Monday, February 28, 2011

Time For Big Pelf To Take Control Of His Life And His Role As Mets Ace

Today noted sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman, who was a mentor to Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey, passed away.

Pelfrey consulted Dorfman to help him with his "yips", and Pelfrey regularly consulted him after games that he pitched.

The tall righty acknowledged:

There wasn’t a start that went by when I didn’t talk to him afterward. This is really sad. He meant a lot, helping me handle my emotions on the mound, and slowing the game down. Baseball and the world lost a very good man.”

With Pelfrey as the Mets Ace until Johan Santana gets back on the mound, Pelfrey is going to have to learn how to deal with the pressures and stress of a Major League ballplayer in New York.

As Pelfrey said:

It’s going to be tough the next time I have a rough game, and have to figure out how to handle adversity. I can’t describe how much I owe to him."

Here is a news flash Mike, Dorfman didn't grip a baseball and throw it 95 MPH on the outside black. He also never let up a gopher ball, balked, nor had a throwing error. That was all you. The good, the bad, the ugly. It was Michael Alan Pelfrey, not Harvey Dorfman.

I'm not saying Dorfam might not have been a great guy, and that his death has affected and will affect many athletes. I am merely stating that it's time to grow up Mike. You are a terrific pitcher, and you will give up a homerun in 2011, you will walk batters, you might even have a few balks. You also will strike out batters and win ball games. That is what Mike Pelfrey does, not Harvey Dorfman.

It's time to accept the role of Ace on this staff, and there is no better way than to have confidence in yourself, and if need be, use the tools Dr. Dorfman taught you. You can and will be able to succeed. You just need to realize it yourself.

Here is your wake-up call Mike. Go out there and pitch the way we all know you can.

Sources: NY Daily News, Baseball Reference

Now Starting For The Mets In RF...Carlos Beltran?

Carlos Beltran met with Terry Collins this morning to discuss his defensive position with the 2011 Mets. It is believed that Beltran has accepted and agreed to moving from his customary CF to RF, yielding the position to Angel Pagan.

When questioned about the possible position change, and if that is what was discussed with Collins this morning, Beltran said:

"Later today."

Beltran has taken heat during his Mets tenure, most of which is grossly unfair. He has been a true and complete professional, and if he has agreed to move to RF, it shows that he is the consummate team player, and that is something this team should really build upon.

Even Nuke LaLoosh Wright had something useful to say (for a change):

"Any time you get a guy that's accomplished what Carlos has accomplished, and done the kind of things that Carlos has done in this game, to be that guy that really sees the big picture and sees what's best for this team and does something like that, it makes you want to go out there and really play united and play as a team."

"That's probably takes a lot coming from a guy that's really accomplished what he's accomplished. Carlos wouldn't have done it if he didn't feel comfortable doing it. I just think it's a very selfless act. Like I said, baseball players have a lot of pride. To be able to kind of swallow that pride and look at what's best for the team and make that decision, says a lot about what Carlos is trying to accomplish here."

Once again, the professionalism of a man who has been unfairly judged, speaks volumes, when he remains quiet and soft spoken.

Source: Adam Rubin ESPN NY

Same old Ollie Perez

It was only the first start, but Ollie's performance yesterday was not as good as Chris Young's.  Ollie did have 1 good inning after following Young'2 perfect inning but that was it.  He gave up 4 runs and 3 walks and his fastball was no where to be seen.  Ollie doesn't have the luxury at this point to have bad outings if he wants to show he belongs. 

Last spring Mike Pelfrey got rocked most of the spring. He then of course left in Florida and had a good start to the season. Ollie is no Big Pelf.  Collins said after the game that he doesn't think 1 start is really much of show yet of the lefty. at this point in the spring pitchers seem to have the upper hand against hitters but not poor Ollie who's fastball topped out at 86 on 1 pitch. Ollie had this to say of his wonderful outing as per the NY Post  "Right now, I just put it away and try to learn off what happened today," Perez said. "That's not easy when you walk three guys in a row, but that's part of the game. Sometimes it's going to happen. . . . Again maybe next time, you never know.

Ollie might get another shot next week when the Mets have a split squad game. That could be his last attempt to show he can be a starter or even part of this team anymore.  Pat Misch and Boof man Bonser pitched 5 scoreless innings as the Mets beat the Braves 5-4.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Former Dodger & Mets Hall Of Famer Passes Away At 84

Listening to WFAN we have just learned that former Brooklyn & LA Dodger Duke Snider has passed away at the age of 84.

Snider, who played with the 1963 Mets at the tail end of his career, passed away in Valley Vista Convalenscent Home in Escondido,California.

Willie Mays is now the only surviving member of the great Hall Of Fame Centerfielders that played in NY in the 1950's.

Snider was the last surviving member of Roger Kahn's baseball classic, The Boys Of Summer, which chronicled some of the retired Brooklyn Dodger players in the early 1970's.

Snider was remembered in Terry Cashman's baseball song, Talking Baseball. Snider was mentioned along with Mays and Mantle in the refrain where Cashman sings:

We're talkin' baseball Kluzuski Campanella
Talkin' baseball
The man and Bobby Fella
The Scooter, the Barber and the Newc

They knew them all from Boston to Dubuque

Especially Willie, Mickey, and the Duke

Our condolences go out to the Snider family.

Sources: NY Daily News, St Lyrics

NY Mets 2011 Promotional Dates

Here are the 2011 NY Mets Promotional Dates: Big question is, will Jose Reyes still be with the Mets on August 5th when the give-away is a Jose Reyes Banner?


Fri, Apr 8
4:10 pm
Sat, Apr 9
7:10 pm
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    Presented By Caesars | First 25,000 Fans
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Fri, May 6
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Sun, May 8
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Fri, May 27
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Sat, May 28
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  • Tote Bag
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Thu, Jun 2
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Sat, Jun 4
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Sat, Jun 18
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  • Blue Cap
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Thu, Jun 23
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Fri, Jul 1
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Fri, Aug 5
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Sun, Aug 21
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Sun, Sep 25
1:10 pm


Grapefruit League: Mets Lineup Vs. Braves February 27, 2011

Today's Mets lineup Vs. Braves at 1:05:

1. Harris LF
2. Pagan RF
3. Murphy 2B
4. Davis 1B
5. Hairston CF
6. Thole C
7. Turner 3B
8. Pascucci (dh)
9. Tejada SS
Young RSP

Source: Adam Rubin, Spring Training Online

Saturday, February 26, 2011

For The Baseball Operation That Is Not Affected, Mets Borrow $25 Million From MLB

This just keeps getting more ridiculous with each passing day. We were assure last year the Mets baseball operation was in good financial standing after the Madoff fall-out, which many people with a brain in their cranium didn't believe.

Then they say that although the Sterling Corp was hit hard, it in no way would affect the way the Mets do business.

Then, the Mets allow such bad contracts as Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez, and Francisco Rodriguez continue to take up space so they don't lose money on releasing the players.

This off-season they spent a lot of money on a new front office (which was needed), and arguably very little on the baseball players they needed to import...and money is no issue?

Weeks ago the Mets had a press conference saying they were looking to sell a minority share of the Mets for a mere $200 M (give or take).

Then yesterday the NY Times reported that MLB "secretly" provided the Mets with $25 M last November to keep the team functioning. The same MLB that was pushing for the Mets to hire Sandy Alderson as GM.

Actions appear so suspicious of wrong doing when it is done under the dark of night, trying not to be detected.

Questioned by reporters yesterday, Mr. Wilpon refused to answer "financial questions."

The Mets later released the following statement:

“We said in October that we expected to have a short-term liquidity issue. To address this, we did receive a loan from Major League Baseball in November. Beyond that, we will not discuss the matter any further.”

The big problem is not just that MLB bailed the Mets out covertly, but if MLB had to bail the Mets out, that only means one thing: they cannot get any more loans from lending institutions.

As Marc Ganis, a sports industry consultant said:

“The fact that the loan is coming from baseball would be a jarring event because, as with the Texas Rangers, the league is effectively a lender of last resort. It would indicate the team cannot get loans from normal commercial sources, which could be taken as a sign of very significant problems.”

As stated in an earlier post, the biggest problem the Wilpon's have isn't the lack of funds, but the lies that have been used during this ordeal.

It isn't our business as fans to know their finances, no, but by the same regard if the Wilpon's are going to address questions regarding their finances, they shouldn't be dishonest.

What drawback or fall-out will this latest transaction have on baseball? As stated in the TImes article:

“Mr. Selig’s decision to give what amounts to extraordinary assistance to one of the sport’s most highly valued teams — one owned by Mr. Wilpon, a man Mr. Selig has long regarded as a close personal friend — could anger other team owners, who might wonder why their money is being used to rescue a team with a $140 million payroll.”

Grapefruit league action play ball! Mets vs Braves Saturday the 26th

The Mets have been in camp officially for just over a week and here they are playing there first game!  Finally some action even if its spring training games. The Mets now can start there countdown on how long before they jettison Ollie and Luis!  

Jose Reyes, ss Luis Castillo, 2b David Wright, 3b Angel Pagan, cf  Jason Bay, lf  Ike Davis, 1b
Josh Thole, c Scott Hairston, dh Fernando Martinez, rf  Jenrry Mejia, rhp

Also look for Pedro Beato to pitch.  We discussed Beato earlier in the week which you can read here

Also Beato was working with K Rod in how he should extend is leg when he plants it to help his delivery.

Collins in Matt Harvey's camp

As the Mets get ready to play there first spring training game later today against the Braves, Terry Collins took some time to look at a possible future Met Matt Harvey.

Collins like the kid's frame as he watched pitch in the instructional league this past winter. According to Harvey is working in the Step program which is just some glorified workouts for top prospects.

Harvey has not pitched in like 8 months since it took him a while to sign but he is eager to go. He showed the Mets something during his junior year in college where he went 8-3. He was tutored after really getting beaten up the year previously. His pitching coach Scott Forbes helped him speed up his tempo on the mound and he was able to repeat his delivery. 

The Mets have not decided where the kid will play yet in 2011 but more then likely he will be starting in St Lucie .

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rule 5 Pick Brad Emaus Working Hard To Be Mets Second Baseman

Many players when drafted as a Rule 5 pick aren't very pleased in having to change teams. Brad Emaus, the Mets Rule 5 draft pick who was chosen from Toronto back in December, is the exception.

Emaus was excited to be joining the Mets. After putting up solid numbers in split seasons between AA New Hampshire and AAA Las Vegas, Emaus is looking to have this be the year the 24 year old makes his debut in
The Show.

During the winter, Emaus and his fiance Simran, would clear the living room of their Clearwater, Florida home, and work out to increase Emaus' speed, strength, and agility. The couple would work-out six days every week, doing such exercises as: agility drills,
polymetrics, yoga, stretching, squat jumps, and push-ups.

Emaus is hoping his diligent winter work-outs will give him the edge in the competition for second base for the Mets.

JP Ricciardi, who drafted Emaus while he was GM of the Blue Jays, said this about Emaus:

"At this point in his career, he's probably ready to play in the big leagues. He's played in A-ball, he's played in Double-A, he's played in Triple-A. He's taken all the steps."

Continuing, Ricciardi said:

"He's a baseball player. I'm partial to those kinds of guys -- the guys that can actually play the game. He's a guy that would fly under the radar in a lot of cases, because he's not flashy in the things that he does. He's just very fundamentally sound as far as staying within himself and just being a baseball player."

Emaus will have plenty of competition for second base, since there is no clear cut favorite to start the season. His competition will mainly be against the incumbent Luis Castillo, Daniel Murphy, and possibly
Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada.

Two things in Emaus' favor are that he has a good bat, which Collins appears to be in favor of, and that he is a Rule 5 pick, and must be on the Major League roster for the entire year. If he is demoted to AAA Buffalo, he must be offered back to Toronto for a fee. This is what happened to Darren O'Day two years ago.

In speaking of Castillo and Murphy and their impending competition, Emaus respectfully says:

"I wouldn't say it's intimidating. Obviously I respect Luis -- he has had a great career and is still having a great career. Murph and I have been down here for about three weeks now, so I've gotten to know him, he's a great guy. It's a friendly competition. We're still teammates regardless. You want others to succeed as well as yourself."

Emaus expects his hard work this off-season to benefit him:

"I've worked hard on my overall game. I think my defense is improving. I feel pretty strong with my glove, and I've always enjoyed my approach to the plate. It's all starting to come together now."

As Mets fans, we do hope it does "come together now." The Mets haven't had a standout second baseman since Edgardo Alfonzo, and it would be nice to see the team with a young player that can grow with the team.

As Mets manager Terry Collins said:

"I think he's got good enough footwork to play second base. He's here because the people that have scouted him have said he can hit, and he can hit the ball out of the ballpark."

Lets hope so.

Photo Courtesy Of NYFS.

Anthony DiComo, Baseball Reference.

Chris Young's connection to Jackie Robinson

The other day I created a poll how many wins that Chris Young might contribute to the Mets win total in 2011. Right now 72% think he will generate at least 10 wins which I find alot to put on a guy who is coming off shoulder surgery but hey that would make a nice 1-2 punch with 6ft 8 big Pelf with Santana out. 

Chris was schooled at Princeton and had do a thesis and he would up doing it on Robinson and the affect of his debut in baseball would have a coverage in race. To read more about the paper check out the Daily News

This was a good little snippet about how he is doing in spring training so far as per Star Ledger   Dusty Ryan who was a catcher in the Padres organzation worked with Young last week. "After the bp session he came out to the mound when I was done and he didn’t say nice job, Young said of last week’s session. He said, Hey, your velocity is back. That got me excited about where I am."

Terry Collins is trying to pump up Ruben Tejada by saying he might be in the mix for the Mets 2nd base job. Doubt it. Look for Tejada to start season in Buffalo.

Mets only have 1 day before they start the grapefruit season.  Look for Gary and Ron doing the first game on WPIX Saturday at 1:10pm against the Braves. I miss those guys!. I am sure Mex will be on vacation still for another week or 2. The Mets will just be on the radio on Sunday and will be on SNY on Monday when they play the Nationals. To check out the entire tv schedule it can be view at SNY

Pic source Getty images

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking a hard look at Pedro Beato.

The Mets have a live arm down in Pt St Lucie and it doesn't just belong to Jenrry Mejia. The Mets picked up Brooklyn Native Pedro Beato in the rule 5 draft from Baltimore.

Beato at this point is getting some attention from the Mets coaches with the arsenal of pitches he is able to throw not just his velocity.  The kid throws a 4 seam and a 2 seam fastball,change up a cutter and curveball. Last year he spent the season at Double AA and posted a ERA of 2.11 as a reliever after being used primarily as a starter up to that point.

The 24 year old is being watched by Dan Warthen who has mentioned that Beato's delivery is still inconsistent. Last night on Mets hot stove Bobbie Ojeda discussed how he has watched the kid throw bullpens a couple of times and has noticed that at first the kid was telegraphing his breaking pitches but now with a little tutelage from Warthen that has stopped. 

Beato could be a nice compliment in the bullpen for the Mets. Especially for a guy who has a couple of pitches which Terry Collins would love due to his versatility .   Beato would have to make the 25 man roster or be sent back to Baltimore.

 Beato had this to say about being picked by his hometown Mets as a rule 5.“I’m not going to come here thinking in my head that I’ve got a spot because I got Rule 5’d. Or I’m going to lay back and just let things happen. So I’m just going to work hard every day and bust my behind to win my spot.”

He could be a exciting addition to Terry's  bullpen.

Source Star Ledger

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mets rank 3 in top 100 Baseball America’s prospects

I am sure the Mets brass cant be happy with the fact that only 3 of Mets future starts rank on the top 100 on baseball america’s list.  Check out the entire list here

Of course 2 of them are ones you never hear enough praise from the Mets. Pitcher Jenry Mejia ranks 44th and shortstop Wilmer Flores ranks #59. The third one is  Cesar Puello. He is an outfielder and he ranks #77. The kid who is known for his speed will be 19 by opening day and is a couple of years away before he might make his major league debut.

The top 3 prospects are Bryce Harper of the Nationals, Mike Trout of the Angels and Jesus Montero of the Yanks. Dominic Brown, who saw some action with the Phillies last year and could be there right fielder in 2011, was #4. 

Beltran will be the Mets DH

So the Mets have agreed with the teams they play until March 10th to have a DH.  With Carlos Beltran working on running the Mets will more then likely will use Carlos Beltran as a DH. 

Beltran was given 7-10 days to work on a running regimen before he gets involved in roaming the outfield.  This means it could be 2+ weeks before the Mets get any clue if Beltran can actually play center field Right now according to Newsdays Dave Lennon, Beltran "hasn't even run bases yet. Still doesn't feel confident running yet"

 If Beltran cant play Center field, right field at Citi Field is certainly no walk in the park   There is that corner by the Mo Zone that is like a vast wasteland .  Beltran might even have trouble covering that area . What Beltran will have to get used to is the way the ball comes off the bat and also he would have to defer to Pagan on balls hit between them.  Whatever the case  Watching Beltran in right field at Citi could be adventure.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Media & Collins help Mets promote Castillo

Now Terry Collins say he was selfish when he was saying he things Castillo should have been in camp early like Mets boy Wright and El Professor Reyes.  Collins had no problem the other day opening up his yap saying that Castillo should be in camp to show he is ready to take 2nd base by the horns .  Now he is like well he is here  lets see what happens.  Of course who knows why Collins changed his tune. Maybe any bad press means the Mets cant trade him for a bag of balls.

Well now the Media wants to play nice with Castillo by reporting that some of the Mets players say the 2nd baseman is misunderstood. Check out what some Mets said here. My question is if the reporters know fans dont give a rats....about Castillo why do we need to see a story how he is just misunderstood etc? Maybe the Mets are dying to see something nice about there 6M dollar lump.  He is not misunderstood if you ask me. He just doesn't have the skills anymore.

The Mets know that if they want to get anything for this guy they need to showcase him so bad press cant help. I feel its a easy deal . No matter how good Castillo does in spring he needs to go.

Release him, trade him for a bag of balls or to some team who has injuries at 2nd.  I would take Murphy and his bat and his desire to help the team then Castillo and his single hitting injury riddled jog down the baseline. Sorry Mets I really do not think the team will get anything for Castillo regardless of how you showcase him

No matter what Castillo needs to be gone when the 2011 Mets head to Miami to play the Marlins. Collins can mouth all he wants about intensity and desire. Castillo soft nature doesn't fit the mold anymore.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fred Wilpon Almost Runs Over Jose With Golf Cart; Enroles In Defensive Driving

With Jose Reyes in his walk year, much has been written about whether Jose will return to the Mets next year. Questions are: Does Elvis want him back, do the owners want him back, and does Jose want to be back.

Well, actions speak louder than words, and Alderson has said he will not discuss contract during the spring, Ruben Tejada will be at SS full time in AAA Buffalo, and now this:

Source: Steve Popper

"Not making this up - Fred Wilpon nearly ran over Jose Reyes with a golf cart. "

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wright says goodbye to his baseball dad

Thre is a story out that David Wright received a call from Howard Johnson when Wright was called up to the big leagues. As Wright stepped off the plane in NY he had a message from his former hitting coach that basically said go break all my records . Ho Jo then became the Mets hitting coach in July 2007 after a stint as the Mets first base coach . Hojo and Wright have been together for a long time and now the former Met is no longer employed by the Mets at this time. 

Wright had this to say about HoJo as told to Adam Rubin

 I think he did everything he could do. I think he was really good for me. I think he was really good for a lot of the other guys. It's baseball. It happens. When a new regime comes in, they want to bring in their own guys. And I think he understands that."

 If you allow HoJo to control the hitting, I think that he'd be an excellent hitting coach. If you let him bring his philosophies in and allow him to do what he's capable of doing, then I think he'd make a heckuva hitting coach."

Wright seems to think that Hojo was curtailed by Jerry Manuel a bit. To me not sure why Jerry would want to instill his hitting philosophies on a player when he wasn't much of a hitter.

Now Wright who still I am sure will have HoJo on speed dial will get to work with new hitting coach David Hudgens. Maybe strikeout Wright can work on cutting down on those K's. The new hitting coach will have some work cut out for him. Hudgens will need to train Wright to stop swinging at junk pitches that are low and away. Or here is an idea maybe teach him to step into them.

It is sad to see HoJo go. Especially that the Mets will be celebrating the '86 team sometime this year. Hopefully there is no bad blood.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Goodbye to the Forgotten Joe

Mets fan who are a little bit older like me remember the mid 70's when the Mets couldnt hit there way out of a paper bag. They had the pitching but lacked hitting. The Mets at the time canned Yogi Berra mid '75 and gave the reigns to Joe Fraizer at the end of the '75 season to lead the Mets during the bicentenial year in 1976. Well the Mets former Manager passed away at 88 as reported by the NY Times.

Mets were not much to watch during the mid to late 70's. Fraizer didnt have much to work with when you had guys like Roy Staiger,Bruce Boisclair and Pepe Mangual. He did win 86 games that year with the help of Seaver, Kooz and Matlack. Honestly the highlights of '76 if you ask me was just the Mets promotions from banner day to helmet day etc. July 3rd that year was Met medallion day which they gave away a bicentenal medallion .I have it still somewhere. The Mets behind Tom Seaver won 3-2.

 It was fun going to the game for like $7 - $8 bucks and sitting in the Mezzaine sections watching  doubleheaders. Of course the Mets didnt do any better in '77 and Fraizer got canned and the Mets brought on another nameless Joe at the time. Mets player, manager Joe Torre.

All our best to his family.

Source - Ultimate Mets database 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

HoJo Has Decided To Go-Go

Howard Johnson, former Met 3B from the glory days of the 1980's as well as the hitting instructor over the last four years, has decided to part ways with the Mets organization.

Johnson, affectionately known as HoJo, was relieved of his hitting coach duties last
November upon the hiring of Terry Collins. The Mets were expecting to re-assign Johnson, possibly to be a hitting coach for affiliates in Brooklyn and Port St. Lucie. Johnson declined.

Dave Jauss has accepted a roving instructor position with the Mets. He should arrive in Port St. Lucie this weekend. As you may recall, Jauss was Jerry Manuel's bench coach last year.

Andy Martino: Surfing The Mets

SS Maine Runs Ashore In Colorado

Former Met starting pitcher John Maine has reportedly signed a minor league deal with the Colorado Rockies.

If Maine does not make the Major League roster, he has an out clause in his contract.

The Mets acquired Maine from Baltimore along with Jorge Julio in exchange for Kris and Anna Benson on January 22, 2006.

Maine pitched well for the Mets in '06 and '07 before injuries ended his Mets career.

I saw Maine pitch quite a few times, but none other than game 6 of the 2006 NLCS stands out more. He pitched a real good game, and was almost cost the victory when Billy Wagner gave up 2 runs in relief. Maine pitched the Mets to a must win 4-2 game 6. Was one of the most exciting game I have ever been to, and for that I am thankful to Maine.

Maine did frustrate me with his injuries and lack of admission to them, and it is time he moved on. Although I supported him for quite a while, over the last year, I had been in full favor of the Mets non-tendering him.

Other teams that were reportedly interested in Maine were the Phillies, Royals, and allegedly six or seven other teams.

From my stand-point, I would prefer Maine out of the NL East. I do believe he is done, but what would be more expected than Maine no-hit the Mets in August for his only win of the year?

Adam Rubin ESPN New York, Baseball Reference, Wikipedia

Advice To The Wilpon's

A picture is worth 1,000 words:

Mets officially open camp let the drama begin!

Yesterday wasnt even the first workout at Mets spring camp but there was alot of goings on.  A little re cap

The Mets Jeffy Wilpon made an appearance at camp with his slicked backed hair and his little white shorts and of course opened his mouth. He just wanted to depress everyone by saying that the Wilpons will not be selling a majority ownership. Thanks Jeff for ruining our day before it began. 

K Rod was nice enough to show up in his little foreign car. His car gets more press then half the Mets players. Sorry now if he showed up in a '67 Grand Prix convertible I would give him some kudos. Of course that is because its the only year Pontiac made a convert for the GP. Ok  K Rod went on to say via  "On the mound it's going to be the same . It's going to be the same attitude, the same cockiness and arrogance." Just he plans to not to punch anyone off the mound. That's refreshing.

Jose Reyes says he doesn't plan to discuss signing a new contract during the season.  Guess he has been getting advice from Albert Pujous.  My take is this.  Reyes can still sign a deal during the season if the Mets offer him one. When did what players or owners say in February mean anything 6 months later? If Reyes doesn't look for a Carl Crawford like deal the Mets of course will try to sign him.  Reyes just needs to prove he can stay healthy and he will be a Met in 2012.

Terry Collins thinks there is a open competition for the bullpen of course which lost Takahashi and Feliciano , 2nd base and 2 pitchers in the starting rotation. Capuano and Young will have a leg up if there healthy for the rotation. The NY Post  had this from Collins, "We want to rebuild some confidence here, rebuild some swagger here,I like our team a lot. Now I've got to teach them to believe in it."

Good luck Terry the fan base probably needs a little of that too.

Saturday is the official day for position players to report.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Collins: 2nd base a Offensive position: Bye Castillo

Guess Collins's ears were burning I was just chatting with my partner in crime about this. With Castillo in the lineup it hurts the Mets. Of course most people think that Castillo was not going to play once the season starts but who knows at this point. Injuries do happen.

No one wants to watch Castillo slap a single batting 2nd or 8th in the Mets lineup. If your batting 2nd or 8th you want to have the power to be able to score someone from first which Castillo obviously doesn’t. .New manager Terry Collins was quoted as saying per Adam Rubin via Twitter
TC: "I do believe today second base has become an offensive position."

Please make sure Castillo hears this and understands. I hope for once maybe he can assist with training a new 2nd baseman and then be gone. I always thought he would hurt the Mets worse than Ollie since Ollie can be buried in the pen if he is not released. No one needs a 2nd baseman anymore that just bunts or hit singles.

Mets sign Generation K Jason Isringhausen

Well now the Mets are ready in the bullpen. They brought back a piece of their forgotten history in Jason Isringhausen .Iggy made up one third of generation K back in the mid 90's for the Mets when the tandem included Iggy,Paul Wilson and Bill Pulsipher. Shockingly All 3 didn't amount to much with the Mets. caught up with Pulsipher and you can read his comments here.

Isringhausen was signed to a minor league deal with a spring training invite to major league camp. Probably as a favor to J P Ricciardi. Iggy tossed in front of Ricciardi yesterday. No other Met like pitching coach Warthen watched. From that Iggy gets a deal. Ricciardi, when with the A's, it is claimed that suggested that Iggy convert to a reliever back when he was having trouble as a starter.

Iggy is 38 years old now and has gone through not 1, not 2 but 3 Tommy John surgeries. He hasn't pitched in the big leagues since 2009 with Tampa. He had 8 good years with the Cards and amassed 293 saves along the way.

Sandy Alderson had this to say as picked up the NY Post

"You have to put yourself in a position to get lucky, and who knows? Luck may have just walked through the door."

Look for Paul Wilson to walk through the lucky door next.
Source- Baseball reference

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sandy Warming Up To Jose In Port St. Lucie?

Today is the first day for Pitchers and Catchers to report to Mets camp in Port St. Lucie, and there was an Elvis Alderson sighting.

When the media caught up with the Mets GM, aside from his Capo JP Ricciardi watching Jason Isringhausen vying for a contract, the conversation turned to the Mets shortstop, Jose Reyes.

Questions were asked if either a deal or an extension were likely to be reached while in PSL, and Elvis quickly put those thoughts to rest by simply stating that any contract negotiations at this time are "unlikely."

Further interrogated as whether Reyes is retain-able due to the much covered financial disaster that surrounds Mets ownership, Elvis had this to offer:

“Now, I’m confident I can do anything with any one individual player. Anything we do is going to be viewed through the prism of what’s going on in New York. There’s no question about that. All I can do is try to make the best baseball judgments. And at this point I’m not facing any limitations. At this point I don’t expect to.”

Not bad. Less than six months into his tenure and he's sounding as much a mouth-piece as Dave Howard.

With trying to get an idea if Reyes is an "Elvis type" of player, being that Jose's game isn't one Saber-Geeks are enamored of, the GM tried his best to show how open minded he is when it comes to baseball personnel:

“I would disagree with that statement. I had a lot of different players on a lot of different teams, many of whom had very different profiles. That probably alludes to his reliance on speed and my sense that maybe speed is not as critical. But he brings so many different things to the table, as I’ve said earlier, that you can’t just focus on the speed element. The speed element is a plus. There’s no question about that, and well appreciated by me by the way.”

As a fan I hope Elvis is sincere in his assessment of our shortstop. Hopefully Jose will have the kind of year he usually has when not injured, and hit about .285, .375 OBP, 15 HR's, 85 RBI, and 60 SB's. If he does that, Alderson should be all warm and fuzzy about signing Reyes. I just hope Jose will still want to be part of this team if the GM decides to play the waiting game.

One thing is for sure, and if Elvis' statements are sincere, it does shine a light on potential dark situation for this team.

Source: Adam Rubin ESPN New York