Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jose Reyes to start season on the DL

Of course the fact that Reyes lobbied that he was ready to play was to no avail. Multiple sources are now saying that Mr Reyes will start the season on the DL.

Reyes who went 1-5 in his second game back in a minor league game actually slid into 2nd base on his hit even though he was told not to slide. Manager Jerry was quoted as saying "he did not did he?"

Reyes will stay in PSL when the Mets take the show on the road to the west coast of Florida after thursday game with the Nationals.

The Earliest he can come off the DL will be the fifth game of the season , a week from this saturday against the Nationals.
Pic source -AP

Mets Exercising Murphy's Law

Adam Rubin @ ESPN (boy that is going to take getting used to) has reported that Daniel Murphy has an MCL sprain in his left knee, and will be out 2-6 weeks. It is not considered serious.

As we stand now, it appears that Jacobs will be starting at 1B and Davis will remain with the Bison's.

So let's see, the Mets are starting the season with their starting Gold Glove CF on the DL, most likely their starting SS on the DL, and now their starting 1B on the DL...

The glass half full? Better now than in July.

Other Sources:
Kevin Burkhardt via Twitter

Mets Just Misch'd Losing Out

The Mets dodged a bullet today when Pat Misch went unclaimed on waivers. He will report to AAA Buffalo.

I can't understand how this guy was unwanted by 29 other teams. Their loss is our gain. I'm sure we'll see Misch at some point this season.


Mets M*A*S*H Unit 2010

According to Kevin Burkhardt, Daniel Murphy has a sprained knee and is day-day.

It's like Groundhog Day...

Could this possibly open the door for Ike Davis, or do the Mets go after someone like Ryan Garko?

Baby steps for the Mets shortstop Jose Reyes.

Remember at the beginning of spring training when the Mets had finally let hit Mr Jose hit ? It was an intrasquad game and what did he do ? He smacked a triple in his first at bat. Of course that seems almost as along ago as when Reyes played in his last game in 2009 which was back in May!!!

Well thyroid over and hamstring over and we know see Reyes playing on the backfields with cameras that are behind fences. It is funny to watch Reyes go from the game yesterday and having the cameras following him on another field to run and cut the bases.

To me the Mets are being cautious because they want Mr Reyes back for the full year not just opening day. I have no problem with how long it takes. If he doesn’t get back into the first game I will not lose sleep over it. The Mets pitching too me is a much bigger concern then if Reyes is in the opening day line up or in the first series against the Marlins.

If the Mets want to be cautious with Reyes to begin the season that is fine. Do you think they can maybe channel this way of thinking throughout the year? Probably not but its nice to see that everyone on the team is on the same page with the workouts and also the comments that come out of Reyes and manager Jerry’s mouth. Everyone says the same thing. We take it 1 day at a time. I know its tough for Reyes since he is ready to I think explode. Nice to see the Mets maybe I dare use Manager Jerry’s line …Maturing….

Santana and Perez get rocked in there outings

Hey can anyone pitch out there in Mets camp? Yes its still the spring but if you watch other teams starting 5 they can go 5-6 innings without giving up 2-3 homers and maybe give up 1 run and scatter some hits.

In a game against the Cardinals Ollie looked awful. He has usual was not able to get inside on right handed batters and could not last 3 innings.

Johan Santana pitched in a minor league game yesterday and had the Cardinals minor leaguers tatoo him for 7 runs in 4 innings. The third inning which they were going back and forth on the SNY broadcast yesterday Johan gave up 5-6 straigh hits and 6 runs.

No one has done very well this spring training . Pelfrey has been rocked with homeritis as well.
Maine tries to quiet the bats of the Marlins this afternoon. 5 more games left for the Metsies in spring.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Possibility For Mets At 1B?

Today the Mariners released 1B Ryan Garko. This winter Garko's name came up when speaking of possibilities for the Mets first baseman.

As my esteemed partner in crime, Long Island Met Fan, lamented many times, Garko might be a viable option for the Mets. As it stands now, the Mets don't have room on their 25 man roster, but that can be easily resolved with releasing/demoting Frank Catalonotto, Mike Jacobs, and Chris Carter.

Honestly speaking, I know next to nothing about Garko, other than reading his stats on Baseball Reference.

Though Spring Training is coming to a close, and opening day is on the horizon, more and more options are available. Will the Mets dip their toe in the Waived Players Waters?

Source: The Seattle Times

Though They Misch-ed The Boat, Mets Find Acosta

The Mets today picked up recently waived relief pitcher Manny Acosta, whom the Braves recently released.

Acosta, who pitched in seven innings in six exhibition games, will be assigned to the minor leagues. He allowed five runs on six hits.

His stats aren't as good as Misch's. As I stated earlier, the Mets Misch-ed the boat.

Source: Marty Noble -

Mets Misch The Boat With This Move

As expected, unfortunately, the Mets placed left-handed pitcher Pat Misch on waivers.

Misch, acquired off the scrap heap last June 9th from the Giants, pitched well for the Mets.

Misch, along with Nelson Figueroa and Jenrry Mejia, was the best pitcher in camp this spring. It looks like Figgy and Mejia have landed a spot on the roster, while Misch, who is not expected to make it through waivers, gets screwed.
If he passes through waivers, which is highly unlikely, the Mets would assign him to AAA Buffalo.

Quoting Metsmerized On Line, "I hope he doesn’t become this years version of Darren O’Day who went on to become one of the premier relievers in the AL last season after being waived by the Mets."

No truer words.
I like Misch and wished he made the club. I thought there might be a chance when Parnell and Green were sent down yesterday, but I guess Mejia, the Golden Child, will make the roster.

How much will the Mets regret it when the 20 year old Mejia starts to take his lumps in the Major Leagues? Mejia would benefit from another year in the minors, but it appears he will make the 25 man roster.

Other Sources:
Ultimate Mets Database

Pedro Feliciano set up? Raul Valdes in pen What in the wide world of sports is going on?

Ok so its not April 1st yet. If Manager Jerry doesnt have enough to deal with Jose Reyes is the news we have heard for days that Pedro Felicano wants to be the 8th inning guy. I love the fact that he wants the ball. I mean last year he was lights out. The problem was the Mets don't have any lefty specialist if Felicano was the 8th inning guy.

Takahashi was a starter and not sure how he can handle that role. Insert Raul Valdes. Who you might ask? I have seen him in a couple of spring games this year who I thought the Mets would just take him from the minor league camp and use him as needed.

Well if you go over to Mike Silva's Baseball Digest
there a little post about who is this Raul Valdes. In short he was with the Cubs back in 2004 and has been in the Mets system since 2007. He averages a strikeout per inning. If the Mets are serious about having him be the left specalist in the pen to start the year, the 33 year old would have to be added to the 40 man roster.

Ahhh so maybe the Mets will set up there bullpen in time for the All Star break!

Edgardo Alfonso comes home sort of

Ok so he is not coaching for the Mets. No he is not playing for the 2010 LI Ducks. He is playing for a rival of theres the Newark Bears. Edgardo loves to play and is not ready to give it up after a horrible year playing in Japan with the Yomiuri Giants. His teammates will include former Met closer Armando "dont rattle me" Benitez.

According to the Bears website, Edgardo has a career major league average of .284 with 1,532 hits and 744 RBI. His best season came in 1999 with the Mets, when he hit .304 with 191 hits, 41 doubles, and 108 RBI. He batted .313 in five games played. He played in the 2000 all star game.

One of these days we will see him as a coach maybe even with the Mets but he is not ready to hang up his spikes just yet.

Met fans can get a glimpse of him when he comes to LI to play the ducks over the 4th of July weekend for a 4 game set.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Former Met Now Starting His Post Baseball Life...As A Repo Man

Former Mets relief pitcher, Scott Strickland, was just released by the Florida Marlins. Strickland, 34 in April, is now beginning the rest of his life...after baseball. Strickland, who hasn't pitched in the pros since 2005, was told he hadn't made the Marlin squad. He has decided it is time to start the second part of his a REPO MAN.

The righty set-up man, who says this isn't permanent, started working for his father-in-law in Texas during the off season to help make ends meet. Being the parent of twins, Strickland, who hasn't garnered a Major League salary since 2005, had to do something.

Said Strickland,
"You get a contract from a bank and it says these people know they're not paying their bills. It's not their first time. And you just walk up with the contract: 'Hey, we've got an order for repossession of your car. If you give me the keys, we'll let you get your stuff out. If not, we'll just take your car.' "

Emilio Estevez he's not, but Strickland justifies his new job by saying people just aren't paying their bills. It's not the cloak and dagger, in the dark of the night sort of enterprise that is conjured in one's mind. Strickland can still accept an assignment to the Marlins minor league affiliate, but chances are he won't.

The 5'10" pitcher had a bright future until Tommy John surgery to his right elbow derailed his career.
The Mets picked up Strickland from the Expos (2002) in exchange for Bruce Chen and Dickey Gonzales. As expected, he injured his elbow with the Mets and was out of their organization by 2005 (2004 injured). He then went to the Astros, Pirates, Padres, Yankees, and Dodgers. With all teams other than the Astros, he was in the minors.

After being dealt a rough hand, Strickland is looking towards the rest of his life. Just remember while in Texas to make your car payments.

Other Sources: Big Leauge Stew and Ultimate Mets Database

Washington Nationals claim Chris Coste- Mets need to think twice before putting Pat Misch on waivers.

The Mets had Chris Coste on the team for 1 reason and 1 reason only. That was to tutor prospect Josh Thole. Well now the Mets have Omir Santos to do the teaching since Coste was picked up by the Nationals. Good luck Mr Thole!

If this is a precursor for things to come the Mets should think twice before putting Pat Misch on waivers at the end of spring. The Lefty can breath and still pitch so the Mets will not be able to hide him and they could lose him. Which would hurt the Mets triple aaa depth if any of there starters get injured.

Mets Make Moves To Shore Up Opening Day Roster

The Mets have sent both Sean Green and Bobby Parnell down to AAA Buffalo. They also waived Chris Coste, but hope he clears waivers so that he can also be assigned to Buffalo to help out with the development of Josh Thole.

With these moves, it seems that Nelson Figueroa might make the roster. He has pitched well, and is deserving of a shot.

It also appears with these moves that Jenrry Mejia might very well make the 25 man roster - if he doesn't, Kiko Calero might be the guy.


T-Minus 7 days until opening day Decisions, Decisions

Only a week to go before opening day and Manager Jerry and the Mets have to make some decisions. Of course for some reason there is big emphasis on the opening day lineup and the make up of the squad. As a seasoned Met fan would know the opening day squad will vaguely resemble the team on June 1st as well as September 1st.

With Jose Reyes not on playing in games yet we are getting close to say that he will not be in the opening day lineup. Does that mean Ruben Tejada makes the team? Will the mets start the major league clock on him for the week or 10 days it will take Jose to get ready? Or will they go with Russ Adams who is more of a second baseman?

Who makes the bench? Frankie C seems to be making a push lately. He cracked a home in yesterday’s loss but Jacobs would have 2 homers on Saturday if it wasn’t for the jet stream that was coming in from right field. Of course manager Jerry says it will go down to the wire.

In the bullpen which is anybody’s guess the Mets need to send Green and Parnell down. Parnell still has nothing to show hitters except a fastball and Green has just not been effective. Figgy should make the club along with Fernando Nieve and Pat Misch might have to be thrown out on waivers . Some team might scoop him up. Kiko Calero might make the club and who knows about Mejia.

A week left and the Mets still have questions. At least there have been no late spring injuries.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A GHMP First

Yesterday at Gil Hodges Memorial park, er Citi Field, there was a first for the new ball park, which opened last season.

Yesterday, Franciso Caputo and Jacqueline Scotti were wed on the diamond of the ballpark of their favorite team: The New York Mets.

The couple had met 10 years ago while working at a Long Island restaurant. They dated five years before making their vows.

The blushing bride said, "We wanted something different, and it ended up being something really amazingly different because nobody has done it here before. Frank is a huge insane Mets fan ... and I am now too."

The couple, who were officially married earlier in the day at the Church Of Saint Aidan in Williston. They then took a white trolley to the ballpark. They had approximately 270 guests attend.

The Mets gave the couple a commemorative Mets jersey with the #27 on it. Not for Craig Swan, but because yesterday was March 27th.

Caputo is a groom with his priorities in the right place: when he proposed, he said, 'If you want this ring on your finger, you have to be a Mets fan.' My loyalty is to my fiance. So, whatever team he supports, I support."

Story courtesy of the New York Daily News.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chat with Newsday’s Dave Lennon. Mejia, Green, and Maine.

Ok so I used a couple of different names but I can tell you this that everyone has an opinion about what the Mets should do about Jenri Mejia. Here was a couple of highlights of the chat he had today. To view the entire 1 hour chat go here

Why do the Mets have so much faith in John Maine?

They're still that chasing that 15-win season from 2007. Maine has talent, and the Mets believe the health of his right shoulder is the only thing holding him back. They may be wrong on that one. But it's worth finding out for sure and this season will be Maine's last shot

Will Sean Green make the team and if he does is it only because of his Salary?

Green should not make this team, regardless of salary. If he does, it will be a shocking upset

You don't think it's foolish to use Mejia as a quick-fix BP arm when he could be a potential starter? The most innings he's thrown in a season is 94! Starters who begin their major league careers as bullpen arms do so after stretching their arms in the minors, then come up to finish their innings limit with the big club

The Mets want to leave camp with the best team possible -- right now. If they believe Mejia can get MLB hitters out - right now -- and help them win games -- right now - then I don't think that's the worst thing. It doesn't have to be forever. And no, I don't see it as a desperation move. Mejia is a confident kid and I think he'll handle whatever is thrown his way.

Is there a real competition between Pagan and Matthews Jr for CF? Or is it Pagan no matter what as the replacement for Beltran.

The CF job, there is no competition. Pagan is the starter

Is there a chance this team actually loses both Nieve and Figueroa? I would actually be more inclined to let Figueroa have the fifth starter’s job in April and see where the team is at after a month.

I think Nieve will be in the pen and Figueroa will go to Buffalo, despite his comments from the other day.

Mets Closer Offers Relief

Mets closer, Francisco "Frankie"-"KRod", Rodriguez, has been slamming the ninth inning door shut for years. Now, he has become a set-up man in offering relief help to another Venezuelan he idolized.

As reported in the NY Times by David Waldstein, Rodriguez has been lending his experience and help to the son of the player he idolized: Ugueth Urbina.

Urbina, who was a two time All Star and closer on the World Champion 2003 Florida Marlins, has been sitting in prison serving a 14 year prison sentence since 2007. Urbina was convicted of attempted murder in the assault of people who worked for him, because he believed they had stolen some items from him. Urbina allegedly attacked the men with a machete and doused them with gasoline. Urbina denies and refutes these charges, and hopes to have his sentence commuted.

KRod idolized Urbina while growing up in Venezuela, and the two have become friends. Urbina's son, Juan, a left handed pitcher, is in the Mets low minor league system. Urbina's request? For Rodriguez to look after his 16 year old son.
KRod was only too happy to oblige.

During Spring Training, Rodriguez has taken Urbina and some of his other Latin and Venezuelan teammates back to his Spring Training home. He feeds them and let's them play video games. He drives them back to their hotel room to ensure that they do not break curfew.

The senior Urbina wanted KRod to watch after his son, and teach him the ways and show him the ropes. Rodriguez was only too happy to help. He remembers how difficult it was for a young kid in a foreign country to try and succeed. Rodriguez admitted that in 1998 his first year in the Angels organization,
“There was nobody. I just sat in my hotel room.”

KRod didn't want the same for the son of a man he so well respected. He has taken time this Spring to teach Juan and his teammates not only about baseball, but about America. He feels it's the least he can do.

“I’m not doing this just because it’s Ugueth Urbina’s son. I’m doing it because these are kids from Venezuela like I was. When I came here, I was 17 years old and I didn’t know any English or anything about American culture, and I suffered a lot. I don’t want anyone else to go through the same thing that I went through.”

It's nice to see the Mets closer offering his talents to set-up - to help set-up a young talent for success in Major League Baseball.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mets Might Have Learned

In Brian Costa's article in Star Ledger, the Mets are proceeding cautiously with Jose Reyes. According to Mets GM Omar Minaya, “The key is, we want Jose for the long season. That’s the focus. It’s not whether he’s there for the first day. It’s we want Jose for the long season and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure we have him for the long season.”

Maybe one of the smartest statements made. Jose wants to play, but the Mets are treading lightly because Jose hasn't played a Major League game since May 20, 2009. How terrible would it be if Reyes is in the line-up on April 5th, the season opener, and gets injured, and misses significant time?

Continuing, Manuel said, “It’s about whether or not he’s ready to play Major League Baseball, period. And when he does come, we might take that even cautious. We might give him a day off here and there.”

I honestly can't say I believe this last statement. Remember after DWright came back from his concussion? Jerry said the same thing; he was going to rest Wright every other day. He did that once the remainder of the season. The words are great, but if the actions don't reflect the words, they ring hollow.

I honestly think Jose will be at SS on opening day. I just wish the Mets don't rush him back. With a personality like Reyes', it is hard. He is a kid trapped in a young man's body, and he has that childish exuberance. But, wouldn't it be better to have Jose for the long haul instead of the first month of the season? It's a long season, and as
I have stated before, I would rather have Jose for the stretch run than on opening day.

On consulting Reyes about his availability, Omar concluded by saying, “It’s not only what he says, it’s what we see.”

Gooden Back To Good 'Ol (Bad) Days...Take II

This just keeps getting worse. As we reported on Wednesday, Gooden was once again involved in a traffic accident, and he was being charged with DUI. In the NY Post this morning, Rita Delfiner reports that Gooden was under the influence of drugs, though the drug he had taken was not given.

He had his five year old child in the car...unrestrained, and the boy hit his head. Thankfully, he was not injured.

Gooden also reportedly left the scene of the accident.
Allegedly Gooden gave his name to the other driver, then left the scene. The victim called 911.

Gooden is in the same class as Steve Howe right now. Howe, who was a seven time drug offender, was given a dozen second chances. He had a respectable career, but couldn't defeat his demons.

Howe, tragically, died at the age of 48.
He died when the car he was in rolled over. The toxicology report showed he had methamphetamine in his system. If the former Met Phenom doesn't embrace sobriety and cherish it, I am afraid he will suffer the same fate.

The alarm clock has been ringing for years Dwight. Stop hitting the snooze button.

Picture courtesy of
NY Post.

Daniel Murphy has good game against Astros

Daniel Murphy has a new batting stance when he comes up the plate. Why? Because someone thought it might be a good idea since it might generate more power. Like he has enough to deal with.

I am sure the name Ike Davis makes the man cringe. All he is trying to do is help the ball club. Ever since he was brought up to the Mets he has been under intense pressure and for the most part the Murph man has not cracked. This year he is kind of holding the bag sort to speak for Ike Daivs who the Mets think is the second coming of Mex but with more power. Does it effect Murph ? He just soliders along.

Murph is having a tough spring batting way below the Mendoza line. He looked lost the other day where he struck out a couple of times when they played the Braves. He just does not look comfortable with his new stance.

Well yesterday he smacked a base hit in his first at bat and hit a homer later in the game. If you asked me he was not standing straight but using his crouch a little bit just not as pronounced.

Maybe Murph can find a happy medium. Maybe the Mets can just let the man hit. He is who he is. He might not be a home run machine but if I remember correctly he was 2nd on the team in doubles last year with 38.
pic source-Getty images

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Citi Field update-upgrades for 2010

The Mets have been doing some work on the outside of Citi field.

If you check out this Met fans pics at photobucket
here . They have added some really cool banners and some nice items for the fan walk. Also they are working on the new Mets Hall of fame and McFaddens pub out in Centerfield.

There is also some pics of the new bullpen which the visiting teams whined about.

Make sure you check out the Stengel and Gil Hodges pics. Great stuff!!!!

You know you have too much time on your hands when….

We all probably collected baseball cards as kids. I know I did since it was a hobby of mine through college It helped support my “extra curricular activities” while away at college by buying friends card collections so they can take the $$ and use it for …ummm books!!!

Well over at Sons of Steve Garvey there is a picture that I have inserted here that take card collecting to different level. This guy is weighing baseball packs in his local target since the heavier packs will more then likely have the special cards-relics.

I of course even then couldn't’t be bothered to do that. I would have just gone to the guys on the loading dock and bought the cases right off the truck. Do you think this guy is married or has a girlfriend?

Check out the sons of Steve Garvey site

Gooden Back To Good 'Ol (Bad) Days

What was slowly becoming the feel good story for the Mets, much in the way Darryl Strawberry has become popular again, Dwight Gooden failed again.

According to Deadspin, Gooden was involved in a traffic accident Tuesday morning in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

The Police press - release:


Detective Bureau Telephone 201-xxx-xx31

Fax 201-891-0967

490 Dekorte Drive

Franklin Lakes, NJ, 07417
Date: 24 March 2010
From: Detective Lieutenant John Bakelaar

Re: Press Release

3/23/2010 – At 8:50 am, officers responded to a 911 report of an auto accident on Old Mill Rd. involving two vehicles. After conducting an on-scene investigation, officers arrested one of the drivers, Dwight GOODEN, age 45 of Franklin Lakes, NJ. GOODEN was charged with the following:

Under the Influence of a Controlled Dangerous Substance

Endangering the Welfare of a Child

Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs

DWI with a Child Passenger

Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident

Reckless Driving

Failure to Keep Right

Failure to Notify Change of Address regarding driver's license

Mr. GOODEN was released on his own recognizance. Officers Jon RYNANDER and Robert LYON investigated.


Jose Reyes is not only back, but raring to go. The Mets SS today said the following after taking nine grounders (thanks to David Lennon via Twitter): "Oh man, I'm ready bro!"

Lennon also says that Reyes beat every Met player in every drill, and then proceeded to run to the next practice field.

Stating the obvious, Lennon says, "
There is no low gear for him."

I was never worried about Jose returning, but I would be less than honest if I didn't declare that I am so STOKED - to quote some of today's youths, about him being back in PSL.

Do we really have any doubt that he will be playing SS and leading off on April 5th?

In other good news, Manuel, like in 2009, seems to be backing off batting Reyes third. Thank God. Jerry, you have the best all around leadoff hitter in the NL if not all of baseball. Use him that way.

Now all you sabremetric geeks don't get on me about OBP and other Bill James stats. His on base percentage is about .358 for his career, has gone up each year except last year. Each year his walks have increased. What does that tell me? It tells me he learns, which is the most important thing when it comes to coaching. Having a player that learns.

You watch this guy play every day, and there isn't a more electric player in the game, and I'm am so happy he's back.

Can I get an AMEN from the blogosphere?

Escobar Ready To Pitch In

Kelvim Escobar, who has been shut down all Spring, is ready to start throwing again. Having signed with the Mets as a free agent this winter, Escobar, a righty, has experienced problems (again) with his right arm. First it was termed as shoulder weakness.

Escobar hasn't pitched but one game since 2007, but at the time of his signing seemed like a low risk/high reward type of pitcher.

Now Escobar believes he is ready to compete:

“I think this time it’s going to work out. I’ve been doing a lot and I feel great. I can’t wait to start throwing.”

Escobar is expected to start throwing in the next couple of days. If he regains his arm strength, he might be a diamond in the rough for the Mets.

Source: TC-Palm

Say goodbye to Tradition Field say hello to Digital Domain Park?

In other Mets news that was not as eggciting as capt Reyes making a return the Mets annouced during ther SNY broadcast the new name of the PSL stadium . Say hi to Digital Domain Park . No longer the friendly confines of Tradition Field.

The company is based in Venice California and are big in the special effect field. They won a Oscar award last year for special effects.

I kind of like the name tradition but hey I had to get used to Citi Field, I mean Shea nu.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Former Met reliever Scott Schoeneweis released by the Brewers.

The Brewers are a team that are full of lefty specialists Earlier today they released former Met Scott Schoeneweis. He is doing is best to deal with his wife’s death last year.

He was not a happy camper on news of his release. His comments include “"My wife died last year. That has nothing to do with me as a baseball player. To have to start over and be penalized doesn't make sense to me."

Umm Scott I am sure it’s the fact that the Brewers have an abundance of lefties and the fact that you had a ERA over 7.

To read the rest of his quotes check it out

No I don’t think the Mets should offer him a deal even if they need a lefty. He has not been much of a reliever since oh sept 28, 2008 when he let Wes Helms hit one off him at Shea. Not that I hold a grudge or anything.

Jose Jose Jose!!! : Jose Reyes heading back to Mets Camp

Wow some good news today.

The Mets today annouced that Jose Reyes has been cleared to play again. His thyroid level are back to normal and he will be in Mets camp on Wednesday.

Omar Minaya said, “Doctors are fully confident that the thyroid is taken care of.”

Reyes might make it to opening day after all. The Mets PSL schedule has them playing most of the last week at home so that could help so Reyes doesnt have to take long trips and worry about anything tighting up.

Mets send Ike Davis among others to minor league camp

Since opening day is getting closer and the Mets do not want the drama as the season approaches, Ike Davis and others have been send to minor league camp as Per Newsday's Mr. Lennon.

Ike, who has given many a Met fan some nice hope for 2011 or maybe earlier hit .480 on 25 at bats with 3 homers and 10 rbi's.

The Mets also sent down Tobi Stoner,Jason Pridie, Sean Riggans and Nick Evans. Hopefully Evans can handle the demotion a bit better then he did last spring. He was hurt for most of the spring with a shoulder issue.

At least Mike Pelfrey has confidence in Mike Pelfrey

The big Pelf was lit up by the Nationals yesterday but if you ask him it was no big deal. The one comment he made after the game I have had taken notice about earlier that he is doing is best at reducing walks.

The Man gives up 4 homers and Manager Jerry makes mention that there were a "couple of pop ups" One of Ryan Zimmerman's homers was a moon shot and would have been a home run in the Polo Grounds.

Pelfrey after the game said. "The most important thing to me is that I feel great and my secondary stuff has never been better. "

Manager Jerry also said the magic word in another quote. "I think it's maturity, more than anything else," He has better stuff than he did at this time last year, and I think that's the most important thing."

Hey Manager Jerry if he so mature why is using his fastball when he is ahead on the count when they get taken down town instead of his sinker. Yes I know he is getting his work in.

Can it be asking too much for 1 outing be a line like this 5 innings 1 run 3 hits 4 strikeouts and no walks. Yes I know there getting there work in.

Question I pose here. If this was Pelfrey vying for a # 5 spot in the rotation would the Manager still be happy with the results regardless of the wind? The Big Pelf has only 1 maybe 2 starts left before the real games begin.

How about doing what Takahashi does and don't give up any runs for a change?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mets Line-Up Vs.Nationals - March 22, 2010

Here is today's Mets line-up Vs. the Nats:

CF Pagan

SS Tejada

1B Carter

RF Francoeur

LF Catalanotto

3B Tatis

2B Adams

C Blanco

SP Pelfrey

Courtesy of David Lennon - Newsday

Mets brought into the Mike Lowell fray.

Besides the fact that the Mets are a large market team not sure why the Mets would be interested in Mike Lowell.

The Mets these days have had a little switch with there lineup. Now the Mets are more right handed heavy then they used to be. They were always looking for righty hitters and now with Frenchie and Bay they are now righty heavy. Lowell who would play first with the Mets would take away the lefty first baseman Murphy and just leave them way too right handed.

Of course the fact Lowell is owed 12M for this year is a deal crusher. The Red Sox would have to eat most of his salary. Now don’t get me wrong a healthy Lowell for 1 year I am sure would be better then the offense Mr. Murphy would bring to the table but Lowell being healthy of course would be a big if.

Mets will be fine with a Murphy-Jacobs-Tatis platoon. Mr Murph will get a shot and if he doesn’t produce we could see Mr Davis sometime this summer.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rubin Leaves NY Daily News And Surfing The Mets

The Mets beat writer and primary writer of Surfing The Mets, Daily News reporter Adam Rubin announced yesterday that today is his last day with the Daily News.

Rubin, who grew up on Long Island, was thankful to the Daily News because not only did they hire him from a beat job covering the minor leagues in Birmingham, Alabama, but they also stood by him during the entire Bernazard Gate last summer.

Rubin said he will contine to cover the Mets, but said he could not say in what capacity. It is believed that he will be doing it for ESPN.

Please listen to
Adam Rubin with Tony Paige on WFAN for the enitre interview.

As a closing note, since Long Island Met Fan and I started scribing for this blog almost two years ago, we found Mr. Rubin's reporting to be better, more thorough, and more correct than any other reporter out there. He was always an informative read, and he will be missed.

We here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan wish Rubin nothing but success in his new endeavor.

Figgy A Member Of The Church Of Manuel?

I guess every year Jerry has to have one. Better said, Jerry has to have one player that just gets into his doghouse for reasons unknown.

While with the Mets, Ryan Church was greatly mistreated. We all know of the problems the Mets had understanding the concussion diagnosis. But even when Church was "better" he was treated as a second class citizen.

To say the Mets stopped going to Church, and not just on Sunday's, is an understatement. He became Persona Non Grata. Regardless of how well the Mets made out on the trading of Church, to Atlanta for Jeff Francoeur, it does not diminish how poorly and disrespectfully they treated him. We know Church, who was released by Atlanta at season's end 2009, was not, nor ever will be Roberto Clemente, but were the likes of Fernando Tatis any better?

Mets/Bisons pitcher Nelson Figueroa is today's Ryan Church. Figgy has done all that was asked of him since making his Mets debut in 2008. He has been lights out in the minors, both in New Orleans and Buffalo, and has pitched well for the Mets when called upon.

Figueroa's nickname should be Yo-Yo; the way the Mets bounce him between AAA and the parent club is dizzying. He pitches well, and is rewarded with not only a demotion, but must also clear waivers due to having exhausted his minor league options. Figgy has handled it better than anyone should expect. He has handled himself with class and professionalism.

This past off-season, Figueroa pitched well for the Dominican Repulic team that wound up winning the Carribean Championship. He has pitched well for the Mets this Spring. Now he is in the fight of his life to not only be a starter/reliever, he is in the fight of his life to make the squad.

It seems as if the #5 starters position is Jon Niese's to lose, but has Maine done anything to establish himself? Maine is still having trouble finding the strike zone, throws way too many pitches, and over the last year and a half, has been hit hard. I will give Maine a mulligan for last year, coming off shoulder surgery, but he has done zero to establish himself.

Figueroa has outpitched Maine, but is in for the fight of his life. Over the last two seasons (2008/2009) has Maine really pitched better than Figgy? No, he hasn't.

This is not to bash Maine. But if the Mets take the stance that there is competition, why hasn't Figueroa been given more respect? Think about it...Figueroa has pitched better than Santana this Spring. Figgy will never be Johan, but why not, at the very least, give a little respect to a guy who has done more than enough to earn it?

Jerry has this flaw where he makes moves beyond comprehension with no factual basis. Church. Figgy. Playing Wright after his concussion when he said he would rest him every other day. Putting Tatis in the line-up too frequently.

It's too late for Jerry to start going to Church. It's not too late for him to start going to Figueroa.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mike Jacobs vs Frank Catalanotto. LI boy not given much of a chance

Long Islander Frank Catalanotto is vying for the Mets last spot on the bench. The Smithtown native is pitted against former Met Mike Jacobs. If you ask me Catalanotto not given much of a chance.

I really did not see him making the team anyway but give the guy a shot at least. How can you say the 2 are vying for 1 spot when Catalanotto only gets 1 ab every third game if that while Jacobs at least gets to play in the field at first and might get 3 at bats in a game. Cat has 1 hit in like 14 at bats this spring. Jacobs is not hitting that great as we go into Saturdays contest he is just 4 for 20 with 2 homers.

The Mets realize that Jacobs will more then likely have to play once in a while at first instead of just pinch hitting. That of course means that Fernando Tatis who has been injured will not get as many at bats either since he was slotted at first. Tatis might have to be the 5th outfielder for now since if Catalanotto does not make the team.

The 36 year old Catalanotto spent his first year in the National League last year with the Brewers so he still has not seen alot of the pitchers in the league yet I am sure.

Maybe Cat can bring his best game the last 2 weeks and make the decision that looks like a no brainer today a difficult one for Manager Jerry.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Who Makes the squad: Parnell, Green,Figgy,or Takahashi?

The Mets are now in the 2nd half of the spring. The Mets sent a bunch of players to the minor league camp earlier and now have about 2-3 weeks to make some decisions.

Most of the decisions lye in the bullpen. The offense is pretty much set unless Smithtown boy has a breakout 2-3 weeks we will probably see Mike Jacobs get the last bench spot with the other 4 spots going to Cora, Blanco, Tatis and Matthews as back ups.

The bullpen is another story. The Mets hold some options on Sean Green and Bobby Parnell. Green has changed his motion but it really has not helped much. Parnell is working on a secondary pitch. Figueroa has thrown up goose eggs all spring but he never seems to be in favor with this team.

To me its simple. Bring the best and the rest get shipped to Buffalo. My seven would be K-Rod,Pedro Feliciano,Ryota Igarashi,Fernando Nieve, Kiko Calero,Pat Misch and Takahasi.

Green to me has really done nothing over the course of the past year to guarantee a pass to make the team besides of course his almost 1M salary.

Parnell was added to the team last year due to the team needing someone to be a bridge to Putz and K Rod and he failed when he was pushed into the 8th inning role.

This year the Mets have more guns for the bullpen including Kiko Calero, Takahashi and Ryota Igarashi. Of course there is the case of Mejia but I like my counterpart Metfan73 believe he needs to go to Triple AAA. Yhere is no rush for the 20 year old to come up and blow out is arm.

Mets do not need to make it difficult . Bring the guys who know how to pitch. The means get crucial outs and throw strikes. Sorry Parnell and Green to me your not in the mix.

See Rubin’s take

Today's Mets Line-Up Vs. Twins

Thanks to Adam Rubin - Surfing The Mets for today's Mets line-up:

CF Martinez
SS Tejada
3B Wright
LF Bay
1B Murphy
RF Francoeur
2B Adams
C Santos
SP Santana

Also expected to play are:
Pedro Feliciano, Pat Misch, Bobby Parnell, Sean Green and Jenrry Mejia.

Feliciano took a combacker off his leg last night, and there has been speculation that this will open the door for Mejia. Eventhough Feliciano left the game, chances are he will be fine.

Great Tongue In Cheek Video

While surfing Twitter this morning, I came across a video called Fake Jeff Wilpon - Episode 4, courtesy of Mets Police.

It is certainly worth a watch: