Monday, October 31, 2011

The latest and greatest on Jose Reyes. La Russa retires

Well the World Series is finally over. The parade is over.  No more baseball until next spring!!! ARGGGH!!!.  As we head into our last couple of days before we change the clocks back and get thrown into darkness until early next year  we wonder the fate of our shortstop. 

The Mets have a couple of days to bargain with Reyes and his agent and there is some rumors that the Mets will not take advantage of this time to work on getting him in uniform for the Mets in 2012.  To me it is not really a shock.  The guy is going to get some offers from other teams once budgets are set etc.  Why would the Mets throw out a offer that can be determined to be either an insult or over the top when it doesn’t need to be.    

 Of course who knows what the Mets will do..most of what is written is pure conjecture anyway.   One thing is for certain. Jose gave the Mets a sweet deal in his last contract and really doesn’t have to now.  The Mets might just wait team Jose has some offers and have them come back and say  either match this or come close. 

Mets fans might have to wait until the winter meetings before we know if Jose will be back.  Hey at least before that we will know the new dimensions of cavernous Citi field. Oh joy…!  

From Presser earlier today in Regards to Reyes from Alderson from Adam Rubin“I don’t think either one of those things is going to happen in this case. I don’t think Jose is going to give us a number for which he would forgo free agency. I don’t think we’re in a position to make him what I would characterize as a preemptive offer.”

Reyes Story
Free agent tracker

side note-Just read that Tony La Russa has retired after 33 years of managing. Thankfully the painful process of watching his 4,000 pitching changes a series has come to an end.  Mets fans i am sure rejoice that we dont have to see him anymore on the field.

La Russa story

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sorry Cliff, I Tried: Tom Goodwin Named Mets 1B Coach

It is being reported by ESPN's Adam Rubin that the Mets will make an announcement on Monday that they've hire former Major League OF Tom Goodwin as their 1B coach for the 2012 season.

Goodwin, who played 14 seasons with the Dodgers, Royals, Rangers, Rockies, Giants and Cubs, will be the 1B coach as well as the OF and baserunning coach. The 43 year old's career ended in 2004.

One baseball official said of Goodwin: “He is outstanding.”

My partner and I would have loved to have seen Cliff Floyd named as 1B coach.
As I wrote back on October 15th of this year:

“Cliff Floyd was a popular player with teammates and many fans. Although not a Gold Glove leftfielder, Floyd was a very solid outfielder. He developed a relationship with younger players while with the Mets. Remember how he took David Wright under his wing? Wright was crushed when Floyd left the Mets at the end of the 2006 season. “

I can't say that I know much of Tom Goodwin, other than he was a marginal player at best, but I hope Elvis knows what he's doing. Not that 1B coach is as important as a manager, but are his three years experience enough to make him such a pro coach candidate as someone like Wally Backman who has spent many years managing in the minors?

Backman wouldn't be a good candidate for 1B coach, but I believe he could have been TC's bench coach. As I stated in that same post:

“Backman doesn't fit well as a 1B coach for the Mets, nor has he been considered by the Mets. Tim Teufel, the newly appointed Mets 3B coach will be the infield coach as well. Backman doesn't have experience as an outfield coach, so that doesn't make him a likely candidate. “

“Wally Backman should have been a solid consideration for that position (bench coach), but the more we progress under the Sandy Alderson dictatorship, the more I realize that Backman being among the finalists for the Mets manager's position last year was nothing but a stunt to placate the Mets fan base. “

Now that the Mets have filled the void of 1B coach, now it's time for the team to move full speed ahead and re-sign Jose Reyes.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The NY Mets Need Your Input

The latest addition of the Flushing Flash has arrived, and the Mets want your input.

This morning the Mets sent the following Flushing Flash

Click on image to enlarge

This survey starts out innocently enough, asking how you would rate your Mets fandom, are you a season ticket holder, how many games you went to this year, how many did you watch on TV, etc.

Then the questionnaire moves onto the important things they need to know about us Mets fans: can we name sponsors of the Mets, would we be willing to purchase a product or use a sponsor of the Mets, etc.

It concludes with asking personal information: married or single, race, annual salary, etc.

I proudly filled out this questionnaire and you should too...if you have 5 minutes you're willing to file into "that's five minutes I'll never get back again" category.

Mets Survey

Thursday, October 27, 2011

If No Angel Pagan in CF who gets the call in 2012.

The Mets of course will deal with Mr Reyes first when it comes to their off season plan of action in 2012 but sooner or later the Mets will have to make a decision about CF and if they want Angel Pagan back patrolling the new dimensions of Citi.  To me it’s a no brainer..let him walk.  Yes I know it will be hard to sign a decent CF for the $$ Pagan will get but honestly do we want a guy back who has 1 of the weakest arms in CF.  How many times did his throws tail off when guys were trying to score.     It was hard to watch him throw.  Maybe is arm was hurt who knows but I want someone who can play the position which includes throwing runners out!!!  Also is whining about his placement in the batting order was ridiculous.   Who does he think he is?    I am done with him.    Some options. 

Of course you could throw Bay in CF.  With the new dimensions he wont have as much field to roam.  Then you need a left fielder.  Some options include Josh Willingham.  The 32 year old played with Oakland and bashed 29 homers and drove in 98 runs on a team that had a hard time scoring runs.  Obviously he can still produce. He has played in the NL before with the Nats and has a gun of a arm.  He hit over .300 with runners in scoring position and that what the team needs someone who get a clutch hit.  Now he really doesn’t excel against lefties . He only hit a bit over .200 and does strike out a lot. 

Another choice would be the Twins lefty slugger Jason Kubel.  He is coming off a down year where he missed the month of June. This kid though wouldn’t be a 1 year deal like Willingham but at least you have some stability in case Duda takes a step back.  Kubel hit .324 with runners in scoring position and hit over .270 with runners on and 2 outs which is pretty impressive. He also hit a bearable .254 against lefties.  Now switching leagues might be tough for him and he really can’t play Center.

A true CF in this off season market who has it all is tough to come by. For defense  there is Rick Ankiel who’s arms is a gun but really hasn’t been hitting for average.. He also really didn’t do well against teams in the East hitting .225 in the band box at Philly and .077 at Turner Field.

Maybe the Mets can resign Carlos Beltran!!!    Yeah well I know that wont happen but sooner or later the Mets will have to do something and lets just hope its not left to Pagan for another year so the team can save $$ and wait on the younger kids in the minors. for stats

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"A Ground Ball Trickling...

...It's a fair ball. It gets by Buckner! Rounding third is Knight...The Mets will win the ballgame...They win! They win!"
~ The Late, Great Bob Murphy ~

Is it really 25 years? Yes it is. Twenty five years ago tonight was possibly the greatest comeback in World Series history. Two down, no one on, the Mets trailing by two, down three games to two.

Who out there (who was alive and potty trained) really knew or thought the Mets would pull the game out? I'll be honest, not me. I had never before said the Mets were gonna lose, and I can remember telling my dorm mates at SUNY Cortland, "I can't believe it, they've lost."

I should have quoted Bluto when he said, "What? Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!" ***

As I wrote in this space
one year ago, I was a 20 year old transfer student in October 1986, and I was known as Mr. Met in the few short months I had been there. Not to only those in DeGroat Hall, but to many "down the hill."

I remember, and I'll try not to write word-for-word what I scribed last year, that I was in a room with a few friends who lived down the hall from me: Dan O'Callahan, Rick Minckler, Craig Storch, and Guy Massi. We were doing what most college kids do on a Saturday night. We were
studying drinking milk beer.

We all thought it was over. Then that magical 9th inning. Two outs, none on, two strikes on Carter. Then that Mets Magic not only came to life, but erupted. Carter single, Mitchell single, Knight Single (Carter scored). Knight at first, Mitchell at third. Wild pitch to Mookie, Mitchell ties the score. Then the dribbler up the line: "A Ground Ball Trickling...It's a fair ball. It gets by Buckner! Rounding third is Knight...The Mets will win the ballgame...They win! They win!"

Absolute bedlam not only on the campus, but in that very room in DeGroat Hall, Second West - (second floor/west side) that we were
studying drinking milk beer in. The pandemonium. The funny thing was, people were patting me on the back as if I was a player on that Miraculous team. Probably because I was adorned in more Mets garb than anyone for every game during the '86 post season.

25 years ago? It can't be...can it? Sad to say I am no longer in touch with that group I spent that memorable evening
commiserating celebrating the greatest post season comeback I have ever seen.

Every so often I get nostalgic about those days I spent at SUNY Cortland and the 1986 Mets. I do miss those days, but not to the point where I would want to go back. It was a great time to be a college student and Mets fan.

Was it really 25 years ago? Can't be, I'm still 20 (in mind if not in body).

Baseball Reference, Animal House IMDB,

1 week to Jose Reyes news!

As the World Series comes down to a game 6 in St Louis after some strange manager moves by La Russa, us Mets fans can start gearing up for next week.

Either Tuesday or Wednesday will be the day that Jose Reyes heads to free agency after the Mets 5 day window of exclusivity ends. Of course the Mets could still sign the guy after that time but as fans do we really need the angst of waiting until the Winter Meetings to know if Jose will be back. Of course Mets brass I am sure will not get the job done quickly but for once it would be nice to have Reyes wrapped up at the beginning of November as we slide into the cocoon of winter…. I still think he will be a Met in 2012… As Jose would say “No Doubt”

In other news 25 years ago today was the day when mets fans were given the ultimate gift. Mr Buckner.. a little roller up first base… Honestly though it would be nice if we had more recent World Series victories to remember. I mean I love that ’86 year but it is 25 years…We need to move on from that and get some new wins. Tired of seeing the Cardinals in the Series it seems like every other year……

Game Six – Gets By Buckner

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jose Reyes to the Nats? No Shot : Marlins? Rumor time!!!!

Ahh the World Series gets underway and what am I reading on my phone last night but a story out of Florida about new manager Ozzie Guillen talking about his shortstop Ramirez and how he will play wherever needed on his team.  Ok what do you mean by that?  Oh I get it so if the Marlins land a new shortstop who will remain nameless Hanley will gladly move his position.  Could the new shortstop be someone like Freddy Sanchez?  Yeah don’t think Hanley would move from him. Obviously its Reyes there talking about.   

There was also some talk about maybe Reyes taking a puddle jumper down to Washington and playing for the Nationals. No way.  I think first of all the Nats will be after a guy like Fielder and not little ole Jose.  

Rumors now will be all over the place and most of it will be just that a rumor based on nothing…  Remember how Backman was going to the Nationals.  Last week it came out there was no chatter with the Nats at all about Backman moving on.  

Alderson has his eyes set to do what he can to resign Reyes and until that time Mets fans will be subjected to every freaking rumor imaginable about el Professor!   If you ask me it’s pretty exhausting and just want it over so we can have him at Short in 2012 and beyond. NO offense Ruben Tejada.

Story on Marlins Manager Ozzie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is it time to Unload David Wright.

Ahh don’t you love off season. Nothing but time to think and tinker with what the Mets will have on the field in 2012. Of course it would be a lot better watching the Mets play the Rangers then La Russa’s Cards and his 400 pitching changes but what can you do.

The Mets will be looking to hopefully resign Jose Reyes at Short soon but what should they do with his partner in crime David Wright. He comes off a year where injuries limited his games to only 102 . He hit only .254 with a slugging percentage of .427 both the lowest of his career. Of course it could be the injuries that zapped his power. At this point we cant keep thinking its Citi that is the reason that Nuke doesn’t hit for power when back in 2010 he bumped his home run totally to a respectable 29.

The question is are his better days behind him? In 2012 the Mets will have to pay him $15M and they have a $16M team option for 2013. Now of course a guy that hits .250 doesn’t garner that type of Salary. You listening Jason Bay? With the Mets moving in some of the dimensions at Citi

Can the Mets unload him to a team that needs a 3rd baseman say like the Rockies and get a decent return even on a off year? Alderson is going have a lot to do once he knows what road he will be taken with Jose. I wonder if Wright is one of those questions he and the crew ponder when they crash at nite.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wally On Ed Randall:" I'm Staying With Mets"

Great news. On of the few times I'm glad I was wrong. I just wonder if Elvis offered a little something extra for Wall to stay.

Backman says he loves the young pitching talent the Mets have although they are weak up the middle of the infield. He said he believes the Mets are only a few years away from a World Championship.

Regarding managing Buffalo, he said he and Alderson haven't yet addressed that topic.

Here is the complete interview courtesy of CBS:

Mets Hire Cliff Floyd As 1B Coach

With Bob Geren being named Terry Collins' bench coach to for the 2012 season, the Mets are still in need of a 1B coach.

Wally Backman should have been a solid consideration for that position (bench coach), but the more we progress under the Sandy Alderson dictatorship, the more I realize that Backman being among the finalists for the Mets manager's position last year was nothing but a stunt to placate the Mets fan
base. Bad idea Elvis. This isn't San Diego or Oakland (although with the hiring of Geren, Ricciardi, and DePodesta, it certainly makes one wonder) - the fans are much smarter than that. I believe that with the hiring of Geren it will surely mark the end of Wally Backman's employment with the Mets.

Backman doesn't fit well as a 1B coach for the Mets, nor has he been considered by the Mets. Tim Teufel, the newly appointed Mets 3B coach will be the infield coach as well. Backman doesn't have experience a
s an outfield coach, so that doesn't make him a likely candidate.

Longislandmetfan and I were discussing our disappointment thus far this off-season, and we were kicking around ideas for a Mets 1B coach. At first I was thinking Edgardo Alfonzo, who was a very intelligent ball player who had an outstanding report with teammates, and I believe would make a good coach/manager one day, but he too wasn't an outfielder.

I started thinking about outfielders the Mets have had, and there it was: Cornelius Clifford Floyd! Cliff Floyd was a popular player with teammates and many fans. Although not a Gold Glove leftfielder, Floyd was a very solid outfielder. He developed a relationship with younger players while with the Mets. Remember how he took David Wright under his wing? Wright was crushed when Floyd left the Mets at the end of the 2006 season.

Floyd was a stand-up guy; would be the first to take responsibility for his actions - not running out a batted ball, vapor lock, a bad base-running play, etc.

Having a former Mets player standing in the coaching box at 1B would be a nice start. Not that every former Mets player should be a coach or manager, but the Mets have developed and acquired some very talented players over the last 50 years, and there are some who would be of great service to the team in a coaching/managing role.

The relationships Floyd developed with teammates during his 4 years with the Mets could prove to be a positive influence on players. Maybe he could pull his friend Nuke aside, smack him in the head, and tell him to stop worrying about the dimensions of GHMP.

Floyd could also be a positive influence with Mets ownership. The Wilpon's are always very conscious of public perception, and deeply believe in causes, could use Cliff as a spokesperson. Is there another organization out there that shows the amount of respect for men and women in the service? NO!

With Floyd's experience and life with kidney disease, he could be the front man for Public Service Announcements and gathering players to attend hospitals, schools, and organizational functions, as well as telling people to see their doctor regularly.

The former Mets LF battled injuries during his playing career and developed kidney disease later in his playing career, the same disease that took the life of his father back in 2007.

With such a resume, Floyd would prove to be an interesting choice for the 1B coaching position for the Mets. In the eyes of the Wilpon's he could also prove to be a positive influence in
"Good Causes" venue.

Although the title is deceiving, is it really a bad idea?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mets leaning to Bob Geren as bench coach: Wide open for 1st Base Coach.

The Mets have not made anything official yet, but it looks like they will be adding another former A’s link to the fold.  Bob Geren is the leading candidate right now for the next Mets bench coach.  Geren was fired over the summer like Riggleman. Jim Riggleman, who was Terry Collins pick for bench coach, is out.  The Mets probably want to bring in a minority candidate to look good but as of right now Geren looks like a lock.

Of course Alderson and his A’s cronies have ties to Geren and seem to want to recreate what they had in Oakland. The difference being they have a little more dinero to spend with the Wilpons at the helm.  Geren doesnt come with a glowing resume among players. Hudson Street mentioned not that long ago that he isnt a big fan of Geren. Street had told the San Francisco Chronicle that the manager was the "least favorite person I have ever encountered in sports." 
 From Brian Fuentes, who in late May used the press to question his manager, Bob Geren, about, among other things, "zero" communication with his bullpen.

This also could be writing on the wall for Wally Backman.  The Mets with Alderson as the GM now seem to not covet Backman as much as the prior reign. 

Backman could take over as the Bisons manager but if he is offered a bench coach job with his former Manager Davey Johnson with the Nationals look for him to bolt. It is a shame because Backman’s mentality is what is needed for this team and the Mets still stymie him by keeping him away from Citi.

No word on a 1st base coach that will take over for Mookie Wilson.  No names have surfaced .  Figure they want someone to be aggressive with running the bases as well as help Duda in the OF.   Not sure if it will come from the organization or someone outside.   Don’t look for Collins to have much say with whomever it might be !

Adam Rubin

Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Off Season Will Prove To Be Very Important For Sandy Alderson & The Mets

With the NL and AL play-offs in full swing, I can’t help but turn my attention this off-season to Sandy Alderson and the Mets.

On the positive side, the Mets will finally be relieved of two horrific contracts thus alleviating $18M from their payroll. Yes, the Luis Castillo/Oliver Perez albatross will finally be off the shoulders of this team, as well as the $18M they were paying Carlos Beltran.

Along the same line, another positive is that the question of whether the Mets will release, trade, or keep Perez and Castillo will no longer exist, and that will alleviate the daily repetitive questions each member of the Mets were subjected to during Spring Training.

The Mets don’t need to be bold in the sense of signing the best free agent pitcher or a super block buster trade to be more significant in 2012. What they need to do is be gutsy and creative.

Regardless of what some might think, the Mets must sign Jose Reyes. If he bolts to another team (please, not Philly!), the Mets will have much more than one hole to fill. They will have to fill the lead-off spot, his speed, his arm, his defense, his offensive production, his dugout demeanor, and many other intangibles that cannot be replaced by one player. Elvis has to find a way to keep #7 in Flushing. I don’t think the Mets should exceed a contract of 5 years. Give him the money, not the extended years; maybe 5 years $100M.

If Reyes does leave, what few fans remained during the final month of the 2011 season will be reduced even more significantly.

Another dilemma that Elvis will be faced with is the status of Wally Backman. Backman, who was a finalist for the Mets manager’s position, is not even being considered for a pro coaching position with the Mets. This doesn’t make any sense. Were his interviews last year done as a gesture to placate the Mets fans? Really makes one wonder. Why can’t Backman be Collins’ bench coach? He has many years experience managing at different levels in the minors, and has proven to be a great teacher and motivator. There are suggestions that Backman might be a candidate to be former manager Davey Johnson’s bench coach, and could take off for our nation’s capital. If this does happen, it could prove detrimental to the Mets and their future. Backman should be a part of the Mets present and future, not their past. The Mets are presently considering Larry Bowa, Jim Riggleman, and Bob Geren for the bench coaches’ position. None have a top flight resume.

Another move I would like to see the Mets GM make, and it will take a little guts, is to non-tender Mike Pelfrey. Pelfrey was absolutely awful this year, and once again proved he is a mental breakdown waiting to happen. Why the Mets are so enamored of his innings pitched is beyond me. He didn’t pitch 200 innings this year, plus he had an ERA of 4.74. He threw a seasons’ worth of pitches in a mere 5 innings. The Mets need to cut ties with Big Elf and move on. Consider it a failed experiment. Can’t put him in the bullpen; can’t have your reliever throwing 25 pitches an inning.

Another position Alderson has to consider, which I think he will do, is to non-tender Angel Pagan. Pagan is an overrated OF with a poor arm. He misjudges balls constantly, doesn’t cover the ground he should, and makes poor decisions on where to throw the ball. He has a lousy arm, and is not the player you want patrolling CF.

Although it would be a huge jump, I would seriously consider giving Kirk Nieuwenhuis or Matt den Dekker a chance.

Nieuwenhuis is coming off shoulder surgery, but would still invite him to Spring Training to see what he might be able to offer.

If neither of these two candidates can cut the mustard, maybe the Mets should go after a short term fix like Rick Ankiel. Ankiel has a mutual option for 2012 with the Nationals. They might be able to land him. He is a good CF, much better defensively than Pagan, and can handle the bat. Get Ankiel for two years, and by that time, maybe Nieuwenhuis or den Dekker will be ready.

The Mets have some huge decisions to make this off-season; much more than they had a year ago. The choices they need to make aren’t only in player personnel, but in coaching personnel. If they make the correct choices, the Mets will be taking a turn for the better. If not, we might look back at 2011 as the ‘Good ol days.’

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wally To Washington? Backman May Bolt To Join Johnson

It is being reported that Wally Backman, who is the front runner to replace Tim Teufel as manager of the Mets AAA club, the Buffalo Bisons, might leave the Mets to join his former manager and present Nationals manager, Davey Johnson.

After losing Chip Hale as 3B coach and not retaining 1B coach Mookie Wilson and bench coach Ken Oberkfell, the Mets have some open positions. While the 1B coach and bench coach positions have not yet been filled, Teufel will become the Mets 3B coach. Backman is not a candidate to coach on the Major League level.

Elvis has said
"Wally has a history of motivating his players and having success," and thus seems likely to be the AAA manager.

Backman might not be willing to wait if an opportunity arises elsewhere, especially if it is to work for his former skipper. Backman might have an opportunity to be a bench coach under Johnson, who has not yet confirmed if he will return. If Backman is chosen for (and accepts) a position under Johnson, he could indeed be a likely replacement for Johnson when he retires.

It would be a shame if the Mets lose Backman, whom I believe will be a solid Major League manager. That being said, if a great opportunity does arise, one can't blame Backman for jumping at the chance. Leaving the Mets might be his quickest route to manage a Major League franchise.
Unfortunately, Backman's departure could hurt the Mets deeply in the future. He has bled orange and blue since the early 1980's, and has proven his fiery personality as a player has followed him as a manager. I can't believe that the Mets can't use him as a 1B coach at the very least. If he does bolt for Washington, the Nationals gain will surely be the Mets loss.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Robin Ventura is the new White Sox manager

Out of the blue and I guess no one expected it but former Met Robin Ventura has a new gig.  He has enjoyed his retirement watching his kids grow up in California.  Now he will be a manager. 

The former White Sox was hired by Kenny Williams to manager the Chicago White Sox.  Suprise to see a guy who has no former managing experience take over for Ozzie Guillen.  Of course former Cub Ryan Sandberg must be shaking his head since he has been managing in the minors for years and cant get a gig.

Going to be a big change for the White Sox to have the wry sense of humor of Ventura .  Part of me wonders if he is just going to be a puppet to Williams who obviosuly loved the former White Sox.

Here is a quote from GM Williams about Ventura :

"A passion for the city, for the organization and the drive to win a World Series championship. This person had to have leadership and communicative ability, I think, that will work with our veteran players and with our young players."

Best of luck to one of the best 3rd baseman's the Mets ever had! 

White Sox pick Robin to manage

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mets Ship Sinking? Reduce Ticket Prices For 2012

This past season, which saw the Mets go 77-85 and finish in 4th place behind the Nationals, Braves and Phillies in the NL East also saw the Mets attendance drastically drop 8.1% this year. Since GHMP opened in 2009, the Mets have seen their total attendance drop by 27.3%, with total attendance this year at a paltry 2.35 million.

Having been to four games this year, I can honestly say the park was a morgue. The 500 section was practically empty, as was many of the field level seats.

To help with the ever decreasing fan support at the park, the Mets announced yesterday that they will be reducing ticket prices for next season.

For season ticket holders, prices might drop to less than $1,000 and certain seats will be a $12 per game fee, which would bring the price to $972 for a season ticket.

Elvis has said he looks to slice payroll from the $140M this year to approximately $110M - $115M. With already $75M tied up in contract for '12 (without Jose Reyes' possible re-signing figured in), the Good Ship Flushing looks to be taking on water.

It's nice that the Mets are reducing ticket prices, but will that really help. If they are able to retain Jose Reyes, yes, I think this will help entice more fans to coming to the park. If Reyes is gone, there will be less people in the park than this year.

Here is a breakdown of 2012 ticket prices:

* 80 percent of seats will have a reduction of approximately 5 percent or greater

* 57 percent of seats will have a reduction of 10 percent or greater

* 35 percent will have a cut of 20 percent or more

* 18 percent will have a drop of 30 percent or more

* More than 15,000 seats will cost less than $25 per game

For more complete coverage of Mets ticket pricing, read today's NY Post.

Source: NY Post

Saturday, October 1, 2011

It Must Be The Post Season...Jimmy Rollins Is Shooting His Mouth Off Again

You know it must be October, and not because the Mets are playing golf. Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins is shooting his mouth off again.

Rollins, along with Reyes, is a free agent at seasons' end, so writers are compelled to ask him questions, and unfortunately Rollins can't keep his mouth shut.

Asked if he could play in NY, Rollins responded, "that's a tough call...that's a tough call." That's awfully presumptuous. He isn't wanted in NY. Rollins has been on a downward spiral since netting the MVP award in 2007.

The Philly Loudmouth went on to hammer Jose Reyes about his bunt single that wound up being the shortstops final hit for 2011. Rollins said he would never have done it that way nor have come out of the game. Although I agree that Jose should have stayed in the game longer, I find it hard for a .268 hitter to bash a .337 and NL BATTING CHAMPION, Reyes hit .69 points higher than his Philadelphia counterpart.

The rival Shortstop's OBP was .338; Jose's was .384. Reyes tied for the Major League lead in triples, scored 101 runs compared to Rollins' 87. All this while missing 6 weeks with hamstring issues.

Reyes still has a punchers chance for MVP and Gold Glove...non of which Rollins had. It's time for Philly Loud Mouth to pipe down.

Sources: NY Post, Baseball Reference, ESPN