Thursday, June 30, 2011

High Flying Mets Go For Sweep: Mets Lineup Vs. Tigers - June 30, 2011

The Mets have busted out the whooping sticks over their last four games, plating 52 runs in that span, which breaks the previous record of 50.

Although out homered last night 5-0, the Mets still went on to beat the Tigers 16-9, in a real "pitchers duel."

What is real nice to see is that normally inconsistent Mets have been consistent in their run scoring of late. Usually if they have a break out game, scoring 8 runs or so, they will not score that many runs over the following five games. Not this time. On Saturday they put up a 14 spot, 8 on Sunday, 14 on Tuesday, and an unimaginable 16 runs last night.

Jose Reyes has continued his hot hitting with an off night, where he only had two hits. The good thing is that during this streak, everyone is hitting, which is the epitome of teamwork. They are playing together as a team.

Who wasn't worried last night when the Mets were up 8-2, and before we could blink, it was 8-5? But the "New Mets" seemed to tack on runs at will when the Tigers clawed their way back. Although the pitching was poor, the offense didn't disappoint. The are playing together as a team.

The Mets go for the sweep this afternoon, which should prove difficult when Big Pelf rivals the great Justin Verlander.

Today's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Pridie - RF

3. Beltran - DH

4. Murphy - 3B

5. Pagan - CF

6. Bay - LF

7. Duda - 1B

8. Thole - C

9. Tejada

Carlos Beltran making the Mets think about him in 2012?

All the focus has been on Jose Reyes and his incredible year. While quietly Carlos Beltran is having a good year for himself so far in 2011.

The guy who the Mets didnt think would be healthy enough , has played in the 78 of the Mets games so far this year. I would deem that healthy wouldn't you.  Beltran is a free agent after this year and everyone chatted about how the Mets might have a tough time to unload him during the year and that if they did he was AL bound as a DH. Well he might not be AAA 1 rating in the outfield but he can certainly hold his own.

Of course his offense has been pretty darn consistent. The Mets right fielder has 53 rbi's and 21 doubles in basically half a season with 11 home runs. Even if he slowed down a little he is good for 15-18 homers and 80-90 Rbi's.  Has he played good enough for the Mets to consider a deal for him in 2012 to play right field.

At the right price who else would you consider to play right field especially if the Mets drop a ton of cash at Reyes door step. Check out our new poll and let us know what you think about Beltran being a Met beyond 2012 .  

Beltran career stats

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two Grand Slams in consecutive innings: Mets rout

Jose Reyes as usual led off the game last night with a hit and preceded to 2nd on a errant pick off throw and the Mets were off and running against the Tigers.  The Mets lashed out 18 hits including 7 extrabase hits which included 2 grand slams. Yes 2 grand slams!!! in consecutive innings mind you.  The Mets lit up Rick Porcello and knocked him out in the 4 inning . The 2 grand slams came against Daniel Schlereth who came in to add fuel to the already smoking Mets.  The Mets scored 7 times in the 4 inning capped of by the first grand slam by none other then Jason Bay.

Yes pretty ironic that the guy that couldn't get a extra base hit breaks the Mets grand slam drought. He hit his shot down the left field line. Then in the 5th Beltran popped one over the left center fence for the 2nd grand slam in consecutive innings. The Mets did that once before when Cliffy Floyd and Beltran teamed up a couple of years ago .  

Jose Reyes had his typical day getting on base 5 times with 4 hits. He of course had another triple and was a home away from hitting the cycle.

Good start to another series against a first place team as the Mets are above .500 for the first time since the first week of April. Who are these guys?

Mets box score

Mets rout

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mets vs Tigers June 28th, 2011

The Mets have a big series ahead of them in the motor series.  They need to come out like they did in the final 2 games of the Ranger series. The Tigers are playing well with  Designated hitter Victor Martinez (.336) and first baseman Miguel Cabrera (.332) rank second and third, respectively, in the American League in batting average . Cabrera is hitting over .400 with runners in scoring position. 
The Mets will use the DH again and will have the powerful  Willie Harris manning the DH spot and batting 2nd.  Here is the rest of the Mets lineup who will try for the 5th time to get a game over .500.  Remember when they were  5-13?  Mets face Rick Porcello who has never faced the Mets. Only Jason Bay and Scott Hairston have at bats against him .  Bay in his past life hit a homer against Porcello.
Reyes-SS, Harris-DH, Beltran-RF, Murphy-3B, Pagan-CF, Bay-LF, Duda-1B, Turner-2B, Thole-C. Dickey  P

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Maturation Of Jose Reyes

As any Mets fan, let alone Jose Reyes fan, can attest to, the electric Mets SS is having a career year. I don’t usually like to use terms like that because it usually gives the impression that the one having a “career year” isn’t a good ballplayer. Mr. Reyes is a very good ballplayer, but most of us could never imagine him having a season like this. What is the genesis of this season?

There are a few opinions, all of which might be correct.

The most popular of these opinions is that for the first time in a few years Reyes is healthy. He has had neither leg issues nor thyroid issues that plagued him last year. He looks to be a couple of steps faster than a year ago, and by the accumulation of triples he’s hit this year, a Major League leading 14, that is a valid assumption.

Another valid opinion is that Reyes is in his walk year, and like many, he has his sights on a big payday at seasons’ end. I have never pictured Reyes as a money grub, but with the chance of making more money than he could have ever imagined as a 17 year old who used to use an old milk carton for a baseball glove, no one can blame him for wanting a fair market price. Reyes has still kept it real, by maintaining loyalty; loyalty to the Mets, and as importantly loyalty to his agent, Peter Greenberg, who could have been thrown by the wayside for Scott Boras.

Terry Collins. Reyes looks to be having more fun this year than any in recent history. Although no necessarily proven, I have always believed that Reyes didn’t enjoy playing for Randolph and his arrogance, or Manuel and his flip-flopping. With Collins, his intensity matches that of the flashy Mets shortstop. Reyes is on a mission, and that mission is not just money, but for the love of the game.

These points are all valid, but I believe the most important and most over-looked reason for Reyes break-out year is he is slowly becoming a leader on this team. Not the same type of leadership as Keith Hernandez displayed in the 80’s, no, a different type of leadership.

Reyes is now the old man of the infield with Justin Turner, Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, and Ruben Tejada all sharing time in the infield. In between innings, it is not out of the ordinary to see Reyes on the bench speaking with Tejada, Turner, or Murphy. This is maturation. Tejada has improved greatly as a Major League hitter this year, and I believe that Reyes’ mentoring has helped him; helped with the transition from AAA to the pros.

With Turner, especially when he was playing 2B, he would walk over to him in between pitches to go over strategy, or explain a situation.

The same with Murphy when he was playing 2B and struggling on the double play pivot. Reyes was there, constantly talking to him.

All this energy is rubbing off too. Granted, the Mets are only a .500 team, but his mates seem to love playing with him. Jose has always been the catalyst for this team, but when he gets on, no one is sitting on the bench. They are all on the top row, eager to see what he is going to do. It used to be just Reyes on the top step, the first one to congratulate a teammate after a homerun or key hit. Now the entire team is there to greet a player for a big play. Jose’s youthful exuberance has rubbed off on this team, and that is a plus.

Astonishingly Reyes is still behind Troy Tulowitski in the All Star voting, which would be a shame if Jose is elected to start, but I would gladly pay that price to see him take home the first MVP in Mets history.

Yes, Jose is having that great of a year, and yes, his maturation is a large reason for that. Jose keeps it simple. Jose keeps it real. Jose keeps it exciting.

As fans, let’s enjoy. Love him or hate him, come 2012, if he is wearing another uniform, he will sorely be missed. A talent such as his comes along once in a generation. Time to be thankful we’ve been able to enjoy it…especially this year.

Picture Source: ESPN

Mets beat first place Texas Rangers again.

The Mets with there dink and dunk lineup beat the powerhouse Rangers for the second day in a row by the score of 8-5.  The Mets didnt have any home runs against the Rangers but amassed another huge hit attack with 14 hits . Jose Reyes had another great game with 4 hits including his 14th triple of the year.   His average now is at .341.  

Dillon Gee didn't have great stuff again but was able to limit the Rangers to 3 runs over 6 innings. Of course K Rod had to make it interesting in the 9th by allowing the first couple of hitters to smack him around for 2 runs.  Beato,Byrdak and Izzy pitched 2 innings combined of no run no hit ball. 

Every starter had a hit except for MR Masher jason Bay who went 0-5 with a RBI.  Daniel Murphy had a real good game with 3 hits and Beltran had a 2 rbi day. 

The Mets head to Detroit at .500 with 6 teams ahead of them in the wild card race. The Mets are 4.5 against the Braves.  7 teams are within 5 games of the Braves lead.

Mets box score

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bay & Turner sit but Mets romp : Niese ok?

The Mets scored 7 runs without recording a out in the 6th innings yesterday against the Rangers on National TV/ there 14-5 shellacking of the Rangers. First off the 2 broadcasters, Kenny Albert and Mark Grace, for Fox were insufferable. I mean I realize that they dont follow the teams but can they at least talk. There were minues of just silence. I am not expecting them to be as fun as the SNY crew but come on. They get paid for this otherwise move on and let us Met fans do the job. I didnt have access to a radio to listen to Howie so it was painful.

Mets had 14 runs 17 hits with no home runs.Yeah  I know a complete shocker. Beltran had a triple and Duda had some game with 4 hits and 3 doubles. Thole had the other extra base hit.

Jon Niese was diagnosed with a rapid heartbeat after being taken out . He pitched 5 and 2/3 innings and gave up 2 runs on 6 hits. Most likely caused from dehydration. He will be check i am sure by the Mets crack medical staff. As usual Carrasco gave up runs in his 2 inning stint.

Bay was out due to a stiff neck and Turner was jammed on a pitch from Darren Oliver Friday night and re aggravated his thumb.

Mets box score

Friday, June 24, 2011

David Wright cleared to resume baseball activities: Fans rejoice?

The Mets are happy, David Wright is happy but are Mets fans happy with the fact that Nuke is able to get off his knees and start really getting into the swing of things and play baseball again. Read what Jose Reyes had to say about Wright returning here

The Most Wright has done at Citi is some drills taking ground balls from his knees. Today he flies down to Florida to start getting his body in shape with some conditioning and then some games on rehab. The Mets seem to think that Wright will be back after the All Star break. Wright of course would say within a week to 10 days.

Now as fans we are like yeah ok  Wright oh joy.  I think if Davis was closer to returning we would be a bit more excited. Wright was not doing much before he was DL'd and we can say part of the reason was that he was playing hurt. Not of course before the bang bang play at 3rd. Wright was still striking out and doing his best to be non clutch.

With Wright heading back all I can think of is ..Wright and Bay striking out to kill a rally. Yeah I know real positive ....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Batting 6th Jason Bay- Mets vs A’s Matinee June 23rd

The Mets battle the A’s in the rubber game of the series today with Chris Capuano on the mound.  Jason Bay’s experience batting fourth is over. After he looked futile last night striking out 2 times and grounding out twice Bay is back to batting 6th.  Bay looked really bad swinging at pitches out of the zone like he lost all his selectiveness in 1 game. 
Reyes-SS, Turner-2B, Beltran-RF, Murphy-3B, Pagan-CF, Bay-LF, Duda-1B, Thole-C, Capuano-LHP

Mets Finish What KRod Could't

The Mets battled the Oakland A's last night before finally getting their first "walk-off" win of the season.

The Mets led 2-1 entering the ninth and Francisco Rodriguez. The Mets had taken a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the 8th when Jose Reyes scored after hitting his Major League leading 13th triple, and scoring on Justin Turner's single through a drawn in infield.

Then came KRod and his second consecutive blown save. According to KRod, he was "pathetic", and I would be hard pressed to argue. It was an awful job by the Mets "closer."

Jose Reyes, who was 0-3 going into the 8th got his hitting started with a triple in the 8th. He then singled in the 12th, and was intentionally walked in the 13th. He finished the game 2-6 with an intentional walk.

Justin Turner was "unable" to get out of the way of a pitch throw by losing pitcher Brad Ziegler. The Mets mobbed Turner after he got to first and Duda had scored the winning run.

It might not have been how the Mets drew it up, but the results were the same - a Mets win.

The Mets will try and take the rubber game from Oakland this afternoon when Chris Capuano takes on Graham Godfrey. Game time is 1:10.

Sources: ESPN (photos), CBS Sportsline

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Davis Might Need Season Ending Surgery: Tell Duda To Unpack

Sandy Alderson just addressed the media, and informed everyone that first baseman Ike Davis will be shut down for three more weeks. If after that time period he isn't able to run, he will most likely have season ending surgery.

Newsday's Dave Lennon Tweets:

"Davis will be shut down for next 3 wks after bad MRI. Alderson raised poss of microfracture surgey if doesn't improve."

The news just keeps getting better. Next up: Wright's prognosis. Hopefully that will bear better news. The Mets should have information in the next few days on the Mets 3B

Bay Moves To Cleanup, Hairston Starts In CF, Duda At First: Mets Lineup V. A's - June 22, 2011

RA Dickey takes the mound tonight to try and end this losing skid the Mets have been on of late. The Mets, losers of 4 of the last 5 games, look to correct their losing ways when Dickey takes on Gio Gonzales and the Oakland A's.

Jason Bay, who appears to be warming up of late after changing the way he swings by using his legs more, has been promoted to the cleanup spot in the batting order.

Lucas Duda gets the start at 1B and Murphy gets a night off.

Jose Reyes, who appears to be cooling off over his last four or five games or so, will look to get back on a hot streak tonight.

Mets lineup V. A's:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Turner - 3B

3. Beltran - RF

4. Bay - LF

5. Hairston - CF

6. Paulino - C

7. Duda - 1B

8. Tejada - 2B

9. Dickey - RSP

No Way Says Jose

Give the Mets credit, although they are public relationally brain dead, they do learn, unfortunately usually too late.

Yesterday the Mets admitted that they reached out to Jose Reyes’ agents to negotiate a contract with the soon to be free agent. Reyes and his representatives remained true to what they said during the Spring, that they won’t discuss any deals during the season.

What does this mean? Reyes is gone. Unless the Mets are willing to back up the Brinks truck, there is no way Jose will sign with them. Yes, he has admitted that he would love to remain with the Mets; he has grown up in this organization, he loves NY, and his family is comfortable in the NY/Long Island area, but is that enough. I think not.

If the Mets approached Reyes during the post season, they would have had an excellent chance in signing him long term. New GM Alderson wanted to wait it out and understandably so. Unfortunately it was a gamble – a gamble it looks like Elvis is going to lose.

Reyes is having a career year, in spite of a relatively cold spell he has been going through the last few games.

Now the question becomes: will the Mets trade Jose by the July 31st trade deadline, or let him walk during the off-season, garnering only draft picks?

My guess is that Elvis will let Jose walk if they can’t reach a contract agreement. Although the Mets could possible profit more from trading him, given the Wilpon’s financial issues, do they really want an already empty ballpark to become more of a ghost town? I don’t think so. That plus many teams aren’t going to give up a boat load of young talent for a two month rental.

Boomer and Carton this morning said Reyes is gone, especially if the Mets become insignificant. Granted Carton is correct .026% of the time, so I usually don’t listen to him. This time is no different.

Reyes is a crowd favorite. The energetic SS energizes a crowd like no other ballplayer. The closest Met I can compare to Reyes might have been Mookie Wilson, and although I adored Wilson and his energy, Mookie is no Jose. Piazza could charge a crowd, but not in the multitude of ways Jose can.

Whether it’s hitting a triple or double; stealing a base, laying down a bunt, or even an unexpected HR, Jose can change a game like no other in the game.

Jeff Wilpon said that Alderson can add payroll if the Mets are competitive. Where the money will come from is another question. If they are looking to add payroll, they should first look at the diamond in the rough they have at SS.

I don’t blame Reyes for wanting to test the waters of free agency. The Mets had the chance to do something before this got out of control and didn’t. I just wish there is some way Reyes and the Mets can extend this partnership.

Unfortunately it seems like there is no way Jose.

Photo: 7Line

Jason Bay hits a home run and a triple in Mets loss

Yes the Mets lost last night 7-3 due to Mr Gee having no control and walking the ball park. For the first time Gee was handed a loss along with being charged with 4 runs due to 6 walks in 4 innings . Gee had no control from the first batter when he walked the first 2 he faced. The Mets were out of it early but then it happened.

Jason Bay hit a mistake pitch fair for once. He didn't foul the ball off. He hit a hanging breaking ball in the air. Yes I saw it with my own eyes. Bay hit a ball in the air and it hit the 2nd deck facing in left field!!!! The ball landed in the first row in the outfield section for a home run. Yes Bay hit a home run!!!  At that point he already had a single and walk. He wasn't done he then hit the ball real far in the air again! Bay knock Coco Crisp against the wall in Centerfield for a rbi triple. Check out Bay's homer and triple here.  Bay wound up a double short of cycle and had his first extra base hit since mid May. Of course this is just 1 game but hey we will take it and I am sure Bay might have even cracked a smile after that. Bay's comments taken from Anthony DiComo

 "It felt great," said Bay, who credits his improvement to using his legs more in his swing. "Working every day, as much as what you tell people that's what you're doing, it's nice to get results. It's just been a battle."

The Mets and there Bay masher will meet the swinging A's again tonight who last night had there first victory against the Mets in NY since the World Series in '73

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wilpon Changing His Mind?

Could it be? Probably doubtful, but if the Mets owners words this past Saturday are any indication, then maybe Fred will seriously look into retaining Jose Reyes.

Wilpon was quoted this past Saturday saying this about his Shortstop:

"outstanding, in every part of the game."

Does that mean Fred is backing off his comments in the New Yorker magazine where he said that Reyes isn't worth Carl Crawford money? Most likely not, and understandable so, but does this mean he will permit Alderson to do what it takes to sign the teams' sparkplug? Would five years $105M be enough? We don't know.

Everyone is speculating Reyes wants Crawford money, but the fact is this: Reyes has never made any demand of how much money he expects or wants in his next contract. Some reporter somewhere came up with the Crawford comparison, but Reyes has never said he wants 7 years, $140+M. If Reyes continues this MVP type of play for the remainder of this season, then yes, he will easily earn Crawford money, and it will not be with the Mets.

The hope here is that Jose will want to continue his relationship with the Mets, and the Mets will do whatever they can to ensure the enigmatic shortstop stays in Flushing.

Remember, Jose is "Outstanding in every part of the game." Fred's words, not mine.

Sources: Adam Rubin, Photo ESPN

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Big Pelf domiant?

It is crazy to think that this guy has not had a complete game for a couple of years. Well last night Big Pelf didnt walk around the mound, threw strike 1 and wound up beating the Halo's 6-1 in a complete game masterpiece.  

Pelf even got a nice whipped cremed pie in the face after the game from Willie Harris.  Beltran hit a  bomb of a home run to the Shea bridge and drove in 3 runs .   The Mets rattled Haren with 4 stolen bases and were able to capitalize by getting hits with runners in scoring position. 

Ronnie Paulino deserves some credit since ever since he has been catching Pelf he has got him to throw inside and just calm down. 

Mets try to win another series today on Father's day.  Happy Father's day to all the dads out there!

Mets box score

Friday, June 17, 2011

A blown save a balk and a loss.

The Mets lost a tough game last night but lets remember that they were down 6-2 and didnt pack it in. They actually went into the 9th with K Rod on the mound leading 8-6. K Rod blew the save and Carrasco did his best impersantion of Kenny Rogers( yes I know that was a walk off ) and the Mets lost 9-8. Mets box score 

A tough loss but at same time a very successfull road trip for the Mets. They beat the Braves 2 out of 3 in Atlanta. Some positives to look at.

Scott Hairston has remembered what he is being payed for . To hit the ball when he plays with authority. He gave the Mets life with his 3 run home run to tie the score at 6. Hairston has raised his average to .271.

Jason Bay had 2 hits and actually drove in a run. Bay has been hitting the ball to right field and actually had a rbi with one of his 2 singles . Yes only singles but if you have watched him lately, he is laying off the garbage pitches and not fouling off the good ones. He also only struck out once in 5 at bats.   

Izzy and Beato pitched decent . Beato gave up 1 hit in 1 inning pitched and Izzy pitched 2/3 without giving up a hit. Small sample I know.  

Dickey pitched horribly but the team didn't saddle him with a loss. Last game he pitched well but the Mets couldn't score. 

The Mets finished off a road trip 6-4 and are 9-6 in June. Shake off the loss its time to beat the Angels!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mets Look To "Chop" Braves - Go For The Sweep: Mets Lineup Vs. Braves - June 16, 2011

The Mets will look to sweep the Braves to night in Atlanta when RA Dickey opposes Mike Minor.

Infrequently used Scott Hariston will get a rare start in CF, and Jose Reyes (.345) will look to continue his MVP style of play.

Today's Mets lineup Vs. the Braves:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Turner - 3B

3. Beltran - RF

4. Murphy - 1B

5. Bay - LF

6. Paulino - C

7. Hairston - CF

8. Tejada - 2B

9. Dickey - RSP

Mets make it to .500 despite 2 rain delays

Rain doesnt bother the  Mets. The first delay was at the beginning of the game so Dillion Gee was not affected. They made it though 4 innings before the next one and Gee was done. The Mets had a lead after 4 but the rain and strong winds pushed the umps to cover the field. Collins chatted with the umps but to no avail.

Gee had said afterwards that he felt great but TC was not having him return so it was up to the bullpen. They didnt let the Mets down as DJ Carrasco and Bobby Parnell each pitched 2 innings and gave up a total of 1 hit . Parnell struck out 5 and Carrasco 1.  Carrasco had said that his stint at Buffalo made him work on his mechanics and lengthen his stride to help give movement and some velocity. Mets pitchers wound up shuting out the Bravos 4-0 on 2 hits. It was there 2nd shutout of the road trip.

The Mets are now at .500 for the first time since May 20th. They are 2 games over .500 on the road with 1 to play before heading home against the Angles on Friday. 

The Mets have the best ERA in the majors over the last couple of weeks. Not bad when there still lacking Johan.

Mets Box Score

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mets beat Jurrgens and Braves 4-3

The battling Mets achieved another victory last night against a pitcher that usually is not wild and tends to dominate. Not last night. Jurrgens was off his game from the start and the Mets were able to hold on to a 4-3 win.  Not sure if Jurrgens was aggravated by the delay of 3 minutes to get the speedy dry down or the fact the Mets seem to be laying off his changeup for the most part.
The Bravos did there best to make sure Reyes would be slowed by watering down the basepath around 1st and at short. It was the first time that I have seen the umps make the home team put speedy dry down to dry out the mudbog. Of course the Braves did this on purpose to slow down Jose but it didn’t work. Reyes ran amok and had 3 hits, 2 steals and 2 runs scored.
Tejada played some great 2nd base and even covering 1st on a surprise bunt by the Braves lead off hitter Schaffer. It was a pretty impressive, instinctive play by the kid.
Niese had another nice outing baffling the Braves and going 6 + innings before being bailed out by Tim Byrdak who struck out pinch hitter Brian McCann looking.  Izzy was a little shaky in the 8th but K Rod closed the door as the Mets now are 1 game under .500 again.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Willie Harris in LF, Murphy at 3rd base Mets vs Braves June 14th, 2011

Terry Collins knows  Jurrjens is tough. He playing the numbers tonight.  Willie Harris starts in Left field over Jason Bay.  Harris is 7 for 14 against Jurrjens in his career. The Mets will have Turner on the pine and will have Murphy at 3rd tonight instead. Murph is hitting .333 against Jurrjens.  Pretty odd lineup if you ask me as the Mets start a 3 game set against the Braves .

Bay didnt do much in the series against the Bucs. In 3 games he had 2 hits a walk and a sac fly. Not really what you would call busting out.  Bay is 2 for 30 with 13 K's in June. Worth every penny right?

Mets line up-  Reyes-SS, Harris-LF, Beltran-RF, Murphy-3B, Pagan-CF, Duda-1B, Thole-C, Tejada-2B, Niese-LHP

Monday, June 13, 2011

What a season so far for Jose Reyes

Is it that fact that he is healthy again? Or is it that fact that he is in a walk year?  A combo of both maybe but this kid so far is having a season to remember.  Reyes raised his average yesterday and is now leading the league with a .346 average. Alderson  is prolly drooling over his onbase percentage which is a unheard of .391 fr the 28 year old shortstop. 

Of course Met fans want the brass to resign him so he doesn't test free agency. Some rival execs of said that Reyes will be the #2 free agent behind some guy named Pujous...     Is this the real Reyes though ?  I read somewhere that a AL executive is impressed by Reyes's  start but tempers it by saying that its only June. Lets see where his legs are in August/September he says. Really cant argue with that.  

Whatever happens to our leadoff sparkplug he is making watching the Mets exciting.  The Mets end there series against the Bucs tonight with a chance to get back to .500 with Mike Pelfrey on the mound .

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bay Looks To Continue Hot Hitting (1-27), Turner At 3B, Capuano Takes Hill: Mets Lineup Vs. Pirates - June12, 2011

Jason Bay looks to continue his hot hitting after finally getting a hit last night in going 1-4. Bay broke out of an 0-23 skid, but did continue his David Wright like ways in striking out again.

Daniel Murphy, yesterday's goat, will move from 3B to 1B, and Red Reign will get the start at third. Turner has cooled off a bit, most likely due to fatigue. He will look to get hot again today batting second.

Today's Mets lineup set to avenge last night's loss:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Turner - 3B

3. Beltran - RF

4. Murphy - 1B

5. Pagan - CF

6. Bay - LF

7. Thole - C

8. Tejada - 2B

9. Capuano - RSP

Dickey pitches a complete game loss:Bay gets a hit

Tough loss last night for Mr R A Dickey.  He gave up 3 runs and really should have only been tagged for earned run. Daniel Murphy playing 3rd had a grounder kick off his foot that went down the line that plated 2 for the Bucs to give them a early 3-1 lead. 

The Mets had a chance late in the 8th being behind 3-2. With Pagan on Duda doubled but Chip Hale stopped Pagan at 3rd and the rallied died. After the game Hale said that Pagan would have been meat at the plate. 

The Mets were able to get 8 hits against the starter Mc Donald over 6 innings. They had him over the ropes a couple of times. The Mets had 2nd and 3rd after a double steal from Beltran and Murphy. Bay struck out looking at a high curveball. Bay did get a hit to right center and wound up 1 for 4.

Tough loss for R A who went 8 innings with just over 100 pitches. He is now 3-7 so far this year.

Reyes had 2 hits to raise his average to .341. Early MVP candidate?  He has 32 multi hit games so far this year which leads MLB.

Mets box score

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lucas Gets The Start Tonight, Duda, Duda: Mets Lineup Vs. Pirates

Newly recalled corner OF/1B Lucas Duda is getting the start tonight in LF for the hitting challenged Jason Bay.

Duda has been on fire, hitting 7 HR's in his last 14 games, thus being promoted. Duda is expected to play some corner OF as well as 1B if Murphy plays 3B to give the recently slumping Red Reign, Justin Turner, a rest.

As for the other Mets, Jose Reyes will look to begin another hitting streak tonight after going 0-5 last night against Milwaukee;
Dillon Gee looks to keep his undefeated record alive; and Ruben Tejada looks to continue his hot hitting.

Tonight's' Mets lineup:

1. Reyes - SS

2. Turner - 3B

3. Beltran - RF

4. Murphy - 1B

5. Pagan - CF

6. Duda - LF

7. Thole - C

8. Tejada - 2B

9. Gee - RSP

Jason Bay will sit against the Bucs

Just this past Sunday Jason Bay sat for the last game of the homestand and then had Monday off. The results, 2 games and no hits. So if you ask me sitting Bay so he can think about what is wrong wont help much. 

My humble opinion is that Bay for some reason cant recognize the pitch being thrown. There are so many instances where Bay just lunges at the ball which is low and away. Newsday ran a split yesterday about how Bay is doing well during the day hitting over .300 and under .200 at night. That article can be read here. Bay denies any issues with his eyes. To me get another checkup. What can it hurt. Maybe he has nite blindness.

Hudgens thinks its a mental block. Bay right now I am sure has too many people giving him suggestions. I would love to see him maybe talk to Dave Magadan who worked with him in Boston . Bay had to fill the shoes of some guy named Manny a couple of years ago and did pretty well.

Nick Evans DFA'd Duda on way up?

The Mets after the game designated for assignment Nick Evans. He was hitless in his latest run in the Majors. He can elect free agency but could just go back to Buffalo.

Mets will annouce there plan to replace him but look for Lucas Duda to make his return. He could play 1st base and let Murphy play 3rd if they want to give Justin Turner a rest.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

'Bout Time To Bench Bay?

Jason Bay took an 0-3 'collar' last night in the Met humiliating loss to the Brewers, 7-6. Bay was a strikeout victim twice, and missed RBI opportunities once again.

Bay is now in an 0-23 slump, that seems to have no end in sight. Mets manager Terry Collins is faced with a tough decision: Bench Bay or not to bench Bay, that is the question.

Collins freely admitted that he has grown more patient in recent years, and if he was still the same man that managed the Astros or Angels, he would have benched Bay by now.

Said Collins:

"One of the personality changes I think I've made is to have some patience. I'm trying to relay that to Jason, certainly -- don't press, you don't have to press the issue. It's going to be there, it's going to come."

The problem is, Collins can only wait so long before he might have to seriously consider sitting Bay in lieu of someone like Hairston, Pridie, or Harris.

Bay knows the writing is on the wall, stating:

"It's a results business, and this is a place where team-wise you need to win and you need to perform. Regardless of who you are, you get enough chances and it's like 'OK, let's go [in a different direction].' That's out of my control."

Bay has been a class act in his short tenure with the Mets, but it's time for Collins to seriously consider making a change. Bay has become an automatic out. His batting average has dropped to .207, 10 RBI, and 2 RBI.

If Jason isn't careful, he could be 'Sitting by the dock of the Bay.'

NY Post, Photo ESPN

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Carlos Beltran in the lineup: Mets vs Brewers June 7th, 2011

Nothing stops Carlos Beltran these days . Not even a foul ball off his protected shin/ankle. 

The Mets start a road trip against the Brewers who are 21-7 at home and Beltran is in the lineup.  Chris Capuano gets the start against his former team. Mets start play just a couple of games under .500 and 5.5 games out of the wild card at this juncture.

Mr Beltran is trying to show some interested teams out there that he will play no matter what.  The Mets need his bat since Bay has been useless to this point.

Reyes-SS; Turner-3B; Beltran-RF; Murphy-1B; Pagan-CF; Bay-Left out; Thole-C; Tejada-SS; Capuano P

Monday, June 6, 2011

Question Is No Longer When Is Santana Coming Back, But What To Do When He Does

Johan Santana started tossing off the mound not too long ago, and it's amazing how it doesn't appear that he has been missed. Personally, I think the Mets would be lucky if he's back before the All Star Break, but probably more realistically end of July or the beginning of August.

Will Johan be the same pitcher he was in 2008? Very doubtful. This is a pitcher whom the Mets committed a large contract (6 years $137.5 M plus club option for 2014), but who has had three surgeries over the last three years: knee surgery (08), Shoulder surgery (09), and elbow surgery (10) - it is very doubtful he will be what he was.

Nonetheless, when he is "healthy" to return, he will be placed atop the Mets starting rotation, but that will leave five other pitchers wondering who will be the odd man out.

Mike Pelfrey has been the worst Mets starter this year, but it is very doubtful he will be dropped from the rotation. Pelf has had his woes this year, but has pitched better of late, and was bailed out last Thursday by a 7 run come-from-behind victory over the Pirates. The Mets want Pelf to pitch well, and at times he has been great. Unfortunately, with his mental lapses and anxiety, not only Pelfrey, but the fans need
Xanax when he pitches.

Jon Niese has been great since the first few poor outings to start the season. He was masterful Friday night against the Braves, only to be snakebit by a terrible outing by the bullpen. His curve ball has kept opponents off guard, and he shows the type of demeanor a pitcher needs to pitch in this town. Although somewhat soft-spoken, the kid is a competitor.

RA Dickey has not had the kind of season he, or we as fans, expected nor hoped for. RA hasn't had the command nor the nasty knuckelball that confused and confounded batters last year. Since the game he hurt his heal with a
Plantar Faciitis issue, he has been tough. He is a gamer, and the exact person you want on your squad. He has pitched very well of late, and look for him to continue along that path.

Chris Capuano, like his fellow new-comer Chris Young, is a gamer. He does not have the best stuff, but he is a thinker and knows how to pitch out of trouble. I like Capuano's moxie, but I don't think it is enough to save him in the ugly numbers game. Although he deserves a spot in the rotation, he will probably be odd man out.

Dillon Gee: not even worth considering. The kid has been tremendous, and is most deserving of a spot in this rotation. He can pitch out of trouble without breaking a sweat, and might be very well be an active name in the NL Rookie of The Year voting. He has been great, and should have made the team out of Spring Training. It took a little longer than he would have liked to get to the big squad, but now that he's here, he isn't going anywhere (hopefully).

Although it might seem like a plus getting Santana back, it could possibly be subtraction by addition. Even though Pelf hasn't pitched well, I can't see the Mets dropping him. It will either be Capuano, or unfairly Gee, who still has options left.

What do you think? Who would you keep on the roster? Take our poll on the right.

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Tough knock for Carlos Beltran

Even with a brace to cover his shin the ball seemed to find away to hit Beltran where it hurts most. Beltran took a swing and fouled the ball right at the top of the brace he has last night against Hudson who the Mets seem to have his number. 

Beltran finshed the at bat but then Collins took him out so they can X-ray the ankle. It came back negative and he is day to day. Beltran got a loud round of applause when he finished the at bat but you can tell he was in pain. He battled Hudson but eventually struck out after at least 10 pitches. 

The Mets won 6-4 even with K Rod giving up a 3 run jack in the 9th.   Box Score

Mets face the Brew crew on Tuesday.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Niese Takes The Hill For The Comeback Kids: Mets Lineup V. Braves - June 3, 2011

Jon Niese takes the hill tonight for the Comeback Kids as he faces off against the Braves.

In other news, Red Reign, Justin Turner became the first Mets rookie to win the coveted Rookie Of The Month (May). Congratulations to Turner who has had some key hits and has played hard nosed baseball.

Tonight's Mets Lineup:

1. Jose Reyes - SS

2. Justin Turner - 3b

3. Carlos Beltran - RF

4. Jason Bay - LF

5. Daniel Murphy - 1B

6. Angel Pagan - CF

7. Josh Thole - C

8. Ruben Tejada - 2B

9. Jon Niese - LSP

Happy Birthday to the Flushing Flash- Ed Glynn

Growing up I was always amazedwhen I heard the story of Ed Glynn. This guy was a hot dog vendor at Shea Stadium .  Next thing you know the guy is on the mound. 

Glynn turns 58 today.  Happy Birthday to the Mets former Hot Dog vendor. He also played for the Tigers and Indians. He retired in 1985.

 If anyone has stories about the Mets relief pitcher please share.!. He currently resides down in VA.    Is 1980 topps card is to the right. Prolly have like 20 of them