Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Former Met manager Valentine takes a beating.

The Mets have a manager for 2012 but a former Met manager Bobby Valentine is one of the finalists for the Red Sox manager job. Now everyone has an opinion on Bobby V. He can get his team to play well as he did with the Mets but he rubs alot of people the wrong way.

As we wait for some free agent Met news take a moment and read this great article from Murray Chass on Bobby V.  No doubt you will be able to tell what he thinks of the Mets former manager.

Monday, November 28, 2011

One & Done? Mets Might Look To Replace Ronny Paulino

It is being reported that the Mets were very disappointed in the attitude and performance of Ronny Paulino, whom they acquired last off-season.

It is believed that Paulino "still didn't know the indicator sign in September - pitchers had to call to mound consistently - bad game caller too."

If true, which it is being reported by Mike Silva, that is totally inexcusable. Paulino isn't a rookie; granted, it was his first year with the team, but how long does it take to learn the indicator sign? That shows poor preparation. Pitchers and catchers prepare before each contest, and this shows Paulino was lazy in his preparation.

In another incident, Terry Collins went to Paulino in the late innings of a game to pinch hit. Paulino sat motionless, appearing to ignore his manager. Collins stared at Paulino for a few seconds before asking Paulino to grab a bat. This time, the catcher obliged.

That moment upset Mets officials to the point that they are looking to other options for back-up catcher. It is expected that Farm Boy Thole will catch 60%, and the back-up to catch approximately 40%.

Mike Nickeas is still an option, but his lack of hitting concerns the Mets. Personally, Thole should be the back-up. He is a poor defensively catcher who doesn't hit very well. Nickeas is well respected by the pitching staff as well as by Mets management, but hie dearth hitting is worrisome.

The Mets might look outside the organization for a back-up catcher. Ramon Hernandez, Kelly Shoppach, Ivan Rodriguez, and Jason Varitek are available.

Shoppach interests me, but the other three are useless. All four will most likely beyond the Mets budget.

If I'm managing, Nickeas gets first shot at catching. Runners will be less prone to steal, he calls a great game, and takes charge out there. Yes, I know he doesn't hit his weight, but he is a solid defender.

More questions that need answering this off-season. Henry Blanco would have been a nice "re" addition, but was re-signed by Arizona. As usual, a day late and a dollar short.

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Mike Silva, NY Daily News

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mets fans to be thankful for?

As we start this thanksgiving day what do Mets fans have to be thankful for that has to do with this team?  Well we could be sarcastic and say we love the banner day idea so we can mouth our dissatisfaction with the team direction. Of course that might reach new heights if and when Reyes goes elsewhere.

In this day and age its hard to believe the Mets now have owners that have serious problems running a team in the biggest city in the world. Of course the Wilpons, pictured below might beg to differ.  Ok so to be thankful for as a met fan.  Hmmmm. 

We hope that the new dimensions at Citi will help the Mets hitters like Bay and Wright capture there stroke and hit home runs with men on base .  We can be thankful for that Santana will be back in 2012. Of course he might not be the pitcher he was before surgery but you have to love that he is a bulldog and the Mets can use that mentality.   What else to be thankful for?  Ok that Ike Davis will be back in 2012 and should have no ill effects from his dented bone in leg. Love to be thankful for that Reyes is back in the mix but that isnt happening as of yet.  

Of course we have to be thankful that has long time mets fans we still have Gary Carter around. The fact that he is able to share Thanksgiving with his family after what he has gone through is just outstanding. The kid gave us some great memories and we are thankful for him and wish him the best. 

All the best to you and your family as we get ready to settle to watch some football and take our mind off the 2012 Mets. Guess something else to be thankful for!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New pics of changes at Citi Field

Nothing like a quiet offseason.  Of course that should change after thanksgiving with the Meetings starting December 5th.. The Mets will make some big moves I am sure.  Maybe signing defensive whiz Jack Wilson to back up Tejada. Or how about someone like Jason Marquis to be this years Chris Capuano.  Can you feel the excitement?  

Here are some pics of the Mets making some changes at Citi Field with the new dimensions.  Of course lets hope they are smart enough to make sure any gaps between the wall and field are covered somehow so there is nothing like happen in Texas earlier this year.  Leave it to Jeff to mess this up somehow. 

 Updated  Pics link

Recent pic of party deck from april 2012

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bobby In Beantown? Valentine Front Runner For BoSox Skipper

Former Mets manager Bobby Valentine is being reported as the front runner for the open skipper's position with the Boston Red Sox. The Sox vacancy was created when Terry Francona stepped down after an epic collapse by his Red Sox, whom seemed to be a shoe in for the AL Wild Card.

Valentine is saying
all the right things. Although he hasn't managed in the Major Leagues since being fired by the Mets in 2002, he says is excited about the potential of managing the BoSox:

“This is a great organization with a great team, a great city and great ballpark. That is very attractive. I don’t think anywhere else that there’s been a job opening that my name has been mentioned there have been as many fabulous factors. I’m honored to be part of the group.”

Valentine was mentioned as possible field general with the Marlins, but it appears that he had a difference in philosophy with Marlins owner Peter Loria.

After leaving Flushing, Valentine managed the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan from 2004 - 2009, where he won the Japan Series in 2005.

If Valentines arrogance doesn't blow this opportunity, he should be a shoe-in for the job. He will have more control than Francona had this past season, where it is alleged that players were drinking beer and eating during ball games.

Valentine seems very excited with the possibility to manage in Boston:

“I’m really excited about this, and I haven’t been as nervous for anything in a long, long time,” Valentine said. “It was invigorating, stimulating and all those good things.”

If Valentine proceeds with Bosto
n the way he did when he was with Chiba Lotte, he might look like he did in his playing days:

With Mets - 1996 - 2002 (Gray)

With Chiba Lotte Marines 2004 - 2009 (Less Gray)

With Dodgers 1969 - 1972

NY Post, Wikipedia

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nick Evans Leaves Mets Behind (Finally)

The Mets have lost two players in the last few days who spent much of the season either with the Mets, or shuttling back and forth between Flushing and Buffalo.

Jason Pridie signed with the Oakland A's after clearing waivers. Pridie chose to become a free agent, and wasn't unemployed for very long. Pridie played well defensively in both RF and CF; a much better outfielder than Angel Pagan. If he could have hit better, he might very well have been the Mets starting CF in 2012.

Nick Evans, the everyday Nelson Figueroa, was released for the fourth time in about 10 months. He too, like the other three times, cleared waivers. This time Nick said he had enough, and according to
Andy McCullough, has declared Free Agency.

I would have liked Evans to get a shot as a role player, but like with Murphy, he is virtually a man without a position in the field.

Evans was primarily the Mets starting 1B the last portion of the '11 season. He was more clutch than his .256 average would lead you to believe. Evans had some good AB's in pressure situations. He had learn to work deeper counts, and had a respectable 4 HR's, 10 2B's, and 2 3B's with 25 RBI. Not too bad for a guy who was released three times during the season.

I always liked Evans, and hope he does well. Unfortunately, he is much like many of the young players from the Mets minors; can hit well, but just no place to put him in the field (see Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, Josh Thole, et al).

I'm sure shedding Evans' approximate $450K salary will provide the leverage Elvis has spoken of.

Andy McCullough Twitter, Baseball Reference

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shocker Marquis on Mets radar? The Latest Reyes BS.

Mid week already.  Time is really flying this month. Before you know it we will be watching Jose run around the bases as a visitor to Citi Field. More on Reyes in a moment.  First lets talks Gm Meetings and rumors..  Hello?  Anybody out there?   Nothing is going on except the owners are coming in to Milwaukee and there might be a new CBA in place by the weekend.  5 years this time around. These CBA’s should be a minimum of 10 years..  but hey what do I Know.

Read somewhere that the Mets might be interested in Manhasset native Jason Marquis. What is this 2009? Or 2010?  Ever year there seems to be interest in Marquis but nothing happens. He averaged 18 starts the last 2 years.   This year Chris Capuano might want a 2 year deal so the Mets maybe will take a flier on Marquis.  Or maybe there holding out on Boof Bonser to be ready after his early injury last year.  Tommy John I think. 

So Reyes has all these offers huh? 6 years 90m from the Marlins?  Yeah ok 15per year not bad as a starting point. The mets will not balk at that just the length of the contract. There is some chatter that the Mets might be out of the running sooner rather than later since the $$ is more then they want to spend.  I read that Reyes camp is upset the Mets are not breaking down the door for Reyes already  Yeah ok how much are we going to find out down the line is bunch of BS.  No one is going to give up there hand this early.  Hopefully Reyes with NY ties will give the Mets the last right of refusal come next month. Then the BS will stop and we will see who signs Jose.  Maybe the Angels since they usually come out of nowhere when it comes there Free Agent signings!

Jason Pridie who  couldn’t hit but could play a great CF signed with the A’s.  Sorry to see him go. Hopefully the Mets will make the right move and get a CF that has an arm since Pagan seem to have lost his .  

Latest on Reyes read this

Mets having a presser this morning about the 50th year anniversary of the teams inception.  If interesting will post about it later. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fearless Ike To Be Ready For 2012

"I feel good. I'm working out, trying to get in shape. I'm doing weightlifting, agility. I've done some running and it's been good. Obviously I don't know what would happen if I roll it or something, but I think what I'm doing now is probably going to be harder than the actual baseball stuff."
~ Ike Davis ~

This was the best Mets news this weekend after most Mets fans hearts stopped due to the false account that Jose Reyes had signed with the Marlins, pending a physical. Thankfully, MLB and other outlets that reported this, were incorrect. Huge exhale by metsfan73.

Davis, as stated above, says his conditioning is more intense than baseball, and he has felt no pain. He is certain he should have no issues for the 2012 season.

Fearless is antsy to start the season:

"I wish it was the season time, because I feel like I've already had an offseason."

The Mets missed Davis' power terribly last season, and with the new dimensions for GHMP for 2012, he and the Mets should benefit immensely. Said Davis:

"But it will hopefully help put some more runs on the board, because David and Jason (Bay), they were hitting the ball off the wall in left field. It just would help if those balls were out in left."

If Davis can rebound from this ankle injury and pick up where he left off before his injury, it will work out as a great addition to this ball club...without making a trade.

Source: ESPN New York

Friday, November 11, 2011

Reyes to the Marlins better not be “almost a done deal!”

Happy Friday.  Well we hope it can be.  We all know that Jose Reyes met with the Marlins earlier this week while having lunch at Joe’s Crab in Miami. He also toured the new stadium.  Yeah ok we kind of new that as a free agent Reyes would be courted.  I mean he is in the top 3 of available free agents and with the Marlins ready to spend bucks this was bound to happen.  That of course is where it should end. 

There is a guy down in south Florida that is quoting a source that is saying Reyes to Miami  is  almost a done deal.     Yeah not sure how credible this source is but its surely is annoying to hear.  Of course I know the Mets will have the last chance to work out a deal with the Shortstop but I am sure that Reyes might want to see what this team will do to win besides him matching or coming close to any deal  .   I love when they quote a source.  Is it the guy who delivers the GM’s lunch over hearing a convo?  Maybe it’s the Fed Ex guy?    Whatever “source” it is  I am sure its as reliable as the sources the local scribes here have .  Meaning  almost a done deal better mean not happening!  Reyes needs to be in NY in 2012 under the right circumstances.  Plus Hanley Ramirez as selfish as he is just going to move to 3rd for Jose?  Sure hope not!

Make sure you shake the hands of any veterans you come in contact today. Happy Veterans day !

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breaking News: David Wright Offers An Intelligent Quote

Browsing through the Jose news this morning, I came across two interesting articles. The first was in regards to David Wright and his feelings on his and his pal to the left on the infield, Jose Reyes.

In regards to Reyes' status as well as his own, Wright offered:

“I guess that this could affect things moving forward. I don’t know for a fact. I haven’t spoken to the front office. I haven’t spoken to anybody, kind of about specifically, about my future. You realize that it’s a real thing, that if Jose goes, then I guess anybody can go.”

Wright was quoted while attending the ALS Association’s Lou Gehrig Awards Dinner, and the concluding thought about his teammate was most telling:

“Well, I know what I hope he’s going to do. I don’t know what he’s going to do, [but] I know what I want him to do and that’s to be to my left next year. I’ve shot him a couple texts, exchanged some text messages, nothing about baseball.

“I guess that’s the eternal optimist side of me that he’ll be to my left in spring training, but you never really know. Hopefully the organization values Jose the way that maybe I do, and hopefully Jose reciprocates that and they can work something out.”

Well said.

The second interesting article is a stat provided by Metsmerized Online:

Player A is Hall Of Famer Rickey Henderson.

Player B is no other than OUR Jose Reyes.

People still feel Jose is overrated? Look at the annual hits. Often injured? Compare games played. Low average? Take a look-see.

Jose Reyes is the type of player that needs to be seen on a daily basis to understand how integral he is to the Mets.

Think Ruben Tejada can produce like that? I didn't think so.

Steve Popper, Metsmerized Online

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jose Reyes to meet with the Marlins

The Marlins are the first team this off season that will meet with the Mets free agent SS this Wednesdayas per Ken Rosenthal.  Nothing like the sun and the ability to play in a new domed stadium next to Hanley Ramirez and a new manager will be the tag to try to lure jose down to the sunshine state. 

Reyes is suppose to be meeting wtih the Marlins on Wednesday? My partner in crinme Met fan 73 I am sure swallowed is tongue when he read this latest tid bit. The thought of Reyes playing in Miami or any team in the Mets Nl East division is just down right nauseating.  

Reyes I am sure will be making the tour in the coming weeks and then will have to go back to the Mets and say hey, match this.  Alderson I am sure will balk at any deal that pushes the term over 5 years.  The fun begins. 

Capuano Over Perform? Marlins Trying To Make Noise?

Jon Heyman is reporting that Chris Capuano had a better year than any team thought he could, and is now looking for a two year deal. It is believed the Mets are looking for a one year bargain, which Capuano is probably not likely to entertain. Capuano proved how gutsy and intelligent he is with a solid 2011 season. I was lucky enough to see him pitch twice this year, and one of the games was his one hit gem against the Brewers. It would be a shame to see Capuano go, but the Mets also must be smart and not over extend themselves on an aging pitcher.

The Marlins are looking to make a splash this off season. The much anticipated Jose Reyes bidding begins tomorrow. Jose Reyes will meet with the Marlins and their owner, Jeffrey Loria, to hear their sales pitch for the star shortstop's services. Hanley Ramirez has said he would move to 3B to accommodate Reyes.

The Marlins will be moving into a new crib for the 2012 season, and are expected to have some money to spend. On the other hand, the Mets appear to have about 37 cents to spend this off-season.

Although the scenario of Reyes leaving is terrifyingly real, the Mets have asked that once Reyes receives offers, that they come to the Mets to allow them to make an offer to try and keep Reyes in the only baseball home he has known.

The Marlins are also set to meet with free agent White Sox pitcher
Mark Buehrle. Buehrle has spent all 12 of his professional season with the ChiSox. He is familiar with new Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen, but will that be enough to land the stud pitcher? Probably not. Buehrle is from the Midwest, and might opt to stay closer to home.

Where does this "news" leave us? The same place it did a couple of weeks ago. Although frightening, Reyes visiting the Marlins is just Jose dipping his toe in the free agent pool. If Reyes and his agent allow the Mets to make an offer after all offer have been previously made, there is still a slight very slight chance the Mets will be able to land THEIR shortstop.

Fasten your seat belts Mets fans, it's going to be a long curvy ride.

Ken Rosenthal Fox Sports, Baseball Reference, Jon Heyman Twitter