Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shea Goodbye some pics of Shea from 9/28

Well only 48 hours ago we have had to say goodbye to the Mets season. It still is quite painful . I can't get into the fact that everyone is already talking about what changes need to made on the team. Do we trade 1 of the "core" ? Who might be out there to play left field? Not yet. This team just kills the soles of there fans. Even Omar I think is having a hard time dealing with this teams inability to close the deal.

Well besides the season, Shea stadium as we know it will be gone by spring. From what I read the dismantling will start in 2 weeks. I'm in the process of going through a bunch of pics that were taken that day. You can view a couple of them here. Over the weekend I hope to get more up there.
The pic in this post of the field was after the ceremony.
Ron Darling was on the field way after the ceremony was over. He just was walking by the left field line. It was nice to see a star take a moment on the field where his team won the world series.

Johan Santana is the NL player of the Month

Great! He deserves it. He was 4-0 in September 1.83 Era. He also won the last game the Mets won this year on Saturday the 27th. He was dominant pitching a complete game on 3 days rest.

In the last 7 games the Mets won 3 and Johan won 2 of them . He never let his team down and would have more then 16 wins if the Bullpen didn't blow at least 6 of his games that he left with a lead or tied.

Jose Reyes September slump 1 Key to Mets September swoon.

Of course we can’t just blame the Mets lost season on Jose Reyes. We did have 1 of the worst bullpens in the Majors with blown saves. Jose September numbers though were pretty awful. As the mantra has been repeated all summer, as Jose Reyes goes so do the Mets. Well the Mets finished there last 17 games 7-10 and Jose Reyes numbers took a nose dive for the Month of September.

For the Month of September his numbers.

Batting Avg .243 and .231 in the last 7 games . He had 3 home runs and 12 rbi’s for the month. He scored 16 runs and only 4 in the last 7 games. If he is supposed to be a catalyst, he certainly didn’t have a month the Mets needed.

Carlos Delgado ,Carlos Beltran and David Wright all had averages for the month around .340.
Jose needs to be able to excel in September and not go stone cold.

Omar Plans to look at every facet of the team

Omar Minaya fresh off the Mets end of the season on Sunday spoke to Mike on WFAN yesterday and said obviously the loss Sunday was hard to take. He said him and his team already assessing every asset of the team. With the Mets losing 2 years in a row on the last day Omar wants to be able to make changes that can make this team a championship team that doesn't have to wait until the last day of the season to clinch a playoff spot. Where I have heard this before?

To listen to what else Omar had to say you can check it out here

Monday, September 29, 2008

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

I have been trying for over 24 hours to come to grips with yesterday's debacle. Needless to say, I am not doing very well.

I was fortunate to be at game 6 of the NLCS in 2006, only to watch Yadier Molina destroy our dreams with one swing connecting to an ill-advised change-up in game 7. All this after the greatest catch I have ever seen. Not only was Endy's catch miraculous, he also had the presence of mind to launch a perfect throw to DelGado at 1B to complete the double play. As we all know, it was all for naught.

Then 2007. We all know, seven game lead with 17 left to play. I can honestly say I wasn't all that surprised of the ending. I was very uncomfortable with the complacency of the 2007 team, starting with their manager, Willie Gump Randolph. What hurt more than the “collapse” was that John Maine pitched a beautiful ball game en route to a 13-0 Mets victory in game 6. Then Tom Titanic Glavine decided that his pending free agency was more important than the Mets fortunes. I knew as soon as Maine pitched the Gem, I was speaking to firewillie, buildthefarmsystem, and metandmusicfan (all one and the same) about how the Mets were going to crumble because Glavine was no big game pitcher. Damned if I wasn't right!

That lead to this year. 1973 hurt, 1988 hurt a little more, 2006 hurt as much, if not more than 1988, then 2008...this hurt is more than last year for a multitude of reasons:

  • Three years in a row is too much

  • All the chances they had to put the division away, and didn't

  • Losing for the third straight year...AT HOME

  • Losing for the third straight year to teams we should have manhandled

  • Losing for the second year to the Marlins. I think I hate them more than the Braves now

  • Not being able to put teams away.

After the final out yesterday, watching from a Nassau County Applebees, because I was unable to view this debacle from the comforts of my throne in my living room, my wonderful wife of more than 15 years knew to stay away from me. Later, after my frustration was reduced to the point of insanity, she apologized. Why, you didn't do it? She understands how much it hurt.

I'm still hurting. I don't know any better way of explaining it other than to quote Sting and the Police:

There's a little black spot on the sun today
It's the same old thing as yesterday
There's a black hat caught in a high tree top
There's a flag pole rag and the wind won't stop
I have stood here before inside the pouring rain
With the world turning circles running 'round my brain
I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign
But it's my destiny to be the king of pain
The Police ~

Talk me in folks...I'm on the ledge!

Mets fans Sound off. Leave your comments here.

We here would love to hear what you the Met fan thinks about the way the Season ended? Is Jerry to Blame? What about Omar signing Luis Castillo? Or the irony of trading Matt Lynstrom so can get the final 3 outs against us?

We know the bullpen stinks but would you consider trading someone from the core? Beltran, Wright , Reyes, Delgado? Should 1 of these be bounced from NY? Lets us know what bitterness runs in your veins the day after…

Anonymous comments are welcome.

Carlos Beltran speaks: We need to overhaul the Bullpen.

It only took the Mets to lose the last game of the season and be out of the playoffs for him to talk to the Media.

We have all winter to dissect this team but I had to mention this the day after the Mets blew another shot at making the playoffs.

After last night’s game Carlos Beltran, who was responsible for the Mets runs on Sunday with a 2 run home run, says its time to overhaul the bullpen. He thinks the position players are fine. Well I agree about the first part but not the second. This is no offense to Jerry Manuel but when you have Nick Evans as a fifth hitter in the last game I think there are some issues to address with the position players. Obviously he did not have Fernando Tatis to insert in the lineup. Maybe he should have Raul Martinez up second since he seems to be a pretty patient hitter. Not sure having the revamped lineup was the direct cause but the Mets didn’t really have many hits the last 2 games.

Oh by the way Carlos thanks for stating the obvious

Dwight Gooden at Shea Goodbye Doctor K

As Howie Rose announced the players one by one, fans were wondering if the one and only Dwight Gooden would be announced . Well when they panned to him waiting to be announced the fans went wild giving him a standing ovation as he started walking towards the field from the bullpen.

Dwight Gooden had not set foot at Shea since 2000. When he made it to the infield, Ron Darling walked over to him and gave him a big hug.

The Met fans had something to cheer about on Sunday. They got a got to see there superstar from the Mid 80's one last time at Shea.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shea Goodbye Lights turned off at Shea for last time.

The day started out so bright for the Mets with Johan Santana giving the Mets a chance to breath for another day with his gem on Saturday. The Weather in Queens could not damper the Met fans that started showing up at Shea as early as 9 am this morning.

Well of course we know by now how it turned out. We had 3 different ways of the day turning out and it ended today with the worse one possible. No playoffs for the Mets and Shea closed its doors for its last game .

The Post game ceremonies were not something people could really stomach after the Mets loss but I would say 80% of the fans stayed for the festivities. They saw the likes of old time Mets like Al Jackson, Willie Mays, Ed Kranepool, Ed Charles . Some more recent Mets like Doug Flynn, Felix Millan, John Stearns. They brought back Wally Backman, Bobbie Ojeda, Jessie Orosco and Doc Gooden who received an incredible ovation. Of course the 2 stars were Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza. When the festivities were over and you saw Piazza and Seaver walk out the center field fence and close it for the last time, We had to say goodbye to ole friend. Allot of people stayed and took pictures of the field, the stands , basically everything.

We here at 24 hours will spend some time over the next couple of days of what went on today at Shea. We love that old place. I personally went to my first game in the summer of 1974 as a 8 year old with my family. I could not believe how big the place was and how immense the field was.

I was lucky enough to be one of the fortunate people that were there today. Yes it was not easy to see our beloved Mets lose . Also I take offense to the Marlins and how they spent an incredible amount of time on the field congratulating themselves for knocking us AGAIN out of the playoffs.
We spent plenty of summer days at our Teams home. We will miss it.

But We Looked So Good Yesterday..

Last game at Shea Stadium

As the day begins here on the 28th of September, many Met fans will awake and take pride in the fact that the Last game at Shea today will have some meaning. The Mets will play the Marlins today in about 6 hours and already you know that the employees of the Mets are starting there day in getting the ole lady up for 1 last regular season home game.

The first game at Shea was April 17th 1964 where the Mets lost to the Pirates 4-3. The last game today we hope will have a different outcome.

Besides all the Mets that will be there today the Mets will honor there head grounds keeper Pete Flynn who has been there since they open the doors at Shea. You can read his story here

One last game at Shea. Lets hope the Mets send home the fans with a victory that leads them into the playoffs!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brewers lost so the Mets are tied for the Wild Card

The cubs beat the brewers today 6-3 so now the Mets are tied and have to win sunday and have the Brewers lose and the mets will be the wild card champs.

If they both win or both lose 1 game playoff on monday at Shea
Ollie Perez to go on 3 days rest and all hands on deck in relief if needed.
Except maybe Pedro since he might have to come to the Mets rescue if they have to play a 1 game playoff on Monday. No times are set since they need to wait to see if there will be more then 1 game played.

Comin' Up Aces

Johan Santana not only established himself as the Mets ACE today, but he might very well have entered into the Cy Young debate.

On three days rest, Santana pitched a gem; a complete game, three hit shutout. He was masterful in leading the Mets to a 2-0 victory, striking out nine, walking three, while throwing 117 pitches. Of the 117 pitches, 74 were strikes.

Enjoy it Mets fans. Sort or reminds me of last year, where in game 161 John Maine pitched a brilliant game, giving up one hit en route to a Mets 13-0 win. The one thing we have this year going into game 162 is that we will have OP on the mound, not Titanic Glavine!

Oh, for those interested, I will be using this same Lucky Mug tomorrow, although I won't be able to be sitting in my scientifically proven lucky seat. I will be at my mother-in-laws. If that affects the Mets chances...

On Life Support

DON"T PULL THE PLUG! There is no DNR* here!

Believe me folks, there is no living person more distraught over the performance of OUR TEAM over the last week. There has been some superstition, as if I was sitting in a particular chair in my living room while the Mets were hot, there was no way I was going to change seats. If I had to use the bathroom, and came back to that chair, and one of my children were occupying it, they had two choices...move or die.

If I wore a certain shirt, Mets shirt or other, and it didn't work (Met loss), I wouldn't wear it during a Met game again. I have had that lack of luck this year. My children gave me a Mets T-Shirt commemorating the last year of Shea for Father's Day, and the Mets are at least 0-5 when I've worn it. Not just at home, but on the road too. Needless to say, I am not wearing that shirt today.

So, after conducting this scientific experiment, I am going to use my 1986 World Championship mug all day, filling it with soda, water, whatever. They won on Thursday with me using this mug, so obviously there is magic in the mug.

Jerry has shaken up the batting order (here), and hopefully that little tweak will spark a dormant offense.

Johan, being the ace that he is, told, didn't ask, Manuel he was pitching today.

I have one bit of advice for OUR TEAM...knock Hanley Ramirez off the plate. I would love to see Johan buzz a 94 MPH fastball under his chin. Make him think. Show him he is going down.

So Let's go! This is OUR TEAM. Although I couldn't be more disappointed nor upset than I presently am, we as fans, and the Mets as a team have to suck it up. Mathematically we are still alive, so if we are going down, let's go down swinging. With all the trash talking the Marlins have been doing over the last few days, we should shut them up on the field.

C'mon Johan, Carlos', David, Jose, Daniel, Ryan, etc. we believe in you. You have to believe in yourselves. If I hear another cliche' from David Wright, I will scream. If a reporter asks a question, be honest, say you blew it, but we are going to come out and wreak havoc on out opponent. No more robotic responses. No more lack of emotion. No More Mr. Nice Guy.

No more Mister Nice Guy
No more Mister Clean
No more Mister Nice Guy
They say he's sick, he's obscene

~ Alice Cooper ~

Today's Lineup

Jerry looks like he is pulling out all the stops today. While using the same line-up, he is moving the batting order around to try and generate some offense. Today's Mets line-up is:

Reyes, ss
Beltran, cf
Delgado, 1b
Wright, 3b
Murphy, lf
Martinez, 2b
Church, rf
Castro, c
Santana, lhp

Lets hope Jerry is able to motivate his troupes to play spirited baseball, and take it to t he fish.

Go Mets!

Johan Santana to pitch today on 3 days rest

Well Johan will again pitch a big game today . He will be pitching on 3 days rest coming off his 125 pitch count from the other night against the Cubbies.

What will he have left in his tank? Will the Mets get this game in? As of 930 am its game on even though it is raining. Forecast means a hill of beans since they said yesterday there was no shot of a game being played.

Bud Harrelson helps Mr Mets with Shea countdown # 3

Was nice to see Bud Harrelson at Shea again. He is usually a fixture over in Central Islip home of the Long Island Ducks.

Well last night he was there to take down the # in the outfield to show we have 3 games left before last nights loss to the Marlins.

I cant believe that Shea will cease to exist. Everyone is starting to write now about Shea and how the place is closing its door. I will refrain until the Mets are out of it. I mean ok there closing Shea but if the Mets have a comeback in them like 1999 there will be playoff baseball at Shea so Shea will still be rocking. Keeping fingers crossed.

Mets are running on Empty and fall to the Marlins 6-1

4 pitches into the game last night and the Mets were down 1-0. The Marlins had already established that they were ready to play. The Mets are still wondering what hit them. Maybe they will be ready to play today? They better be cause there season has come down to this. 2 games left and now the Mets trail the Brewers by a game for the wild card and are 2 behind the Phillies for the NL East title. If the Phillies win today they win the NL East. If the Mets lose and the Brewers win the Mets can plan tee times on Monday.

There isn't really much more to say besides the fact that I never have seen a bullpen like the Mets in my life. I was talking with a friend of mine last night and we are amazed that this bullpen cant even get 3 outs. No one can throw strikes. Pitchers take 10 pitches to get 1 guy out. The Mets would take 10 pitches and the side would be retired. Amazing that this team lets the Marlins outclass them again. God job by Daniel Murphy deeking the runner. Next time keep your eye on the ball. Brian Stokes can you finish an inning please. AAron Heilman for once didn't walk the first batter. He walked the second instead and I think the third if I'm not mistaken.

At least last night there was no drama. No late inning comeback . Thank you Mets for at least letting me keep my sanity. I knew last night once the Marlins were up 5-1 it was over. Guess the Mets realized that too.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mets vs Marlins series the words are already flying.

Mets vs Marlins series the words are already flying.

Let’s just hope this weekend isn’t a replay of last year’s end of season series against the Marlins. Again the Marlins come in hoping to play spoilers. Of course there mouths are wagging since that is really all they can do since they are out of the playoff hunt again this year.

To read there latest comments on what they thought of last years games and what they are expecting for this series check them out

Honestly I grow tired of the Marlins who are filled with players that a lot of yapping instead of letting there play speak for them.

The Mets of course remember last year and just want to beat the tar out of them this weekend.

Mike Pelfrey is on the mound tonight against Chris Volstad.

Pedro Martinez – Pitched his final regular Season game at Shea.

As usual Pedro allowed first innings runs in his start last night. Then settled down until the 7th where he lost his steam. He did strike out 9 along the way.

As he strolled off the Shea field the fans realizing this was his final start stood up and gave him a standing ovation for the man that brought credibility back to the franchise when he was signed prior to the 2005 Season.

His totals this year were not pretty. He went 5-6 with a 5.61 Era and had 87 strike outs in 109 innings.

For the 4 years with the Mets he was 32 and 23.

Fans will always debate if he was worth what the Mets paid him .

Now we wait and see if he gets a chance to pitch for the Mets one last time in the playoffs.

The Votes Are In

We ran an earlier poll asking should the Mets bench Heilman and Sanchez for the remainder of the season, just Heilman, just Sanchez, or neither.

The fans have voted, and have emphatically decided that both Heilman and Sanchez should not be used the remainder of the season.

The voting:

Bench both Heilman and Sanchez - 60%

Bench Heilman - 20%

Bench Sanchez - 4%

Neither should be benched - 16%

Unfortunately, both have been pitching, although in reduced roles.

Maine Done

Jerry Manuel in a press conference yesterday announced that he will not use John Maine the rest of the year. Maine did come off the DL Wednesday, but Manuel doesn't feel comfortable using Maine, though doctors have said he will do no further harm by pitching.

Manuel wanted Maine to be back on the roster for the rest of the year, and hopefully the play-offs because he is part of the team. "Let me put that this way," Manuel said. "I think that John Maine worked so hard to come back and be a part of this. For me, the reward is to activate him. Now, how I use him might be questionable."

Knowing all too well what shoulder problems are all about, I agree with Manuel. Doctors do say that no further damage will be done, but if pitching continues to hurt Maine, his shoulder will get weaker, and when he does have the spur removed, his rehabilitation might take longer due to a more weakened state of the shoulder prior to the surgery. It's great to see him on the bench, but General Jerry is making the right decision.

For more on this, click here and here.

Mets looking towards Jon Niese for Saturdays game

Right now the Mets are favoring Jon Niese for the start on Saturday. Nothing is set in stone yet but if the weather does not play havoc on the schedule this weekend Jon might have his biggest start of the year. The weather for tonights game does not look good.

Jon did not do well in his last start . He gave up 6 runs on 7 innings on 3 + innings of work. Right now he has Era over 7.

Tie breaking scenarios for all teams.

Well with the Mets winning and the Brewers winning the Wild Card lead remains tied . It also now leave the Mets also one down on the Phillies for the NL East Crown with 3 to play.

The schedule this weekend for all 3 teams.

Mets at home against the Marlins
Brewers at home against the Cubs
Phillies at home against the Nationals.

The Astros need to sweep the Braves and have the Brewers and Mets both be swept to gain a tie breaking in game. So they can be eliminated possibly tonight with a loss or a win by the Mets or Brewers.

Check out all the tie breaking scenarios here , including the Twins and White Sox

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mets when wild one with walk off hit by Beltran.

Well the Mets have 3 games left against the Marlins and are now 1 game out of the Division lead and still tied with the Brewers for the wild card after the Mets beat the Cubs 7-6 with a walkoff hit by Carlos Beltran with 2 outs that scored Jose Reyes.

Shea was not packed like it was Wednesday night and saw Pedro give up 2runs in the first so the Mets again were behind before they batted. The Mets always seem to excel when there behind and struggle to score when the score is tied. The Mets battled back from 6-3 deficit after Ricardo Rincon gave up a 3 run dinger .

Ramon Martinez and Robinson Cancel both got key hits in this game. The Mets tied the game when Church ducked around the Cubs Catcher Koyie Hill . See that play and Beltran's game winning single here

Lenny Dykstra aka Nails at Shea tonight.

Who was with Mr Met tonight unveiling #4 in the Shea games left countdown. I thought we might see Rusty Staub but it was none other then Lenny Dykstra. Nails who played for the Mets back in the 80's was a scrappy player. He hit a clutch home run in game 3 of the Championship series against the Astros.

Damion Easley ready to go. Put me in coach I'm ready to play.

Damion Easley before tonights game announced that he is ready to play and that means including playing the field. We might see him in the starting lineup on Friday Night.

Before the game tonight he ran sprints at close to 100% . He said that in the last day or so he has felt much better. Wonder if it has to do with the fact Ramon Martinez is getting playing time.

I've Jumped...

Jobu is coming to you live from Sliders, a lovely Sports bar & grill in Berlin, Ct. (Jobu’s hotel does not get SNY on the TV.) Jobu is a little angry as the Mets can’t close out this season and get a trip into the playoffs. Can they win ONE game? Sweet Lou Piniella served last nights game (9/24) up on a platter and they couldn’t close it out. Pedro Martinez is a mess. He hasn’t pitched well in 2 years. Stick a fork in him, he’s DONE! Last night (9/24) was not the Pigpens fault. That goes to the inept offense. In fact the offense is extremely offensive, as in stinks!! In the 7th, 8th, and 9th the Mets had a man on 3rd and they couldn’t get him home. That is just incredible. All we are asking for is a quail, a Texas leaguer; a ground ball with eyes….hell even a sac fly to the outfield would have done it. Now I know this isn’t last year and we shouldn’t dwell, but if Omar gets a contract extension, then Jerry gets one too. Omar gave Jerry the inferior parts and this team is horrible…Where’s the pitching? Pelfrey & Johan…that’s it!!! The payroll is at $137,391,376 million, and this is what the Fans get…Jobu has jumped from the ledge of MetsFan73.

Talk Me In Off The Ledge!

How do we blow a season, let me count the ways:

            1. Inability to score a runner from third with no one out
            2. Inability to score a runner from third with one out
            3. Inability for a third base coach to realize that when the outfielder isn’t going to challenge the runner, use the windmill motion, instructing the runner to run home
            4. Hitting the ball in the air when you need a ball hit on the ground
            5. Hitting the ball on the ground when you need it in the air
            6. Inability to hold leads of less than 15 runs
            7. Luis Ayala getting the first two runners out before surrendering runs, usually giving up the lead
            8. The lack of a true leader
            9. An alleged 33 year old 2B who can’t hit anymore, run anymore, field anymore, make contact anymore, throw anymore, but other than that, is the best in the game
            10. A media darling who hits the ball well, but not in the clutch
            11. Not advancing a runner with less than two outs
            12. Not playing with a sense of urgency
            13. Not realizing there are 162 games in the season, not 192 games
            14. Inability to go in for the kill; put the nail in the coffin

            When the ball is out of the strike zone, DON”T SWING!

            There are a multitude of reasons this team is collapsing, and none of them are good. David Wright is a good ball player. But, he has to learn to make contact in key situations. All that was needed last night was a fly ball. Nothing more. DWright has shown that he is not a reliable clutch hitter. When Piniella decided to pitch to him, instead of walking him, Wright should have been offended, and took out this aggression on the baseball. Unfortunately, Piniella knew Wright, the way he has been pressing, challenged him, and won.

            Wright’s stats:
            Two outs and Runners In Scoring Position (RISP): .259
            Batting Avg. innings 1-3: .309
            Batting Avg. innings 4-6: .323
            Batting Avg. innings 7-9: .280

            Pitchers need to learn that being a professional pitcher is not a position of charity. When you have a lead, be stingy. Don’t share the runs you just scored with your opposition. I am a big fan of OP, but last night was inexcusable. You have to hold onto a four run lead. I can’t wait for Boras to spin his stats to try and get him a four or five year deal for $60 - $75 million.

            Luis Castillo should not see the starting line-up for this team…ever. Just refer to my earlier post,
            How Important Is Damion Easley.

            Luis Ayala has pitched respectively, but if you look back, how many times has he gotten the first two outs in an inning, then proceeded to give up huge runs?

            I like Aaron Heilman, but he and Duaner Sanchez should be benched the remainder of the season.

            Last year was difficult, but the writing was on the wall from the end of July/beginning of August.

            This year is much more painful. They had the lead, were playing well, and are falling apart in the same fashion as 2007. Once is bad, two consecutive years is too much to handle.

            How in God’s name will the Wilpon family try and spin the exorbitant cost of a new stadium coming off two cataclysmic collapses?

            I hate to be a pessimist, but is there anyone out there who has confidence in Pedro tonight? I’ll go on record saying I think tonight is going to be a long, tragic night.

            From a fan’s point of view, I want to see this team, MY TEAM go out there tonight, and play like it is the last game they will ever play. If you show me that, and lose, I will at least say you played with heart, and I’m proud rooting for you. Do not throw your gloves out on the field and expect to win. Believe it or not guys, you haven’t earned anything yet.

            I’m at my wits end…

            Talk me in folks…I’m on the ledge!

            Mets lost last nights game before the 9th inning.

            There has been a lot of chat burning up the blogging airwaves that if the Mets do not make it to the playoffs that everyone will be looking at the failure of the Mets scoring in the 9th inning from last nights game . Why? Did we watch/see the same game?

            Did we not see the Mets have a man on first and third with no outs in the 7th. Jose Reyes was on first why did he not steal second? If he did Murphy’s line out would have been just 1 out instead of a double play.

            Also I know there were no outs in the 8th inning, when Luis Aguayo put the brakes on Carlos Delgado who might have scored on the single that Beltran hit. Why all of a sudden has he become so hesistant? I don’t think the Cubs would have challenged Delgado with a throw. It would have changed the way the inning went with him scoring on that play.

            This loss makes me sick. We now watch the Brewers ride a wave of confidence by winning again against the lowly Pirates. While the Mets as usual do there best dog paddle to keep there heads a float.

            Doctor K Dwight Gooden might be at Shea on sunday

            With the list of former Mets getting bigger by the day, Met fans might be seeing Dwight Gooden at the Shea goodbye festivites on Sunday.

            He will join a slew of former Mets including Willie Mays, Mike Piazza, Robin Venutra, Jerry Koosman, Tom Seaver and Dave Kingman with a host of others expected.

            John Maine in the bullpen

            John Maine was activated before last nights game and can be used by Jerry Manuel if needed. Love to see him pitch in a meaningful game and come in and get 3 outs.

            Mets waste Delgado Slam. Fall to the Cubs 9-6 in 10

            The Atmosphere at Shea was electric. They cheered Ollie Perez when he had 2 strikes on a batter in the first. They went nuts when Delgado unleashed his Grand Slam to put the Mets in front 5-1.

            The Mets did not the use the great Shea fans to there advantage and still found a way to lose. They had runners on 3rd from the 5th on. They had seldom used Ramon Martinez have a clutch double only to strand him on 3rd . He then had a 2 out base loaded walk to tie the game. The Mets had runners on 3rd and no out in the 7th,8th and 9th and could not score. Talk about a team playing tight!

            Now they share the lead in the wild card with the Brewers and did not make up any ground on the Phillies who lost to the Braves 10-3

            Read about this tear your heart out loss here

            Wednesday, September 24, 2008

            Met fans will be at Shea tonight.

            Despite what the radio geeks have been saying the last couple of days, Met fans are primed and ready to support them in there drive for the playoffs. The crowd last night at Shea looked like it was over 40,000. The upper tank looked pretty packed to me while the Mets beat the Cubs last night.

            I expect a huge crowd tonight to watch the Mets and Ollie Perez take on Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs. I will be one of the frenzied fans at the game hanging on every pitch. Watching and probably agonizing over the scoreboard to see what the Phillies and the Brewers are doing and hoping to go home after the game with the Mets still in the lead for the Wild Card.

            Mets 2nd Chance emails going out for tickets to the Division Series

            Watch your email boxes because the Mets are sending out 2nd chance opportunities for tickets to the Division Series for WHEN the Mets make the playoffs.

            See you there in October! We hope!

            Omar Extended

            Omar Minaya and the NY Mets have agreed to a 4 year contract extension, which will keep Minaya on the Mets pay roll until 2013. Minaya's original contract doesn't expire until the end of the 2009 season.

            Although Omar has received criticism over the last two seasons, it has been mostly from fans and sports talk shows. The Wilpon's have been happy with Omar's work, thus the new contract.

            The contract hasn't yet been signed, but has been agreed upon. The contract should be signed shortly, possibly after the close of the 2008 season.

            For more, please check out Ken Davidoff's column in Newsday

            John Maine in bullpen

            He said he felt fine after mondays 25 pitch outing at Shea so we might see him warming up in the bullpen tonight or thursday night.

            Read the latest on John Maine

            Mets wake up game up in Wild Card and 1 1/2 games behind in NL East

            No one except Gary and Keith on SNY think the Mets still can win the divison. Well that race got tighter last night with the Phillies losing and the Brewers won on a walk off from Prince Fielder so the Mets still have a 1 game lead in the Wild Card

            The Mets face Carlos Zambrano tonight who pitched a no hitter 2 starts ago and then in his last start was in the clubhouse early after getting shelled.

            Big game for Ollie Perez

            Check out more about the Mets win last night here

            Tuesday, September 23, 2008

            Johan Santana stops Mets losing streak at 3. Reyes gets 200th hit Mets win

            Johan Santana earn his status as a Ace again tonight with some great pitching and nifty base running and the Mets beat the Cubs 6-2

            The Cubs got to Johan early with a run in the second on a pair of 1 out doubles and scored another in the 3rd but that was all he would let up in 8 innings where he struck out 10

            He also hustled on the base paths by scoring on David Wrights 2 out hit from 2nd base that tied the Score at 2. He also had a crucial at bat where he was going to bunt but instead hit away and the bat broke and went past the mound and ball followed and hit the bat and the Cubs weren't able to throw him out at first.

            Jose Reyes broke the game open with a based loaded triple that plated 3 runs that was his 200th hit of the year. See it here

            Of course a Met game wouldn't be the same without some late inning drama so after Johan was out Pedro Felicano gave up 2 hits in the 9th inning with 1 out but Luis Ayala closed the door.

            The Mets gained on the Phillies who lost 3-2 to the Braves and wait the outcome of the Brewers who are tied 5-5 in the 8th inning with the Pirates.

            Sean Marshall will face Johan Santana tongiht.

            The Cubs have moved back Rich Harden from his start tonight. The Mets will face the rookie Sean Marshall. He has pitched effectively for the Cubs. He has started 6 games .

            He has been in 31 games total for the Cubs this year with a 3-4 record. He has 50 strikeouts in 59 innings and has 3.62 ERA

            Jerry Manuel getting another look at Bobby Parnell.

            It is not the way you would like to see the young guy pitching in a lopsided game but at least Jerry is starting to get a feel for Bobby Parnell

            Parnell has been in 3 games now and has pitched 3 and 2/3 innings and has given up 1 run and 2 hits while striking out 3 and walking none. Last night was the first time he had to pitch with runners on base. He did fine allowing just 1 run and getting a little nervous by almost throwing a ball away that was hit back to him.

            The question is will we see him on the Post Season Roster if the Mets make it?

            Steady Eddie Kranepool. Shea goodbye #7

            He played for some awful teams in the early 60’s and 1 championship team in 1969. He played for the Mets until 1979. He was a crowd favorite during those lean years. He also was a pretty good pinch hitter .

            Well he was out in left center last night to drop the Mets games at Shea down to 7. He wasn’t much luck though. Kevin Burkhardt interviewed him during the game and he still ranks the Mets winning the World Series in ’69 as his favorite time with the Mets. He also had some nice words about Ole Shea.

            Who will be there tonight for the unveiling of #6?. Be nice to see Wally Backman. Will not hold my breath though.

            Mets lose another one. One Game lead in Wild Card

            This is not last year but I am telling you that this team needs to find something to grab on to or its going to spiral down pretty quickly. I don't like the fact the team thinksthat now they can breath easy cause Johan is pitching. Johan has risen to the task each time the Mets needed a win from him and sooner or later he is going to have an average game of giving up 4 runs and the Mets will lose.

            I am sick of the bullpen I am sick of this team having 2 men on and no outs and not scoring. I am sick of Luis Castillo. The Mets bench is horrible .

            We have 3 players that have played there hearts out and have been clutch. Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana and Carlos Delgado . David Wright and Jose Reyes have been good but they need to step up and hit a clutch home run or get a 2 out hit that scores the winnig run. This team needs to win period. No backing into the playoffs. Every game at Shea should be a celebration of Shea closing not fans worrying if the Mets will make the playoffs.

            Tell the Mets to watch the Phillies who over there last 10 games are 9-1. They go into the 8th inning and score the go ahead runs almost every night. The Mets go into the 8th inning and cough up the lead.

            Ryan Church bunted last night with nobody out to start a rally. I loved it! He got on base. The Mets can learn something from the Cubs that even with the Cubs in the playoffs they don't let up. Kudos to Lou Pinella.

            Well Mets its time to put up or shut up! Control your destiny and stop having your manager making excuses for you!

            Someone in that clubhouse needs to start throwing chairs around and get the teams blood up because no one wants to go to the last game at Shea on Sunday and need a win to get in the playoffs.

            LETS GO METS!

            Monday, September 22, 2008

            How Important Is Damion Easley?

            I was sitting in my living room watching the Mets get crushed by the Cubs, and wondering if our post season dream will become a long winter's nightmare.

            Since late last year, I have felt that the Mets don't win with Luis Castillo as their 2B. I figured, well, why not look at what the Mets have done with Castillo, or any other 2B since Easley was injured in the first game on September 13th.

            Here is what I found:

            The Mets have played nine games.

            In the nine games, the Mets record is 4-5

            With Luis Castillo starting, the Mets record is 2-4

            With Argenis Reyes starting at 2B, the Mets record is 2-1

            More distressingly, Castillo has played in 83 games this year, and the Mets record in those 83 games is 39-44

            In games Castillo has started, the Mets are 36-40.

            With Argenis Reyes, the Mets record is 29-17. In games AReyes has started, the Mets record is an impressive 13-6.

            With Damion Easley, the Mets record is 58-51, but more interestingly, they are 42-28 in games Easley has started.

            So, the breakdown goes like this:

            With Easley starting, the Mets are 42-28

            With Reyes starting, the Mets are 13-6

            With Castillo starting, the Mets are 36-40

            With Castillo starting: 36-40

            With Reyes or Easley starting: 55-34

            Since Easley is most likely done for the season, except for pinch hitting duties, shouldn't Argenis Reyes be the starting 2B? He doesn't hit much, but does Castillo? He is a better defensive 2B than Castillo at this point, and he, Reyes, has much better speed on the bases.

            Jerry Manuel said the players, especially Castillo, would have to earn playing time. To me, this proves Castillo hasn't earned that right.
            P.S. Castillo just called out on strikes to end the game. Three pitches right down the middle by Kerry Wood, and Castillo didn't even attempt to swing.
            ** Stats obtained from Baseball Reference
            *** Damion Easley started games in LF as well as 2B for the Mets this season.

            Mets vs Cubs Preview

            The Mets need a win tonight to make every game a must win for the Brewers. Also by winning tonight and Johan Santana pitching tomorrow the Mets can place more pressure on the Brewers with a possible 2 game winning streak.

            Check out what Lou Pinella has to say about playing his regulars over at Adam Rubin’s blog here

            Monday: LHP Jon Niese (1-0, 4.09) vs. RHP Jason Marquis (10-9, 4.39)
            Tuesday: LHP Johan Santana (14-7, 2.65 ERA) vs. RHP Rich Harden (5-1, 1.66)
            Wednesday: LHP Oliver Perez (10-7, 4.10 ERA) vs. RHP Carlos Zambrano (14-6, 3.77)
            Thursday: RHP Pedro Martinez (5-6, 5.50 ERA) vs. LHP Ted Lilly (16-9, 4.17)

            Brutal Weekend leads to some important games this week at Shea.

            The Mets as usual refuse to make things easy for themselves. The Mets lost 2 of 3 to the Braves this weekend which dropped the Mets lead in the Wild Card to 1 and ½ games and leaves them that same deficit behind the Phillies for the NL East crown.

            The Mets now have 4 games with the Cubs and 3 games with the Marlins to close out the year. Hopefully the Mets can find a way to handle the Cubs. If the Mets can win 4 out of the last 7 games they force the brewers to win 5 out of 6 just to tie the Mets for the Wild Card. If the Mets go 3 and 4 in the last 7 the Brewers can win the wild card by winning 5 out of 6 or tie the Mets by going 4-2. The Brewers play the Pirates before they end there season against the Cubs.

            If the Cubs work on getting there rotation set for the Playoffs we might only see Carlos Zambrano for 5 innings like Ryan Dempster did yesterday. Lou Pinella gave all his regulars Sunday off against the Cardinals. Hopefully we might see that at Shea.

            Sunday, September 21, 2008

            Mets bullpen coughs up lead and Mets lose

            Sounding like broken record lately but the Mets bullpen couldnt hold a 4-2 lead for the Mets and Mike Pelfrey and the Mets lose this afternoon 7-6. Mike Pelfrey was not perfect. He did struggle early but he smees to get his stroke in the middle innings and left with a 4-2 lead when he walked a hitter leading off the 7 th inning. Well the bullpen gave up 1 run that inning and in the 8th the bullpen just blew up and let the Braves score 4 times

            Carols Delgado hit a 2 run shot in the 9th to bring th eMet sto 7-6 but then Carlos Beltran struck out.

            To check out the box score of todays game you can click here

            THe Phillies and the Brewers both won today. The Mets now need to beat up on the cubs so they can get to clinch before the Marlins series because you know the Marlins will want to beat up on the Mets like they did the last game of the season last year.

            Straight From The Horses...

            "I hope our fans love the new stadium," Jeff Wilpon says. "It's meant for them. We're trying to make money, obviously, but we take into account that this isn't just any business -- it's a public trust. I think our plans for the new ballpark reflect that."

            One question Jeff, if it's for the fan's, then why can't we fans afford to go to a game? Why are the prices so exhorbitant, that the best seats in the stadium are only for corporate sponsors?

            The definition of fan, is short for FANATIC, those who follow a team religiously. Not for those who can pay the most money.

            Mets line up posted for final road game

            The Mets lineup today against the Braves is Reyes,Murphy,Wright,Delgado,Beltran,Church,Castillo,Schneider,Pelfrey.

            Damin Easley has been running half speed and might be ready to pinch hit early this week.

            Pedro Martinez wants to pitch on Normal rest

            Well Pedro feels that even though he give up 3 runs in the first inning his arm responded alot better then when he had 8 days between starts .

            The Mets really don't have much of choice but to send Pedro out there 1 more time against the Cubs Thursday night. Which can be a very critical game for the Mets. I think the last thing the Mets fans want to see is the Mets being able to clinch a playoff spot on Thursday and Pedro on the mound. I know I don't. No offense Pedro

            Read the latest on Pedro here
            Pedro Martinez also mentions that he is willing to work in relief if the Mets need him to in the playoffs.

            John Maine has 1 more shot to impress on Monday

            With the season winding down, John Maine has 1 more chance to show he can help the Mets the last week of the season with another simulated game on Monday at Shea.

            He threw 24 pitches Saturday Afternoon and his velocity was down and his command was erratic.

            To me at this point even if he impresses Dan Warthen and Jerry Manuel is it worth having him coming in a tight spot at this point? I don't see any sense just to activate him to pitch in lopsided game? Of course it all hinges on the Mets making the playoffs. Will he be able to make a difference?

            Read the latest on John

            Mets to finish over .500 on the road

            With the win on Friday the Mets will finish with a record above .500 on the road for the 3rd straight year. They are 41-39 going into sunday's game against the Atlanta Braves. In 06 and 07 they had identical 47-34 records on the road.

            The Starting pitchers records on the road this year are below.

            Johan Santana is 7 and 4 with 3.00 ERA
            Ollie Perez is 6 and 5 with 3.95 ERA
            John Maine is 5 and 6 with 3.69 ERA
            Mike Pelfrey is 5 and 4 with 4.78 ERA
            Pedro Martinez is 4 and 3 with 6.05 ERA

            Saturday, September 20, 2008

            Pedro Martinez struggles through first inning and Mets cant over come

            Well as Mets fan73 as written Pedro is nearing the end of his career and he didn't help his chances tonight with allowing the Braves to score 3 runs in the first inning and the Mets fell to the Braves 4-2.

            Pedro helped his cause with a 2 out double that plated 2 runs but it was the only runs the Mets would score tonight. The bullpen for the Mets pitched fine tonight and didn't allow a run after Pedro made it through 6 innings . Bobby Parnell actually pitched 2/3 of an inning in the bottom of the 8th

            David Wright had 2 hits tonight but the Mets could only muster 6 hits all night. The Phillies just beat the Marlins 3-2 so now the Mets are in 2nd again and are 2.5 games ahead of the Brewers for the Wild Card with 8 to play. The Mets are behind the Phillies by 1/2 game for the NL East lead.

            Is Pedro Done?

            Remember when Pedro was The Man? For a much needed win, Pedro was The Man. Don't feel bad if you don't remember. Those were the days up until, by not exceeding 2004.
            Pedro hasn't been that marquee pitcher the Mets opted for back during the off season of 2004. It is understandable that he isn't the pitcher in 2008 that he was in 2003, 1996, or any other year prior to 2005.

            I understand he can't be the same pitcher in 2008 that he was in 1998, but where Pedro is lost and Finished, is where and how he is failing.

            Is there anyone out there that feels confident when “Petey” takes the mound? I sure don't. His walks are up, his innings pitched are down, runs allowed are up, strikeouts are down, etc. That all said, the most disconcerting thing for me is that when he gives up a big hit, or run, he looks defeated. He doesn't bring that aura of confidence to the mound he used to. He looks intimidated on the mound, instead of intimidating batters while he's pitching.

            The Mets must make a decision, and quick. They have to come to the realization that Pedro is a liability,and they can't leave a must win game in his hands. This becomes more problematic if/when the Mets make the post season. The Mets can't expect Pedro, in a play-off game, to get that must win win.

            Pedro has played an important part in building this team from an embarrassment to a contender. It is because of Pedro that Carlos Beltran is here, Billy Wagner is here, Fernando Martinez will be here, etc. But, as a pitcher, he has not panned out. Pedro helped put rumps in the seats at Shea, but he is incapable at this point in his career to be relied upon.
            Unfortunately, it is time to cut this mango* from the tree, and realize it is time to move on from the Pedro era.

            *"It actually made me feel really, really good," Martinez said. "I actually realized that I felt like somebody important, because I caught the attention of 60,000, plus you guys, plus the whole world, watching a guy that is, you reverse the time back 15 years ago, I was sitting under a mango tree without 50 cents to pay for a bus. And today, I was the center of attention of the whole city of New York. I thank God for that, and you know what? I don't regret one bit what they do out there.

            Must Be The Music

            Long Island Met Fan posted a great article here. He talks about music and what the Mets are having played as they step up to the plate.

            In a previous life, Jobu was a DJ. Jobu believes in music as a huge motivator and feels that the right music can put a player in the correct frame of mind and psych them up into having a good day at the plate.

            If a player is in a slump (David Wright), maybe some new music is in order. Hopefully Wright will have his tune changed when he returns home later this week.

            Jobu would like to see comments from YOU the fans and what top 3 songs you would have the P.A. play when you stride up to the plate.

            Jobu would choose the following:
            Back in Black – AC/DC
            Apache – The Sugar Hill Gang
            Panama – Van Halen

            Mets top 4 hitters against Righties

            Now with the Mets playing against righties for the next 4-5 games I was wondering who was hitting the righties the best on the team.

            As we constantly hear on the SNY broadcast that David Wright is hitting the tar out of the lefties. This is true. He is hitting .377 which leads the team . Well behind him with a small sample of 67 at bats is Nick Evans with .343

            Well against righties the leader is late call up Daniel Murphy with 96 at bats and a .363 batting avg. Jose Jose Reyes has the highest among every day players with .311 avg

            This is followed by Ryan Church and umm scracthing my eyes to make sure I am reading this right Brian Schneider who is hitting a robust .287

            The trio of Wright ,Beltran ,Delgado are hitting in the .260's against the righties.

            Will we see Schneider hitting as high as 6th any time soon? probably not but its nice to see Brian catch fire in the 2nd half. He has 7 of his home runs in the 2nd half .

            Ryan Church a liability?

            That's what Matthew Artus at Always Amazing is thinking. He even has Ryan Church stats before and after the concussions. It is not pretty . Check it out here

            With the lay off he had it is kind of expected for Ryan not to be hitting like he was before the injury. He did have 2 key hits in the Mets win against the Nationals the other night.

            With Tatis and Easley down you really don't have much choice but to maybe have Church sit against lefties and have Murphy play right and Evans left?

            With the Mets winning Church to me can stay right there in right field because besides last nights blunder his outfield play is gold glove caliber.

            Friday, September 19, 2008

            Mets walk to the plate music at Shea. Ryan Church and more.

            Everyone seems to talk about what the Mets players have as there music as they walk up to the plate.

            Fernando Tatis has superman! Well Mlb.com has compiled a short list of every team and what certain players have as there walk up to the plate music .

            It does list some of the Mets including Ryan Church, David Wright and Jose Reyes. To check out the list and why certain songs are being used you can read all about it here

            Make sure you check out some of the catchers selections on other teams.

            Mets back in first Daniel Murphy key hit as Mets win 9-5

            It was not pretty but the Mets were able to beat the Braves tonight 9-5 and move back into first since the Phillies lost a slug fest to the streaking Marlins 14-8. The game started out great with Jose Reyes hitting a home run in the 1st innnig. David Wright collected 2 hits and had a key rbi double and a 2 out rbi single. He did have a couple of hiccups in the field. This was a pretty sloppy game on both sides.

            Ollie Perez pitched 6 innings and gave up 4 runs. The Mets used 4 relievers in the 7 th inning . Nelson Figueroa, Ricardo Rincon, Aaron Heilman and Pedro Feliciano. Rincon and Heilman got key strikeouts in the 7th innning while the rubber armed Feliciano got the last out of the 7th which kept the score tied at that point.

            The Mets then broke out with 4 runs in the 8th .

            Chekc out the Box score for the game here

            Brian Stokes had his fastball up to 96 mph and after a lead off single to Jeff Franceour retired the side in the 8th and the 9th. With no Drama!!! .

            The Mets are back in first with the Phillies losing and the Brewers got slammed by the Reds 11-2 dropping them 2 behind the Phillies now in the Wild Card.

            Mets win Coin Flip over Brewers. Mets Tie breakers scenarios.

            Well if the Mets win the division none of this matters but if they don’t and there tied with the Phillies for the NL East division lead they might have to have a 1 game playoff.

            Also if they tie with the Brewers for the Wild card there would be a 1 game playoff.

            Read about how all the scenarios break down here and hopefully your head will not explode.

            Joe Smith Mets bullpen MVP down the stretch

            Joe Smith has been the best arm in this bullpen in the crucial month of September

            He doesnt get enough credit for what he has done for this team

            Below are the stats for the relievers since Sept 1.

            Joe Smith 3 and 0 1.23 Era in 9 games . With 7+ innings he has 4 hits 3 walks 10 strikeouts

            Luis Ayala 0 and 1 with 5 saves and 4.26 Era in 8 games with 6+ innings and 8 hits with 1 walk and 7 punchouts

            Pedro Feliciano has 4.91 era in 8 games 3 and 2/3 innings with 3 walks and 3 strike outs

            Scott Schoeneweis is 0-1 in 7 games 2.45 Era and no walks and 4 strikeouts

            Ricardo Rincon has 3.86 Era in 3 games with 3 punch outs and 1 walk

            Brian Stokes has come down to earth in his last 2 outings. He now has 5.87 Era in 8 games with 2 home runs 3 walks and 5 strikeouts in 7+ innings.

            Nelson Figueroa watching Johan Santana as a fan

            Nelson Figueroa has been pitching from the Mets bullpen these days and has done a pretty good job of it.

            Since September 1st the Pitcher has not let up a earned run in 4 and 2/3 innings. He has walked 2 and struck out 4 while giving up 6 hits.

            Last night he spent the time in the bullpen as a fan. He said he was able to sit and watch Johan pitch cause he knew that Johan would go at least 7 innings. "You have to get ready mentally but it is still a good feeling for us in the bullpen" as told to John Harper of the Daily News .

            The Mets still needed to use 3 relievers in this game so lets hope they enjoy a little rest. Luis Ayala was not used but was warming up in the 9th inning.

            Damion Easley out Ramon Castro in

            Well its more then likely that Damion Easley will be done for the regular season due to his quad injury. He has been walking around in pain and it might be tough for him to get back to playing in the next 10 days. This is a blow for the Mets cause he has been hitting pretty well of late and his defense at second base has been superb.

            In the last month he had been hitting .333 with 2 doubles and 2 triples and 1 home run. Argenis Reyes has cooled off . He hasn't had a hit since a game in late August. Luis Castillo will get the nod tonight against the lefty.

            Ramon Castro will probably also get a start tonight against the Braves.

            Thursday, September 18, 2008

            Johan Santana earning his 137 million 7 innings 1 run Mets win 7-2

            Johan Santana pitched his way through 7 innings tonight and the Mets beat up on the Nationals pitching tonight and won the game 7-2.

            Brian Schneider had 2 home runs. Both solo shots. The Mets score in the first innings on a double by Jose Reyes and the Daniel Murphy hit a ball to Center field that Lastings Milledge let skip pass him to the wall and Reyes walked home while Murphy wound up at 3rd. Lastings looks horrible in Center field and I was surprised that Manny Acta didn't take him out after he seemed to jog for the ball.

            Ryan Church broke out of his slump with 2 hits and 2 rbis. David Wright again went 0-5 but his friend Ryan Zimmerman made 2 nice plays against David.

            Check out the Mets box score here

            The bullpen gave a run in the 8th by Joe Smith and Scott Schoenweis started the 9th and left with 2 men on and 1 out but Pedro Feliciano got a double play ball to end the game.

            The Phillies won and the Brewers were crushed with a loss . They had a 4 run lead going into the bottom of the 9th against the cubs and let the cubs tie the game and then the cubs won it in the 12 inning. Mets remain 1/2 game behind the Phillies and now lead the Brewers by 1 and 1/2 games in the Wild Card race

            John Maine update . He pitches from the mound

            Before the tonight's game John Maine pitched from the mound for 10 pitches.

            Maine is totally determined to help the Mets in a relief mode sometime before the end of the year.

            After the 10 pitch effort he said he only felt a little knot in his arm which he expect to work it out with more work . Of course no time table has been set.

            ***** Update******

            John is expected to pitch a simulated game this weekend in Atlanta and could be activated when the Mets return home to Shea to face the Cubs.

            Al Reyes was released

            The Mets announced before the game that Al Reyes was released. The Mets felt that reports they recieved from Double AA were unfavorable. Not sure why they bothered to have him report to the Mets Sept 1st if they didnt plan on using him

            Mets ticket lottery emails going out today

            The Mets have started emailing people to let them know if they can be involved in purchasing post season tickets. I just got my rejection ....Was it something I said?

            Met fan sleeping falls victim to prank

            Some humor today.

            If you havent seen this yet of a Met fan asleep during double header at Shea here

            Aaron Heilman: Have We Seen The Last Of The Arm You Can Call Human Gasoline?

            We thought maybe he can come in last night and pitch effective. Well thank you Jerry for not letting him pitch to more than 2 batters .

            Is it possible that his career is now over with the Mets? When the Mets make the playoffs, will he even make the post season roster? I say no. Check out our latest poll regarding him and Duaner Sanchez.

            Written By Long Island Met Fan

            Wednesday, September 17, 2008

            John Maine update . Pitches off the Mound

            Do you think John Maine is determined to help his team anyway possible? He stepped on the mound this afternoon in D.C and threw 10 pitches. He felt only a slight knot in shoulder that he said he hopes to work out with more throwing.

            He is hoping that he might be able to help the team sometime next week in relief. I'm sure that he will need some simulated conditions first. That remains to be seen but we hope its a possibility.

            Sorry NY Times to disappoint you.

            How Many time is the NY Times down in Washington to follow the Mets? Hmm Maybe it has to do with the fact that the paper thought the Mets collapsing would be a good series to run. They can reference last year. They can talk about Jose Reyes not getting the job done . They can get the run of the mil quotes from players about how the players must be thinking about last year now.

            Well the Mets are really sorry to disappoint you last night by winning. Jose Reyes had 2 hits and a home run. Did you see Beltran's' 2 home runs? Stick around tonight so the Mets can disappoint you again!

            Read there article here