Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ridiculous Things To Spend Money On

But you gotta admit, it is pretty cool!

The Revolving DL Door For Mets; Cedeno DL'd, Valdespin Recalled, Rottino At 1B: Mets Lineup V. Phillies - May 30, 2012


Ronny Cedeno is the latest Mets casualty and is assigned to the DL with a calf injury, and Jordanny Valdespin will be promoted, although it isn't yet decided how much playing time he will get.

Vinny Rottino will give Ike Davis a rest and take over the duties at 1B and Quintanilla will start at SS again.

The Mets look to take the rubber game from the Phils before hosting the Cardinals after an off day tomorrow.

Tonight's Mets lineup:

1.  Andres Torres - CF
2.  Daniel Murphy - 2B
3.  David Wright - 3B
4.  Scott Hairston - LF
5.  Vinny Rottino - 1B
6.  Lucas Duda - RF
7.  Rob Johnson - C
8.  Omar Quintanilla - SS
9.  Dillon Gee - RSP

Souirces:  Adam Rubin,

Mets running on Magic.

Yeah ok I could have just jinxed it and I will somehow have to live with that but have you look at the standings lately?  The Mets, who no one gave them a thought this past spring are less than 2 games out of first as we end May. Yeah ok nay sayers its early but still come on. Look at these guys!!  This team is 6 games over .500!  Would you thought for a moment that they would be wear they are now? It is really funny how a team that like most years is decimated by injuries but replacements are doing more than the lion share.

The Team starting with Bay in left. Now they have Baxter who 11 doubles in 60+ at bats and Hairston who leads the team in homers after last nights 2 run jack.  Torres starting the season in Center.  He isn’t hitting much so Capt Kirk has been holding his own.  Duda is still healthy and playing right . Wright having a banner year at 3rd .  Shortstop which was Reyes for so many years now we cant keep guys healthy there and up comes Quintila of the hun who has 3 hits last night.  Murphy is holding his own albeit with no power at 2nd and Davis is slowly starting to get it going after a dreadful first 2 months. Nickeas hit a grand slam!!   What else can be said!! 

This team by hook or by crook doesn’t give up no matter who is plugged into this lineup.  Most nights it resembles a Bisons lineup but no matter they get it done. 

If this isn’t magic..     

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Banner Day Returns;The Grand Slam Kid Starts Again; Fearless Ike Starts: Mets Lineup V. Padres - May 27, 2012

It's here folks: Banner Day has finally returned. The Mets long abandoned tradition has been re-instituted to the glee of Mets fans, and hopefully the weather will hold out for the GHMP faithful.
Banner Day was a mainstay with us old-time Mets fans. Many of the banners were hokey, but you would come across some very unique banners over the years. 

I remember back around 1980 some creative fan had a banner made out to be a menu with such items as Chicken Catch-A-Torre along with Flynn and Tonic. There were other items on this menu, but after 30 or so years, the memory is not what it used to be.

I have heard that the Mets are going to watch banners closely so that nothing disrupts their Brady Bunch atmosphere. So, don't expect any slamming of the Mets for not signing Jose, Mike Pelfrey blows banners, Murphy needs to pivot, and those of the like. More will probably be geared towards their youth and Nuke La Loosh.

Banner Day used to be the final weekend of the summer, so it does seem a bit premature to have it this early in the season, but hey, the Mets brass after 20+ years have finally listened to their fan base, and I won't complain.

Mike Nickeas will be starting again today after his improbable GRAND SLAM in yesterday's 9-0 blowout. It would be great to see Nickeas start hitting because his defensive skills are far superior to Thole's.

Ike Davis, who had an RBI double as a pinch hitter yesterday, will get a (recently) rare start. Davis is looking to break out of his season long slump.

Today's Mets lineup V. Padres:

1.  Baxter - LF
2.  Bieuwenhuis - CF
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - RF
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Turner - SS
8.  Nickeas - C
9.  Dickey - RSP

Source: Adam Rubin

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baxter Bats Leadoff As Mets Try To Rebound After Terrible Loss: Mets Lineup Vs. Pirates

Mike Baxter is being rewarded for his solid play and is not only starting tonight, but is batting leadoff. Baxter, who is hitting .390 with 7 doubles and 8 RBI.

Ike Davis will get the start at 1B, and looks to finally break out of this season long slump. There has been a lot of chatter about sending Fearless down to Buffalo, but Collins is trying to be patient with his first baseman.

RA Dickey gets the start and is looking for his 6th win. The knuckler looks to get the Mets back on the winning track.

Tonight's Mets lineup:

1.  Baxter - LF
2.  Nieuwenhuis - CF
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - RF
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Cedeno - SS
8.  Nickeas - C
9.  Dickey - RSP

Source: Baseball Reference

Monday, May 21, 2012

Decision looming on Ike Davis.

To me it’s a no brainer.  Send him down to buffalo so there is less pressure on him.  Of course everything it seems rides on a players confidence and how he handles it.   The Mets have a 1st baseman that is lost. What will they do? 

Terry Collins thought the hitting friendly ball parks of Toronto and Pittsburgh might help the lefty.  He did finally smack a 2 base hit in Sunday’s game after attacking the first pitch in his previous at bats.  Everyone is pulling for the big lug.  Heck even Daniel Murphy was seen putting his arm around Davis in the dugout yesterday. 

The Mets defense will suffer without him at 1st.  That doesn’t seem to be lacking but the layoff of missing most of last year has created havoc on him and his ability not to adjust to what big league pitchers are doing to him.  How many times have they thrown the first pitch on the outside corner. 

I find it crazy that Jason Bay, who has been the biggest waste of Millions might upsurp Davis on the roster.  Only time will tell.    

Friday, May 18, 2012

Take Off! Welcome To The Great White North Hosehead! Mets Lineup Vs. Blue Jays

The Mets are north of the Tonight the Mets take on the Blue Jays in Toronto. The Blue Jays, the Mets first AL rival this year, is three games over .500 with a 21-18 record.

Fearless Ike will sit and Justin Turner will get the start at 1B. Lucas Duda will be the Mets DH tonight.

The Mets travel attire were hockey jerseys, and what appalled me was that of the pictures I saw, not one Mets player was wearing a Rangers jersey. Even Howie Rose, a long time Ranger fan, was wearing an Islander jersey.

The Mets Strange Brew lineup tonight:

1.  Torres - CF
2.  Turner - 1B
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - DH
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Hairston - LF
7.  Nieuwenhuis - RF
8.  Johnson - C
9.  Cedeno - SS.

Sources: Kevin Burkhardt, CBS Sportsline

Hockey Mets looking forward to Toronto

Its obviously alot more fun when your team wins before a trip North.  The Mets head to toronto after beating the Reds this afternoon 9-4.  Here are some pics from the hockey themed trip. Starting with DW

This guy with Parnell looks a bit old to be playing.
Johan and Andre
Capt K

Thursday, May 17, 2012

DJ DFA'd, Carson Promoted: Mets Matinee Lineup V. Reds - May 17, 2012

After last night's brutal Mets loss where Jon Rauch allowed an apparent win by Johan Santana slip away, the Mets designated DJ Carrasco for assignment.

Santana pitched a good game, leaving with 2 outs in the seventh and a 3-2 lead. 

Bobby Parnell threw a five pitch strikeout to end the inning. Then all Hell broke loose; Rauch came in and allowed 3 runs in one third of an inning. Carrasco relieved Rauch and allowed a sacrifice fly to score the sixth and final Reds run.

Longislandmetfan and I were at the game, and before we got to our car, the Mets had announced that they had DFA'd DJ Carrasco.

Said Carrasco:

 "It was pretty self-explanatory. I would have done the same thing if I was the GM. I've struggled here. Last year was a pretty big struggle for me. I got off to a slow start now."

Carrasco can  become a free agent, and that is expected.

With Carrasco's release, the Mets have recalled 23 year old lefthander Robert Carson. Carson was with the Mets briefly earlier this year, but didn't make an appearance.

The Mets finish their two games series with the Reds this afternoon.

Today's Mets lineup:

1.  Torres - CF
2.  Nieuwenhuis - LF
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - RF
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Cedeno - SS
8.  Nickeas - C
9.  Dickey - RSP

Sources: Adam Rubin, ESPN NY, CBS Sportsline, Baseball Reference

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baxter Starts In Left, Turner At SS, Nieuwenhuis Back In Center; Johan Tries To Wright Mets Ship: Mets Lineup V. Reds - May 16, 2012


Mike Baxter and Justin Turner get rare starts tonight for the Mets. Turner, usually a 2B will get the start in lieu of Ronny Cedeno at SS, and Mike Baxter will get a shot in LF. Baxter has been a solid addition to the Mets bench this year, and has hit well when called upon.

Captain Kirk will go back to CF to give Andres Torres a rest.

David Wright looks to continue his hot hitting, and pick up where he left off last night after being pulled after going 2-2.

Johan Santana will get the start, and try a put the Mets on solid ground. The Mets have lost 3 of their last five games.

Long Island Met Fan and I will be at tonight's game and hope our presence will spark the team to victory. This will be my second trip to GHMP this year, and my partner-in-crime's first.

Tonight's Mets lineup:

1.  Nieuwenhuis - CF
2.  Baxter - LF
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - RF
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Turner - SS
8.  Nickeas - C
9.  Santana - LSP

Source: Adam Rubin

Mets to host 2013 All Star Game at Citi field

Big annoucement today. Look for the mets to be finally hosting a all star game.  Yes its been know for some time that they would have the 2013 game but nothing official. MLB wanted to wait until they negotiated contracts with the NYPD and the Javits convention center before it was announced. 

Now after 49 years the Mets will hold a game .  I wonder if they will bring back some of the players from the 64 game. Might be tough since I am sure most of them are dead or close to it. 

now of course that will become the hottest ticket and unless you are a season ticket holder the ability to get a ticket for it will cost you plenty.  I might look into it but i will not pay and arm and a leg and 4 pints of blood for it.  .

Did anyone see last nights game.?  Best part for me was seeing David Wright actually show emotion when Collins took him out. It was about time the 3rd baseman show he had a pair.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mets Rainy Lineup V. Brewers - May 15, 2012

Tonight's Mets-Brewers game is in doubt due to heavy rain in the Metropolitan New York area. MLB will look to get this game in since it is the only/last time the Brew Crew are in Flushing...not like this one game will determine either teams fate this year.

The Mets scored three runs on only three hits last night in defeating the Brewers 3-1. Frank Francisco was only lousy, as opposed to being putrid. He allowed the only Brewer run in the top of the 9th.

David Wright scored after a botched run down by the Brewers.

It will be a very sloppy game if they do get it in tonight. My prediction is the Mets will win when Fearless Ike steals home in the bottom of the 9th off KRod.

Tonight's Mets lineup:

1.  Torres - CF
2.  Nieuwenhuis - LF
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - RF
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Cedeno - SS
8.  Nickeas - C
9.  Gee - RSP

Source: Adam Rubin

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bay To Start Baseball Activities Soon? Francisco Still The Closer...For Now: Mets Lineup V. Brewers - May 14, 2012

The Mets return home after two brutal losses at the Hands of the Miami Reyes'. The Mets had a respectable road trip, going 4-2, but should have gone 6-0, thanks to two blown saves by Mets closer Frank Francisco.

Speaking of Francisco, after yesterdays' melt down, Collins said he is still staying with the big righthander as his closer...for now. Collins also is trying to see if Francisco is tipping his pitches.

Jason Bay is also seeing the doctor to see if he can start baseball activities. The big question is once Bay does return, what happens with Captain Kirk? The kid has earned the right to play, but since he has options, I would assume he will be sent down.

Today's Mets lineup V. The Brewers:

1.  Torres - CF
2.  Nieuwenhuis - LF
3.  Wright - 3B
4.  Duda - RF
5.  Murphy - 2B
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Cedeno - SS
8.  Nickeas - C
9.  Batista - RSP

Other Sources:  Adam Rubin

Friday, May 11, 2012

Chris Young Has Solid Rehab Start. Flushing On The Horizon?

Mets tall right hander, Chris Young made his first rehab start last night in Port St. Lucie. The methodical Young had a solid outing,  going 5 innings without allowing a run. 

In Young's first outing since having surgery to repair a torn anterior capsule in his pitching shoulder last May, he was better than anyone could have expected. Young pitched 5 innings, didn't allow a run, walked two, struck out four, and allowed five hits. He is the heir apparent to Mike Pelfrey's spot in the rotation, which up until now has been a cornucopia of futility which has displayed the ineffectiveness of Chris Schwinden and Miguel Batista.

It is expected that Young could rejoin the Mets in early June. He will make a few more starts while progressing up the minor league ladder before arriving in Flushing. Young does have "the first of two contract outs on June 1 if he remains in the minors at that point..." Hopefully he and the Mets won't have to worry about Young opting out. The Mets can really use his experience and moxie. Young is a smart, methodical pitcher that knows how to get batters out without having to over-power them.

Young pitched briefly for the Mets last year, going 1-0 with an outstanding 1.88 ERA. he injured the shoulder after his fourth start, and was sidelined the rest of the season.

Other Sources: ESPN New York, Baseball Reference

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big win for the Mets: Thole heading to DL.

As the Rangers pulled one out in Overtime last night the Mets pulled one out against aguy they have a little history with. 

The Mets montra after last nights win might be never give up, never surrender.  Of course omage to a good cheese of a movie Galaxy Quest .

The Mets were able to squeak out 2 runs off of Halladay ala a 2 out hit from David Wright who hit the ball between the bag and Polanco at 3rd to tie the game at 2.  The Mets then in 9th were able to peck away at Mr Pappelbum and then for his first hit Jordan Valdespin thought he would be prime time by hitting a 3 run pinch hit homer run to give the Mets the lead 5-2.  Talk about a swelled head this kid going to have.

In the bottom of the 9th Frank Francisco and David had a great play. Francisco was quick off the mound   as Rollins tried to do a drag bunt and with a nice shovel pass to Davis was able to keep Rollins off the bases.

The Mets played some solid ball last night.  Even Thole took a shot from Wiggington which rang his bell but he hung on to the ball to save a run.  Thole was taken out and was dizzy afterwards so he might be DL bound.

3 run PH homer

Thole protecting plate

Monday, May 7, 2012

Can Ike Davis get his groove back?

The Mets have a good chance to beat up on the Phillies as they head to there band box, I mean ballpark tonight for the start of a 3 game set in the city of brotherly love.  Side bar…who finds that handle odd?  OK back to the Mets and what happened yesterday.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Mets/Dback afternoon game with dickey and his Knuckle ball , you missed a good game . Dickey’s  dancing knuckle ball made it into the 9th for a  3-1 victory. Of course we had to have a little drama attached and that was handled by Ruben Tejada’s face plant mid game.  Tejada tripped running to first, fell on top of the bag and was not able to get his hands out in front and his faced bounced off the ground. It wasn’t pretty.  See it here for the time being at  MLB.  Of course besides the bruise on his face he hurt his leg and we will know before game time if he is going to the DL. Ronny Cedeno wont be able to come off the DL until  the weekend so look for Valdespin to turn around and be back.

Ok Mr Davis your up.  Please when you arrive at Philly this afternoon walk around the park ok? .  This place is prime for you to break out of your April slump. Hey Pujous hit a homer last night so it doesnt last forever!. Of course the bandbox has not been a great place for Davis in the past with only 2 homers there in 60 or so at bats but if there is ever a time. Davis one of these days has to realize that pitchers arent going to groove him fastballs all the time . Maybe a chat with Mr Murphy would help since he seems to be able to adjust no matter what is thrown to him. I'm just saying.  ...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bay Still Not Close To Returning, Murph Bats Fifth, Dickey Takes The Hill: Mets Lineup V. Diamondbacks - May 6, 2012


Mets LF Jason Bay, who is eligible to come off the DL this week, is still a long way off from returning to the Mets lineup. 

Mets manager Terry Collins said, "The other day his ribs were still pretty sore when he laughs or coughs."  Collins further said that Bay will not come off the DL "for awhile."

 Chris Young is scheduled to make a start in PSL on Thursday, and if all goes well, he might be in the Mets rotation sometime in June. Young should be a much better option than Schwinden, Batista, or anyone else presently on the Mets roster.

Daniel Murphy will be batting 5th in the order today. Collins is trying to get his hot bat in the position to drive in runs until Fearless Ike gets back on track.

RA Dickey will oppose Trevor Cahil. Dickey (3-1) has pitched well, and looks to build upon a strong start to the 2012 season.

Today's Mets lineup:

1.  Torres-CF
2.  Nieuwenhuis-LF
3.  Wright-3B
4.  Duda-RF
5.  Murphy-2B
6.  Davis-1B
7.  Tejada-SS
8.  Thole-C
9.  Dickey-RHP

Sources:  Special thanks to Adam Rubin for the lineup and Bay information
               CBS Sportsline

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mets 2012 Splits: is Jason Bay the missing link?

Ahh a day off before a 3 weekend homestand  against the D Backs.  It is something I am sure the Mets bullpen is looking forward too. Especially Manny Acosta who had a rough road trip.  The Mets were swept by the lowly Astros after taking 2 out of 3 in Colorado.  It is what you expect when you have team that is a .500 team.   The day off gives the Mets a little breather, the fans and gives me a chance to look at some numbers.  

The Mets right now are heavy in the lefty department.  Duda,Davis, Murphy,  Captain Kirk.   Last year they had a backup catcher that ate up lefties and now they have 1 that cant hit.  They Mets are realying heaving on Josh Thole who has done well but can he hold up all year without being exhausted?  

Looking at the Mets when they hit against lefties the team is only 4-7 .  Murphy and Duda faired pretty well last year against them.  Murph hit .299  with 13 K’s in 87 at bats.  Duda hit .274 with 13 K’s in 62 at bats.  This year there numbers after 1 month are horrible.  Murphy has 9 strike outs and is batting .231 in 39 at bats . Duda is hitting .192 with 11K’s in 26 at bats.  The Mets wonder boy so far of 2012 Capt Kirk Nieuwenhuis is hitting a Davis like .194 in 31 at bats with 13K’s.  I like Capt Kirk for his intangibles but if the kid cant hit lefties stop playing him.  

 Yes there are small sample sizes but when you don’t have Davis hitting and then you add these 3 guys who cant get it together against lefties its not unexpected to see the Mets having a rough go of it.   A lineup that includes Bay if you platoon him against lefties when he comes back might help the Mets and then if Duda can’t get it get together against lefties can sit and Hairston, who is doing well,  can give the Mets some punch .  

The fact that the Mets are so lefty dominant right now and without these guys hitting its going to be a rough go of it.  Of course if the no name pitchers give up 6-10 runs a game that won’t help either.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Murph Sits, Duda Flu, Niese Takes On Stros: Mets Lineup Vs. Astros - May 1, 2012

Lucas Duda is still under the weather and Mike Nickeas is battling the flu also. The Mets are considering bringing up back-up catcher if Nickeas doesn't start to feel better. Mike Baxter is the back-up catcher tonight.

Daniel Murphy gets his first breather of the year, and Justin Turner gets the start at 2B.

Tonight's Mets Lineup:

1.  Nieuwenhuis - LF
2.  Tejada - SS
3.  Turner - 2B
4.  Wright - 3B
5.  Hairston - RF
6.  Davis - 1B
7.  Torres - CF

8.  Thole - C
9.  Niese - LSP

Source: Adam Rubin

Tommy John Tuesday: Mike Pelfrey To Have Surgery Today

Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey will undergo Tommy John surgery today on his right (pitching) elbow. Pelf suffered a partial tear of the ulnar collateral ligament during his start last week.

Pelfrey's injury will really change the landscape for Mets pitching. Chris Schwinden will start tomorrow, but he has been less than impressive in his 5 professional starts dating back to last year.

Last year's season-ending surgery victim, Chris Young, is expected to make his first start in Florida on Saturday for Class A Port St. Lucie, and should take Pelfrey's place in the rotation. Young pitched very well for the Mets in his four starts last season - before being injured. Young was 1-0 with a 1.88 ERA.

This injury could mark the end of Pelfrey's Mets career. The Mets paid Pelfrey $5,675,000 this winter for the 2012 season. Part of the reason for such an increase in salary ($1,750,000 raise) for Pelfrey who was coming off a horrid season (7-13 - 4.74 ERA) is his durability and innings pitched. Neither will happen this year. The Mets might very well non-tender Pelfrey this December, which would make Big Pelf a free agent.

I have never been a fan of Pelfrey and his idiosyncrasies, but it would be a shame for his Mets career to end like this. If he is non-tendered, Pelf, coming of TJ Surgery, might not make the money he is making this year for 2013 as a free agent.

Dr. James Andrews will perform Tommy John surgery on Pelfrey today, and rehabilitation should be about 12 months.

Sources: Baseball Reference, ESPN NY