be skipped but I think it will depend on how Takahashi does against the Yankees on Friday.

The Mets have over used there bullpen at this point and Nieve is the casing point. He is more then likely hit a wall . The starters need to go a little bit deeper in there games. Yes Pelf did well and so did Santana and Dickey but lets see what Maine has tonight.

Offense has been prutrid to say the least. Again they couldn't beat up on ole man Livan. The guy gave up only 2 runs one being the inside the park homer to Pagan. Bay needs to get going. Enough with his singles/doubles. He was signed to provide power and now that the weather is warming up its about time he show it. Even though Nats park is not the easiest to hit home runs Bay should be able to launch one to left field. Tatis popped one off the fence for one in the 9th.

Kudos to Pagan for his inside the park home run and a shoe string catch that led to the Mets triple play. First one for the Mets since 2002.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mets Lineup Vs. Nationals - May 19, 2010: Manuel Listened!

Tonight's Mets lineup against the Nationals thanks to Andy Martino:

1. Jose Reyes - SS
2. Luis Castillo - 2B
3. Jason Bay - LF
4. Ike Davis - 1B
5. Angel Pagan - CF
6. Jeff Francoeur - RF
7. Fernando Tatis - 3B
8. Henry Blanco - C
9. R.A. Dickey - RHP

RA Dickey will get his first start as a Met, replacing Jon Niese in the starting rotation. Jerry Manuel must of been reading our blog, because DWright is getting the night off. Fernando Tatis will start in his place. Rookie Ike Davis gets moved to the clean-up spot and Angel Pagan will be in the five hole.

We must be patient with General might take him weeks longer than the fans, but sooner or later he gets it.

To make room for RA Dickey, the Mets placed Niese on the 15 day DL.

Wright Not Right And Should Sit

The Mets lost a tough one to the Braves last night 3-2. Once again David Wright struck out multiple times, 3, and one of the times was in the 9th inning with the go ahead run on third with one out.

David "Nuke LaLoosh" Wright is the Wilpon's Golden Boy, but he has been horrific in the field of late, and has been striking out on a consistent basis.

Bay has been rested. Francoeur has been rested. Reyes has been rested. Castillo has been rested. Pagan? Rested. Barajas? Rested. Now it is time for Jerry to sit Nuke down.

Not only did he strike out three times last night, and that the last K was with the go ahead run at third with one out, but his error in the bottom of the ninth allowed the winning run to score.

If you remember, Wright could very easily have been charged with two (if not three) errors against the Marlins the other day; he got eaten up on a ball that hit the third base bag, he dropped the throw for the force out at third from Jon Niese, and more.

Granted, his OBP is .382 which is respectable, but to get away from statistics, if you watch this team every day, you will see how many times Nuke leaves men on. He is unable to hit, and lay off the slider down and away. He appears nervous on pitches inside, and tends to bail.

Wright has played in 40 games thus far. He has 37 hits, but 55 strike outs. Read that again...he has 18 more strikeouts than hits!

In an earlier
post, I wrote that the Mets need to take a good hard look at Howard Johnson as hitting coach. Since HoJo has been with the Mets, Wright has declined. If you remember, Wright has been un-reliable since the closing months of 2008. He was awful down the stretch when the Mets needed him. He was terrible last year, and this year, he is headed down that same road. His strike outs are increasing by the truck load. Wright must bear responsibility for his lack of production, but Howard Johnson should be scrutinized also.

The quick answer is to have Wright sit tonight against the Nationals. Wright says he is pressing and making bad decisions. Maybe a day or two off to clear his head will work. Jerry has had no problems sitting Castillo, Reyes, Bay, Pagan, and Francoeur. Why is Nuke above reproach?

Jerry needs to take charge before this season slips beyond recovery.

Sources: CBS Sportsline, Baseball Reference

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mets Top Draft Pick Steven Matz Keeping With Tradition

...and will have Tommy John surgery this afternoon.

Matz, the #1 draft pick, and 72nd overall, of the 2009 draft felt pain in his left elbow during extended Spring Training last week had his elbow checked, and was confirmed he has an 80% tear in the ligament.

Said Matz, "I know so many guys that have gone through the surgery. It's very disappointing. I was preparing for the season and very excited about it, but this is an unexpected delay."

As we
wrote about last summer, Matz has a 94 MPH fastball, and credits his progression to former major leaguer Neal Heaton. He is from Ward Melville High School in Setauket, and grew up a Mets fan.

I guess he is looking to follow some of the players he followed: Bill Pulsipher, John Franco, etc.

David Lennon Newsday

Mets bullpen in Flux-Wilpon in town to sign off on Ollie’s release?

Ollie out of the starting rotation. Niese is injured and will miss a start. Takahashi is being taken outof long relief to start for Niese on Friday. Niese might not go on DL . ince the Mets have an off day next Monday there could be a skip in the rotation. Looks like R A Dickey will start this Wednesday. Mejia might be heading down to Buffalo to work on being a Starter again. Will Mejia and Dickey swap roster spots?

If the Mets take 2 guys out of the bullpen who will replace them? Iragashi might be ready to be inserted in the Bullpen over the weekend. So then the Mets will need to make another moves Will the Mets send Acosta down once Iragashi comes back? Or is the reason that Wilpon is town is the Mets want to dump Ollie Perez since he wont go down to Buffalo? I mean you know there not going to use him in a game that means anything..So in theory you are losing 3 spots in the bullpen.

The Mets have some serious thinking /planning to do over the next couple of days. Maybe people missed what the real reason Jeff is here. I know the Mets don’t like to eat a big contract but Ollie is just taking up a roster spot at this point.

What do you think?

Mets Grooming Mejia To Start

Adam Rubin reports that Mets young stud, Jenrry Mejia, is expected to be sent to the minors to be groomed back into a starting pitcher. It is believed that it will be timed with the recall of RA Dickey, who we reported is expected to make the start Wednesday in place of Oliver Perez, who was demoted to the bullpen.

The usual regimen is to slowly build up the pitchers stamina by throwing two innings, three innings, etc. until the pitcher builds up to 100 pitches or so. Rubin believes it will be some time before we Mejia as a starter in a Mets uniform.

Among things spoken about in the meeting with Jerry, his coaches, Omar, and Jeff - was most likely sending Mejia down to work on becoming a starter (again). What else discussed isn't readily available, but it sounds like they spoke about the future direction of this team, as well as the present.

Sending Mejia down to work as a starting pitcher is an over-due, smart move. With how shaky Maine and Perez have been over the last two plus seasons, Mejia seems to have the brightest upside of the young Mets pitchers. There is a glowing void in the Mets rotation once you get past Santana and Pelfrey. Maybe by around the end of June, Mejia can be plugged in to a starting role.

A Starter gets a win ! Thanks Mike Pelfrey

The Mets had all sorts of drama around them created by the Media and the fact that good ole Jeff Wilpon flew down to see his team yesterday before the Mets took on there rivals the Braves.

Even after Wilpon saw the lineup Manager Jerry was still there man. Wilpon's one line that its only 38 games and if he had planned to can Jerry he would have done it the off season instead of now has 1 flaw. The Mets record before yesterday 18-20. If the Mets were say 10 games under at 14-24 you might have seen the manager being escorted with his books out of the clubhouse.

This team though is playing for the manager. Everyone is running out the ball. Bay runs no matter what,Pagan runs, Wright waddles. It is all there. The firey excitement from Cora after hs double the other day, Catillo ranging to his left last night and gunning out a runner in the 9th. He actually had a facial expression on his face!!

Kudos to Big Pelf to going out there and pitching 7 plus innings in the Mets 3-2 win. Kudos to Reyes to manfacuring, as Gary Cohen will call it, a Reyes type run. Kudos to Chris Carter who just puts the bat on the ball, Hey Nuke check out that concept . The bat on the ball!

Another day and at least no drama in the game the Mets played.!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fall From Grace

In a 19 game span, the Mets have gone from First to Worst. Baseball Reference made a chart, and it is amazing how quickly they fell from game 1 in Philadelphia:

RA Dickey To Join Mets?

Adam Rubin is reporting that RA Dickey may report to the Mets, though no official announcement has been made. .

If true, does he start Wednesday in place of Oliver Perez? Stay tuned.

Jeff Francoeur to sit tonight in Atlanta. Mets lineup vs Braves

its a homecoming for Mr Francoeur but he will sit on the bench for the second night in a row. Gary Matthews JR gets rewarded for his 2 hits and will play centerfield and Chris Carter starts in right field.

Francoeur who has bee useless basically since going 0-7 in that 20 inning game against the Cards might be able to sleep in own bed but will sit on the bench tonight.

Mets start the night 5.5 games from first and in last place. They are 4-12 so far on the road. Manager Jerry is trying to take who is hot and insert him in the lineup. Guess since Gary M had 2 hits he is the hot hand over ice cold Frenchy. I like having Barajs hit 7th so he might get up with someone on.

Reyes SS
Castillo 2B
Bay LF
Carter RF
Wright 3B
Davis 1B
Barajas C
Gary Matthews, Jr.CF
Mike Pelfrey P

The Braves have gotten nothing out of Melky Cabrera so Eric Hinske has been playing left field and hitting. Braves pounded the d Backs last night 13-1. Prado had 2 homers.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Omar Minaya heading to Atlanta

Looks Like the GM is going with the team to Atlanta . Minaya will be in Atlanta as the Mets take on the Braves Monday and Tuesday. It is suppose to be mostly for support. He might be working the phones since the Mets seem to be in dire need of pitching since now Niese has gone down.

In other news the Mets jettisoned pitcher Kiko Calero from the Bisons. He was signed late in spring but he has been hammered with a ERA over 10 while pitching for the Bisons.

**updated on monday- Omar met with Jeff Wilpon and John Ricco and Manager Jerry in the managers office late this afternoon- Nothing official from the meeting but Manager Jerry had the line when asked if he still had a job " I still have my uniform on!" ****

An Aggravating Loss Giving Florida The Sweep

The Mets were down and down early. By the time you looked up in the fifth inning, they were already down 7-0.

As I had scribed earlier, the Mets do have fight, and that they did. Unfortunately it was too little too late.

The Mets battled back from 7-0 to within one run, 7-6 in the seventh inning. The potential heroic comeback lasted all for the Mets half of the seventh inning. When Fernando Nieve hopped on the mound, he quickly gave back three runs and the Mets were down 10-7 at the conclusion of the seventh frame.

The Mets ultimately lost 10-8, with the game ending with yet another strikeout by Nuke LaLoosh, his second of the game and his 52nd of the season.

On a more somber note, Jon Niese, who allowed five runs in only two innings, left with an "aggravated right hamstring"...the same hamstring that was surgically repaired last summer. Nieses came off the mound to field a bunt, and pulled up lame.

Niese has already been sent back to NY for further tests, and his next start is in doubt.

What has become so disconcerting is the Mets starting pitching. Believe it or not, Mike Pelfrey is the closest thing to a "sure thing." Johan looks like he might be finding his Mojo, finally, but has not been his normal Johan self thus far this year.

Now with Ollie in the pen, SS Maine rapidly sinking, and Niese potentially going to the DL, 2010 is quickly starting to resemble 2009.
Wasn't 2009 an aberration?

Sources: CBS Sportsline, Baseball Reference,

Mets Lineup Vs. Marlins May 16, 2010

Today the Mets try to salvage one of the four games against the Marlins in the series finale in Florida.
Thanks to Adam Rubin for today's lineup:

1. Reyes SS
2. Cora 2B
3. Bay LF
4. Carter RF
5. Wright 3B
6. Davis 1B
7. Pagan CF
8. Blanco C
9. Niese

After keeping with the same putrid, disappointing lineup forever, Manuel has made his second change in the lineup in the last two days.

Bay and his anemic power and propensity for striking out is moved to the third hole and Chris Carter will bat clean-up in his first start as a Met. Pagan is being moved from the three hole, where he lasted all of one game, to the seventh position.

It appears Jerry is starting to manage scared. Like Willie Randolph, he seems like he is going to try and keep mixing the lineup up until he finds something that works. Granted, this is only the second game (in a row) that he has done this, but it appears Jerry is approaching 'Panic Mode.'

Maine awful : Francoeur to sit

The Mets lost 7-5 last night and even though they had a chance to tie with there new 3rd place hitter Angel Pagan up with a man on they still lost.

The Mets as usual squandered many a chance to tie the game before the 9th. They did break out with 13 hits and 5 players had 2 a piece. Of course the Mets had runners on 3rd again with less then 2 out and could not score earlier in the game.

Maine walked the first 3 batters of the game in 12 pitches. He gave up 3 runs but the Mets battled back to tie.

Jeff Francoeur went 0-4 and seems to have nothing right now. He will sit today and more then likely we will see Chris the animal Carter in right field. feel bad for Frenchy since he does try hard and is great in teh clubhouse but he needs to just hit the ball without that massive swing sometimes. Beltran was trying to talk some sense to him before the game. So now Frenchy will head to Atlanta with the team after todays game and will press even more since he will be playing in his home town.

Maine pitched 5 innings and gave up 6 runs. His ERA is now a ridiculous 6.13.The Mets need to seriously start to think about adding a pitcher to there rotation. If Maine cant get it right and will Ollie already done the Mets could really be in trouble.

Niese goes today after he had a rough start at home against the Nationals. The Mets have not won a game since last Tuesday in the come from behind victory.

Mets are 3-6 since the start of playing 17 games straight. 1 here left in Fla then 2 in Atlanta, 2 in DC and then 3 at home against the Yankees before a day off a week from tomorrow .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ollie to Pen:Reyes back to lead off: Mets lineup May 15th

As the Mets soak up the sun in Florida and get ready for game 3 against the Marlins the Mets have thrown Ollie Perez back in the bullpen and tonight batting lead off JOSE REYES

Of course who know how long this will be for.

The Mets lineup against the Marlins tonight. Pagan I thought he might be there temporary. He makes good contact but eventually maybe we will see Davis there before Beltran returns. He is down on the field today chatting it up with Frenchy trying to assist with his hitting woes.

Reyes ss
Castillo 2b
Pagan cf
Bay lf
Wright 3b
Davis 1b
Francoeur rf
Barajas c
Maine p

Manager For A Day

Searching the blogosphere and all that I see; disgruntled Mets fans staring at me...

I promise, no more rhyming.

Everywhere you go, every blog site you go to, the talk is of the anemic Mets offense and/or the destruction of Ollie P.

Oliver Perez isn't an easy fix, and I think I am alone when I say I feel bad about/for him. I always liked Ollie and have been in his corner. I even went so far to predict he would win 15-16 games this year. Must have been all those drugs in the '60's.*

Perez really should be sent to the minors to work out whatever is ailing or troubling him. Problem is, OP doesn't have to accept the assignment. He should though. His career is at a sink or swim point right now, and the only reason he is
still in the starting rotation is becau
se the Mets are still on the hook for another $24M (including this year) of his three year $36M contract, which doesn't expire until the conclusion of the 2011 season. Let Perez pull a Steve Trachsel, and work out his problems. Then after a month or two, he might have found his Mojo, and return to the Mets. Will Ollie do this? Doubtful. I have a feeling he will wind up with some mysterious injury and be DL'd.

Now for the lineup:
1. Jose Reyes SS - Put him back where he belongs
2. Luis Castillo 2B - has been under-appreciated for two years. Has been solid in the 2 hole

3. Ike Davis 1B - A bit young, yes, but puts the bat on the ball more than Bay and

4. Jason Bay LF - Even though having a bad year, he is a #4 hitter

5. David Wright - Bay and Wright back-to-back is dangerous due to all the
strikeouts, but it
might be the best solution.
6. Rod Barajas C - OBP aside, he rakes. Let him get some AB's with runners actually
on base.

7. Jeff Francoeur RF - In a bit of a slump and could be dangerous batting behind
Barajas, but
still think it's the best place for him.
8. Angel Pagan CF - has been good with the bat, so moving him down in the order
will start
things off again, and might be helpful at the start of
an inning, so Reyes and
Pagan will get AB's together in the
same inning.

9. Starting Pitcher

Now, another idea, and I am not alone in this idea, is to find another hitting coach. No Met has improved under the tutelage and guidance of Howard Johnson. He has been with the team for three or so years, and his prized pupil, Nuke LaLoosh (Wright) has gotten progressively worse. Is it all HoJo's fault? No. The player has to bear a good portion of the responsibility. Every year since 2006 Wright's strikeouts have increased. Last year there was a significant increase in strikeouts - Wright ended 2009 with 140 - an increase of 22 strikeouts from 2008, with 91 less AB's. His HR production is non existent. I never considered LaLoosh a HR hitter. He was a guy with plate discipline with occasional power, who hit to RF well. None of that can be said of what we have seen of Wright since the closing months of 2008. It might be a bit pre-mature, but I would say yes, this move needs to be made.

Who should replace HoJo as hitting coach? How about Rusty Staub? There was no better student of the game than Staub, and if he can instill just a little bit of understanding the game in guys like Wright, Reyes, Pagan, and Francoeur, the Mets would be much better.

What are your suggestions? Agree? Disagree? Feel free to chime in.
* Just a joke. Never did drugs in the '60's.

Sources: Cotts and Baseball Reference

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mets more then likely will pull plug on Ollie Perez Saturday

Another horrible outing and there is really no excuses to listen to now. Manager Jerry would not back his pitcher and how could he at this point. He said that he has talk to all parties involved and will talk to them tomorrow. Perez got hammered with a sub par fast ball buy giving up 4 home runs in the Mets 7-2 loss.

After the game Manager Jerry spoke with Omar in the managers office. No word on what there decision will be until tomorrow. I mean at this point Perez needs to be removed from the rotation end of story. He might go on the DL with shoulder fatigue since Dan Warthen does not see the ball exploding out of his hand like it used to.

If they pull Ollie from the rotation R A Dickey in buffalo is on the same pitching rotation as Ollie. The knuckleballer gave up 3 runs over 8 innings earlier tonight in a 5-3 victory. Pat Misch is pitching well and so is Dillion Gee. Takahashi really is not stretched to give more then 3-4 innings in a start at this point.

Ollie at this point would have to agree to go to the minors. I do not think the Mets would release the lefty . He was leaving balls up in the zone and his once wicked fastball that use to clock in at 95mph barely hit 90 tonight.

Of course whatever they do with Ollie doesnt help the Mets anemic offense who only had 4 hits again. Changes need to made to the batting order. After the game Bay, and Reyes and Frenchy were just sitting in the dugout staring into space.

No changes in lineup Mets vs Marlins May 14th : F Mart to DL

Manager Jerry is still sticking with Reyes batting 3rd. Not sure why. Also F Mart is placed on the 7 day DL for a left hamstring strain. Ollie tries to win a game in Florida heat.

Pagan CF
Castillo 2B
Reyes SS
Bay LF
Wright 3B
Davis 1B
Francoeur RF
Barajas C
Perez P

Reyes and Frenchy need to breakout and fast!

The Role Of A #3 Hitter


I missed last night's game against the Marlins due to another commitment. When I got home I saw the Mets had lost to Florida 2-1. I was bummed.

While watching the
news, I heard, and saw, the Mets once again blew an opportunity to score a runner, Luis Castillo, from second base. Why? Because Jose Reyes couldn't get down the bunt. Should Reyes have been able to deaden the ball? Probably. That's not the question though. The question is, why in the world in the manager having his "#3" hitter laying down a bunt?

This is the second time in the last
two (or three) games he has called upon Reyes to bunt. I know Jose is struggling, but if you're so confident in him as your #3 hitter, then when not let him try and drive the ball? Even when slumping Reyes is always a double/triple threat, which would have easily scored Castillo. A bunt? That is the role of the lead-off hitter, which Reyes is no longer.

Secondly, Reyes isn't a good bunter. Castillo and Cora are much more accomplished. Even Pagan is a better bunter than Jose. Aside from breaking from conventional wisdom, this was a stupid move on another front: Jerry not knowing his players' strengths and weaknesses.

Reyes isn't a good bunter, yes, but with a runner in scoring position with your "#3" hitter up, why are you bunting? Not only that, but this is the second time in the last two or three games you've made this mistake.

Not comparing Jose to these men, but would Davey Johnson have had Keith Hernandez, a #3 hitter, bunt in that situation?

Would Miller Huggins have had Babe Ruth, the #3 hitter, bunting in that situation?

The answer in both cases is no.

Yes, Jose didn't get the bunt down, but the real screw up was the manager having called for a bunt in that situation.